How to Remove EXIF Data from Images on Mac Quickly
This tutorial will show you how to remove all EXIF data from pictures you choose to on a Mac in a nice quick and easy manner
mac  photography  How-to 
13 hours ago
iPhone XS and XS Max Have 4GB of RAM, XR Has 3GB; XS Max and XR Have Larger 3,174 and 2,942 mAH Batteries - Mac Rumors
The filings reveal that the iPhone XS has a 2,658 mAh battery, around 2.2 percent less capacity than the 2,716 mAh battery in the iPhone X that it replaces, despite both being 5.8-inch devices. Nevertheless, with continued performance and power optimizations, Apple's tech specs indicate that the iPhone XS gets up to 30 minutes longer battery life than the iPhone X per charge cycle.

The filings also appear to confirm that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max each have 4GB of RAM, while the iPhone XR has 3GB. By comparison, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have 3GB of RAM, and the iPhone 8 has 2GB.
apple  mobile  gadgetluv 
16 hours ago
This Could Be Google's Surface Pro Killer
the keyboard you can see here is not made by Google. Its name is “Wallaby” and it is made by a third-party keyboard company called Brydge, which currently makes keyboards for the Apple iPad. According to the blog Aboutchromebooks, Brydge is planning to introduce two new keyboards specifically for Chrome OS tablets.
google  chromebooks  gadgetluv  rumor 
16 hours ago
Saving Form Values using Cookies < JavaScript | The Art of Web
Enter your values in the form below and submit. JavaScript is used to set a cookie for each value. When you return, the form is automatically populated with the cookie values.
javascript  How-to 
2 days ago
Create and Manage Engagement Plans ~ Power of Us Hub
An Engagement Plan is a set of tasks (literally a “plan”) that helps you engage with your constituents. The most common example of an Engagement Plan is a plan that helps you track engagement activities for Major Gifts.
salesforce  How-to 
2 days ago
Home | Owl Carousel | 2.3.4
Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create a beautiful responsive carousel slider.
web  javascript  resources 
2 days ago
iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR RAM Size Revealed In Benchmarks | Redmond Pie
Starting off with the iPhone XR we see a single-core score of 4754 and a multi-core score of 9367.
We also have confirmation that the iPhone XR has 3GB of RAM, so bear that in mind when we look at the iPhone XS Max scores.

Speaking of which, the iPhone XS Max reported scores of 4813 in single-core performance and 10266 in multi-core with 4GB of ram onboard. 
apple  mobile  gadgetluv 
3 days ago
JavaScript Cookies
JavaScript can create, read, and delete cookies with the document.cookie property.
javascript  How-to 
3 days ago
7 - How to enable bootstrap tooltip and popover (on a bootstrap based theme)? - Drupal Answers
The best way to enable tooltips/popovers — using selector option (see this and this):
javascript  How-to 
3 days ago
Drupal 7 & 8 Support Ends Nov. 2021. What's a Nonprofit to Do? | DevCollaborative
This is a new release model, and it’s really different.

The D8-D9 upgrade is planned to be much less dramatic than any major version upgrade in the past, because the code between the versions will be very similar.

Major contributed modules will be usable in both Drupal 8 and 9, simultaneously. This is really different from how it’s ever worked
drupal  nptech 
3 days ago
Don't Let This Attack Freeze Your Mac or iPhone
"The attack uses a weakness in the -webkit-backdrop-filter CSS property," Haddouche told BleepingComputer. "By using nested divs with that property, we can quickly consume all graphic resources and crash or freeze the OS."

