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See What Google's Secret Fuchsia OS Looks Like
Looking at photos of Fuchsia in action appears to confirm early rumors that Google wanted to merge Android and Chrome OS, as it offers both phone and laptop modes. Currently, the OS's Fuchsia button, a pair of fuchsia-colored circles, is used to switch between those modes, and a white devices button in the bottom right allows you to rotate the virtual phone between portrait and landscape orientations.
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yesterday by jasonsamuels
Google Chrome Removed From the Windows Store | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
The listing for Google Chrome that appeared in the Windows Store was simply an installer app that loaded a link to download Chrome instead of loading a Microsoft-compliant version of the browser. As soon as Microsoft noticed, the listing was taken down.
google  Microsoft  browser 
4 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Send data to Google docs using a web form and AJAX - Knowledge Wiki - Base22 Wiki
A Google Form easily integrates in a web page by just embedding the code for calling their forms, in that way we only have to worry about placing it in the right place and Google makes the rest. Nevertheless, Google forms have a standard view which could break your site design, moreover, you'll probably want to manipulate the Form DOM through jQuery. As long as forms are embedded in an iFrame, you will not be able to do DOM Manipulation.
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9 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
A strategic partnership with Salesforce to bring the power of cloud to businesses globally
Our teams are working very closely to develop new integrations that will connect Salesforce CRM with G Suite to offer the only cloud-native collaboration platform of its kind. These integrations will enable companies to surface powerful intelligence about your customers from Salesforce directly within Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Hangouts Meet.
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10 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Earn a Developer Scholarship from Google | Udacity
To apply for a scholarship, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in the US. You'll begin by choosing your learning path, either Web Developer or Android Developer
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11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
The meeting room, by G Suite
the transformative power of video meetings is wasted if it’s not affordable and accessible to all organizations. So today, we’re introducing Hangouts Meet hardware—a new way to bring high-quality video meetings to businesses of any size. We’re also announcing new software updates designed to make your meetings even more productive.
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11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Google Cloud and Cisco sign partnership - Business Insider
Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies are investing in ways for Cisco customers to easily bring their applications and data from their existing data centers up into the Google Cloud. For Cisco, it's the first cloud computing partnership of this type that the company has ever signed.
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12 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Google Play Protect Fails Android Antivirus Tests
install and run one of the 15 Android antivirus products that scores 99 percent or better in both malware categories that AV-TEST used. Our own favorites are Bitdefender Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security and Avast Mobile Security —you can't go wrong with any of those.
google  android  security 
12 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
The Pixel 2 has a surprise: Google's first custom imaging chip
As it turns out, these phones have a secret weapon: Google's first custom imaging chip (and indeed first system-on-chip of any kind), the Pixel Visual Core. The eight-core processor works closely with software to handle Google's machine learning-assisted HDR+ photography up to five times faster than the Pixel 2's main CPU, all the while using a tenth of the energy.
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october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Review: The World's Smartest Phones
When I first heard about Active Edge on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, I thought it was a gimmick. But after using it just for a few minutes, I changed my mind. With a firm, quick squeeze toward the bottom of the phone, you can activate Google Assistant, which is faster and more accurate and versatile than Siri.
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october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Amazon Echo Show Gets $30 Discount After YouTube's Exit | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
The discount comes less than two weeks after Google pulled YouTube from Echo Show, a move Amazon said is "disappointing and hurts both of our customers." Google, in a statement at the time, said "Amazon's implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience." Rumor has it Google is now building its own Echo Show competitor.
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october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Online Security Blog: Broadening HSTS to secure more of the Web
The use of TLD-level HSTS allows such namespaces to be secure by default. Registrants receive guaranteed protection for themselves and their users simply by choosing a secure TLD for their website and configuring an SSL certificate, without having to add individual domains or subdomains to the HSTS preload list. Moreover, since it typically takes months between adding a domain name to the list and browser upgrades reaching a majority of users, using an already-secured TLD provides immediate protection rather than eventual protection.
web  security  google 
october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google's Pixel 2 embraces the reality everyone else is ignoring | Computerworld
Plain and simple, software is the part of your phone you interact with most intimately and most often. It's the part of your phone that has the potential to evolve over time — if the maker of your device is so motivated — and to keep your device feeling fresh year after year. So think about your phone over the 12, 24, or 36 months you might use it, and ask yourself: Do you want a neat-looking vessel that's bound to be mostly ignored or even outright abandoned after you buy it, or do you want a pragmatic gadget that's going to give you an optimal and always-up-to-date user experience for the next three years?
