8 Ways Snapdragon 855 Will Change Your Next Phone
Besides improvements to speed and efficiency — helped along by the fact that this is Qualcomm's first 7-nanometer chip — the Snapdragon 855 will allow phones to take advantage of the faster networking speeds available from next-generation 5G wireless networks. A new sensor in the chipset will enable phone makers to embed fingerprint readers underneath their devices' displays. And Qualcomm is talking up a host of other improvements, from a more sophisticated image signal processor that will boost smartphone cameras to a faster AI engine.
qualcomm  cpu  mobile 
20 hours ago
Live: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies to Congress - Recode
It’s clear, despite all of the hearings we’ve had this year, that many Republican politicians are still very much convinced that tech company algorithms are biased because some of the employees who create them are liberal.
google  policy 
22 hours ago
Asus ZenBook 14 UX433 - Full Review and Benchmarks
With a remarkably compact chassis and solid performance, the Asus ZenBook 14 is one of the few laptops I've tested that I would buy for myself. Starting at $999 ($1,199 as tested), this laptop puts a 14-inch display on the frame of a traditional 13-inch notebook, and its sexy dark-blue aluminum chassis is tested to military-grade durability. Not to mention, the laptop's touchpad has an intuitive LED-illuminated numpad built in.

Best of all, the ZenBook 14 is surprisingly affordable. For $1,199, you get a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. If the notebook's display weren't so dim and the battery life were a bit longer, the ZenBook 14 would make a serious run for the best overall laptop
asus  gadgetluv  pc 
OnePlus 6T McLaren Boasts Supercar Looks, 10GB of RAM and Warp Charging
OnePlus has boosted the RAM in this version of the 6T to 10GB, which is more than you'll find in any other phone currently sold in the U.S. And to further hammer home those sports car analogies, the company is using this opportunity to introduce its new Warp Charge system, which reportedly outpaces the Dash Charge protocol found in OnePlus' last several handsets.

The McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T drops on Thursday (Dec. 130 for $699 (£649) from OnePlus' store. That's a $150 (£120) premium over the starting price on the regular 6T.
OnePlus  mobile  gadgetluv 
Global, U.S. Growth in Smartphone Growth Starts to Decline
The results of this are stark. Per IDC, 43 percent of phones sold in the U.S. in 2017 cost over $600 (and 19 percent of those cost more than $800). Another 40 percent of phones sold cost less than $200, nearly all of those prepaid phones sold through vendors like MetroPCS. Just 15 percent of phones sold cost between $200 and $600 dollars. “The middle price band is nonexistent,” says Reith. The current U.S. cell phone market could be compared to an auto market in which the majority of consumers either bought a Mercedes or a Kia, and brands like Honda essentially didn’t exist.
mobile  business 
2 days ago
The Apple Watch EKG detected something strange about my heart rhythm - CNET
With the update to Watch OS 5.1.2, heart rate will play a more important role on the Apple Watch as we get access to the two new FDA-cleared features that Apple announced at its September keynote. There's an abnormal heart rhythm alert for all Apple Watches, except for the first-generation model, and an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) exclusive to the Series 4. Both of which could help warn of potentially life threatening heart conditions.
apple  watch  health 
6 days ago
This foldable Gorilla Glass could shape the phones of the future - CNET
We got an early look at Corning's ultra thin bendable glass, which is about 0.1mm thin and can bend almost in half like a piece of paper to a 5mm radius. It's not their first bendable glass, but it's a lot thinner and a lot more flexible than the Willow glass they introduced a few years back. 
innovation  tech 
7 days ago
Salesforce.com Sandbox Favicon Extension - Chrome Web Store
Superimposes an "S" on the standard Salesforce.com cloud favicon for all sandbox tabs in a Chrome window.
salesforce  resources 
7 days ago
Geopointe: Mapping, Territory Management, Maps, Routing & Analytics, Geolocation - Geopointe LLC - AppExchange
Location-enable Salesforce with proximity searching, routing, territory management, demographics, live tracking, check-in & more. Discover geolocation data for sales, service, marketing, operations & executives
salesforce  mapping  resources 
7 days ago
Cloud4J Home
Cloud4J offers products and services that help you get more out of your Salesforce instance
salesforce  resources 
7 days ago
Salesforce Adoption Dashboards - Salesforce Labs - AppExchange
This Package includes 42 reports, 6 custom fields, 3 Dashboards, 1 Dashboard Folder and 1 Report Folder that focus on identifying whether users are regularly logging in and using key features in Salesforce. Downloading this app creates a "Salesforce Adoption Dashboards” Dashboard folder and a “DB – Adoption” Report folder with their associated reports and dashboards.