In other words, while the code is just 15 lines long, it contains a massive amount of <div> tags, which consume all of your device's graphic resources, causing it to freeze or restart.
apple  security 
3 days ago
Nvidia launches the Tesla T4, its fastest data center inferencing platform yet | TechCrunch
Nvidia designed these chips specifically for AI inferencing. “What makes Tesla T4 such an efficient GPU for inferencing is the new Turing tensor core,” said Ian Buck, Nvidia’s VP and GM of its Tesla data center business. “[Nvidia CEO] Jensen [Huang] already talked about the Tensor core and what it can do for gaming and rendering and for AI, but for inferencing — that’s what it’s designed for.”
nvidia  ai  graphics  server  gadgetluv 
7 days ago
Apple's luxurious Watch Edition is no more
there will be some who'll miss the Edition. Watch aficionados often prize ceramic because it's both lighter than steel and considerably more scratch-resistant (albeit more prone to breaking after a violent impact). This was the model you got if you wanted a watch whose looks held up long after you took it out of the box.
apple  watch  gadgetluv 
8 days ago
Pentaho Data Integration - Accelerate Data Pipeline | Hitachi Vantara
Enable users to ingest, blend, cleanse and prepare diverse data from any source. With visual tools to eliminate coding and complexity, Pentaho puts the best quality data at the fingertips of IT and the business.
data  resources 
8 days ago
Drupal 7, 8 and 9 | Dries Buytaert
our current plan is to release Drupal 9 in 2020. Because we still need to figure out important details, we can't be more specific at this time.
8 days ago
Keyboard shortcuts for Google Slides - Computer - Docs Editors Help
To open a list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Slides, press Ctrl + / (Windows, Chrome OS) or ⌘ + / (Mac).