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october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google's Pixel Buds translation will change the world
if you tell it to "Help me speak Japanese" and then start speaking in English, the phone's speakers will output your translated words as you speak them. The other party's reply will then play into your ear through the Pixel Buds. As Google's onstage demonstration illustrated, there appeared to be virtually zero lag time during the translation, though we'll have to see how well that performance holds up in the real world with wonky WiFi connections, background noise and crosstalk.
google  innovation  mobile  awesome  gadgetluv 
october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Unveils Squeezable Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Amazing Pixel Buds
There's also a new real-time translation experience, which is like having a personal translator by your side. You can have a natural conversation in 60 languages.
google  gadgetluv  pixel 
october 2017 by jasonsamuels
Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL: Here’s How They’ll be Different
HTC will be bringing some of its own features to the Pixel 2, according to reports.
Chief among them is a Squeeze for Assistant feature that will allow you to squeeze the sides of the Pixel 2 to activate its built-in Google Assistant. The feature could work even when the smartphone is asleep
HTC  google  pixel  mobile  gadgetluv  rumor 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Awesome Table - G Suite Marketplace
Turn a simple Google Sheet into a graphic and clear display on your website. People directories, interactive maps, card views… Browse through our template gallery to find the layout you need and start presenting your data, the awesome way! Interactive filters and many more cool features are waiting for you. Join now for free!
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september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google is buying part of HTC’s smartphone team for $1.1 billion - The Verge
HTC would still employ more than 2,000 research and design staffers after the deal is done, down from around 4,000, according to the New York Times. That makes today’s announcement more of an acquihire of talent than a traditional acquisition of resources.
google  HTC  android  business  mobile 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Pixelbook is Google's New Chromebook With Pixelbook Pen, Starting at $1,199 | Droid Life
This Pixelbook is different from previous Chromebook Pixel units in that it folds into a tablet. It’ll also get additional interactivity, thanks to the official Pixelbook Pen, which will cost $99. The Pixebool Pen is pressure sensitive, with tilt support and supposedly no lag.
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september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Team Drives storage limit - Google Product Forums
Team Drives do not have a storage capacity limit. I confirmed this with Google Support. Team Drives do apparently have a limit to the number of files (100,000 file limit) that can be stored in a single Team Drive. I cannot find any documentation on this limit. Google Support informed me of that limitation.
google  drive 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Get started with Team Drives – Google Learning Center
Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Even if members leave, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.
google  drive  How-to 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google rumored to buy HTC's phone arm, and it makes total sense
If the HTC acquisition actually goes through, things could be quite different from Google's Motorola acquisition. The most obvious change is that Google is already producing its own branded phones this time and desperately needs something to set its phones apart from competitors. 
google  HTC  android  business  rumor 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook®
Now you can migrate email, contacts and calendar data from Microsoft Outlook® profiles and PST files to G Suite.
google  outlook  resources 
september 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google’s 8-Point Plan to Help Managers Improve - The New York Times
“Most companies are better at exhorting you to be a great manager, rather than telling you how to be a great manager,”
google  management 
august 2017 by jasonsamuels
Microdata  |  Email Markup  |  Google Developers
Microdata is a specification to embed machine-readable data in HTML documents. Microdata consists of name-value pairs (known as items) defined according to a vocabulary. A collection of commonly used markup vocabularies are provided by schema.org.
data  web  google 
august 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google touts Titan security chip to market cloud services
Titan scans hardware to ensure it has not been tampered with, Neal Mueller, head of infrastructure product marketing for Google Cloud Platform, said in a recent interview. If anything has been changed, Titan chip will prevent the machine from booting.
google  server  cloud  gadgetluv  security 
august 2017 by jasonsamuels
The big secret behind Google Play Protect on Android | Computerworld
what Play Protect is ultimately all about: improving the visibility and awareness of Google's long-standing systems for keeping Android devices safe. It's a positive and overdue step—and the context surrounding it is as important as the effort itself.
