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AHK Custom AutoCompletion for edit control, with drop down list Function Library
AHK Autocomplete Edit GUI Function
Autocompletion expands strings that have been partially entered in an edit control into complete strings. For example, when a user starts to enter a URL in the Address edit control that is embedded in the Windows Internet Explorer toolbar, autocompletion expands the string into one or more complete URL options that are consistent with the existing partial string.

URL - https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/96129-ahk-l-custom-autocompletion-for-edit-control-with-drop-down-list/
File - "H:\dev_software\AutoHotkey_1.1.27.03\scripts\ahk_functions\dev_app\My_AHK_Library\scriptmanager-app-1\GUI\AutoComplete_Edit_GUI_Demo.ahk"
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2018/03/chrome_2018-03-27_17-04-50.png
AHK  AutoHotKey  Autocomplete  GUI  Editor  Dev-Tools  Web-Dev-Tools  Textarea  Dropdown  Menu 
march 2018 by jasondavis
MdNote - Markdown Notebook App where each Note in Notebook is a separate MD File
MdNote - Markdown Notebook App where each Note in Notebook is a separate MD File.

- Each Each item in Tree menu of Notebooks is it's own Markdown File and not a generic/dynamic fake tree from a datasource but instead you can actually package a collection of Markdown files together to make a Notebook.
- Live preview panel as you type
- Search to search MD files/notes
- Optional Post MD Note to a Blog
- Optional connect a comment system to a note
- Presentation viewer from MD Notes

Project - http://md-note.com/
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/06/chrome_2017-06-02_09-10-26.png
Markdown  Notes  Notebook  Notebooks  Editor  Docs  Documentation  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WebDevAppModule  Software/Windows  Presentations  Presentation  Slideshow  Promo 
june 2017 by jasondavis
FileVista - File Explorer Library with File Previews and full WIndows Explorer Clone
JavaScript  File  FileManager  FileSystem  Docs  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Editor  Excel  PDF  WebDevAppModule  ZIP  Downloader  Uploader 
may 2017 by jasondavis
WebFlow - CSS/HTML Website Design Editor/Generator Tool Software
WebFlow - CSS/HTML Website Design Editor/Generator Tool Software to build amazing websites quick and easily in a nice GUI which generates the HTML and CSS for the page behind the scenes. You can even load existing templates to build upon or start from nothing. Build responsive websites in your browser, then host with us or export your code to host wherever. Discover the professional website builder made for designers.

Project - https://webflow.com/
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/05/chrome_2017-05-07_16-53-47.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/05/chrome_2017-05-07_16-54-41.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/05/chrome_2017-05-07_16-55-29.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/05/chrome_2017-05-07_16-55-57.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/05/584a07eee4a414db55e60880_export-screenshot.jpg
Dev-Tools  Design  Software/Web-Based  Editor  Generator  CSS  CSS3  HTML  Templates  CMS  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WebDevAppModule 
may 2017 by jasondavis
Swagger - tools to design and build API spec and docs
Swagger is a powerful open source framework backed by a large ecosystem of tools that helps you design, build, document, and consume your RESTful APIs.

Project - http://swagger.io/
API Spec Builder - http://editor.swagger.io/#/
Demo API Docs and API Test routes - http://petstore.swagger.io/
Demo API Spec JSON File - http://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger.json
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/04/1493197726364screensave.png
Documentation  Docs  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  API  JSON  WebDevAppModule  Generator  Build-Tools  Builder  Editor 
april 2017 by jasondavis
Paperwork - Evernote Clone Notebook App
Paperwork - Evernote Clone Notebook App - OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep
Evernote  Notebooks  Notes  Markdown  Laravel  PHP  JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Editor  Software/Web-Based 
march 2017 by jasondavis
Quill - Your powerful, rich text editor
Quill is a free, open source WYSIWYG editor built for the modern web. With its modular architecture and expressive API, it is completely customizable to fit any need.
Editor  Forms  Textarea  WYSIWYG  JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
february 2017 by jasondavis
Markdown-to-HTML - JavaScript library to parse Markdown into HTML w/ many extra features
Markdown-to-HTML - JavaScript library to parse Markdown into HTML. Library is used on live Notebook app Leanote.org. It has these extra capabilities:

- Parse markdown to html. Support for
- Markdown-extra
- tables
- definition lists
- fenced code blocks
- footnotes
- table of contents
- Latex
- UML diagrams
- Flow charts

GitHub - https://github.com/leanote/markdown-to-html
Demo - http://localhost/labs/js/Markdown/markdown-to-html/demo.html
JavaScript  Markdown  Parser  Editor  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Diagrams  UML  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  WebDevAppModule 
february 2017 by jasondavis
Letter - A simple, highly customizable PHP/CSS tool to create letters in your browser
Letter is a simple, highly customizable tool to create letters in your browser. Instead of messing around in Word, Pages or even Indesign, you can write your letters in the browser, export them as HTML or PDF (via Apple Preview).

