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Ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components
Ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. Components to make Mobile app that looks and behaves like a native iOS or Android app as well as the frameworks own theme.

GitHub - https://github.com/twbs/ratchet/
Project - http://goratchet.com
Demo Apps - http://goratchet.com/examples/
Mobile  UI  UX  CSS  CSS3  HTML  Framework  JavaScript  Buttons  Modals  Lists  Icons  Popovers  Tables  Forms  iOS  Android  History  AJAX  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WebDevAppModule 
april 2017 by jasondavis
Bootcards - App UI Framework with panels and mobile app designs can build CRM UI/UX
Bootcards is a cards-based UI framework. It is built on top of Bootstrap and uses it's responsive features. Unlike most other UI frameworks, it includes a dual-pane interface for tablet users.

We think Cards are the design pattern for mobile of the future. Cards are used already on sites and apps like Twitter, Google (Plus, Now), Spotify, Pinterest and Amazon. To kickstart your (and our) projects we decided to create Bootcards.

Main features
- Native look & feel for iOS and Android.
- Independent scrolling columns to support master/detail views.
- Single-pane mode for tablets in portrait: in a master/detail view, the list is hidden to leave more room for the content.
- All markup based on Bootstrap v3.
- Optimized for smartphones AND tablets.

GitHub - https://github.com/bootcards/bootcards
Project - http://bootcards.org/
Docs - http://bootcards.org/site/docs.html
Demo -
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-09-17.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-10-16.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/screencapture-localhost-labs-js-bootcards-ui-framework-samples-double-navbar-html-1484835033686.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-12-11.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-04.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-38.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-17-39.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-23.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-54.png
JavaScript  jQuery  Mobile  iOS  Android  iPad  iPhone  CRM  Modals  Popovers  CSS3  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Dev-Tools  Design  Charts  Framework  UI  UX  Dashboard 
january 2017 by jasondavis
Framework7 - Mobile Web App Framework - THE BEST
Framework7 - Full Featured HTML UI/UX Framework For Building iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, iOS iWatch, Android OS, and Any Mobile Device Web Apps that look and behave like Native OS Apps.
This Framework has the most features for UI and UX of any mobile app framework and also the best UI/UX. It also haas many Plugins to add even more features and a nice library of samle demo apps and templates along with a growing ap showcase of app built with the framework.

- GItHUb - https://github.com/nolimits4web/Framework7
- Project - http://framework7.io
- Docs - http://framework7.io/docs/
- Forums - http://forum.framework7.io/
- Layouts - http://framework7.io/examples/
- Demo Apps - http://framework7.io/apps/
- Showcase Apps - http://framework7.io/showcase/

Image and Video
- https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2016/ui.jpg
- https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2016/swipeback.mp4
- https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2016/swipeout.mp4
- https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2016/messages.mp4