You can also use menu access keys. Open any application menu using the keyboard, then type the underlined letter for the item you'd like to select. For example, to open the Insert menu on a Mac, press Ctrl + Option + i. To select "Image," type the underlined letter i.
google  docs  How-to 
9 days ago
Salesforce Data Migration - Raisers Edge
The most problematic areas of Raisers Edge data encountered in our data migrations are explained below.
blackbaud  How-to 
12 days ago
Huawei’s Honor 8X Max has a 7-inch screen and a tiny notch - The Verge
Right now, it sounds like only the smaller 8X may expand outside of China where it’s launching this month. Its price converts to just over $200 USD, which sounds about right. (The Honor 7X sold for $200 as well.) The low price, modern design, and solid specs should make for a capable midrange phone
huawei  mobile  gadgetluv 
14 days ago
Feathr | The Marketing Toolkit for Events and Associations
With Feathr, the marketing toolkit built specifically for events and associations
marketing  resources 
15 days ago
How to Flush the DNS on an Android Phone |
Type chrome://net-internals/#DNS into the Chrome search bar.
android  networking  How-to 
15 days ago
Simultaneous translation in attendee's phone | Interactio
For simultaneous interpretation, overflow audiences, poster sessions, silent conferences & more.
conference  resources 
16 days ago
Nevelex Labs Announces Security Flow Beta Program | Business Wire
By automating common tasks, the window of vulnerability is decreased, responses are repeatable, and actions are tracked. This is just one of the countless ways Security Flow can help a company utilize the full value of their security portfolio.
security  resources 
18 days ago
How the Facebook right-wing propaganda machine works
As the weekly meme narratives demonstrate, there is clear and consistent messaging shared across right-wing Facebook pages. They focus in the same topics, push the same memes, and recycle and amplify each others’ content, as well as content from other conservative media and social media. And as a result of this coordination in content and messaging, a direct impact on followers is evident, as they are also recycling the same messaging and feeding it back to meme pages through comments, shares, and other interactions.
facebook  socialmedia  politics 
20 days ago
Email Marketing - Marketing Automation - Small Business CRM
Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM. Messaging.
email  marketing  resources 
20 days ago
YouTube Creator Blog: Introducing YouTube Giving: New tools for charitable giving on YouTube
Today we’re sharing a first look at YouTube Giving, a suite of features designed to strengthen the way creators and fans can make a difference through charitable giving on the platform 
youtube  nptech 
21 days ago
Hotjar for Nonprofit Businesses
To be eligible for the Hotjar nonprofit program, your organization must be recognized as an official nonprofit or charitable organization in the country where you’re located. 
web  analytics  resources  nptech 
21 days ago
AI-Powered Testing Software - Sentient Ascend
A/B Testing is a great way to help validate assumptions, however, the process of A/B testing is often slow when it comes to website conversion optimization. With a goal of increasing conversion rates on your web pages, Sentient Ascend uses best-in-class AI-Powered multivariate testing to help you test page designs more quickly and find a winner in as little time as a single A/B test.
a/b  testing  ai 
22 days ago
15+ Free A/B Split Testing Resources - Blog
There are NOT a lot of free resources available on the Internet for A/B Testing. This post tries to lists the best tools, guides and resources for A/B Testing. As it will be an ever growing list, feel free to make suggestions for additions into the list.
web  a/b  testing 
22 days ago
WisePops | Intelligent Website Popups | Exit Popups
15+ Millions Pop-Ups displayed each month with an average conversion rate above 5%
web  resources 
23 days ago
How to Install a Hue Dimmer Switch Over an Existing Light Switch
All you have to do is glue a magnet on the inside of the switch guard halfway between the top and bottom (you might have to double-up on magnets if one isn’t quite strong enough).
home  How-to 
24 days ago
Phone Numbers Were Never Meant as ID. Now We’re All At Risk
The use of phone numbers as both lock and key has led to the rise, in recent years, of so-called SIM swapping attacks, in which an attacker steals your phone number. 
security  sms  phone 
25 days ago
The cure for Facebook's fake news infection? It might be these women - CNET
Hardiman and her colleagues are on the kind of high-stakes mission that's ripe for cinematic retelling. They're trying to wipe aside fake news from Facebook's massive social network, a critical source of information to 2.23 billion people, while also fostering a support system for more legitimate reporting. Their success or failure will affect the health of the news industry and the well-being of democracy
facebook  socialmedia  journalism  security 
27 days ago
Oppo Find X Review: A Stunning Slice of the Future
The Find X is an absolute revelation of a design compared with the sea of iPhone X clones out there. The first thing I noticed about Oppo's phone was the lack of a notch or any bezels up front, as this flagship boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8 percent.
mobile  gadgetluv 
28 days ago
Native mobile apps with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript - NativeScript
Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, or JavaScript.
javascript  mobile  development  resources 
28 days ago
Developer Tools Initiative - Part 5: Announcing our Migration | is going to be moving our code collaboration tools for our forty-five thousand projects to GitLab over the course of the coming months
drupal  git 
28 days ago
Here’s How the Galaxy S10 Will Finally Beat the iPhone
In addition to more power on less silicon, the Snapdragon 855 will be capable of being paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem. If Samsung opts for that — which it's expected to do — the Galaxy S10 would also be the first smartphone from the company to ship with 5G connectivity.
samsung  qualcomm  mobile  gadgetluv 
28 days ago
This is what filter bubbles actually look like - MIT Technology Review
Instead of trying to force their messages into the mainstream, these adversaries target polarized communities and “embed” fake accounts within them. The false personas engage with real people in those communities to build credibility. Once their influence has been established, they can introduce new viewpoints and amplify divisive and inflammatory narratives
socialmedia  politics 
28 days ago
RAM Prices To Cut Down By 25% In 2019 Due To Oversupply | SegmentNext
According to the report, both Samsung and SK Hynix will have to overhaul their business strategy in the RAM market which has been booming for last 2-3 years and this boom will end in 2019 with the oversupply of RAM in the market which will result in 25% cut in RAM Prices.
RAM  business 
29 days ago
Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready?
"The opportunity for malicious liars is going to grow by leaps and bounds," said Bobby Chesney, professor and associate dean of the University of Texas School of Law who has been closely researching deepfakes.
video  security 
29 days ago
How to Audit Your Content: 5 Essential Steps
Ask yourself: If I were auditing my organization’s content, what goal would I focus on?
web  content  strategy  How-to 
29 days ago
Nvidia Announces GeForce RTX GPUs, 2070 Starts at $499
The RTX moniker signals the card’s ray tracing capabilities and also shows off artificial intelligence and programmable shading. Huang began the GeForce announcement by describing ray tracing and how light, shadow and reflection are the "holy grail" of graphics. Nvidia's RTX technology combines rasterization and ray tracing to render images. The cards feature dual-fans, which is new for Nvidia's Founders Edition line.
nvidia  graphics  gaming  gadgetluv 
4 weeks ago
How to See Which Windows Version and Build is on a DVD, ISO, or USB Drive
When you’ve connected or mounted the installation media, browse inside the installation media and open the “sources” folder. Look for a file named either “install.wim” or “install.esd.” You might find either of the two depending on how you created the installation media.
windows  How-to 
4 weeks ago
Enable Private DNS with on Android 9 Pie
Recently, Google officially launched Android 9 Pie, which includes a slew of new features around digital well-being, security, and privacy. If you’ve poked around the network settings on your phone while on the beta or after updating, you may have noticed a new Private DNS Mode now supported by Android.
android  cloudflare  networking  How-to  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Tendenci - The Open Source AMS | Membership and NPO software | Open Source Association Management and Donor Management. - Tendenci - The Open Source AMS
Engage your members and grow your organization with Tendenci - The Only Open Source AMS Software designed specifically for the needs of non-profits and associations.
associations  open-source 
4 weeks ago
Photos - Tendenci Stock Photography for Non Profit Websites - Tendenci - The Open Source AMS
Creative Commons Attribution photographs for use as Stock Photography on your Non Profit Tendenci web sites. Free!
photography  resources  free 
4 weeks ago
Samsung Chromebook Plus touchscreen stopped working - Google Product Forums
perform a Hardware Reset (also called an EC Reset). This process will not delete any files from your Chromebook like a Restore will, so it's a safe step.