Written in plain HTML, CSS and some PHP, Letter can be installed in seconds and run either on your machine with PHP's built-in server, something like MAMP or on a server.

You can setup your own letter template and customize the design with CSS.

GitHub - https://github.com/bastianallgeier/letter
Demo- https://bastianallgeier.com/projects/letter/
Image - https://camo.githubusercontent.com/748b05f578c3a5da4238ab32c70724cad8aca305/68747470733a2f2f6261737469616e616c6c67656965722e636f6d2f70726f6a656374732f6c65747465722f73637265656e73686f742e706e67
PHP  Editor  Templates  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Dev-Tools  PDF 
january 2017 by jasondavis
Simplemde-Markdown-Editor - simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor
Simplemde-Markdown-Editor - A simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor. Delightful editing for beginners and experts alike. Features built-in autosaving and spell checking.

GitHub - https://github.com/NextStepWebs/simplemde-markdown-editor
Project - https://simplemde.com
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-13_05-00-20.png
JavaScript  Markdown  jQuery  Editor  HTML  Generator  Textarea  Forms  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Spell-Checking  Auto-Save 
january 2017 by jasondavis
Editr.js - Self-hosted HTML, CSS and JavaScript playground player/viewer
Editr.js - Self-hosted HTML, CSS and JavaScript playground viewer like JSFiddle and CodePen.io's embedded viewer. Define a project and list of files in the projects to play them all in the embedded player

GitHub - https://github.com/Idered/Editr.js
Project - http://lab.kasper.io/editr/
JavaScript  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets  Code  CodePlayground  JSFiddle  Editor 
january 2017 by jasondavis
Uncloak - A live theme editor for Reveal.js colors font and sizes
Uncloak - A live theme editor for Reveal.js Presentation Slider colors font and sizes
JavaScript  Editor  RevealJS  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Generator  CSS 
january 2017 by jasondavis
RevealEditor - Adds a Code Playground for JavaScript CSS and HTML to the RevealJS Presentation Slider
RevealEditor - Adds a Code Playground for JavaScript CSS and HTML to the RevealJS Presentation Slider - An editor for coding demonstrations designed for the HTML presentation platform reveals.js. The editor will allow for a Code Playground with Javascript, HTML, and CSS coding without ever exiting the fullscreen presentation.

The editor was designed to be used with reveal.js, it does not need reveal.js to function.

