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Bootcards - App UI Framework with panels and mobile app designs can build CRM UI/UX
Bootcards is a cards-based UI framework. It is built on top of Bootstrap and uses it's responsive features. Unlike most other UI frameworks, it includes a dual-pane interface for tablet users.

We think Cards are the design pattern for mobile of the future. Cards are used already on sites and apps like Twitter, Google (Plus, Now), Spotify, Pinterest and Amazon. To kickstart your (and our) projects we decided to create Bootcards.

Main features
- Native look & feel for iOS and Android.
- Independent scrolling columns to support master/detail views.
- Single-pane mode for tablets in portrait: in a master/detail view, the list is hidden to leave more room for the content.
- All markup based on Bootstrap v3.
- Optimized for smartphones AND tablets.

GitHub - https://github.com/bootcards/bootcards
Project - http://bootcards.org/
Docs - http://bootcards.org/site/docs.html
Demo -
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-09-17.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-10-16.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/screencapture-localhost-labs-js-bootcards-ui-framework-samples-double-navbar-html-1484835033686.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-12-11.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-04.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-38.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-17-39.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-23.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-54.png
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january 2017 by jasondavis
PHP-Laravel-Charts - Multi-library chart package with 13 chart libraries and 9 types to create interactive charts
Laravel Charts - Multi-library chart package with 13 chart libraries and 9 types to create interactive charts using PHP Laravel. Includes all these 13 charting libraries:

Chart Libraries
- chartjs
- highcharts
- google
- material
- chartist
- fusioncharts
- morris
- plottablejs
- minimalist
- c3
- canvas-gauges
- justgage
- progressbarjs

Chart Types
- area
- bar
- pie
- donut
- geo
- gauge
- temp
- percentage
- progressbar

GitHub - https://github.com/ConsoleTVs/Charts
Docs - https://erik.cat/projects/Charts/docs/3.0
Tutorial Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrAvrU2XYuY
PHP  PHP/Laravel  Charts  Graphs/Charts  Graphs  Web-Development  Web-Dev  ApolloWebStudio  ApolloLibrary  JavaScript 
december 2016 by jasondavis
The Data Visualisation Catalogue of chart generators
The Data Visualisation Catalogue with all these generators online Area Graph, Bar Chart, Box and Whisker Plot, Bubble Chart, Histogram, Line Graph, Marimekko Chart, Multi-set Bar Chart, Population Pyramid, Radar Chart, Radial Bar Chart, Radial Column Chart, Scatterplot, Span Chart, Spiral Plot, Stacked Area Graph, Stacked Bar Graph Diagram, Arc Diagram, Brainstorm, Chord Diagram, Illustration Diagram, Non-ribbon Chord Diagram, Sankey Diagram, Timeline, Tree Diagram, Venn Diagram, Tables, Calendar, Stem & Leaf Plot, Tally Chart, Time Table, Circle Packing, Donut Chart, Dot Matrix Chart, Nightingale Rose Chart, Parallel Sets, Pictogram Chart, Pie Chart, Proportional Area Chart, Treemap, Word Cloud, Maps/Geographical, Bubble Map, Choropleth Map, Connection Map, Dot Map, Flow Map
Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Web-Service  Dev-Tools  Graphs  Charts 
april 2016 by jasondavis
radialIndicator.js - A light weight circular indicator | ignitersworld.com
radialIndicator is a simple and light weight circular indicator plugin. It supports color range, interpolation, formatting, percentage value and much more, and is easy to configure and update after initialization. And it do work well with jQuery and angular js .
JavaScript  jQuery  Charts  Graphs/Charts  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
january 2016 by jasondavis
Easy pie chart - jQuery plugin uses canvas element to render simple pie charts
Easy pie chart is a jQuery plugin that uses the canvas element to render simple pie charts for single values. These charts are highly customizable, very easy to implement, scale to the resolution of the display of the client to provide sharp charts even on retina displays, and use requestAnimationFrame for smooth animations on modern devices.
JavaScript  jQuery  Charts  Graphs/Charts  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
november 2015 by jasondavis
Piecon / Pie charts in your favicon!
Piecon - Pie charts in your favicon!
A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts in your favicons.
JavaScript  jQuery  Favicon  Charts  Graphs  Web-Development  Web-Dev  ApolloWebStudio 
august 2015 by jasondavis
JointJS - the HTML 5 JavaScript diagramming library.
JointJS: A Complete HTML 5 Diagramming Toolkit - Build advanced visual tools in a fraction of a time.
A set of ready-to-use UI and other components that significantly speed up development of diagramming applications.
JavaScript  jQuery  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Diagrams  Charts  HTML5 
june 2015 by jasondavis
Draw2D - Create Visio like drawings, diagrams or workflows in JavaScript
Create Visio like drawings, diagrams or workflows in JavaScript and HTML5
Draw2D touch is a modern HTML 5 JavaScript library for visualization and interaction with diagrams and graphs. Draw2D touch makes it easy to create visual languages & tools of various kinds.
JavaScript  jQuery  Diagrams  Charts  Graphs/Charts  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Visio 
may 2015 by jasondavis

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