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"This kettle works with the heat of an incandescent light bulb 100W, which the sale is forbidden since September, 2009 (in France). and which see ending their production and their existence within homes. So the revolutionary object finished its life sadly, demonized by the ecology. This project  just tries to pay a kind of tribute, staging the bulb, and its death.The kettle becomes out of order, its status of useful object crosses in a fraction of second, an object of memory, a “former” object. It really works, it does not bring the water to the boil but to an ideal temperature for tea: approximately 85 / 90°C." <3 this
100.watts  academic  art  death  delicious-export  design  domesticity  dual.purpose  ecology  electricity  france  green  heat  incandescent  kettle  life  light  lightbulbs  materials  modernism  nourishment  objects  pollution  power  production  reuse  revolution  sustainability  tea  technology  water 
june 2011 by jannon
Map showing subdivision of lands belonging to the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Co. : being the east 1200 acres of the south half of Ranch Ex Mission of San Fernando, Los Angeles County, California
"In 1887, the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company of San Fernando Valley, California purchased a 12,000 acre ranch from J. B. Lankershim aned I. N. Van Nuys. The property, running from Whitsett Avenue on the west, to the Burbank city limits on the East, and from the skyline of the Hollywood Hills on the south"
1880s  1887  burbank  california  cities  citylife  colonialism  delicious-export  history  hollywood.hills  i.n.van.nuys  j.b.lankershim  land  losangeles  planning  power  san.fernando.valley  socal  the.valley  water  whitsett.avenue 
september 2010 by jannon
Booster Station Zuid | GROUP A
"Booster Station-Zuid in Amsterdam is primarily a utility building which contains a technical plant, a pumping-engine for sluicing out sewage. The location in the public realm asks for a careful design, especially because Booster is located next to a busy traffic junction, where elevated metro lines, railways, roads and motorways intersect. The building can be seen as a metaphorical reference to a streamlined engine. The clinging, aerodynamic skin forms an envelope for the buildings technical program. It also emphasises the relation between form and function the building reveals its ducts. The constant stream of passengers by car, metro, train or bicycle perceive the Booster Station as a futuristic sculpture. With its cladding of stainless steel panels it reflects the movements, shapes and colours of the environment. At night the illuminated seams in the steal skin make the building look like a mesh-model. Mass turns into mesh."
architecture  buildings  delicious-export  design  dutch  function  functionalism  futurism  group.a  holland  hydrology  infrastructure  metaphor  modernism  modernism.as.functional.ornamentality  movement  netherlands  ornament  ornamentality  perception  pipes  public  reflection  sculpture  sewage  traffic  utilities  utility  water 
july 2010 by jannon
When Sea Levels Attack
note that it uses the lowest elevation in a city, rather than an average. given the wide range of elevations in los angeles, this gives a rather distorted view of when we might all need to snorkle up.
charts  cities  citylife  climate.change  delicious-export  global  global.warming  informatics  information  migration  ocean  population  reference  sea  sea-level  sustainability  water 
may 2010 by jannon
Barbican | GardenVisit.com, the garden landscape guide
very minimal intro to the garden design at the Barbican. still not clear on who is responsible for the landscape design and the water garden.
20th.century  architecture  barbican  bon  brutalism  chamberlain  culture  delicious-export  design  garden  garden.cities  garden.design  garden.of.earthly.delights  gardening  gardens  housing  landscape  leisure  london  modernism  places  powell  tourism  uk  water 
february 2010 by jannon
Oil, Water, and the Sacred: Super/Natural Resources in Francophone Postcolonial Fiction « Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
probably can't make to santa barbara on a wednesday, but: "Focusing on Nan Bessora’s 2004 novel Petroleum... this paper argues that the ubiquitous deployment of 'natural resources' in francophone postcolonial fiction has always served as a means of figuring the properly political relationship between France and its former colonies and highlighting the resource-extractive politics of colonialism and neo-colonialism, but that it has recently come to signify broader cultural and eco-philosophical differences between metropole and postcolony. ... Political economy and symbolic economies are therefore overlaid in a text that productively troubles the divide between the environmental social sciences and the ostensibly “soft” eco-humanities."
colonialism  delicious-export  events  fiction  france  francophone  holy  lectures  literature  metropole  natural  nature  oil  postcolonialism  postcolony  resources  sacred  sacredness  sanctity  santa.barbara  super  supernatural  the.sacred  ucsb  upcoming  water 
january 2010 by jannon
City of Los Angeles :: Los Angeles River Revitalization
I was driving past some of this along the railroad tracks and such along san fernando near, of course of course, glassell park the other day. also it appears that we might someday not have a concrete river--this is basically a good thing, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who will miss the sublime aspect to an extent.
change  concrete  delicious-export  ecology  environment  gentrification  glassell.park  green  habitat  hydrology  infrastructure  la  land.use  leisure  losangeles  parks  recreation  river  urbanplanning  water 
october 2009 by jannon
Two more L.A. water mains burst overnight, bringing more questions | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
so we have a drought, we have the lowest municipal water usage in 32 years, we just had a major fire, and now ancient pipes are bursting all over the city. mystery = lack of comprehension of patterns of occurrence.
2009  citylife  delicious-export  hydrology  infrastructure  latimes  losangeles  mulholland  news  pipes  water 
september 2009 by jannon
Water demand in Los Angeles reaches a 32-year low, DWP says - Los Angeles Times
fails to mention any connection with the amount of current rental vacancy--not everything is about virtuously not watering your lawn--my guess is that at least part of this statistic is related to what I perceive to be a concurrent drop in actual population. my perception is entirely anecdotal, but I'd be curious to see what the real stats show.
citylife  cutbacks  delicious-export  drought  hydrology  infrastructure  latimes  losangeles  meltdown  policy  politics  regulation  resources  use  water 
july 2009 by jannon
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