GitHub - https://github.com/ctangel/RevealEditor
Demo - http://ctangel.github.io/RevealEditor/index.html
JavaScript  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets  CodePlayground  Code  Presentations  RevealJS  Slider  Editor  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools 
january 2017 by jasondavis
Multi-format Table Generator Tool
Quickly create even complex tables online with our generator -- cells merging is supported together with borders editing
Table Formats:
- LaTeX
- Text
- MediaWiki
- Markdown
Generator  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Tables  Markdown  HTML  Wiki  Editor 
december 2016 by jasondavis
TabOverride - Lightweight library allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements like an IDE editor
TabOverride - A lightweight library that allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements to behave more like a code IDE editor. Select multiple lines of text and press Tab key and Shift+Tab to indent and un-indent multiple lines at a time.
Project - http://wjbryant.github.io/taboverride/
GitHub - https://github.com/wjbryant/taboverride
JavaScript  jQuery  Textarea  IDE  Editor  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
december 2016 by jasondavis
SublimeText-JSDocs - Simplifies writing DocBlock comments in Javascript, PHP, and more
SublimeText-JSDocs - Sublime Text plugin that simplifies writing DocBlock comments in Javascript, PHP, CoffeeScript, Actionscript, C & C++
JavaScript  PHP  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Editor  Editor/SublimeText  Software/SublimeText  Documentation 
december 2016 by jasondavis
Atom Minimap-find-and-replace Plugin
Shows Find and replace search results for a document in the Minimap on the Atom code editor
Editor  IDE  Editors/Atom  Minimap 
december 2016 by jasondavis
Atom Minimap-Bookmarks Plugin
Show line bookmarks in the Minimap for the Atom code editor
Editor  IDE  Editors/Atom  Minimap 
december 2016 by jasondavis
Brackets-HTML-Wrapper Extension auto generate lists and more
Brackets Extension that formats <ul>, <ol>, <nav> and <select> children tags with a single command.
Editor  IDE  Editors/Brackets  Generator 
december 2016 by jasondavis
HyperDev - code playground with multi file support to build apps online
Combining automated deployment, instant hosting & collaborative editing, HyperDev gets you straight to coding so you can build full-stack web apps, fast
JavaScript  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets  CodePlayground  JSFiddle  Editor  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Web-Service  Dev-Tools 
october 2016 by jasondavis
PHPFiddle - PHP/MySQL online IDE and execution server
PhpFiddle provides Web IDE and execution environment for PHP/MySQL, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding online
PHP  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Service  Dev-Tools  Debugging  JSFiddle  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets  Editor  IDE  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary 
october 2016 by jasondavis
Boostnote opensource note app for developers
Boostnote, the opensource note app for developer. Markdown files and GIST style Code files with multiple code files as a single file. Tagging, search, and Folders.
Editor  Syntax  Software/Windows  Software/Mac  Software/Linux  Electron-JS-App  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Dev-Tools  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  JavaScript/NodeJS  JavaScript 
august 2016 by jasondavis
Caret - Beautiful Markdown Editor
Caret is a full-featured Markdown editor that stands out with its clean interface, productivity features and obsessive attention to detail.
Mardown  Editor  Software/Windows  Software/Mac  Software/Linux 
august 2016 by jasondavis
Caret - Markdown Editor for Mac / Windows / Linux
Caret is a full-featured Markdown editor that stands out with its clean, keyboard-oriented interface and obsessive attention to detail.
Markdown  Software/Windows  Software/Mac  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Dev  Web-Development  Editor 
july 2016 by jasondavis
WordPress TinyMCE Editor Shortcode UI
WordPress TinyMCE Editor Shortcode UI - - Custom WordPress MCE View and shortcode editor - adds WP editor button, popup form, and WYSIWYG view template that has edit button when it is clicked on and will open popup with fields prefilled in
WordPress  WordPress/Plugin  Editor  Forms  TinyMCE  Shortcode  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  Web-Development  Web-Dev  JavaScript  jQuery 
june 2016 by jasondavis
tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin for Wordpress
TinyMce Bootstrap plugin for Wordpress is the perfect tool for Wordpress to add Bootstrap elements to your pages. Add Bootstrap toolbar to WP TinyMce, create/edit with visual editors
WordPress  WordPress/Plugin  JavaScript  Editor  WYSIWYG  CSS/Bootstrap  Bootstrap  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  Forms  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Buttons 
may 2016 by jasondavis
Mockup Designer - The mockup tool that uses your local storage as backend. It uses local storage of your browser as backend. However the data layer is loosely coupled, so you can integrate with any RESTful API or any Backend service.
Demo: http://fatiherikli.github.com/mockup-designer/
JavaScript/BackboneJS  JavaScript  Mockup  Editor  Graphics/Tools  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools 
april 2016 by jasondavis
Draft-js-plugins - Plugins for DraftJS with great UX Mentions, Hashtags, Stickers, Emoji, Undo-Redo History
Slack-like emoji autocompletion, Facebook-like stickers & mentions, and many more features out of the box to enhance your web application.

Facebook's rich-text editor framework DraftJS built on top of React allows you to create powerful editors. We're building a plugin architecture on top of it that aims to provide you with plug & play extensions. It comes with a set of plugins with great UX serving mobile & desktop as well as screen-readers. You can combine them in any way you want or build your own.
JavaScript  JavaScript/React  Editor  Mentions  Emojis  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Facebook 
april 2016 by jasondavis
AnnotationCanvas.js HTML5 Canvas Image Annotation Library
Lightweight basic HTML5 Javascript Canvas Image Annotation Library for drawing on images with HTML5 canvas. Has support for stroke size, color, square shape, circle shape, arrow shape, loading background image, custom color, undo and redo history functionality. It needs support added for selecting layers and drag to move layers. Possibly also add ability to re-size a layer. This library is a Fork of the RoCanvas.js version 1.4.0 library which it adds several new features to.
Demo: http://localhost/labs/javascript/annotate-images/AnnotationCanvas/sample.html
JavaScript  Canvas  Images  Editor  Graphics/Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Annotate  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary 
april 2016 by jasondavis
Draft.js framework for building rich text editors in React from Facebook
Rich Text Editor Framework for React
Draft.js is a framework for building rich text editors in React, powered by an immutable model and abstracting over cross-browser differences.
GitHub: http://github.com/facebook/draft-js

Draft.js makes it easy to build any type of rich text input, whether you're just looking to support a few inline text styles or building a complex text editor for composing long-form articles.