android  security  google 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
New Chromebook Eve: Beyond The Pixel
I’ve said this on countless occasions. Google may be officially in the hardware business, but they really aren’t in the hardware business. It’s all a means to an end. The common thread? Google Assistant
google  chromebooks  rumor  ai  gadgetluv 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Cloud unveils hardware to help customers ship data off their servers | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Blair Hanley Frank
Operations engineers can mount Transfer Appliances inside data centers on a standard 19-inch-wide rack, alongside other servers. Google offers two sizes: a 100TB version that takes up a single rack unit and a 480TB version that occupies four rack units. With compression, users should be able to fit up to 200TB on the smaller unit and 1PB on the larger one.
google  cloud  storage 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google introduces Hire, a new recruiting app that integrates with G Suite
Hire is the latest product offering from Google to address the talent marketplace. In May, we unveiled Google for Jobs, our initiative that's focused on helping both job seekers and employers, across our products and through deep collaboration with the job matching industry. Google Search connects jobseekers to job opportunities from the open and broad ecosystem of providers, including employer listings as well as LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook. Hire addresses the needs of our G Suite customers—making it easier to hire the right people.
google  jobs 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Glass Enterprise Edition Is Ready for Work | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
"We've spent the last two years working closely with a network of more than 30 expert partners to build customized software and business solutions for Glass," Kothari wrote. "We've also made improvements to the design and hardware so that it's lightweight and comfortable for long term wear. We've increased the power and battery life too."
google  glasses 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google’s Quantum Computing Push Opens New Front in Cloud Battle - Bloomberg
Google has offered science labs and artificial intelligence researchers early access to its quantum machines over the internet in recent months. The goal is to spur development of tools and applications for the technology, and ultimately turn it into a faster, more powerful cloud-computing service
Google  quantum  tech 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive
Backup and Sync is an app for Mac and PC that backs up files and photos safely in Google Drive and Google Photos, so they're no longer trapped on your computer and other devices. Just choose the folders you want to back up, and we’ll take care of the rest.
google  backup  drive 
july 2017 by jasonsamuels
Could an Update Mean a Google Glass Resurgence? | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
As TechCrunch notes, the last Glass software update was in September 2014, so this week's update might be reassuring to Glass owners who thought Google abandoned them. Still, adding Bluetooth and a few unnamed enhancements is not that reassuring, and everything else about the Glass seems to indicate that it's headed for extinction: the support website is pretty bare bones, and the Google Glass homepage simply reads "Thanks for exploring with us. The journey doesn't end here."
google  glasses 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
About Benchmarking - Analytics Help
Benchmarking allows you to compare your data with aggregated industry data from other companies who share their data. This provides valuable context, helping you to set meaningful targets, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and find out how you are doing compared to your competition.
google  analytics 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google’s Compute Engine now lets you choose between CPU platforms | TechCrunch
For the next 60 days, Skylake virtual machines (VMs) will cost the same as VMs that use older machines; after that, Skylake machines will be about 6 to 10 percent more expensive than machines that use older CPUs.
google  cloud  cpu 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Drive App to Become 'Backup and Sync' | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
Google has not announced any changes to Drive subscription plans with Backup and Sync. The free version is included with any Google account and comes with 15GB of storage shared across all Google services, although there are several exemptions to the limit, including lower-resolution photos. That means Backup and Sync will become an even more attractive option for people looking to back up their photo collections or Microsoft Office documents for free.
google  drive 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google For Jobs: Potential To Disrupt The $200 Billion Recruiting Industry
I won't give you the history of the Google Jobs API team (it's an interesting history), but some very smart people at Google have been looking at this market for a few years. They realized that the entire taxonomy of jobs is a mess, so one of the things they have been doing is building a "job family taxonomy" that aggregates similar job titles into families of jobs to build a truly useful, searchable, "universe" of jobs, organized by discipline and functional domain. This alone is an enormous undertaking, and one that will benefit our economy and entire society if it really works well.
google  jobs  seo 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Leak Reveals Pixel 2 'Shape Change'
the big news remains the display. If Google is following rivals down the 18:9 route, the other key benefit is it should result in dramatically slimmer top and bottom bezels - perhaps the biggest criticism of the existing Pixel and Pixel XL devices.
