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R.A. Forum > GRAEBER, David. "The Shock of Victory" (2007)
some anarchist historiography: "there are no clean breaks in history. The flip-side of the . . . clean break . . . is that anything short of that is not really a victory at all. If capitalism is left standing, if it begins to market your once-subversive ideas, it shows that . . . You’ve lost; you’ve been coopted. To me this is absurd. Can we say that feminism lost . . . just because . . . capitalist firms began marketing feminist . . . products? Of course not: unless you’ve managed to destroy capitalism and patriarchy in one fell blow, this is one of the clearest signs that you’ve gotten somewhere. Presumably any effective road to revolution will involve endless moments of cooptation, endless victorious campaigns, endless little insurrectionary moments or moments of flight and covert autonomy. . . . recently, we’ve been winning quite a lot. The question is how to break the cycle of exaltation and despair and . . . create a cumulative movement towards a new society."
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