Simply pushing the power button, or rebooting, does not remove the trickle charge that keeps the embedded controller (EC) running. A hard reset drops all power to the EC, so when the power comes back on it goes through a reinitialization. Since the EC controls the keyboard, touchpad, battery and all other on-board peripherals, performing this it can potentially fix a wide range of problems.
samsung  chromebooks  How-to 
4 weeks ago
Performance & Real User Monitoring Tools (RUM) | Pingdom | Pingdom
Visitor Insights lets you discover how site performance issues affects your visitors' experience. So that you can take action in time, before your business is impacted.
web  resources  development 
5 weeks ago
Sending Fax Back to the Dark Ages - Check Point Research
we found several critical vulnerabilities in all-in-one printers which allowed us to ‘faxploit’ the all-in-one printer and take complete control over it by sending a maliciously crafted fax. From that point on, anything was possible.
security  hp  printing 
5 weeks ago
Windows 10 Enterprise Getting "InPrivate Desktop" Sandboxed Execution Feature
"InPrivate Desktop (Preview) provides admins a way to launch a throwaway sandbox for secure, one-time execution of untrusted software," the Feedback Hub questions explains. "This is basically an in-box, speedy VM that is recycled when you close the app!"
windows  security 
5 weeks ago
Google Working on Windows 10 for Chromebooks (Report)
reveal could be as soon as the unannounced (but heavily rumored) Oct. 4 Pixel event.
chromebooks  windows  rumor 
5 weeks ago
Ryzen Threadripper 2 (2990WX and 2950X) Review: AMD Unleashes 32 Cores
Even though AMD claims its top-end Threadripper 2990WX is up to 51% faster than Intel's $2000 Core i9-7980XE, there are some caveats enthusiasts need to be made aware of. For instance, the WX series' multi-chip module comprises four separate dies. Due to the constraints of AMD's existing Threadripper design, two of the 2990WX's dies aren't connected directly to main memory. That creates an architecture capable of incredible performance in heavily-threaded workloads that aren't sensitive to memory throughput, but less impressive results in bandwidth-hungry applications that don't scale well with extra cores. We found that the Threadripper 2990WX is mostly a niche product for professionals with specific requirements. Still, it sets a new high water mark for compute horsepower on the desktop.
amd  cpu  gadgetluv 
5 weeks ago
TSMC: Outbreak of Malware That Triggered Delays & Losses Caused by Software for New Tool
What remains to be seen is how several-day outage of numerous semiconductor production tools is set to affect TSMC’s customers in general. After all, 2% of TSMC’s Q3 revenue is between $169 and $171 million and that is a lot of money. We will likely learn more about the effect of the malware outbreak in the coming months.
security  cpu  business 
5 weeks ago
Intel 9th Gen Core CPU and Z390 Platform Launches on 1st October - Specs Leak
According to the embargo document, Intel would first release the unlocked SKUs which would eventually be followed by the rest of the 9th generation family which would be introduced in Q1 2019. In the previous slides, we also saw that compatibility will be retained for 9th generation processors on current 300-series motherboards along with the new Z390 platform
intel  cpu  gadgetluv 
5 weeks ago
The off-brand 'military-grade' x86 processors, in the library, with the root-granting 'backdoor' • The Register
Domas downplayed the impact of his findings, noting that subsequent generations of the fifteen-year-old chip don't have the backdoor. He considers the work primarily of interest to researchers. But for those who happen to know where a cash machine running a 15-year-old C3 might be found, the flaw might merit more than academic interest.
5 weeks ago
Leaked Palm Phone Has a Crazy Small 3.3-inch Screen
arguably the smartphone's strangest feature is its alleged 3.3-inch LCD display featuring a paltry 720p resolution. It'll also reportedly come with a small 800mAh battery pack and will be powered by the Snapdragon 435 processor.
gadgetluv  mobile 
5 weeks ago
Sony’s 10″ Digital Paper Tablet is an ultra-light reading companion that needs to do more | TechCrunch
Although I value its simplicity, it really could use a bit more functionality. Of course, the $600 price tag makes it rather a niche device
Sony  gadgetluv 
6 weeks ago
Galaxy Note 9 Hands-on Review: A $999 Water-Cooled, AI Camera Beast
Priced at $999, the Galaxy Note 9 is not a phone that wows. It's simply a more powerful and versatile version of what has been the best big-screen Android handset on the market. And that’s nothing to apologize for.
samsung  mobile  gadgetluv 
6 weeks ago
Disney's Bob Iger lays out plans for Fox and streaming
The highly anticipated Disney service is widely expected to be a competitor to Netflix when it launches next year. But don't expect it to have as many programs available at launch.