salesforce  resources 
7 days ago
Enhanced Lightning Grid - Salesforce Labs - AppExchange
Component that allows you to sort and filter data within the Lightning Experience. Use as a replacement for a Related List, or create a new grid that shows results from a custom query.
salesforce  resources 
7 days ago
XL-Connector (formerly Enabler4Excel) - Taralex LLC - AppExchange
A Microsoft Excel Connector that enables mass updates, inserts, deletes, merges, and Lead conversion.
Excel  salesforce  resources 
7 days ago
Data connector for Salesforce - Google Sheets add-on
Import reports or custom data queries from Salesforce into Sheets, or make changes to Salesforce directly from Sheets.
salesforce  google  docs  resources 
7 days ago
Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative (Report)
Microsoft’s new browser, currently designated ‘Anaheim’, will utilize Google’s rendering engine as the basis for Edge’s replacement instead of further developing its EdgeHTML engine, according to reporting by Windows Central, citing anonymous sources.
Microsoft  browser 
8 days ago
Apple assembler Foxconn considering iPhone factory in Vietnam: state media | Reuters
The report comes after several executives interviewed by Reuters last week singled out Vietnam and neighboring Thailand as preferred destinations should they need to shelter operations from the trade war, braving hurdles such a lack of skilled labor and inadequate infrastructure.
foxconn  business  policy 
8 days ago
Reverse Email Append - Add Postal Data to Your Email List | Towerdata
TowerData Reverse Email Append can match name and postal address to 35-50% of your email list.
data  resources 
11 days ago
Email Append Service | Reverse Email Append Service - 888-496-4258
Reliably append email addresses to your customer, donor and prospect lists. Email or upload your file and we will process, match and append email addresses in as little as a few minutes. Get started immediately.
data  resources 
11 days ago
Email Database Append | Marketing Lists | InfoUSA
Enhance your email records with a matching name and postal mailing address to improve targeting for your email marketing campaigns and help you take advantage of multi–channel marketing strategies.
data  resources 
11 days ago
Guided Access disable screen sleep - Apple Community
Guided Access should not put the screens to sleep, but they are.
apple  os  tablet 
12 days ago
Azure Storage Service Encryption using customer-managed keys in Azure Key Vault | Microsoft Docs
the Azure storage platform protects your data is via Storage Service Encryption (SSE), which encrypts your data when writing it to storage, and decrypts your data when retrieving it. The encryption and decryption is automatic, transparent, and uses 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.
azure  security  data 
12 days ago
Kong Community Edition | Open Source API Gateway
The World’s Most Popular Open Source
Microservice API Gateway.
api  resources  open-source 
13 days ago
Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses – Squarespace
Stand out in any inbox with Squarespace Email Campaigns. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to unify your brand voice—from your homepage to your emails.
squarespace  email 
14 days ago
Google Pixel Slate Review & Rating | PCMag.com
The grand bet here is that people will pay more—in the Pixel Slate's case, a lot more—for a tablet that distills the best of the iPad without the limitations of iOS.
google  pixel  tablet  gadgetluv 
15 days ago
Reset Windows update in Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows - Your Windows Guide
The script does the following things:

Removes the older Windows update Folders, where the updates are downloaded. Newer ones are created automatically.
Re-registers the Windows update Files.
Resets your network connection and BITS service.
windows  resources 
16 days ago
InDesign CC Start-up Error: "...lack suffi... | Adobe Community
Type ~/library/Application support and give full permission to Adobe folder.
apple  os  adobe  How-to 
16 days ago
Introducing Emma, a Campaign Monitor Company
Emma has become a part of the Campaign Monitor family of brands. Together with Campaign Monitor and Delivra
email  business 
18 days ago
First Thoughts on Polycom’s Obihai acquisition
Beyond ATAs, it appears that the real jewel for Polycom is Obihai’s development team and the technology that powers Obihai’s cloud-based management and provisioning services. Endpoint deployment, management, and monitoring are often stumbling blocks for UC deployments
obihai  business 
22 days ago
Touch Devices Should Not Be Judged By Their Size | CSS-Tricks
An example use case for this query is to size the click area of a checkbox or radio.