In Draft.js, everything is customizable – we provide the building blocks so that you have full control over the user interface.
JavaScript  Facebook  Open-Source  Editor  Forms  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WYSIWYG 
march 2016 by jasondavis
Sketch.js - Simple Canvas-based Drawing for jQuery
Sketch.js is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to create canvases upon which visitors can draw.
Editor  Canvas  JavaScript  Screenshots  Web-Development  Web-Dev  jQuery 
march 2016 by jasondavis
jCanvas | jQuery meets the HTML5 canvas
jCanvas is a jQuery plugin that makes the HTML5 canvas easy to work with.
jQuery  JavaScript  Canvas  Images  Graphics/Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Editor  HTML5 
march 2016 by jasondavis
Pixie - Image Editor - JavaScript | CodeCanyon
Pixie is a photo editing & manipulation application. It is perfect for integration into other projects or personal and other use. Unlike other similar products it is built with html5 and javascript and not outdated technologies like flash. This makes Pixie future-proof, allows for much better performance and cross-device compatibility.
JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  API  Image-Manipulation  Images  Graphics/Resources  Graphics/Tools  Software/Web-Based  Moodboards  Editor  Generator 
february 2016 by jasondavis
SkulptJS - entirely in-browser implementation of Python.
Python. Client side. Skulpt is an entirely in-browser implementation of Python.
No preprocessing, plugins, or server-side support required, just write Python and reload.
JavaScript  Python  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets  Editor  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools 
january 2016 by jasondavis
BehaveJS - library for adding IDE style behaviors to plain text areas
Behave.js is a lightweight library for adding IDE style behaviors to plain text areas, making it much more enjoyable to write code in.
JavaScript  jQuery  Editor  IDE  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Syntax 
january 2016 by jasondavis
CodeMirror - JavaScript web browser code editor w/ syntax highlight, indentation, and lots more IDE type features
CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser. When a mode is available for the language you are coding in, it will color your code, and optionally help with indentation.

A rich programming API and a CSS theming system are available for customizing CodeMirror to fit your application, and extending it with new functionality.
JavaScript  jQuery  Editor  IDE  Syntax  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools 
january 2016 by jasondavis
Method-Draw fork of SVG Edit, a web based SVG editor.
Method Draw is a fork of SVG Edit, a web based SVG editor.

The purpose of Method Draw is to improve the usability and user experience of SVG Edit. It removes some features such as
layers and line-caps/corners in exchange for a more simple and pleasant experience.
Graphics/Resources  Graphics/Tools  SVG  Editor  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Image-Manipulation 
august 2015 by jasondavis
Sublimetext PlainNotes Plugin
Simple and pleasant authoring and note taking for SublimeText.

With PlainNotes you can:

Organize notes and thoughts
Maintain todo-lists
Write documents
and probably more
Editor  Software/Windows  Software/SublimeText  Project-Management  Dev-Tools  Web-Dev-Tools 
july 2015 by jasondavis
Ideone.com - Online Compiler and IDE C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl and 40+ other compilers and interpreters
Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages.
PHP  JavaScript  jQuery  Python  Ruby  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools  Web-Service  Editor  CodePen/JSFiddles/Dabblets 
july 2015 by jasondavis
Codiad Web Based IDE by Fluidbyte
Codiad Web IDECodiad is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements.
IDE  Editor  Software/Web-Based  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Dev-Tools 
july 2015 by jasondavis
Banner Designer - Design beautiful banners with this visual banner builder
Banner Designer - Design beautiful banners with this visual banner builder
This application helps you to create awesome banners for your everyday projects. It's so easy that even your grandma can use it!

Well, jokes apart, this app incorporates a customized version of htmltocanvas script that has two fixes. First one is to render background images even if their size was set to "cover". Secondly it turns off the image smoothness. Now it creates super sharp images from a DOM

You can see the demo of this application at http://bannerdesigner.leevio.com

If you're planning to host this app, make sure to enable Apache Mod Rewrite and Apache Mod Proxy (plus Mod Proxy HTTP)

Have fun in designing your next banner!

GitHub - https://github.com/hasinhayder/banner-designer
Demo - http://localhost/labs/banner-designer/index.html
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/banner-designer-generator-screenshot.png
Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  JavaScript  Graphics/Resources  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  Editor  Banners  Generator  Canvas  DragDrop 
june 2015 by jasondavis
Literally Canvas - is an extensible, open source HTML5 drawing widget.
Literally Canvas - is an extensible, open source HTML5 drawing widget. Its only dependency is React.js.
Editor  JavaScript  jQuery  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Graphics/Resources  Dev-Tools  HTML5  Canvas 
june 2015 by jasondavis
Rangy Inputs - jQuery plug-in for selection and caret manipulation in textareas
Rangy Inputs - A small jQuery plug-in for selection and caret manipulation within textareas and text inputs.
jQuery  JavaScript  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Editor 
may 2015 by jasondavis
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