google  pixel  gadgetluv  rumor  mobile 
june 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google starts selling 4K digital whiteboard Jamboard for $4,999 in the U.S. | VentureBeat | Enterprise | by Emil Protalinski
Jamboard lets you draw, add post-it notes, write with handwriting recognition, place stickers, perform Google web and image searches, add web content, use Hangouts, and of course leverage Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Google Drive. The device has a sole charging cable and can connect to the internet over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. There are also HDMI 2.0 and 1.4, USB 2.0/3.0, USB-C, and SPDIF ports.
google  collaborative  productivity  gadgetluv 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff - The Washington Post
The tech giant declined to describe its mathematical formulas in anything more than broad terms, citing a pending patent. Dischler said the work was based on a 2011 research paper by three MIT scientists, which was funded by Google and Citigroup.

Dischler described the modeling as a “revolutionary” step forward for both Google and advertisers. He added that users who signed into Google’s services had consented to Google sharing their data with third parties.
google  marketing  privacy 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Peeking into the future of work with Salesforce
The Sales Cloud integration with Sheets, meanwhile, makes it easy for sales reps to link any Salesforce List View to a Google Sheet. Users can also view, edit and delete records within Sheets and sync those changes back to Salesforce. Better still, the integration also supports your business logic and validation rules.
salesforce  google  email 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Echo who? Google just turned Home into a productivity powerhouse | Computerworld
Cool factor aside, though, stop for a second and think about just how valuable such a setup could be. Even if you forget about all its other home control and Assistant-oriented features, Google Home is now a self-contained speakerphone system -- one with a really good and impressively loud speaker, yes, but more significantly one that can make calls from a private number or your own number simply by being plugged into any ol' electrical outlet. And it can work intelligently for multiple people in a way that almost seems like science fiction.
google  home  gadgetluv  innovation  ai 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Cloud Speech API Documentation  |  Google Cloud Speech API  |  Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Speech API enables easy integration of Google speech recognition technologies into developer applications. Send audio and receive a text transcription from the Cloud Speech API service.
development  resources  ai  google 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google wants to help you to get a job
Google says it worked with a number of partners on the tool, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook (FB, Tech30) and Monster. It will likely hurt businesses that aggregate job listings already, like Indeed.
google  jobs  business 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Daydream VR Ditches Smartphone, Goes Standalone With Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR Platform
“The Daydream standalone headset reference design created in close partnership with Qualcomm will enable manufacturers to build a whole new category of VR devices,” said Clay Bavor, vice president, virtual reality, Google. “These headsets have everything needed for VR, built right into the headset itself and are as easy to use as picking them up. They'll feature WorldSense for positional tracking right out of the box without any external equipment. We're thrilled that headsets will begin to hit shelves later this year.”
google  virtual-reality  gadgetluv 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
How to add Google Analytics tracking to your Wufoo form | Wufoo
You can track embedded forms with Analytics in two ways: either on your website itself or by clicking the checkbox in form settings. Either way works, but, if you choose both, Analytics will count each page view and conversion twice. This doubles your conversion rate…in the worst way possible!
wufoo  google  analytics 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Launches Similar Audiences Feature for Search Ads - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
So how does it work? Similar audiences for display works by matching the interests of people who've visited your site to people with the same interests, but who haven't visited your site. In theory, these should be the people most interested in your products. But as of this week, the new matched audiences feature also works to match with people based on their search history.
google  marketing 
may 2017 by jasonsamuels
Options to transfer data between G Suite accounts - G Suite Administrator Help
As an administrator, if you create a new G Suite account for your organization, you can transfer your users' data from the current account to the new one. Or, maybe your organization has several G Suite accounts and you want to merge the data into one account. In some cases, you can transfer the users' data—email, calendars, documents, sites, and more. In other cases, users need to move their own data.
google  How-to 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
Language Spam – The Latest Google Analytics Spam | Blog for Web Analytics, Statistics and Data-Driven Internet Marketing | Analytics-Toolkit.com
o it is a two-vector attack trying to get the user’s attention to both the fake referrer domains and to the language report, probably because of it’s prominent placement on the Google Analytics “report homepage”
google  analytics  security 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
Webpass goes Mile-High with the last mile | Webpass Blog | Webpass - Gigabit & High-Speed Internet
Webpass is currently building out its local data center stack that will allow installation of point-to-point wireless radios to provide service to customers.

