Microsoft Recommenders examples
This repository provides examples and best practices for building recommendation systems, provided as Jupyter notebooks.
python  jupyter  machinelearning  recommendations 
2 days ago
Teach a computer to play a game
1 Collect examples of things you want to be able to recognise
2 Use the examples to train a computer to be able to recognise them
3 Make a game in Scratch that uses the computer's ability to recognise them
machinelearning  education  scratch 
5 days ago
AD/Office 365/Windows secure defaults
windows  office  activedirectory  security 
5 days ago
Resilience Engineering notes
This file contains notes about people active in resilience engineering, organized alphabetically. I'm using these notes to help me get my head around the different players and associated concepts.
engineering  systems 
7 days ago
A tool for exploring a docker image, layer contents, and discovering ways to shrink your Docker image size.
docker  devops 
16 days ago
A very simple framework for state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP)
nlp  python 
18 days ago
open source machine learning server, can be used for proof of concept for prediction engines
machinelearning  opensource  server 
23 days ago
Wallaby.js runs your JavaScript tests immediately as you type and displays execution results in your code editor. It also provides beautiful test and code coverage reports updated in realtime.
javascript  testing 
23 days ago
find vulnerabilities in dependencies
python  javascript  security 
23 days ago
code formatter for many languages
programming  editor 
23 days ago
local AWS service simulator
aws  devops 
23 days ago
Prevents you from committing passwords and other sensitive information to a git repository.
git  security 
23 days ago
Java architecture unit testing
java  testing  architecture 
23 days ago
microservice discovery, security, observability
microservice  devops  monitoring  security 
23 days ago
send story prompts to loved ones, get responses made into book
gift  book 
24 days ago
Drink Trade
coffee subscription
24 days ago
Quick text-based sequence diagram maker
visualization  tool  architecture 
9 weeks ago
Google's web.dev
glitch-based learning resource
web  performance  security  tool 
9 weeks ago
Seeing is Believing
Evaluates Ruby code, recording the results of each line. Integrates with any extensible editor (I've integrated it with many already, see the list). If you like Swift Playgrounds, you'll like SiB.
ruby  programming 
10 weeks ago
Graph DB analysis of Active Directory to reveal hidden/non-obvious attack vectors
security  graph 
11 weeks ago
Shop — noproblem™
Refugee clothing company in NYC
11 weeks ago
fold n fly
paper airplane instructions w/ tags for different attributes
design  paper  physics 
12 weeks ago
PICO-8 Fantasy Console
fun option for game making w/ kids
games  graphics  programming 
october 2018
potentially kid-friendly game-making environment
games  3d 
october 2018
The Bermuda Triangle of Wealth
interesting analysis of financial forces affecting the middle class
money  education 
october 2018
find quiet places for coffee or alcohol
map  tool  dining 
october 2018
Recon by fire
Recon is a tool for reviewing the security configuration of a local system. It can detect existing issues, known-insecure settings, existing strange behaviour, and options for further hardening.

Recon can be used in existing systems to find out which elements can be improved and can provide some information about why the change is recommended. It can also be used to scan prepared system images to verify that they contain the expected protection.
sysadmin  security 
september 2018
reader subscription funnel tools
saas  subscriptions  news 
august 2018
Home Assistant
open source home automation framework
python  home  automation  raspberrypi 
august 2018
Find Sounds
Search the web for sounds and sound effects for free using FindSounds! To get started, type the name of a sound into the search box above OR click on a category of sound effects below.
july 2018
Bee's Wrap
replacement for saran/plastic wrap
kitchen  tool 
july 2018
Gardens of Bomarzo
Orcus mouth

Leaning house

Dragon with Lions

Hannibal's elephant

Castle of Bomarzo.
Coordinates: 42°29′29.88″N 12°14′51.27″E The Sacro Bosco ("Sacred Grove"),[1] colloquially called Park of the Monsters (Parco dei Mostri in Italian), also named Garden of Bomarzo, is a Manieristic monumental complex located in Bomarzo, in the province of Viterbo, in northern Lazio, Italy.[2]
togo  travel 
july 2018
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