Siddha Meditation: A Siddha Performance Secret
The concept of the DOER is a monumental interference. For he stands between Instinct and its Instinctual Creation.

I do not believe in “change.” I work with my clients on TRANSFORMATION.

Those who change, change back.

Those who TRANSFORM are created anew.

You have seen a caterpillar become a butterfly.

Have you ever seen a butterfly become a caterpillar?
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2 days ago
Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer
A new biography of Isaac Newton that reveals the extraordinary influence that the study of alchemy had on the greatest Early Modern scientific discoveries.

In this 'ground breaking biography' Michael White destroys the myths of the life of Isaac Newton and reveals a portrait of the scientist as the last sorcerer. According to traditional accounts, Newton was the first modern scientist . As creator of the theory of gravity, calculus, modern theories of light and devisor of the three laws of mechanics, his methods are perceived as the genesis of modern science. Yet the traditional version of his life fails to tell, by some considerable margin, the full story. How for example could Newton's apparent empiricism be married with his interest in alchemy and magic? What had inspired him in his discoveries? How did he reconcile his scientific discoveries with his religious faith?

And, most of all, who was this man who, historians tell us, remained a virgin all his life and who seemed to be an argumentative ego maniac on the one hand and a kindly old man on the other? In this revelatory biography, White paints an original picture of Isaac Newton completely at variance with the traditional portrait.
2 days ago
The Tour Player’s Path to Eradicating Fear

A dissection of when precisely he feels the fear. Where in his body he feels it. What are the perceived consequences of his fear. And so on.

And in this way, we do something that most have never heard of.

We turn the mind against itself. We turn the mind in on itself. We call its bluff.

You see, any problem that we have, the mind blows it out of proportion. And what may be a drop, the mind turns it into an ocean. But through a genuine exploration, we follow this ocean back to the drop!

Again, we follow the ocean back to the drop.
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3 days ago
Man Is God
Professional athletes often speak of Momentum.

There is little harm in it.

But it does beg a question?

What does one do when the momentum is not before him? What does he do when circumstance is not in his esteemed favor? What does he do when the stars are still considering their quarterly alignment?

He waits and he hopes.

And he does so his entire life.

His life becomes an exercise in endless waiting and hoping, punctuated by an occasional joy.

And as he transitions from childhood to adulthood, he gradually begins to accept this dreadful deal.

Throughout the expanse of time, man has suffered tremendously in this wait.

What if there were a different way to live?

What if the horizon was left to itself?
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4 days ago
If You Wish To Own The Masters
The Ownership of The Masters or The PGA or The Open tournaments has nothing to do with the tournament itself. It has everything to do with the man who plays them.

By Ownership, I mean an Ownership of Your Self.

What do I mean by Owning Your Self? What is this alchemy that I seek to achieve with human beings?

A player who owns himself will treat everything that he does as if it is at arm’s length from him. As a result, he will not be ensnared by it.

He will give himself to the nature of his work. And he will also be able to extract himself from it.

He will keep his allegiance firmly tied to the creation of a glorious work of art. And he will not use it as a tool to better another.
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4 days ago
The Truth About Winning The Masters
The Mind knows.

And it in order to know what it knows . . .

In order to call its bluff . . .

In order to expose it . . .

One must know it so intimately, that the mind fears you coming. Rather than the other way around.

(Incidentally, this is why the Mind loves psychology and sports psychologists. Because they know virtually nothing about the Mind. They are in the businesses of “fixes.” And there is nothing the mind enjoys more than to sabotage a “fix”)

[MY NOTE: Perhaps this is why, at some point along the way, I began to fear and nervously anticipate my next psychedelic experience.]
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4 days ago
Siddha Relaxation: A Siddha Performance Secret
What is The Truth as it relates to relaxation?

That tightness and relaxation are NOT the human body’s responses to the muscles or even to the environment.

Tightness and relaxation are the human body’s responses to THE MIND.

Yes! Relaxation is the body’s natural response to MIND!

I will not stop there. I will also impress upon you the following revelation.

Are you ready?

Relaxation and tightness is not a function of the STATE of mind. They are a response to the very PRESENCE of the mind.

[MY NOTE: I have observed this first-hand following my recent massages with Ellen. My muscles are so loose and relaxed after the massage, that I am able to notice them tighten back up in response to various thoughts and feelings about the events going on around me.]
kapil  perception-training 
4 days ago
Why Does The Fish Swim?
The fish swims through rivers, through lakes, and the mighty oceans of the world. It swims at varying depths, in different temperatures, at varying altitudes.

Does it swim to go somewhere in particular?

For the fish, is swimming a form of transport, or a form of play? If you were to ask him if his swimming was a form of play, he might not know how to respond. He might not know what ‘play’ means.


Because the word ‘play’ exists only because the word ‘work’ exists. If the word ‘work’ did not exist, ‘play’ would not either.

Perhaps we can find on this earth a particular sort of practice, or discipline, or art, or activity (I will not call it WORK), in which we feel content just to swim. A sort of activity that becomes our own personal ocean. A ocean in which we swim just to swim. An activity in which, though goals may be made, we have an inner feeling that they will take care of themselves.

Why will they take care of themselves?

Because nature submits to those whose sincerity flows uninterrupted.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
Our Lives Have Become A Tesseract
We sometimes wonder what it would be like to venture beyond the confines. But no sooner do we think this that we are called to attend to some minor duty which, by virtue of its appearance in our little world, appears to be major.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
A Glimpse Of Death Opens A Man's Eyes
A sudden death. A calamity of some sort brings things into sudden perspective. He is shaken from his complacency and he is forced to confront the moment. But eventually, the drama of the event fades, and so does he, back into his well-worn existence.

Because we become so seduced by inertia, few of us ever really LIVE.

Every human being would be blessed to experience a near-death experience every six months. This would keep him on the edge.

Feeling close to death makes one IMMEDIATELY feel close to life. The inertia suddenly disappears and the human being breathes for the first time in years. He sees the greenery of the grass and the hardness of the floor and the slow and gentle movement of the clouds. He discovers that he is alive after all. He discovers that before he is ANYTHING ELSE, he is FIRST AND FOREMOST a living organism. A piece of life.
kapil  where-no-man-dares 
8 days ago
You Create Problems To Justify Your Existence
Your problems have become your companions. They are your pet rocks. You groom them and nurture them and secretly you hope that they will never leave you. For they have become a part of you. And you need them as beacons to keep you fixed to the same path you have walked for dozens of years.

Then why do you ask to be rid of your problems?

You may say that you want this, but this is the last thing that you want. In truth, you want to keep your problems just the way they are, but you seek a dose of joy to keep you going. Just a touch to keep the edge off.