We can’t wait for Denverites to experience the difference of Webpass Internet — from a fast and seamless install experience, to high-touch, dedicated customer support. With Webpass, customers are connected with superfast speeds of up to a gigabit, perfect for cutting the cord or running your small business.
google  broadband  wireless  business 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Fiber High Speed Internet Expands More Slowly | Fortune.com
the industry is debating whether Google's fiber effort is just paused temporarily or perhaps on its last legs, after rumors of a possible spin off last year. Whatever the case, Google Fiber is facing a huge test.
google  fiber  business  broadband 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Really Wants OLED, Offers LG $880M | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
According to Reuters, Google is offering to make an investment of at least $880 million in LG Display Co. Ltd. in return for a guaranteed stable supply of flexible OLED panels. If the offer is accepted and the guarantee made, it opens the door for Google's next iteration of the Pixel
mobile  business  google  lg 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Wifi Now Lets You Pause the Internet | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
The obvious benefit of this is that you could create a group that includes all the devices used by your kids, which could be switched off during dinner and between bedtime and wakeup.
google  wireless  home 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
How to Create Google Forms with File Uploads
The form is exactly like Google Forms and when you press the submit button, the files are sent to the owner’s Google Drive while the entered data is saved in a Google Spreadsheet.
google  drive  How-to 
april 2017 by jasonsamuels
GitHub - xd1936/inout2: A rewrite of the web-based office in/out board powered by Google Calendar, written in Google Apps Script
A rewrite of the web-based office in/out board powered by Google Calendar, written in Google Apps Script
google  resources 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google: Chrome will no longer trust Symantec certificates, 30% of the web will need to switch Certificate Authorities / Boing Boing
From now on, Chrome will gradually reduce its trust in Symantec certs, over the coming years. That's big news, because Symantec issues more than 30% of the web's certs, and these are the most popularly relied-upon certs by web-users, constituting 42% of the certs that a Firefox user will encounter in a typical browsing session.

Google says it caught Symantec issuing more than 30,000 "improper" certificates.
google  symantec  web  security 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Amid boycott, Google changes ad policy to give advertisers more control | Ars Technica
Schindler outlines three ways Google will be tweaking its ad policy. First, the company will remove ads from "hateful, offensive and derogatory content," or any content that's geared toward "attacking or harassing people based on their race, religion, gender or similar categories." This will begin immediately, and it basically means Google will effectively demonetize any extremist content it can find on its platform.
google  marketing 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Can I sync my Google account with Outlook 2016 for Mac? - Office Support
Outlook for Mac 2016 currently doesn't support synchronizing your Google calendars, notes, tasks, and contacts.
outlook  mac  google 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots
Since the launch of No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, millions of internet users have been able to attest they are human with just a single click. Now we're taking it a step further and making it invisible. Human users will be let through without seeing the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, while suspicious ones and bots still have to solve the challenges.
web  google 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google acquires AppBridge to help enterprises move their files to its cloud services | TechCrunch
Using AppBridge, businesses can move their on-premise data to Google Drive, but the service also offers connectors for moving to Google’s platform data, email and files from Box.net, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and similar services.

It’ll still be a while until we’ll see this functionality inside of a full G Suite product for the enterprise, though. Down the road, though, this means Google won’t have to try to convince a CIO to work with a partner to move data into its cloud because it’ll be able to offer this capability already.
google  cloud  storage  business 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Drive has a ton of new updates that make it a lot more enticing for business - The Verge
For consumers, the most interesting new feature is something Google calls “Drive File Stream.” Essentially, it’s designed to make it easier for you to choose to install Google Drive on your PC or Mac, because it won’t download all of your files — instead it will try to intelligently guess which ones you need and make the rest available on-demand. It’s similar to Dropbox’s “Smart Sync” feature
google  drive  storage  cloud 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Meet the new Hangouts
For our G Suite Enterprise customers, each meeting comes with a dedicated dial-in phone number, so team members on the road can feel connected and productive in meetings despite wi-fi or data issues.
google  collaborative  resources 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
WordPress.com now lets you write and collaborate in Google Docs | TechCrunch
With today’s new feature, you can send a draft to your WordPress.com website. The layout and images will carry over to this draft. And you can even update the draft from Google Docs.
wordpress  google  docs 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Gmail Increases File Attachment Size Limit to 50MB | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
Google revealed the size increase yeterday and should have it rolled out to all Gmail accounts before the end of the week. What you may not be aware of is the fact Google actually limits how many emails a user can receive every day "to keep our systems healthy and your accounts safe."