e mix of family, adult and sports content should help the company diversify. "If you are competing against Netflix, and that's the target, Netflix doesn't have sports, they don't have the content — obviously Disney's pulling away from Netflix in the coming year, which hurts on the family side,"
disney  television  business 
6 weeks ago
Salesforce: Keith Block Named Co-CEO, Sharing Job With Marc Benioff | Fortune
there are good reasons to think the Salesforce setup may succeed where others haven’t. For starters, the division of labor appears to be clear from the beginning. “I am going to be focusing on, No. 1, the products, the technology—as well as the culture,” says Benioff, “and Keith is very much focused on the operations and distribution functions of the company. We feel it’s going to naturally align with both of our strengths.”

Second—and perhaps most important for shareholders—the new structure isn’t that new after all. “This is very much already how we are operating the business,”
salesforce  business 
6 weeks ago
Intel's New Roadmap Revealed: 10nm Ice Lake In 2020, 14nm Cooper Lake 2019
Intel's Cascade Lake is coming to market in 2018. The 14nm processors support the long-overdue Intel Optane Persistent Memory, which was originally slated for release with the Skylake Xeon family. Intel integrated a new memory controller in Cascade Lake to support the new Optane DIMMs. This will also be the first generation of Xeon processors with in-silicon mitigations for the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities. So these chips will likely spur a healthy refresh cycle in the data center.

The Cooper Lake-SP processors will come to market in 2019, with the most notable addition being Intel's adoption of Bfloat 16, which is Google's new floating-point format. This exciting development should provide tangible boosts to machine learning operations. The 14nm Cooper Lake processors are widely considered a stop-gap measure by Intel to bridge between current 14nm and the overdue 10nm processors.
intel  cpu 
6 weeks ago
Cherry's MW 4500 - Full Review
Ergonomic mice are supposed to put less stress on the wrist, especially for productivity users who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. I found that, after using the mouse for long periods of time, my hand and shoulder felt a little cramped, since I was using muscles that I don't normally associate with mice
mouse  cherry  gadgetluv 
6 weeks ago
Magic Leap One Creator Edition Available Now
the device includes a Nvidia Parker SoC with a single Denver 2.0 core, and two ARM Cortex A57 cores. The Parker SoC is part of Nvidia’s Tegra TX2, which includes two Denver cores and four ARM cores. We thought it odd that Nvidia would create a new design for Magic Leap. However, it turns out the device includes the extra cores, but only half the hardware is addressable for Magic Leap software.