For if someone truly took away your problems, you would go mad. You would not know how to function. You would be shaken from your conditioned existence. You would roam aimless in the street.

Your entire life would fall apart.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
May I Describe For You What Your Life Really Is?
You, as life investing the form of a human being, exist in a world in which things happen. Climates change around you. Other human beings interact with you and around you.

And be it war or world peace, none of it has anything at all to do with this piece of life we call YOU.

And then something interesting happens. Something which changes the entire game.

You stop seeing yourself has a piece of life, and begin to see yourself as an “I.”

And this simple change in perception changes the entire world around you. Instead of realizing that you ARE life, you begin to look for one. You begin to compete. You begin to struggle.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
There Is No Such Thing As A Leader
It is of no consequence who takes up his cause. For he recognizes that he himself is enough. He will bare any load. He will travel any distance. He is a man possessed by his inspiration.

His steps are not his. His ideas are not his. Because he has given himself to his inspiration, they flow through him. Because he has surrendered to his inspiration, they are available to him.

Though many may follow him, he is not a leader. For he seeks not to lead.

If you were to ask him he might even tell you that he himself does not exist.

For him all that exists is his inspiration.

And he has surrendered himself wholly to it.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
God Is Not Who You Think He Is
I will say this: There have been times in your life (I am certain of it) when you felt an otherworldly peace take over you.

There have been times in your life, when you fell madly into something. An experience. A person. A feeling.

And when you were in this otherworldly place within yourself, for those few minutes or hours or days, it mattered NOT if anything else in the world existed.

If there is a God, perhaps this is him.

As for the question of whether he definitely exists or not?

Once you rediscover that place, the answer will not need to be revealed.

Because the question will have no need to arise.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
Religion Is For The Unserious
A true seeker has no need for religion. He has no need to be absolved of his sins. He has no need to repent.

A true seeker is in search of the truth. He is in search of meaning, if it exists.

And what sets him on his search is his utter discontent with the patterns of his life. His dissatisfaction with the roller coaster of emotion. His realization that the bulk of his life is saturated in misery, punctuated by occasional glimpses of happiness.

He, thus, sets off on his search with religiousness. But not for religion.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
A Monastic Existence
There are many routines in the life of a societal human being.

There are many distractions.

There are untold numbers of chores.

There are responsibilities.

There are obligations.

There are things that must be done.

There are things that must be tended to.

And each of these things is an interference with the way that a human being in his or her Native State longs to live.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
Transformation Happens In An Instant
Unless you are willing to get up right this minute, pull the door off its hinges and stand naked in the pouring rain, you are doomed to live another decade just as you are!

When you can stand in public and scream your manifesto at the top of your lungs . . .

When you are willing to be smacked with ripe tomatoes . . .

When you are willing to swim against the current of the thoughts that have held you back . . .

When you are willing to be ridiculed and mocked and cursed and humiliated . .

When the pain of vulnerability is no longer a match for the agony of the status quo . . .

You will not only be ready . . .

You will act.

And you will act that very day.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Executive For Whom Success Was Not Enough
There is something I have learned in working with human beings. They reveal information in a hierarchical fashion. The information that they reveal first is the information that is most obvious. And depending upon how I respond, they filter and modify the release of the most critical information in accordance with their level of trust.

So I listened as he played this ever so subtle game. He did not do it intentionally. In essence, this game is an outward manifestation of his inner conflict with his mind. He wishes to reveal the information but his mind wishes to keep it a secret. And this internal conflict continues for some time and to varying degrees depending upon the individual and the nature of his situation.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
This World Is Not Your Home
Ride down main street. Acknowledge the creativity of human beings who have manufactured such a convincing illusion. Acknowledge the figures in the windows. And the paintings on the wall.

But understand that you are simply passing through. Your home is somewhere far away. And the life that you created here was simply a play in the sandbox. A drama on a stage.

The play is over. The drama has ended. And now you must return. To your home in the stars. Where no life need be created. Where no society need be joined.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
How To Make Tomorrow The Most Joyous Day You’ve Had In The Last 25 Years
Everyone has always told you that “change takes time.” That things happen slowly. That you must keep working at it and one day it will come.

I’m telling you to forget all of that. I’m telling you that if you Sincerely do what is in this discourse, the next 24 hours will be the most joyous hours you’ve had in a very long time.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

For the next 24 hours, you must convince yourself that nothing that you own is yours.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Wisdom of Peter Fenton
Competition is for the common man. I will state firmly that if you have competition, then your idea is not sufficiently original. And if it is not sufficiently original, it is essentially a job. And is there anything in this world that is more beneath the possibilities of a human being than a “job?”

I understand that you’ve been told to “work your way up.”

I have a more captivating idea for you: Work Your Way In.

Do not stand in line at the front door and say, “Will you buy my product? I will provide you with a good deal.” You will have the door slammed in your face. And so you should.

Rather, go to the back door. And when the person answers it, look into their eyes and say in a calm and confident tone, “I have created something that is not available anywhere else in the world. You are one of the few people that I have chosen to reveal it to. Would you like to see it?”
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
Depression: The Single Most Important Truth You've Never Been Told
I don’t pull any punches here or at Siddha Performance.

Whether it is a world famous professional athlete, or a prominent CEO, it is all about The Truth. Nothing else will be spoken inside of this domain.

And as offended and disagreeable as some might be by the following statements, I will state them with a healthy dose of casualness and humility. But without apology.

Depression is a delicacy.

And it is often a delicacy of the elite, the successful, and the wealthy. It is ubiquitous in the corporate world. And it is pervasive among high level executives. And pro athletes. And especially among celebrities.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
Your Inner Child Is Never Lost
I told my athlete, “Not only did you lose your childhood years ago. You continue to lose it everyday of your life.”

“How so, Doc?”

“You continue to turn your back on that which children hold dear. Though you are a professional athlete, freedom and play are nowhere to be found.”

“I play in tournaments every week, Doc!”

“You COMPETE in tournaments every week, my friend. You don’t PLAY in them. I haven’t seen you PLAY in months.”

“So tell me how to play,” he said.

“My point exactly. Would a child ever ask someone ‘HOW TO PLAY’?
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Lost Spirit Within The Artist
“When I was a kid, I used to have what I would now call a muse. At the time, I called her an inner voice. Her name was Amy D. I used to rely on her. She came with me to every important event, every touchy moment, every audition.”

“What does the D stand for?”

He laughed and said, “I have no freaking idea. That’s just the name I gave to her. And, God, I haven’t felt her presence in years.”

“Then I have the perfect solution, brother.”

“Yes, I need to get her back, don’t I?”

“If you look for her, you probably won’t find her.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because the greatest things in life are not grabbed by the throat. They are attracted by the spirit.”

