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APL (programming language) - Wikipedia
A key development in the ability to use APL effectively, before the wide use of cathode ray tube (CRT) terminals, was the development of a special IBM Selectric typewriter interchangeable typing element with all the special APL characters on it. This was used on paper printing terminal workstations using the Selectric typewriter and typing element mechanism, such as the IBM 1050 and IBM 2741 terminal. Keycaps could be placed over the normal keys to show which APL characters would be entered and typed when that key was struck. For the first time, a programmer could type in and see proper APL characters as used in Iverson's notation and not be forced to use awkward English keyword representations of them. Falkoff and Iverson had the special APL Selectric typing element, 987 and 988, designed in late 1964, although no APL computer system was available to use them.[15] Iverson cited Falkoff as the inspiration for the idea of using an IBM Selectric typing element for the APL character set.[16]
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Legible Mathematics — Sketches of an interactive arithmetic for programming by Glen Chiacchieri
For more on information design and avoiding interactivity, see Edward Tufte and the Interactivity Considered Harmful section of Bret Victor's Magic Ink. For more about new notations for understanding programs, see Chris Hancock's thesis.
Each subexpression is immediately annotated with the value it produces, allowing us to catch bugs even in the middle of typing. With this notation, the system is completely transparent. Nothing is hidden inside symbols or abstractions, and there is no need to interact with the system to see deeper. We can answer questions about the expression as fast as our eyes can move.

Using this feature to debug our average-speed example above, the expression's misbehavior is clear just
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The New Wave of Indian Type - Library - Google Design
This has been one of the motivations behind Ek Type offering their pan-Indian type projects Mukta and Baloo as open source projects. The collective released the full source code for Mukta under a free and open source license so that its huge range of high-quality glyphs can serve as raw materials for students to learn type design, and for other type designers to do original work in different Indic scripts. Anyone can download the source code for an open source font like Mukta from Github and ‘fork’ it into their own offshoot of the design. Just as Bhandary’s Mina was based on Exo, the code for one font can aid in the development of something entirely new.
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Google Noto Fonts
Unicode / International / i18n fonts
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Alien | Typeset In The Future
cinematic design legend Ron Cobb. He named them the Semiotic Standard For All Commercial Trans-Stellar Utility Lifter And Heavy Element Transport Spacecraft. The production sketches below are from Cobb’s 1981 collected works, Colorvision:
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