Each account can receive a maximum of 86,400 emails in one day. That limit is further broken down to a limit of 3,600 emails per hour and 60 per minute. If you hit one of the limits then no further email can be received for the next 24 hours
google  email 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Delegate access to your mail - G Suite Help
To let someone else manage your mail account using G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO):
google  email  How-to  outlook 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Set up mail delegation - Gmail Help
You can grant access to your Gmail account by adding a delegate. This person can read, send, and delete messages for you.
google  email  How-to 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google quietly launches Meet, an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts | TechCrunch
Based on the screenshots and the App Store’s detail page, Meet is meant to serve as a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts, the company’s consumer-focused messaging, voice and video chat application.
google  collaborative  resources 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Discontinues Pixel Laptops | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
For now, it means Google is out of the laptop business. We'll continue to see laptops released running Chrome OS, but none of them will be made by Google. As to the future, Osterloh wouldn't confirm this is the end of laptops forever for Google, but right now there are no plans to create another one with or without the Pixel brand attached.
google  pixel  chromebooks 
march 2017 by jasonsamuels
Get started with GSSMO - G Suite Help
Welcome to G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GSSMO)! Here's how we suggest you get started:
google  email  outlook  How-to 
february 2017 by jasonsamuels
Bitly API Documentation
These docs are provided as examples and starting places.

Due to limitations and fragility in how Google Spreadsheets work with foriegn data, we can make no guarantees
bitly  google  docs  How-to 
february 2017 by jasonsamuels
Import Gmail to Outlook - Office Support
Before you connect your Gmail account and Outlook, you need to prepare your Gmail account: turn on 2-step verification for Gmail and then create an app password that Outlook/Office 365 will use with your Gmail address to make the connection.
outlook  google  email  How-to 
february 2017 by jasonsamuels
Amazon and Google Consider Turning Smart Speakers Into Home Phones - WSJ
Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google are considering a new use for their popular home speakers: becoming the home phone.
amazon  google  phone  ai  gadgetluv  home  innovation 
february 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google Online Security Blog: The foundation of a more secure web
we have established Google Trust Services (https://pki.goog/), the entity we will rely on to operate these Certificate Authorities on behalf of Google and Alphabet. we have also purchased two existing Root Certificate Authorities, GlobalSign R2 and R4. These Root Certificates will enable us to begin independent certificate issuance sooner rather than later.
google  security  business 
january 2017 by jasonsamuels
All Chromebooks launching in 2017 will be compatible with Android apps | TechCrunch
This move takes the ambiguity out of shopping: Buy a new Chromebook and know Android apps are available to be installed.
google  android  chrome  os  gadgetluv 
january 2017 by jasonsamuels
Fabric Blog | Build. Understand. Grow.
When the acquisition is complete, Google will begin providing Fabric, Crashlytics, Answers, and associated beta products under terms that you can preview here. During a transition period, Digits will continue to be maintained by Twitter under its existing terms
google  twitter  mobile  development  business 
january 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google launches Toontastic 3D cartoon-making app following Launchpad Toys acquisition | VentureBeat | Apps | by Jordan Novet
The launch comes almost two years after Launchpad Toys, the startup behind Toontastic, announced that it had been acquired by Google “to create even more amazing creativity tools for kids.”
google  learning  application 
january 2017 by jasonsamuels
Google confirms it's working on a Google Voice update
Google has a history of abandoning its products once new products are out, so it’s surprising to see the company refocusing on Google Voice when Allo and Duo are now available. Google Voice has had a long and storied history of being seemingly abandoned by Google, as some of its features were merged into Hangouts to offer unlimited calling.
google  voice 
january 2017 by jasonsamuels
Security Keys: Practical Cryptographic Second Factors for the Modern Web
“Security Keys” are second-factor devices that protect users
against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Users carry a single device
and can self-register it with any online service that supports the
protocol. The devices are simple to implement and deploy, simple to
use, privacy preserving, and secure against strong attackers. We have
shipped support for Security Keys in the Chrome web browser and
in Google’s online services
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