“You’re a goddamn poet, I swear. I’m all ears, Kapil.”
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
My God, I'm Finally Free!
“This is going to sound completely crazy, but I finally found out what I wanted. But I found out what I wanted only After I got it. That’s crazy, isn’t it?”

“Nothing is linear. And logic is overrated,” I said.

“If this had happened to me a year ago, I would have been completely devastated. If I’m honest, it really wouldn’t have affected me financially because fortunately I would have been able to absorb the loss quite easily. But the idea that someone stole from me on this big of a scale . . . it would have put me into weeks of depression and sadness and retaliation and revenge and anger and all those things. You know?”
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
How To Come Face-to-Face With God
I once met an old woman a long time ago who told me that she had seen God. I asked her where she saw Him.

She said, “The question is Where Do I Not See Him?”

God has revealed himself to a few people in the history of civilization.

Because it is only a few who wished to see him.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Those few who have seen him longed for nothing else in their lives.

And when this is true for you, you will meet him too.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Journey To The Center Of Your Life
Through a deep exploration known as ATMAMUN, he can learn to stop his chase and reside within his center.

When he finds his center he will still see his problems and his disappointments, but they will exist at arm’s length.

But his life will live finally live within him.

All that he does he will do beautifully because of the place that the resides when he does them.

Understand, dear friend, that there is nothing to chase. The mind’s habit is to chase. And once it finds something, it simply begins to chase something else. This is it’s nature.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
On Beauty, The Buddha, And Awakening
If you live as this Witness you will live your life in the sort of bliss that a wrinkle-free body will never give you.

I’ve traveled all around the world.

I work with the most successful people on the planet.

But I have never seen a single human being who lived this way.

I am on a mission to change that.

Live As The Witness.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Giver Of Dignity & Light
I often feel an unmistakable truth within me that I have confessed to no one prior. It is a feeling that I am a protector of the glorious world elites who have somehow find their way to me. I feel as if I walk ahead of them, donning a wizard’s cloak, so that I may protect them from the poisonous arrows of the world.

Perhaps I am overzealous in my interpretation. But thoughts can be denied, while authentic feelings cannot. And I feel it is my journey on this earth to lead those who the universe brings my way, to Enlightenment. Which is ultimately a place of Truth.
kapil  perception-training 
8 days ago
The Return Home
We became entranced by the shiny lights, the trophies, the money, the glory, and all of these so-called achievements. We began to believe that this was perhaps the way back to a feeling of fulfillment. Back to a feeling of wholeness. Back to the feeling that we had when we were children, when that indescribably small moment in which we lived was our entire world.

In this new world, we eventually discovered that we were not headed in the direction that we assumed. So we enlisted the help of advisors who pointed the way.

They pointed the way.

But I ask you now, what are they pointing toward? Which road are they asking you to traverse? And where precisely does that road lead?
kapil  perception-training 
10 days ago
Roger Bannister & The Modern Athlete
Let us take professional golf as an example. Have you never wondered why there is so much apparent parity?

Does it really make sense to ANYONE that a four-day golf tournament consisting of eighteen holes per day yields a score that wins by a single stroke?

How is that possible?

It is because it is unintentionally designed to be that way.

And who designs it?

The players themselves. Without even knowing it.

Remember this: Athletes in any sport believe that they play AGAINST one another. But I assure you that they do not. They play TOWARD one another.
kapil  perception-training 
10 days ago
Belief In A "Mental Game" Makes One Mental
Perhaps the mental game is an appropriate term. It’s all a game. It’s a game because few recognize the nature of the human mind. This is why they continue to go to nuclear war armed with a slingshot.

Why do few understand the human mind? Because there is little interest in understanding the mind. It is far easier to create these cute little games that provide a quick dose of pick-me-up in order to ail the wounded traveler.

A quick turn of phrase, the four D’s, the three C’s, and the five B’s have taken the place of an authentic journey to traverse what is truly the ultimate frontier and the fundamental soul of man.
kapil  perception-training 
10 days ago
The Eyes Of Peter Forsberg
In the end, not every human being watches a game in order to catch the winner or the loser.

I would imagine there are perhaps a handful of people who watch in order to witness the ultimate possibility of a professional athlete.

I imagine that there are some who watch for inspiration.

I imagine that there are some who love to witness the simplicity and the alchemy that sometimes occurs between a true artist and his art.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
Can A Human Being Truly Realize His Potential?
Whether A human being is a world class athlete or dancer or artist or executive or teacher, he is painfully susceptible to the words of those around him. Mind you, it is not that he necessarily wishes to be thus susceptible. HE JUST IS. For whatever and various reasons, THIS IS HIS DEFAULT SETTING. And because he is so painfully susceptible to the words and opinions around him, he is simply DOOMED!

Why is he doomed? Because unless the people around him are Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Gandhi, Lao Tzu, Chaung Tzu, Confucius, or Maha-vatar Babaji, the words and the opinions that he imbibes will be at once limited and gloriously flawed.
kapil  gravity-assists  where-no-man-dares 
12 days ago
Supreme Performance Through Levitation: A Siddha Secret
When athletes and performers are at their very best their internal milieu detects a sense of Lightness. Some athletes who are sufficiently sensitive to their own sensations actually feel this sense of Lightness.

Rather than walking or running or jumping, it is an ethereal sense of Floating.

Here at Siddha Performance this is one of the natural side effects of my training methods.

As you know, a muscle fires fastest when it is most relaxed. And it is most relaxed NOT by stretching it. But by its transformation into a seemingly liquefied state. In this state, the muscle is at the athlete’s disposal. And he feels that he can snap it at the speed of a cobra strike.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
A Reliance On Science Produces Not Giants
The only science that the athlete needs is his own idiosyncratic, personal, sloppy, patchwork science that he has accumulated through decades of toil in his trade. That ridiculous and unscientific science that only he knows. And that only he needs to know.

The science of adjusting the bill of his hat before the shot. The science of loosening his index finger on the grip. The science of clearing his throat before he jumps. The science of slapping his stick three times on the ice before he takes the face off.

The science which comes from his liver rather than his brain. The science that is completely unscientific. The science that is not rehearsed. The science that can never be written about in journals. The science that does not correspond to reason.

The science that a scientist will never understand. But which the athlete can reproduce in spades.

While it may provide an element of benefit for the athlete to perform in front of a machine, he will eventually begin to adjust his game for the data rather than the field of play. He will eventually begin to react according to the numbers rather than to the complex but wholly familiar situation that confronts him on the field.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
Fields of Grass
These fields have been hailed as the arenas worthy of a Greek tragedy. These fields are written about in history books. Their blades of grass have been magnified to legendary proportion.

But while all manner of history and drama has occurred on these fields, they did not occur because of them.

