Advertising effectiveness vs. efficiency: what is important?
Focusing on short-term wins has led to a growing efficiency bubble, leaving long-term advertising effectiveness by the wayside.
marketing  efficiency  avb  brand  building-a-business 
13 days ago
etf-comparison/Canadian ETF Comparison.ipynb at master · olestourko/etf-comparison · GitHub
Comparing ETFs with Jupyter Notebooks / Python. Contribute to olestourko/etf-comparison development by creating an account on GitHub.
etf  python 
24 days ago
GitHub - jordao76/rebalance: Python code to aid in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) portfolio rebalancing
Python code to aid in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) portfolio rebalancing - jordao76/rebalance
eft  python  fund  investing 
24 days ago
GitHub - FanniPutnoczki/Scripts
Contribute to FanniPutnoczki/Scripts development by creating an account on GitHub.
eft  index  funds  investing 
24 days ago
Monte Carlo Simulation with Python - Practical Business Python
Performing Monte Carlo simulation using python with pandas and numpy.
python  monte  carlo 
25 days ago
Tiffany Spencer | Getting to a Messaging Framework and Value Prop | Heavybit
In this presentation, Bessemer Ventures' Tiffany Spencer offers tips on the right and wrong ways to get to a value prop and core messaging.
bessemer  communications  marketing  value 
28 days ago
Marketing strategy for music services
28 days ago
Bart den Haak explains how to run a successful OKR Check-In

On company level, you normally do them weekly or monthly with everybody involved. E.g. during a ‘weekly start’,  ‘monthly town hall’ or another all-hands session at the beginning of the week or month. I’ve seen successful OKR Check-In sessions with over 150 participants!  Of course, when you work in a large organization you may want to look for alte
okrs  okr  checkin 
28 days ago
The Check-in: success driver of effective OKR systems
A regular Check-in meeting is the most effective success driver of any OKR process. The Check-in is a brief meeting with the purpose of talking about progress and learnings as well as it is there to reveal where mutual support is needed and sensible.
okrs  checkin 
28 days ago
Driving Demand Generation: Who Belongs on The Bus? - Target Marketing
In this post, we explore the demand generation function. What should be part of this function and how to reconcile it with a “shared services” team?
saas  b2b  demand 
4 weeks ago
How To Plan Your SaaS Onboarding Funnel (For Maximum Conversions)
How to create high-converting SaaS onboarding funnels – The critical period between someone signing up for a trial, for however long that is, until they start paying for their account.
onboarding  saas 
4 weeks ago
B2B SaaS, Software, Tech: Preparing Your Team For Growth - Part 2
The next step for achieving growth, and going from Startup, to Traction, to Growth, is to form a team around a growth mindset and process. Read more on how.
saas  b2b 
4 weeks ago
B2B SaaS, Software, Tech: Preparing Your Team For Growth - Part 1
How do you prepare your marketing team to execute high-growth strategies? What org structure do you need? How do you get started with growth? Click to read.
saas  leadgen  b2b 
4 weeks ago
How To Design Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, and Drip Email Campaigns
We build a content publishing platform to help marketers/writers to streamline content publishing and distribution process. In this guide, I will make an attempt to describe how SaaS/enterprise…
lead  gen  saas  b2b 
4 weeks ago
How an Ideal Marketing Team Should Be Structured (in the B2B Market)
Let’s talk about what an ideal marketing team should look like. I have seen a couple of very successful marketing teams and a few utter failures. Certainly, many factors contribute to the success of…
b2b  saas  team 
4 weeks ago
Standup Jack
Standup Jack is a Slack Bot for your Standups. Each weekday at a time of your choosing, Jack will message you a few questions. These questions are designed to help you plan your day and let your teammates know what you're up to.
standup  bot 
4 weeks ago
360 Degree Feedback · Small Improvements
Open and honest feedback leads to more satisfying teamwork. Small Improvements helps you launch the perfect 360 degree review process for your employees.
360  feedback 
6 weeks ago
This is the one thing all great B2B SaaS brands have in common
Discover & share this Tony Babel GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
brand  b2b  cultural  branding 
7 weeks ago
On Power & Transparency | Talent Vanguard
I’ve become increasingly fascinated by power in the last few years. Think about it: power is woven through every experience we have with others: in relationships, interactions, and organizations, but we almost never acknowledge it. Saying power is invisible doesn’t quite get at its intangible quality.  I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s…
8 weeks ago
Stop asking 'how are you?' Harvard researchers say this is how successful people make small talk
Next time you're in the elevator with your boss, avoid using the three most useless words in the world of communication: "How are you?" — and you'll be amazed by where the conversation goes.
leadership  communication 
9 weeks ago
Promote Your Content, Increase Website Traffic - Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua
Promote your content using FeedOtter to increase website traffic, blog subscribers, and reduce time associated with creating emails.
feedotter  pardot  newsletter  marketing 
9 weeks ago
How to Integrate Your Blog With Pardot: Tips & Tools
Learn how to setup your blog with a Pardot form, how to create a blog welcome email, and how to automate blog digest emails using your RSS feed.
newsletter  plugin  blog 
9 weeks ago
Data Science Reveals 3 Problems with the NPS Dogma |
Research using data science principles shows that the Net Promoter Score has three problems: 1) NPS is not the best predictor, 2) net scores are ridiculous / mean scores are better and 3) NPS measures only one of three components of customer loyalty.
10 weeks ago
Adam Savage on Lists, More Lists, and the Power of Checkboxes | WIRED
The 'Mythbusters' star and author of the new book 'Every Tool's a Hammer,' explains the magic of the colored-in checkbox.
lists  todo  gtd 
11 weeks ago
Marketing OKR Examples - How to write Marketing Objectives and Key results?
"How to write good Marketing Objectives?" "What should I put in my Marketing Key Results?" — How-to Guide to Writing Good Marketing OKRs with Example Objectives and Key Results
marketing  OKRs 
11 weeks ago
Marketing OKR Examples - How to Write Objectives and Key Results
OKRs is a great way to provide focus and align priorities with the rest of your company. If you're looking Marketing OKR examples, look no further.
marketing  OKRs 
11 weeks ago
Example OKRs for Marketing Teams
These example OKRs for Marketing can help you and your team get started setting and achieving your goals. Get our free guide at the end of this post.
marketing  OKRs 
11 weeks ago
Your Customers Are Cheating On You: Marketing Orthodoxy Under Fire | AdAge
Byron Sharp's unorthodox marketing theories are catching on with major advertisers and causing media to rethink their pitches.
byron  sharp  mass  media  comms 
11 weeks ago
Putting creative pre-testing to the test|Facebook for Business
Understand how evaluating advert creative before it goes live can predict advert success and help build a better campaign.
12 weeks ago
How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Employee Appraisal Biases
The most common biases and how to avoid them creeping up in performance reviews.
may 2019
Do You Want the Corner Office Someday?
Do you want the corner office someday? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Mike Troiano, a venture capitalist and former executive. They talk through what to do when you’re falling off the executive track, you’re moving up but don’t believe in the company’s strategy, or you have a rival who could block your path to the C-suite.
may 2019
3 Steps to Building the Perfect MQL Workflow | InsightSquared
Do your sales reps have a set process for engaging with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)? Here's how to build the best MQL Workflow for your growing sales team.
mql  sales 
may 2019
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