How To Use Journalctl to View and Manipulate Systemd Logs | DigitalOcean
Some of the most compelling advantages of systemd are those involved with process and system logging. Using other systems, logs are usually dispersed throughout the system, handled by different daemons and tools, and can be fairly difficult to interpr
digitalocean  linux  sysadmin  systemd  journalctl  logging  logs 
24 days ago
Home - MakingComics.com
MakingComics.com is the world's one stop repository for all things related to the comic-making experience.
art  blogs  podcast  comics  webcomics 
5 weeks ago
OpenVPN And DD-WRT Part 2 | Advanced Home Server
iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp –dport 443 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I FORWARD 1 –source -j ACCEPT
iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT
iptables -I FORWARD -i tun0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j MASQUERADE

dd-wrt  openvpn  vpn 
6 weeks ago
Support - SparkLabs
verb 3
mute 3
writepid /var/run/openvpnd.pid
# management 14
management-log-cache 100
topology subnet
script-security 2
port 1194
# proto udp4
cipher aes-128-cbc
auth sha256
client-connect /tmp/openvpn/clcon.sh
client-disconnect /tmp/openvpn/cldiscon.sh
client-config-dir /tmp/openvpn/ccd
comp-lzo adaptive
ifconfig-pool-persist /tmp/openvpn/ip-pool 86400
tun-mtu 1500
mtu-disc yes
# server
# dev tun2

push "route"
push "dhcp-option DNS"

dev tun0
proto udp
keepalive 10 120
dh /tmp/openvpn/dh.pem
ca /tmp/openvpn/ca.crt
cert /tmp/openvpn/cert.pem
key /tmp/openvpn/key.pem

# Only use crl-verify if you are using the revoke list - otherwise leave it commented out
# crl-verify /tmp/openvpn/ca.crl

# management parameter allows DD-WRT's OpenVPN Status web page to access the server's management port
# port must be 5001 for scripts embedded in firmware to work
management localhost 5001
openvpn  dd-wrt  ddwrt  viscosity 
6 weeks ago
Command-line-text-processing/gnu_sed.md at master · learnbyexample/Command-line-text-processing
Command-line-text-processing - From finding text to search and replace, from sorting to beautifying text and more
linux  reference  sed  unix  examples 
october 2017
Receiving and Parsing Email in Rails 5 – Hacker Noon
Another aspect of email within a SaaS application is receiving mail. While this is far less normal or used in comparison to sending, it can be a great way to make end user’s responses to email or…
rails  ruby  gem  griddler 
october 2017
Muuri - Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts
Muuri is a JavaScript library that creates responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts.
animation  drag  grid  javascript  responsive  library  filter  opensource  webdesign 
september 2017
Capturing Audio & Video in HTML5 - HTML5 Rocks
How to capture audio and video using the navigator.getUserMedia() API.
audio  html5  photo  video  getusermedia  api 
september 2017
ApoorvSaxena/lozad.js: 🔥 Highly performant, light ~0.5kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for images, iframes and more
lozad.js - 🔥 Highly performant, light ~0.5kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for images, iframes and more
javascript  lazy  lazyload  lazyloading  loader  performance  github 
september 2017
Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer – freeCodeCamp
When the story of how I landed a job at Airbnb went viral, I was surprised at how infatuated people were with my negotiations. Media stories portrayed me as some kind of master negotiator — a wily ex…
job  offer  negotiation  negotiating 
september 2017
Writing Slack Command APIs in Ruby – Little programming joys – Medium
Slack is a real time messaging system. In this posts series we’re going to create a Ruby application to handle Slack’s Command API calls.
heroku  ruby  sinatra  slack  command  api  bot 
september 2017
Support adding Content-Encoding for compressed files · Issue #396 · s3tools/s3cmd
Official s3cmd repo -- Command line tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront services
github  s3cmd  s3  upload 
august 2017
Pagespeed - The tool and optimization guide
Find out what is slowing down your site with our page speed tool. The webmaster guide to faster sites and blogs.
javascript  performance  webdev  pagespeed  speed  test  tools 
august 2017
thumbor - open-source smart on-demand image cropping, resizing and filters
Thumbor is a smart imaging service. It enables on-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images. It features a very smart detection of important points in the image for better cropping and resizing, using state-of-the-art face and feature detection algorithms (more on that in Detection Algorithms).
image  images  opensource  service  resize  crop  css 
august 2017
demo-amd-optimize/gulpfile.js at master · shaojingchao/demo-amd-optimize
Contribute to demo-amd-optimize development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  amd  amd-optimize  gulp 
june 2017
TypeScript Deep Dive · GitBook
typescript: The definitive guide to TypeScript. Dive into all the details that a JavaScript developer needs to know to be a great TypeScript developer
typescript  book 
june 2017
attr-encrypted/attr_encrypted: Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes
attr_encrypted - Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes
rails  gem  encrypt  encryption 
june 2017
getredash/redash: Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize and share your data.
redash - Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize and share your data.
database  ops  tools  bi  dashboards 
june 2017
EmojiOne | The Authentic Digital Emoji Brand
EmojiOne designs quality emoji icons for all. New for 2017, EmojiOne v3.0 is now available for users, developers and licensing partners.
#production-icons  emoji 
may 2017
Lavanta Coffee Roasters
Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee
coffee  roaster  roast 
may 2017
Instrumenting Sidekiq | Drivy Engineering
Monitoring your taskqueue to get deeper visibility on usage trends, find out slow jobs or queue congestion. Here's how we do it with a Sidekiq middleware, InfluxDB and Grafana.
metrics  rails  ruby  sidekiq  production 
april 2017
Need to redesign our website. Looking for proposals - WorkbarBiz - Workbar Discussions
Hello All,

Need to redesign our website and do it on budget. Below are the parameters. Would like to look at possible vendors next week. Please reach out to me directly with immediate thoughts and how you'd propose to …
website  redesign  approaches  paths  talk  presentation 
april 2017
SVG Icon Workflow for Jekyll with Gulp | Capgemini Engineering
Improving performance by replacing icon fonts with SVG
svg  jekyll  include  gulp 
march 2017
sighmon/mjml-rails: MJML + ERb/Haml/Slim view template
mjml-rails - MJML + ERb/Haml/Slim view template
rails  mjml  email  node  ruby  html 
march 2017
Jonathan Clem
Personal website of Jonathan Clem
crystal  cli  howto 
march 2017
maximeg/email_inquire: Validate email for common typos and one-time email providers
email_inquire - Validate email for common typos and one-time email providers
email  validation  ruby  rails  typos 
march 2017
Serverspec - Home
Serverspec.github.com :
rspec  server  specs  tests 
march 2017
zubroid/heroku-buildpack-image-optims: Heroku buildpack for installing Image manipulating libraries such as Jpegoptim and OptiPNG.
heroku-buildpack-image-optims - Heroku buildpack for installing Image manipulating libraries such as Jpegoptim and OptiPNG.
heroku  image  optimization  buildpack 
march 2017
piotrmurach/tty-prompt: A beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt
tty-prompt - A beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt
ruby  @command_line  prompt  tty  shell  cli 
march 2017
SVG Social Media Icons
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! Use these? Throw money at me via PayPal ruandrejvr@gmail.com * Most logos are from iconmonstr.com but I ...
social  media  icons  svg 
march 2017
Animista is a place where you can play with a collection of ready to use CSS animations, tweak them and download only those you will actually use.
animation  animations  css  tools  webdesign  tool  library 
march 2017
12 free email templates from professional designers
Free email templates for multiple business purposes. Includes email newsletter templates, promotional email templates, and personal notification templates.
transactional  email  templates 
march 2017
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