You see, man has become a discontented creature. His life is almost never sufficient just the way it is. He is never enough just the way he is.

Man is not inflicted by drama. He creates it. He swims in it. He drinks it. He suffers its every high and its every miserable low. This is the game he has created for himself.

Complexity is the order of the day. And he cannot live without it. He must create something where there is nothing. He must attach importance to something that inherently has no importance. He must create a story out of disconnected events.

Some say the media is a master at this. And they are correct. But the media learned it from man. The media is, in fact, the public manifestation of man’s private musings.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
A Clarion Call To The PGA Tour Player
First abandon all the little melodrama. Drop the crying about the missed cuts and the bad bounces and missed putts and all the ill fate. Just stop it!

At the next event, after Feherty interviews the winner adjacent the 18th green, tell him you have something to say but you won’t say it until he turns the camera on. You’ll get no resistance from David on that, trust me. When he turns the camera on, look into the center of the opaque lens and tell the world that You’re The Best Damn Golfer In The World!

YES, you must say DAMN!

NOT “Top five.”

NOT “ONE OF the best.” (what does that mean?) No modesty. No politeness. No political correctness.

Tell the world as it watches you LIVE, that you’re The Best Damn Golfer In The World! Tell the world that you are taking this moment to apologize TO YOURSELF for not understanding the glory of your own humanity!
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
The Myth of Performance
The best performances in sports, and even music, are those in which the athletes and the musicians lose themselves in their craft. Their motions and behaviors are simply a natural extension of that which they have given themselves to. This is why they rarely hear the crowd, and are largely oblivious to the outside the world.

Interestingly, the world begins to mimic their motions. But it does not work. Because the motions are not the true source of their art. The motions were simply a reaction to the world that they inhabit for that brief period of time. Without a sort of becoming or a transformation, the motions are simply a shell.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
Many athletes are drawn to the paint-by-numbers approach because of its appeal. And what is this appeal? The absolution from the responsibility for their own success. If the athlete does not make it, he can stand before a full-size mirror state with a clear conscience that he did all that was required of him and that if this did not lead to success, then perhaps it was not meant to be.

The mind is exceptionally clever, is it not?

The athlete who makes it, has made it before he submits to his coaches demands. He has succeeded before he begins. For him, the training is a catalyst, rather than a condition. For him, the coach is an accomplice rather than a leader.

Ultimate success does not depend upon any form of activity, behavior, or attitude. It exists in the mind of the successful athlete, as a proclamation. As an absolute.
kapil  perception-training 
12 days ago
Perry Marshall's Axis Seminar
Artist Entrepreneurs Almost Never Create What The Market Is Asking For

Chapter 21 of 80/20 Sales and Marketing is incredibly useful. It’s called “How to do ten thousand dollars of market research in a single afternoon.” but there are many times when market research does not apply.

Re-inventing 80/20 was not something that any market or customer was asking for… then when I kept digging deeper, nobody was asking for that either. I had to figure out how to sell it and dress it up to be appealing once I had it. It was ALL internally driven; 80/20 just had my name on it. Most things I’ve done have been that way.

That doesn’t mean the world didn’t need it. Today, tens of thousands of people apply the 80/20 curve to make “espresso machines.” They make their businesses more profitable. FACT: The market secretly ALWAYS ALWAYS craves something it’s never seen before and cannot possibly know to ask for.

This is why the Artist Entrepreneur always has an open shot at becoming wealthy. Because following strict A-B-C processes is always an X-dollars-per-hour thing… but generating genuine surprise, innovation and delight is priceless.

Steve Jobs was an Artistic Entrepreneur. It’s easy to forget that Steve did not go out to the world and ask the world what it wanted.

Because the world would have never asked for an iPhone.
advertising  perception-training 
13 days ago
Putting Is Not What You Think It Is
Whenever I ask such questions I always get looks of confusion. And the reason that I get looks of confusion is because of the following:

When you live within a world in which everyone does the same thing and everyone talks the same talk.

No matter how ridiculous the talk is.

No matter how illogical it seems.

It’s perfectly accepted. For ideas are judged in a democratic fashion. If the idea is widely accepted, that wide acceptance is its judge and jury. And it is NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with logic or common sense.
kapil  perception-training 
13 days ago
The Feel Behind The Feel: A Siddha Performance Secret
Going deeper and deeper into the mind is like entering a world of a million puzzle pieces that are strategically designed NOT to fit together.

The TRUE FEEL is the one you have to dig for. And when you dig for it, you have to extract that feel which is worthy of exploring.

You must extract that feel which leads to Transformation.

And that feel is THE FEEL BEHIND THE FEEL.

Everything that we do and don’t do in our life is based upon the way that we feel. But we are never taught to examine The Feel Behind The Feel.

But that is where The Truth Lies.

Things such as telepathy, clairvoyance, True Seeing, subtle perception are all detected within THE FEEL BEHIND THE FEEL.
kapil  perception-training 
14 days ago
What Stands Between Man & His Bliss
Until we learn this, life is an endless stream of events. Until we learn this, we will live within the illusion of an Abundance Of Time.

And that which is in abundance is never valued.

Nature should be more kind to man. It should have man experience a near-death experience at least once a month. Just to remind him that His Time Is Running Out.
kapil  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
17 days ago
Create Your Masterpiece & Set The World On Fire
The quicker that you begin to completely discount the views of society, the more you will be able to focus on what’s truly relevant. It is a wonder to me that anyone pays any attention at all to society. Modern society and all its views are a complete sideshow. When you’re down and in need of a laugh, take a walk outside and have a look at what society applauds and values. And have a wonderful laugh at it.
kapil  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
17 days ago
Siddha Insight: How A Master Lives In This Forsaken World
How does the Master live in this forsaken world?

He keeps his family, his friends, and all his personal and business relations at arm’s length. For he knows that they have the capacity to turn on...
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24 days ago
Rosser Reeves' Advertising Style
Reeves believed the purpose of advertising is to sell. He insisted that an advertisement or commercial should show off the value or unique selling proposition, (or USP) of a product, not the cleverness or humor of a copywriter. His most typical ad is probably that for Anacin, a headache medicine. The ad was considered grating and annoying by almost all viewers but it was remarkably successful, tripling the product's sales. In 7 years the 59-second commercial made more money than the movie Gone With The Wind had in a quarter-century.

His ads were focused around what he coined the unique selling proposition, the one reason the product needed to be bought or was better than its competitors. These often took the form of slogans — Reeves oversaw the introduction of dozens, some that still exist to this day, such as M&M's "melts in your mouth, not in your hand." He argued that advertising campaigns should be unchanging with a single slogan for each product. His commercials for Bic pens, Minute Maid orange juice, M&M's candies, Colgate toothpaste and other products used similar methods, often making dramatic demonstrations.