Core Components:
- Split-View Left and Right Panel for iPad and Tablet apps
- Forms
- List Views
- Pull to refresh list
- List with Icons
- Link Lists with icons
- Link Lists, no iocns
- List Dividers
- Grouped Lists with sticky title headers (example alphabetical letter groups on a contacts list)
- List with mixed types and Nested lists
- Inset LIsts
- Tablet Inset Lists, wide on mobile and inset on tablets
- Media Lists
- List with Image, Title, Description, OPen Arrow, and price text
- List with Title and Description text and swipe left action buttons
- Inset media lists
- Modals
- Navbars and Toolsbars
- Deep dynamic navbar ( navbar shows multiple pages and you can swipe back on each page)
- Page with navbar or bottom toolbar hidden
- Bottom Icon Tab Bar
- Bottom Icon Tab Bar with text labels
- Hide top and bottom bars on paghe scroll then show on scroll-up
- Sub Navbar adds a 2nd row of items in top Navbar
- Popovers
- Sliding Side Panels
- Panels can have lists or views or anything on them like a content page does
- Left panel - open with a button and close with button or clicking outside of the panel.
- Right panel
- Swipe to Delete (swip item reveals Delete or other button)
- Swiper Content Sliders
- Horizontal Swiper
- Vertical Swiper
- Multiple swipers on a page
- Nested Swipers (example; horizontal swiper with a vertical swiper on panel 2
- 3D-Cube Swiper
- 3D Coverflow Swiper
- 3D Flip Swiper
- Fade Swiper
- Swiper with scrollbar
- Swiper with thumbnail swiper below it
- Swiper with Custom Controls
- Parallax Swiper
- Lazy Loading Swiper
- Swiper with Progress Pagination
- Fraction Paging Swiper
- Swiper with Zoom Feature
- Tabs
- Plugins
- welcome/intro multi-screen app tour plugin
- Toast - Framework7 plugin to show little black iOS-like toasts
- WatchUI for Framework7 - makes framework show as iOS Watch App
- Keypad plugin extends Framework7 with additional custom keyboards
- Indexed Lists plugin -This plugin is for indexed scroll list like in iOS (and Android), currently works only with Contacts List
- Feeds Plugin -RSS feeds integration into Framework7 app
- 3D Panels plugin converts "reveal"-effect panels to great looking 3D panels which are also available as a swipe-panels
iOS  Mobile  Mobile-Apps  Framework  CSS  CSS3  HTML  JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary 
december 2016 by jasondavis
Snap.js- A Library for creating beautiful mobile shelfs in Javascript
Snap.js- A Library for creating beautiful mobile shelfs in Javascript (Facebook and Path style side menus)
A Library for creating beautiful mobile shelfs in Javascript (Facebook and Path style side menus)
Project Demo - http://jakiestfu.github.io/Snap.js/
GitHub - https://github.com/jakiestfu/Snap.js
JavaScript  jQuery  Mobile  Sidebar  Menu  CSS3  CSS/Animations  Animation  Web-Development  Web-Dev  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary 
december 2016 by jasondavis
CalenStyle - Responsive Drag-&-Drop Event Calendar Library for Web and Mobile
CalenStyle - Responsive Drag-&-Drop Event Calendar Library for Web, Mobile Sites, Android, iOS & Windows Phone
iOS  Mobile  DatePicker  Time  Date  Calendar  Events  JavaScript  jQuery  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
december 2016 by jasondavis
stacktable.js - jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens
The purpose of stacktable.js is to give you an easy way of converting wide tables to a format that will work better on small screens. It creates a copy of the table that is converted into a 2-column key/value format.
Project - http://johnpolacek.github.io/stacktable.js/
GitHub - https://github.com/johnpolacek/stacktable.js/
JavaScript  jQuery  Tables  Responsive  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Mobile 
december 2016 by jasondavis
Demonstrate - Mobile App Mockup Generator
Demonstrate - Mobile App Mockup Generator
Build your app ideas without writing a single line of code! Add screens with hotspots that transition into other screens when tapped to show a real life app flow
iOS  Software/iOS  Mobile  Mobile-Apps  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Mockup  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary 
july 2016 by jasondavis
Ionic Lab Create, build, test, and deploy Ionic apps from Desktop app
Create, build, test, and deploy Ionic apps.

Lab is a desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux, that makes it a joy to get started with Ionic.
Software/Windows  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  Mobile 
january 2016 by jasondavis
OnsenUI Mobile App Framework CSS Componentd provides native-like UI
OnsenUI Mobile App Framework CSS Componentd provides native-like UI for mobile apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript - REALLLLLY NICE! - http://onsen.io/ - http://github.com/OnsenUI/OnsenUI
CSS  CSS3  HTML5  Mobile  Mobile-Apps  JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
november 2015 by jasondavis
Mobile App Introduction Template | CodyHouse
Mobile App Introduction Template

A basic template to showcase the best features of your app, enriched with a video slider for a better user understanding.
CSS  CSS3  Templates  HTML  HTML5  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Mobile  Marketing/LandingPages  Inspiration/LandingPages 
july 2015 by jasondavis
Mobiscroll - Customizable HTML5 UI components for touch devices like smartphones and tablets
Mobiscroll - Customizable HTML5 UI components for touch devices like smartphones and tablets. The missing UI controls from your mobile toolset are finally here
JavaScript  jQuery  Mobile-Apps  Mobile  Web-Development  Web-Dev  UI  UX  Web-Dev-Mobile 
june 2015 by jasondavis
HTML5 Mobile Framework & UI Components | Onsen
The Answer to Cordova UI Development A Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework
CSS  CSS3  Mobile  Web-Development  Web-Dev  JavaScript  jQuery  HTML5 
may 2015 by jasondavis
20 jQuery Side Sliding Panel Plugins (show-hide) For Your Website | Designbeep
20 jQuery Side Sliding Panel Plugins (show-hide) For Your Website | Designbeep
JavaScript  jQuery  CSS  CSS3  Mobile  Slider 
february 2015 by jasondavis

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