22 days ago
Inline Form Labels | Playground from ZURB
How to create inline labels that don't suck, using CSS3 and some simple javascript.
css  How-to 
23 days ago
8 Advanced Pardot Form Techniques
You can use this script to parse out URL parameters and put them into fields within your Pardot form. In this example, I’m passing utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign into hidden form fields.
pardot  How-to 
26 days ago
Disabling the Home button with Guided Access - Knowledge Base
Once Guided Access is enabled, you can launch Kiosk Pro and start Guided Access by triple-clicking the physical Home button. For most kiosk applications, you will want to leave touch turned 'ON' and not disable any of the screen by circling.
apple  tablet  os  How-to 
26 days ago
Free Online Form Builder, create HTML forms and surveys - Cognito Forms
Build a contact form, registration form, or order form in seconds
web  resources 
26 days ago
Here's Your First Look at Windows 10's Light Mode
The Light Mode is a response to feedback from users who wanted a greater distinction between the current light and dark themes. As Microsoft explained in a blog post, when users change their color settings preferences to "Light," all system UI will be adjusted accordingly.
27 days ago
Night Sight for Pixel Phones is Going to Blow Your Mind, Coming This Week
The end result is a balanced, natural, and honestly incredible looking shot that doesn’t require a bunch of additional processing (or even use of the flash). When it comes down to it, Night Sight is positively groundbreaking, not just for mobile photography, but photography in general.
pixel  photography 
27 days ago
Wyze Cam Pan Review & Rating | PCMag.com
Founded by former Amazon employees, Wyze Labs has been around for less than two years, but in that time it's managed to snag two Editors' Choice awards for its first two product offerings, the original Wyze Cam and its successor, the Wyze Cam V2. The company's latest offering, the Wyze Cam Pan, continues the trend. Priced at just $29.99, it offers all of the features of the earlier models, such as motion and sound detection, time-lapse recording, and free cloud storage, and it adds mechanical pan and tilt and support for IFTTT applets.
27 days ago
Here's the Galaxy Foldable Without Boxy Camouflage
The Infinity Flex display Samsung will be using for the Galaxy F (or Galaxy X) will expand to 7.3 inches and sport a resolution of 2152 x 1536 pixels. Samsung shared that you should be able to run three applications on screen at the same time via its new OneUI interface.
samsung  gadgetluv  mobile  rumor 
27 days ago
column-span - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
An element that spans more than one column is called a spanning element.
29 days ago
How One Family Built $8 Billion Startup Far From Silicon Valley - Bloomberg
Qualtrics had filed for an initial public offering in the U.S. and was planning to raise about $500 million. SAP CEO Bill McDermott preempted the IPO with an all-cash offer that was more than 75 percent higher than the company’s projected valuation. McDermott said in a conference call that SAP had to pay up because Qualtrics roadshow was going well.
4 weeks ago
Why PC Builders Should Stock Up on Components Now | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
There is an important catch with the tariffs; they only cover PC components, not finished desktops or laptops from China. That's good news for average consumers who just want to upgrade their PC. But it's a problem for smaller PC dealers who import components from China and assemble the hardware in the US.
pcparts  policy 
4 weeks ago
Foldable Galaxy F Price and Release Date Just Leaked
Korean news outlet Yonhap News is reporting that that the phone will cost 2 million won — $1,770. The phone will be released alongside a 5G-enable version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in March 2019.
samsung  gadgetluv  mobile  rumor 
4 weeks ago
The Commotion Wireless Project
Commotion is an open-source communication tool that uses wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks.
wireless  networking  open-source 
4 weeks ago
Apple pumps up its Amazon listings with iPhones, iPads and more - CNET
The world's largest e-commerce company said Friday it will soon start selling more Apple products directly and have access to Apple's latest devices, including the new iPad Pro, iPhone XR and XS, and Apple Watch Series 4, as well as Apple's lineup of Beats headphones. The deal encompasses the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India, with the new products will hit Amazon sites in the coming weeks.