Reeves pointed out that to work, advertising had to be honest. He insisted the product being sold actually be superior, and argued that no amount of advertising could move inferior goods. He also disagreed that advertising was able to create demand where it did not exist. Successful advertising for a flawed product would only increase the number of people who tried the product and became dissatisfied with it. If advertising is effective enough and a product flawed enough, the advertising will accelerate the destruction of the brand. Similarly, Reeves believed it was a waste of money to claim uniqueness that doesn't exist, because consumers will soon find out, and they won't come back to the brand. This is important because historically fortunes are made from repeat business. Money would be better spent building some kind of meaningful advantage into a product before launching a costly advertising campaign to promote it.
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29 days ago
Rosser Reeves on Dwight Eisenhower: The 30-Second President
Video of Reeves breaking down the commercials that fueled Eisenhower's landslide 1952 election win.
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29 days ago
Rosser Reeves: Selling a Presidential Candidate
Rosser Reeves of the Ted Bates Agency was assigned to work on Ike's television spots. Rosser was not a politician but he became one of the most influential men behind the political scene in 1952.

Rosser Reeves introduced the television spot- in quick, out quick and done. Reeves believed in the USP- the unique selling proposition -- one theme.

Reeves did not overestimate the intelligence of his audience. They would spend $2 million dollars in the last three weeks of the campaign on television spots. The election was to be close. The spots could target the undecided voters; they would be scripted so there would be no chance for the candidate to slip up and in the last three weeks there would be no chance for the Democrats to answer.

Reeves went through all the press clippings of what Ike had said and decided he was all over the map and he needed one theme. Reeves picked three themes ( Ike cleans up corruption; Ike soldier but man of peace; Ike cleaning up Communists) and sent them out to in 3 mailings to 10,000 Reader's Digest Readers asking them which theme they preferred.

The results showed people liked the peace angle and "Eisenhower, man of peace" was chosen.

Reeves wrote about 20 spots, and had Eisenhower come to the studio for one day. Eisenhower did not like the idea that he was being orchestrated, but reluctantly went along. They didn't want him to look old so he was forced to read off large cards without his glasses. Reeves then went to find the typical Americans who would ask Ike the questions that went with one of the set responses. The primitive spots were put together. They showed Ike as the good ordinary American.

The Democrats were furious and complained that the Republicans had, "invented a new kind of campaign--conceived not by men who want us to face the crucial issue of the day, but by the high-power hucksters of Madison Avenue. (George Ball, Democratic speech writer). Others complained that they were selling the president like they would toothpaste.

Although he was a natural speaker, Adelaide Stevenson refused to pay attention to the medium of television. He didn't watch TV. He appealed to the intellectuals and journalists. While Eisenhower obviously had no political experience, he appealed to the common man especially after the work of BBD&O and Rosser Reeves!

Eisenhower won a sweeping election victory.

[MY NOTE: One of the most incredible perception training case studies I have heard of. Wow.]
perception-training  advertising 
29 days ago
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System
Folks who do systems analysis have a great belief in “leverage points.” These are places within a complex system (a corporation, an economy, a living body, a city, an ecosystem) where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

This idea is not unique to systems analysis — it’s embedded in legend. The silver bullet, the trimtab, the miracle cure, the secret passage, the magic password, the single hero who turns the tide of history. The nearly effortless way to cut through or leap over huge obstacles. We not only want to believe that there are leverage points, we want to know where they are and how to get our hands on them. Leverage points are points of power.

The systems analysis community has a lot of lore about leverage points. Those of us who were trained by the great Jay Forrester at MIT have all absorbed one of his favorite stories. “People know intuitively where leverage points are,” he says. “Time after time I’ve done an analysis of a company, and I’ve figured out a leverage point — in inventory policy, maybe, or in the relationship between sales force and productive force, or in personnel policy. Then I’ve gone to the company and discovered that there’s already a lot of attention to that point. Everyone is trying very hard to push it IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!”
systems  where-no-man-dares 
4 weeks ago
Growing psilocybe azurescens
These are some of the most potent mushrooms on the planet, but they need to be grown outdoors. Do it at nan's. Supposedly these fruit beautifully well into autumn. That will give time to get a couple grows done here with regular mushrooms before growing these up in NH.
mushrooms  where-no-man-dares 
5 weeks ago
David Baldacci Teaches Mystery & Thriller Writing
David Baldacci has captivated readers across the world with gripping, suspense-fueled thrillers. Now the New York Times–bestselling author of 38 novels shares his techniques for crafting authentic characters, developing research-based plots, and navigating the world of publishing. Learn how to write a novel with red herrings, clues, and plot twists that will keep your readers turning the pages.

[MY NOTE: There might be some inspiration here regardless of the actual techniques.]
writing  to-buy 
5 weeks ago
What If Evolution Bred Reality Out Of Us?
Fundamentally, Hoffman argues, evolution and reality (the objective kind) have almost nothing to do with each other.
evolution  gravity-assists  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
5 weeks ago
World Creates Mind. Mind Creates Human
The world creates the mind.

The mind creates the human.

A man becomes that which he continually sees, hears, reads, and speaks.

The serious man . . .

The one who truly arrives at this understanding in the depth of his bones . . .

Has only two options before him.

Either he retreats into isolation.

Or he scours the world in order to find the one human who speaks The Truth, and continually exposes himself to him.

There is no right or wrong.

There are no rules.

There is no good or bad.

There is no “is it alright if I sometimes do this.”

There are no “deals.”

There is only IS and IS NOT.

Nature sets things in black and white.

It requires 100 degrees for the boiling of water.

It has no sympathy for 99.

It has no praise for 101.

The man who is serious and sincere does not look for loopholes.

He does not look for “deals” in order to cleverly continue to live the way he is living, and toss a dime on the altar as a token of his “good faith.”

Nature does not compromise. The serious man does not either.
kapil  perception-training  gravity-assists  where-no-man-dares 
6 weeks ago
Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Systems: Theory and Applications for the Life-, Neuro- and Natural Sciences
Recommended by Joe Norman, who said the author (a recently-deceased professor of his) truly cared about the topic and his students.
nonlinearity  to-read 
7 weeks ago
The Cube: Keep The Secret
Spread the word . . . but keep the secret!

The Cube is an imagination game—and more—that holds a secret you are dared not to reveal. Last seen making the rounds in the coffeehouses of Eastern Europe, the Cube is rumored to be of ancient Sufi origin, but no one really knows for certain. This mystery game just seems to reappear when and where it is needed. Now it is here! Inside these pages, the game is revealed along with intriguing stories of others who have played the Cube—including such celebrities as Gloria Steinem, Willem Dafoe, Erica Jong, and Judy Collins.

