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Awesome - Curated list of awesome lists
Awesome - Curated list of awesome lists is a list of over lists! There are tons of Currated Awesome Lists for specific topics which list website bookmarks to some of the best resources related on the topic and currated by everyone as a project on GitHub so the lists are constantly updated with new and "Awesome" resources!

The awesome manifesto
If you want your list to be included on awesome, try to only include actual awesome stuff in your list. After all, it's a curation, not a collection. But what is awesome?

Only awesome is awesome Research if the stuff you're including is actually awesome. Put only stuff on the list you or another contributor can personally recommend and rather leave stuff out than include too much.

Awesome badge Add an awesome badge to the top of your list, right to the title. Example. https://github.com/chiraggude/awesome-laravel


GitHub - https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome
Awesome Weekly Newsletter - https://awesomeweekly.co

Example of some Awesome Lists:
Awesome PHP - https://github.com/ziadoz/awesome-php
Awesome Laravel - https://github.com/chiraggude/awesome-laravel
Awesome PHP Jobs - https://github.com/cloudson/awesome-php-jobs
Awesome WordPress - https://github.com/miziomon/awesome-wordpress
Awesome Alfred Workflows - https://github.com/derimagia/awesome-alfred-workflows
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