amazon  apple 
4 weeks ago
Someone Finally Made a Good Android Watch
The Fossil Sport has every feature we’ve come to want and expect from a smartwatch: a beautiful touchscreen display, a heart rate sensor and built-in GPS for accurate workout-tracking, a microphone for Google Assistant commands, and 24-hour battery life, with the ability to squeeze out two more days on a charge in battery-saver mode.
watch  gadgetluv 
4 weeks ago
Bombproof HTML/CSS Email Button – Email Design Review
I got the task to create a button that could be used everywhere, that could also fit easily into WYSIWYG editors and ESP’s such as those under the Salesforce umbrella, plus smaller business esps like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.
email  How-to  design 
5 weeks ago
New iPad Pro Beats XPS 13, MacBook Pro in Leaked Benchmarks
While Apple itself doesn't announce how much RAM comes in any of its iPads or iPhones, a MacRumors report claims that you'll only get 6GB of RAM in the 2018 iPad Pros with 1TB of storage. The lower-capacity (64GB, 256GB, 512GB) models supposedly ship with 4GB of RAM. 
apple  tablet 
5 weeks ago
Amazon's new goal: Teach 10 million kids a year to code - StarTribune.com
Amazon said it will pay for summer camps, teacher training and other initiatives to benefit kids and young adults from low-income families who might not have learned to code otherwise. It hopes the programs spur more black, Hispanic and female students to study computer science.
diversity  amazon  education  philanthropy 
5 weeks ago
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Is the World’s First 5G Phone and It Costs Only $475
Aside from being the first phone in the world to offer 10GB of RAM, the Mi Mix 3 sports an even bigger “world’s first”: 5G support in addition to its full support for all LTE bands globally. You can’t use its 5G powers yet, though, as there are no 5G networks anywhere in the planet. But it will be ready to use once the carriers start deploying and activating their new towers.
xiaomi  gadgetluv  mobile 
6 weeks ago
That Weird Nubia X Dual-Screen Phone Is Actually Really Cool
In fact, the Nubia X — which starts at only $473 in China — may be one of the best concepts this year, approaching the entire notch-less, true full-screen dilemma in a completely different way. Or at least the most ingenious and potentially useful way.

On the back there’s another AMOLED touchscreen that is 5.1 inches and 1520 x 720 pixels. This is the one you use for the selfies, but also to display any information you want, from a clock face to notifications to custom decorations. The idea is that, while you are not taking a selfie, you can set this screen to the optional always on mode.
zte  mobile  gadgetluv  innovation 
6 weeks ago
0PATCH [zero patch]
0patch is a microscopic solution for a huge security problem. It sends tiny patches of code (usually less than 30 bytes) to computers and devices worldwide in order to fix software vulnerabilities in various products. It addresses key security problems: quickly fixing "0days" and unpatched vulnerabilities, end-of-life and unsupported products (including vulnerable old Java versions), providing patches for legacy OSes, vulnerable 3rd party components and customized software.
windows  security  resources 
6 weeks ago
Google introduces less annoying reCAPTCHA v3 to stop bots - 9to5Google
With reCAPTCHA v3, Google is improving the experience even more, with the API returning a score between 0.0 and 1.0 that ranks “how suspicious an interaction is.” The goal is to minimize the “need to interrupt users with challenges at all.”
google  web  resources  security 
6 weeks ago
How To Setup a Wireless Repeater, WDS Bridge in Tomato
Wireless Distribution System (WDS) works by pairing two or more wireless routers. Each router retains the MAC address of other router. When you establish a WDS link between two routers, they associate with each other using the same wireless SSID and channel. One benefit of WDS is that your wireless clients can roam around and connect to whichever Access Point has the strongest signal. Another benefit of WDS is that it creates a true transparent bridge network, compatible with all protocols.
wireless  How-to 
6 weeks ago
Galaxy Book 2 Hands-on: Meet Samsung’s Surface Pro Killer
I had a chance to go hands-on with this 2-in-1, which includes a keyboard and pen (unlike the Surface Pro 6). The Super AMOLED display and design look great, and there's some special goodness here for Galaxy phone owners. But the jury is out on the performance of the Snpadragon 850 chip.