So don't be square . . . Get Cubed!
7 weeks ago
First published in 1973, Gravitation is a landmark graduate-level textbook that presents Einstein’s general theory of relativity and offers a rigorous, full-year course on the physics of gravitation. Upon publication, Science called it “a pedagogic masterpiece,” and it has since become a classic, considered essential reading for every serious student and researcher in the field of relativity. This authoritative text has shaped the research of generations of physicists and astronomers, and the book continues to influence the way experts think about the subject.
gravity-assists  to-read 
7 weeks ago
Master, What is the Truth About Winning?
M: The Truth is that I am serious. And you are not.

S: This is interesting. I feel as though I am serious. But even as I say these words, I doubt them. As I have come to learn that you do not waste words. And if you say I am unserious, I am wasting precious time in insisting that I am.

M: You are serious about hoping to win. You are serious about wanting to win. You are not serious about learning The Truth about winning. You are not serious about learning The Truth about controlling your fate. For you have not arrived at The Precipice.

S: What is the precipice, Master?

M: The precipice is a place from which one is ready to launch into the void. The precipice is a place of knowing that a Truth does in fact exist.
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7 weeks ago
Whole Food versus Supplement: Comparing the Clinical Evidence of Tomato Intake and Lycopene Supplementation on Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Epidemiologic investigations describing an inverse relation between blood and tissue lycopene concentrations and risk of CVD along with preclinical data revealing biologic activity of lycopene support the hypothesis that lycopene and/or tomatoes may be associated with reductions in CVD risk. A major question, however, is whether lycopene as a dietary supplement can deliver cardiovascular benefits equivalent to tomatoes. History indicates that single-nutrient approaches often fail and on occasion are harmful (138). Nonetheless, there continues to be interest by consumers and a booming dietary supplement industry built on sales of naturally and synthetically derived individual nutrients and dietary components, of which lycopene and tomatoes are 1 example.

We have reviewed the results of lycopene supplementation and tomato-based food interventions on traditional and emerging CVD risk factors. Our goal was to determine whether there was compelling evidence in favor of lycopene supplementation or tomato intake to reduce CVD risk. We focused on oxidative stress and damage, inflammation, endothelial function, BP, and lipid metabolism for this review. Lycopene is a well-established phytochemical with numerous clinical trials published to date.

Overall, there was more support for consuming tomato products versus taking a lycopene supplement daily for improvements in lipoproteins (e.g., LDL oxidation), lipids, and protein and DNA from oxidative damage.

[MY NOTE: More support for the whole food collagen guarantee.]
bone-broth  nutrition 
8 weeks ago
Vitamins from Food — Not Supplements — Linked with Longer Life
The study analyzed information from more than 27,000 adults in the U.S. ages 20 and up who took part in a national health survey between 1999 and 2010. For the survey, interviewers asked participants about what they ate in the last 24 hours, and whether they had taken supplements in the last 30 days. Participants were then tracked for about six years, on average.

During the study period, about 3,600 people died; and of these, 945 died from heart disease and 805 died from cancer.

The study found that people who consume adequate amounts of vitamin K or magnesium had a lower risk of death from any cause during the study period, compared with those who didn't get adequate levels of these nutrients. In addition, people who consume adequate levels of vitamin A, vitamin K, zinc or copper had a lower risk of death from heart disease, compared with those who didn't get adequate levels of these nutrients.

But when the researchers considered the source of these nutrients — food vs supplements — only nutrients from food were tied to a lower risk of death from any cause or heart disease.

[MY NOTE: The perfect proof point for the whole food collagen guarantee.]
bone-broth  nutrition 
8 weeks ago
The Professional Athlete Seeks Everything BUT Greatness
Dedication, practice, and commitment don’t make people great.

The desire for greatness makes people dedicated, practiceful, and committed.

If during my screening interview, a professional golfer tells me that his primary goal is to win 10 majors, I tell him that his goal doesn’t inspire me.


Because, whether he believes it or not, winning 10 majors won’t satisfy him. It will just leave him thirsting for 12 majors.

And if he wins 12, he will want to win 20. And if he wins 20 he will want to win 50.

And the athlete who is reading these words right now doesn’t see the problem with what I just said. He believes that this is a laudable goal.

You could win 100 majors.

Or 30 Stanley Cups.

Or climb Everest backwards.

And yes, this will give you media attention, a few words in black and white print, and all the money you could have hoped for.

But these things will never satisfy you.

What satisfies a human being is not what he achieves tomorrow, but how he feels today.

You see, my friend, it is that glorious search for a mastery of one’s craft that leads to a deep internal satisfaction. And the beautiful thing is that this satisfaction does not come later. It is with you as you climb the mountain.
kapil  perception-training 
8 weeks ago
The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality
As we go about our daily lives, we tend to assume that our perceptions — sights, sounds, textures, tastes — are an accurate portrayal of the real world. Sure, when we stop and think about it — or when we find ourselves fooled by a perceptual illusion — we realize with a jolt that what we perceive is never the world directly, but rather our brain’s best guess at what that world is like, a kind of internal simulation of an external reality.

Still, we bank on the fact that our simulation is a reasonably decent one. If it wasn’t, wouldn’t evolution have weeded us out by now? The true reality might be forever beyond our reach, but surely our senses give us at least an inkling of what it’s really like.

Not so, says Donald D. Hoffman, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine. Hoffman has spent the past three decades studying perception, artificial intelligence, evolutionary game theory and the brain, and his conclusion is a dramatic one: The world presented to us by our perceptions is nothing like reality. What’s more, he says, we have evolution itself to thank for this magnificent illusion, as it maximizes evolutionary fitness by driving truth to extinction.

[MY NOTE: The "envelope of truth" = "your four-minute mile." You want the envelope because it reveals what you're on earth to do. And that's what people don't see. The cash value of the truth.]
evolution  perception-training  where-no-man-dares  gravity-assists 
8 weeks ago
The Kekulé Problem: Where did language come from?
Cormac McCarthy is best known to the world as a writer of novels. These include Blood Meridian, All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, and The Road. At the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) he is a research colleague and thought of in complementary terms. An aficionado on subjects ranging from the history of mathematics, philosophical arguments relating to the status of quantum mechanics as a causal theory, comparative evidence bearing on non-human intelligence, and the nature of the conscious and unconscious mind. At SFI we have been searching for the expression of these scientific interests in his novels and we maintain a furtive tally of their covert manifestations and demonstrations in his prose.

