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SigOpt: Amplify your research
SigOpt’s API tunes your model’s parameters through state-of-the-art Bayesian optimization.
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may 2017 by jasondoucette
Trees, Layers, and Speed: Talking Optimization with Patrick Hayes
But what if we zoom out and focus on higher level model properties? Instead of learning coefficients for a function to best fit our data, is it possible to learn how many layers to put in a neural network or how many trees to put in a random forest model?

The machine learning community calls this hyperparameter optimization. There are a few competing optimization approaches available today, and SigOpt, a San Francisco startup, is the first company we know of that offers a platform to automate optimization work for just about any machine learning project and pipeline.
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may 2017 by jasondoucette
Stopping GAN Violence: Generative Unadversarial Networks
Under this framework, we simultaneously train two models: a generator G that does its best to capture whichever data distribution it feels it can manage, and a motivator M that helps G to achieve its dream.
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april 2017 by jasondoucette

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