Surface Laptop 2 Hands-on: Forget the MacBook
With a cushy 1.5 mm keyboard, speedy quad-core 8th gen CPU and up to 15 hours of rated battery life, the Surface Laptop 2 could be the ultraportable to beat.
samsung  tablet  windows  gadgetluv 
7 weeks ago
Gatsby and the JAMstack: An introduction for the Drupal/LAMP minded
Over the last few months we've been developing a "Gatsby Drupal Kit" to help jump start gatsby-drupal integrations. This kit is designed to work with a minimal drupal install as a jumping off point, and give a structure that can be extended to much larger, more complicated sites
static  drupal 
8 weeks ago
How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links on your website
some visitors just want to read information without being distracted. By having a lot of links, and especially affiliate links, it can get very irritating for a visitor and even result in them never returning to your website.
I have also found that the search engines do not like websites with affiliate links on every page. It is much better to have a nice mix of articles and keep your affiliate links limited to product reviews.
amazon  marketing  How-to 
8 weeks ago
Why is Excel truncating my 16-digit numbers? - Super User
It is a limitation placed on Excel by Microsoft. Each cell can have a maximum 15 digits of precision.
8 weeks ago
Surface Pro 6 Review: The Best 2-in-1 Just Got Better
The new Surface Pro 6 (starting at $899, $1,428.98 as tested) lasted nearly 2 hours longer on our battery test than its predecessor while delivering a lot more speed via its 8th-generation quad-core Core i5 processor. The lack of USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports continues to be a bummer, but overall, this is easily the best tablet for work and play.
surface  tablet  Microsoft  gadgetluv 
8 weeks ago
The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone - The Verge
It is a weird little thing. The Palm phone is a device that you can add on to your Verizon plan, which shares your phone number. It’s a phone designed for you to use on the weekends, when you’re going out for the evening, or just generally when you want to be a little less distracted by your big phone with all its apps.
android  gadgetluv  palm  mobile 
8 weeks ago
Export Reports on your Email to a File
The reports available for an email campaign can be exported as a .CSV or .XLS file, which you can save to your computer for future reference. Reporting information for your Sent email campaigns is only available in your account for 180 days. If you want to use historical data to create comparison reports, saving your reports as a spreadsheet will let you do that.
8 weeks ago
IFM - Backup Meraki Config to an offine file
You're about to make some changes to your Meraki configuration and you would like to make a backup first.  The best approach is to clone the network (or even the whole organisation) in Dashboard.  Even so, you would feel more comfortable if you could just backup the config to a file and put it on your machine.
meraki  How-to  backup 
8 weeks ago
Enabling Salesforce User Sync | Salesforce Pardot
Salesforce User Sync is a new feature that helps administrators better align and manage their Pardot and Salesforce users. This is an opt-in feature available to all Pardot customers using Sales Cloud. Enabling Salesforce User Sync significantly impacts user management and your users’ experience with Pardot and Salesforce. It may not be appropriate for all customers. Once enabled, user sync cannot be disabled.
pardot  salesforce  How-to 
8 weeks ago
Microsoft Spills Foldable Andromeda Secrets in New Patent
According to the patent, without this mechanism the display will feel mushy, something that Samsung also pointed out in their own patent for the Galaxy X. Like the Korean mechanism, Microsoft’s patent will hold the screen in place mechanically, making it feel solid rather than getting pushed down by any pressure exerted by your finger or pen.

2019 may very well be the year of the foldable thingamajig, and I’m all for that.
Microsoft  tablet  innovation  gadgetluv 
8 weeks ago
Configure options through the registry - G Suite Administrator Help
You can configure some G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSSMO) features by modifying the Windows registry.
google  email  outlook  windows  How-to 
8 weeks ago
How Vimeo can power live streaming holograms on Vimeo
To live stream 3D information, we must capture and store that 3D information. At first glance, it looks like a difficult problem, but the solution turns out to be quite simple. If you convert depth data into color, what you end up with is a representation that looks similar to thermal imaging. Since it’s just color, we can encode that into a video format. If you combine the color data with the original RGB data, you end up with a video that looks like the GIF below.  
video  innovation  vimeo 
8 weeks ago
The Galaxy A9 Is the World’s First Quad-Camera Phone
Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh declared that the company’s new strategy is not to wait for the flagships to roll out the latest and best technology anymore, but to deploy new features as they invent them in whatever phone comes next in the release timeline.
samsung  mobile  photography  gadgetluv 
8 weeks ago
NAI Consumer Opt Out
Welcome to the NAI's opt-out page where you can learn more about NAI members who deliver tailored online ads and your choices to opt-out of receiving them. To learn more about this tool and how it works, please scroll down to read More Info.