Over the last two decades Cormac and I have been discussing the puzzles and paradoxes of the unconscious mind. Foremost among them, the fact that the very recent and “uniquely” human capability of near infinite expressive power arising through a combinatorial grammar is built on the foundations of a far more ancient animal brain. How have these two evolutionary systems become reconciled? Cormac expresses this tension as the deep suspicion, perhaps even contempt, that the primeval unconscious feels toward the upstart, conscious language. In this article Cormac explores this idea through processes of dream and infection. It is a discerning and wide-ranging exploration of ideas and challenges that our research community has only recently dared to start addressing through complexity science.
cormac-mccarthy  science 
9 weeks ago
Cormac McCarthy Explains Why He Worked Hard at Not Working: How 9-to-5 Jobs Limit Your Creative Potential
How did he pull off not working? “You have to be dedicated... I thought, ‘you’re just here once, life is brief and to have to spend every day of it doing what somebody else wants you to do is not the way to live it.’” McCarthy doesn’t “have any advice for anybody" about how to avoid the daily grind, except, he says, “if you’re really dedicated, you can probably do it.” As Oprah puts it, “you have worked at not working?” To which he replies, “absolutely, it’s the number one priority.”

Lest we immediately dismiss McCarthy’s philosophy as cluelessness or privilege, we should bear in mind that he willingly endured extreme and “truly, truly bleak” poverty to keep working at not working—or working, rather, on the work he wanted to do. There’s a bit more to becoming a multiple award-winning novelist and MacArthur “Genius” than simply avoiding the 9-to-5. But McCarthy suggests that unless artists make their own work their first priority, and material comfort and economic security a “distant second,” they may never truly find out what they’re capable of.

[MY NOTE: I agree with the spirit of what he's saying, but I bet there's a way I could use copywriting to take care of all my financial needs without struggling. And have them be fully covered while I write.]
cormac-mccarthy  writing 
9 weeks ago
Fractal Dynamics of the Psyche
The Universe is built on a plan the profound symmetry of which is somehow present in the inner structure of our intellect.
-- Paul Valery

If you like fractals, it is because you are made of them. If you can’t stand fractals, it’s because you can’t stand yourself. It happens.
-- Homer Smith, Computer Engineer, Art Matrix

This paper introduces the significance of fractal geometry to the psyche. In the first section, I describe this new branch of mathematics plus how to render a fractal by computer. I then articulate the significance of fractals to the development of psychological identity.

Next, I claim that self-similarity, the hallmark of fractals, is a useful lens for viewing personality organization and especially repetitive patterns of behavior. I also argue that related concepts of dimensionality and scaling help lend breadth to intraspychic analysis. I use the notion of fractal boundaries to illuminate paradoxes of subjectivity and interpersonal relationships. Finally, I assert that fractal boundaries are not just a source of endless confusion and deep psychopathology, but also a fount of novelty, creativity and endless mystery in us all.
fractals  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
9 weeks ago
Fractal wrongness
Fractal wrongness is the state of being wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution. That is, from a distance, a fractally wrong person's worldview is incorrect; and furthermore, if you zoom in on any small part of that person's worldview, that part is just as wrong as the whole worldview.
fractals  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
9 weeks ago
Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity
Daniel Dennett presents an interesting approach to the self that contrasts with the Ego Theory.

A center of gravity is a useful theoretical fiction in physics. Though we think of it as something physical or something in the physical world, it is only a concept or abstraction that has no mass or charge or density. A center of gravity only has a spatio-temporal location, which shifts as the mass of the object shifts and changes.

A center of narrative gravity is a fictional character. Much like the main character in a novel can be written with a personality, a set of dispositions, a history, plans for the future, and other characteristics. The self as a center of narrative gravity is something similar.

[MY NOTE: I had been thinking of the self as the “sun” that a perceptual gravity assist can take you beyond. This further supports such a parallel. Although I am sure Kapil would say the desire to "get away from" the mind or the self is, itself, mind...]
gravity-assists  where-no-man-dares 
10 weeks ago
How do gravitational slingshots work?
YouTube clip on gravity slingshots. Of particular note, this: “The closer the craft can fly, the more momentum it receives, and the faster it flies away in the encounter. To kick the velocity even higher, the spacecraft can fire its rockets during the closest approach and the high-speed encounter will multiply the effect of the rockets.”

I’m still working out the parallels between gravity slingshots and perception slingshots, but intuitively, it feels like “closer to the planet” = “closer to the truth.”
gravity-assists  where-no-man-dares 
10 weeks ago
What You Need To Know About How Cormac McCarthy Can Improve Your Writing
The few journalists who’ve met him confirm that McCarthy is a man who seems to prefer talking about anything but himself and his work.

This makes it a bit difficult to take any lessons directly from the (pretty) horse’s mouth, but there are a few tidbits to cling to. The first may be a bit disheartening to our more writing-obsessed readers: have wide-reaching interests and dozens of hobbies. "Of all the subjects I’m interested in," he said during an interview with the New York Times, "writing is way, way down at the bottom of the list." McCarthy didn’t even start reading serious literature until he was twenty-three and in the air force.

The takeaway here seems to be that it’s always good to have something to write about – it’s all well and good loving books and writing, but unless you’re passionate and knowledgeable about other things (McCarthy claims he had "every hobby there was" as a child), your writing might come across as flat, unengaging, or unconvincing.

You’re probably getting the impression that McCarthy isn’t your standard literary writer. He even does away with the traditional writer’s insecurity: "I never had any doubts about my abilities," he says in the same New York Times interview. "I knew I could write. I just had to figure out how to eat while doing this." This self-assuredness certainly goes some way to explaining his bold and experimental style.
cormac-mccarthy  writing  where-no-man-dares  ecology 
10 weeks ago
Oscar Wilde -- Life Imitates Art
The idea is that our perception of life is changed by art, so that nature sometimes seems to imitate paintings we have seen before, giving us the emotions we felt when looking at those paintings. When that happens, life seems to imitate art.

As Wilde puts it in The Decay of Lying, “things are because we see them, and what we see, and how we see it, depends on the arts that have influenced us.”
10 weeks ago
Is the psychedelic rennaisance doomed?
Jamie Wheal documented the new psychedelic renaissance in his bestselling book 'Stealing Fire', where he talked about the transformative potential of flow states and psychedelics.

Since then he has become increasingly concerned and disillusioned with the direction of the psychedelic renaissance.

This is one of a series of films by Rebel Wisdom on the psychedelic renaissance.

[MY NOTE: He said “We thought we would get Woodstock. What we’re gonna get is Prozac 2.0.” That is completely unacceptable to me.]
psychedelics  where-no-man-dares 
10 weeks ago
Gravity assists explained simply— How the Voyagers escaped the Solar System
In the 1970s, some of the most ambitious spacecraft in history were launched: Voyager 1 and 2, both by NASA. They would go on to escape the Sun’s gravity and exit the Solar system. Voyager 1 entered interstellar space in 2013 and Voyager 2 is expected to do the same soon.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without gravity assists.