The Lightpack also includes an Nvidia Pascal GPU with 256 cores and 8GB of memory. Magic Leap has not revealed the clock frequencies of the Parker SoC or the Pascal GPU. The Magic Leap One Creator’s Edition also includes 128GB of internal storage, with 95GB available for storage. Magic Leap’s LuminOS eats up the rest of the space.
virtual-reality  gadgetluv  startup 
6 weeks ago
Railgun™ | Cloudflare
Railgun uses a new caching mechanism based on comparing page versions to determine what needs to be transmitted across the Internet to the Railgun Sender. Using this mechanism Cloudflare is able to achieve typical 99.6% compression (taking, for example, a 100k web page down to 400 bytes) and a speedup of over 700%. In fact, the compressed data is often so small that using the binary Railgun protocol the entire response fits inside a single TCP packet.
6 weeks ago
Stream | Cloudflare
It is costly to build a video streaming platform for your application and it is also difficult to maintain. Cloudflare Stream simplifies on-demand video streaming by bundling storage, transcoding, distribution and playback in an easy-to-use solution that lets you stream high quality videos anywhere.
cloudflare  livestream  video 
6 weeks ago
Apple Teams Up with Logitech on Powered Wireless Charger
Logitech says that the gadget will also work with any other Qi-certified smartphone you can fit into the accessory. But Android phones will only be able to take advantage of 5W charging instead of the 7.5W you'd get with the iPhone.
logitech  apple  gadgetluv 
6 weeks ago
Intel SSD 660p 1TB Review: QLC Goes Mainstream
The SSD 660p communicates over a fast PCIe 3.0 x4 link to deliver solid performance numbers of up to 1.8 GB/s of throughput and offers surprisingly good performance in random workloads. If that wasn’t enough, the 660P comes with a five-year warranty and an MSRP below $0.20-per-GB, which is cheaper than many budget SATA SSDs
intel  ssd  gadgetluv  storage 
6 weeks ago
Apple Just Made It Even Easier to Ditch Windows
A new report shows that Apple's re-invested in the Windows Migration Assistant, making it more capable than ever before, the new beta of macOS Mojave 10.14 includes an updated version of the data export tool.
mac  windows  apple 
6 weeks ago
Android P Launches Today: Here's Who Gets It First
We're currently installing the update on our in-house Pixel 2 XL and will report back with our early impressions of the final software soon. That said, the Android P beta was already exceptionally stable and polished, so we don't expect many major changes.
6 weeks ago
New AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs Unveiled: 32-Core Chip Is $1,800 | News & Opinion |
the Threadripper 2990WX is overkill for pretty much anyone other than people who need heaps and heaps of multi-threaded performance from their CPU. The comparison with the eponymous Tesla performance mode here is apt because you really will never use the 2990WX's full potential unless you are running software that eats up threads and cores; think 3D rendering, CAD design apps, pro design packages, and the like
amd  cpu  gadgetluv 
6 weeks ago
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to vacate Obama-era internet rules | Reuters
The request was made even though the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to toss out the 2015 rules late last year, rendering the fight over their legality moot.
policy  net-neutrality 
6 weeks ago
Blizz by TeamViewer - Global Team Collaboration | Video Meetings | VoIP
The Blizz Collaboration Companion™ installs on your desktop or mobile phone for quick access to all your (Blizz and TeamViewer) contacts, enabling logged and indexed team messaging, face-to-face HD VoIP video and audio calling, instant or scheduled huge group meetings (up to 300 people), screen sharing, and session recording
6 weeks ago
Moto Z3 Unveiled with Breakthrough 5G Mod
In addition to those next-generation radios, the new accessory carries a 2,000-mAh battery to offset potential increases in battery drain. This battery won't be used to increase the longevity of the phone beyond normal 4G usage, but merely keep the 5G radios humming along, as they consume a lot of power. The 5G Moto Mod carries an array of four antennas as well as one of Qualcomm's latest X24 LTE modems, to deliver peak LTE speeds even when 5G is unavailable.
motorola  wireless  mobile  gadgetluv 
7 weeks ago
UXPin | The Premier UX Design Platform
Prototyping. Documentation. Design Systems.
ux  design  resources 
7 weeks ago
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