Manage My Browser's Opt Outs
marketing  privacy  resources 
9 weeks ago
A Network of Leading Art & Design Publishers - Nectar
Independent publishers that drive discussion and lead passionate arts communities. Our sites reach a highly targeted audience of artists, designers, arts enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals.
marketing  resources  art 
9 weeks ago
Google's Pixel Slate Wants to Replace Your Laptop
Google is touting the Pixel Slate as a productivity machine, which is a claim a lot of 2-in-1s make. But Google seems ready to put its money where its mouth is. The Pixel Slate will run the desktop version of Chrome OS. Google claims that you'll have the ability to run developer tools and even Linux. And since it's a tablet, Chrome OS has been optimized for touch.
google  pixel  tablet  gadgetluv 
9 weeks ago
Here’s How the Pixel 3 Will Destroy Every Camera Phone
loading the Pixel 3 with new AI-powered photo abilities
google  pixel  mobile  photography  rumor 
9 weeks ago
Motherload of New iPad Pro 2018 Leaks Reveals All
the most exciting features: First, there's the ability to use the iPad Pro as a video playback and screen mirroring device for 4K HDR video that directly connects to external displays using a USB-C cable. And the iPad will also reportedly have a new magnetic connector for accessories on the its back
apple  tablet  rumor 
9 weeks ago
Pardot IP Addresses to Whitelist
This contains Pardot’s current IP ranges and addresses. 
Pardot customers who have implemented network access controls to restrict web access should whitelist all the IP Ranges and Addresses in this article. Failure to whitelist the entire set of IP ranges could lead to issues with the Pardot / Salesforce sync process or future infrastructure changes.
pardot  salesforce  How-to 
9 weeks ago
File Explorer narrows open window and locks up when attempting to move - Microsoft Community
Before carrying out this procedure, disconnect from the Internet. That means turning off Wi-Fi and disconnecting from a wired connection. If you don't, Windows 10 will indicate some files are in use and cannot be modified or the command will be non-responsive. Also, you should restart your computer after disconnecting from the Internet. The easiest way to do it is to enable Airplane mode from the Action Center - Windows key + A
windows  How-to 
9 weeks ago
Facebook announces Portal, an Echo Show rival focused on video chat - The Verge
Facebook will start selling the Portal in November, with the smaller model selling for $199 and the Portal Plus selling for $349. Facebook will also be offering $100 off if you buy two at a time, and it seems to be hoping people will pick up a pair of Portals, then hand one to a relative they want to stay in touch with. Like much about the product, it’s not a bad idea — so long as you’re okay with it all being tied back to Facebook.
facebook  gadgetluv  home 
9 weeks ago
Recoverability as a First-Class Security Objective: Proceedings of a Workshop | The National Academies Press
The Forum on Cyber Resilience of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine hosted the Workshop on Recoverability as a First-Class Security Objective on February 8, 2018, in Washington, D.C. The workshop featured presentations from several experts in industry, research, and government roles who spoke about the complex facets of recoverability—that is, the ability to restore normal operations and security in a system affected by software or hardware failure or a deliberate attack. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.
security  resources  academic 
9 weeks ago
Intel Announces 9th Generation Core CPUs, Eight-Core Core i9-9900K
the 9th Generation of Intel's processors features a fundamental shift -- now the Core i7 processors come with eight cores without Hyper-threading
intel  cpu 
9 weeks ago
The $600 Chromebook x360 14 Is HP’s Thinnest Chromebook Yet
The Chromebook x360 is available for pre-order today, and will arrive in stores on Oct 21. The base model costs $599 and comes with an Intel Core i3-8130U CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 64GB eMMC flash storage drive. HP also offers a Core i5 version.
hp  chromebooks  gadgetluv 
9 weeks ago
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