After launch, the twin Voyagers didn’t have enough velocity to escape the Sun’s gravity straightaway. It was and remains impossible for us to build a rocket powerful enough to achieve that. The Titan III rockets that launched the Voyagers (10 days apart) left with them enough energy just to get to Jupiter.

To overcome this problem, the Voyagers were made to swing around the gas-giant to acquire the velocity boost needed to escape the Sun. As each spacecraft approached Jupiter, the planet’s gravity sped it up. Such a close gravitational encounter with a planet is called a flyby.

[MY NOTE: Extremely well-written and accessible explanation of how gravity assists work.]
gravity-assists  where-no-man-dares 
10 weeks ago
What LSD Tells Us About Human Nature
What was most remarkable about the research is that the degree of ego dissolution reported by the participants correlated with a specific neural transformation. To get through the pragmatics of day-to-day life and the demands of survival, brain activity naturally differentiates itself into several distinct networks, each responsible for a particular cognitive function.

The three networks most closely examined by these scientists include a network for paying attention to what’s most salient, a network for problem-solving, and a network for reflecting on one’s own past and future. There is also a natural segregation between high-level (abstract) cognitive areas and low-level (concrete) perceptual areas, most notably the visual cortex. These distinctions are thought to be an essential design feature of a functional human brain.

The impact of LSD was to diminish connections within each of these networks, relaxing the bonds that kept them intact and distinct, while increasing the cross-talk among them. In other words, the normal etiquette of the brain requires segregation among networks that have different functions, and that etiquette was blown to bits.

Now most parts of the brain were communicating with most other parts of the brain. Concrete sensory experiences, like vision, intermingled with cognitive abstraction, and cognitive abstractions reshaped visual imagery. Perhaps that’s what explains the intricate fractal elaboration that people see in the branches of a bush while tripping on acid. The perception of salience and refinement of a sense of self are hashed together like potatoes and gravy. The brains and their owners no longer distinguish between what is most important, how to get stuff done, and who in fact is the arbiter of the importance of the stuff that needs to be done.
may 2019
Pitfalls Along The Psychedelic Path
“Psychedelics can open the gates of perception and flood you momentarily with information of genuine cosmic significance. That doesn’t mean you’re the sort of character … that can tolerate being filled with that kind of divine fluid, it might just break and crack you.”

– Jordan B. Peterson

The above statement should give pause to any aspiring psychonaut. Just as a monumentally difficult trip can lead to remarkable personal insight, it is possible that even a spiritually enlightening trip can lead to great struggle. Being filled with the ‘divine fluid’ of which Peterson speaks is often just the type of experience that psychedelic travelers are aiming for.

Such experiences can often feel as though the mysteries of the cosmos have been fully and brilliantly revealed and many people report journeys so profound and so truly ineffable that they couldn’t be processed in a lifetime. While such experiences may be of indescribable beauty the question becomes a matter of how to integrate this into daily life. Attempts to do so can often be an exercise in futility as it is discovered that such unexpected wisdom is incompatible with normal day to day existence. In the statement above Peterson is echoing the sentiment of Carl Jung when he warned to ‘beware of unearned wisdom.’

There may be ‘genuine cosmic significance’ to these types of experiences but it’s debatable as to whether they have any true spiritual or practical value. Ultimately they may produce more suffering than enlightenment.

[MY NOTE: Classic example of how academically we treat these topics. Suffering and enlightenment are not separate. Suffering *begets* enlightenment. It's only when the lies you live with become impossible to live with, that enlightenment becomes a necessity. Psychedelics can hasten your arrival to that state. They carry you at warp-speed to your thresholds of seriousness. And I think what Jung (with his condemnation of "unearned wisdom"), Kapil, Krishnamurti, and the rest miss is this. Sure, you don't *need* psychedelics to transcend your mind. You can observe with normal daily awareness. But the very mind you are observing, throttles how much of it you see! Psychedelics rip that governor off so your entire perceptual river can run free. It exposes your "unknown unknowns", the issues so deep, opaque, and subtle that you may never otherwise see them.]
psychedelics  where-no-man-dares 
may 2019
The Incredible 90-Second Stress Cure For World Class Executives
Go to your mind and say this:

“My dear mind, I understand that you’re agitated. If I were you, I would be agitated as well, given the uncertain and trying circumstances we face. You can keep your stress. I wouldn’t dream of taking it away from you. But if you could please limit it to 10% of what it is now. I’m willing to accept 10% stress, so that I may immediately feel 90% Freedom. I will keep my word. But I ask that you please keep yours. You cannot move one inch past the 10% mark. And I will not meddle anywhere within your 10% boundary. And you will not meddle anywhere within my 90% boundary of Freedom. Thank you, mind. Let’s begin now.”

From that point forward you will notice that the mind will re-calibrate and regulate itself to stay within the 10% limit.

One final secret. (but don’t tell your mind I said this): You will initially bait the mind with 10%. And once it goes to 10% (which it has no choice but to do), as time goes on, you will make a new contract with it, ultimately reducing it to Zero.

The Freedom you’ve searched for all of your adult life . . . is finally here.
kapil  perception-training 
may 2019
What Is It Really Like To Awaken From Slumber?
You see, all of these problems, aspirations, conflicts, and issues that you have are like a school of fish. They surround each of us. And when you try to fix one part of the school of fish, the school immediately shifts. And when you try to mend a different part, the school of fish shifts again.

Now, the man who is given to logic and brute determination will keep trying to fix different parts of the school of fish, convinced that One Day he will catch hold of it.

The man of understanding will allow himself to at least entertain the possibility that the school of fish is not fixable. That it is an exercise in complete futility, no matter how much in his grasp it seems to be.

You see, my friend, it is extraordinarily enticing to believe that these schools of fish are your life. But, in actuality, they are not. They are just schools of fish.

And for as long as they catch your eye, life will pass behind you.
kapil  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
may 2019
Does Apologizing Work? An Empirical Test of The Conventional Wisdom
Research subjects felt that people who apologized for their strong statements were more deserving of punishment than people who stood firm.
may 2019
I have been told that every man has limitations. And that he must come to know them.

Let the limited have limitations.

I have none.

Why shall I slow my pace in order to run with the crowd?

Why shall I allow myself the painful luxury of pretending that I have limitations?

I have also been told that civilized men learn to compromise.

Never in all my life have I wanted to be “civilized.”

Man uses large and clever words in order to bind me.

Compromise is not the way of “civilized” men.

It is the way of uninspired men.

If I fall, I’ve been told to get up.

I will get up. But only when the time is right.

I may need time to feel the hardness of the ground.
kapil  perception-training  where-no-man-dares 
may 2019
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