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Donald Milham Award | Printing Historical Society
The second half of the 20th century was a period of growth and affluence for British industry; for the printing industry it was a period of rapid change. Letterpress had gone just about as far as it could go in relation to reproduction quality and was slowly and surely slipping over the precipice. The copying machine spurned by the jobbing printer, was taken up by newcomers and with the aid of the Varityper a whole new industry was created. Later the introduction of the desktop computer with digital scanning revolutionised colour printing and brought offset-printed low-cost colour to even the humblest brochure. It is important that these changes are recorded for future generations and the best persons to do this are the very persons who were involved at the time. ... Open to anyone from tea lady to chairman who spent three years or more in the British printing industry, all entries have been archived in the St Bride Library, for access by future printing historians.
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Research and Education - E.A. (Eliza) Steinbock - University of Amsterdam
"The trans-disciplinarity of the project is inspired by the shimmering visual status of some cinematic images; hence, it explores how this visuality might relate to some gender states-of-becoming. The development of this central concept, “shimmering,” will allow me to address the cultural difficulty in seeing and knowing those represented transgender experiences which waver in a largely uncharted “in-between” state of gender. Moreover, I am interested in seeing how shimmering can be used as a critical concept to modify key terms such as subjectivity, corporeality, sexuality, and truth. My interests are in corporeal/material feminism, somatechnics, Deleuzian film theory, post-structuralist philosophy, the Frankfurt School, visual culture, transgender studies, queer theory and (post-)pornography."
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Transition Towns WIKI :: TransitionNetwork / 12Steps
most revealing paragraph? "While you clearly want to avoid any sense that what you are advocating is ‘going back’ or ‘returning’ to some dim distant past, there is much to be learnt from how things were done, what the invisible connections between the different elements of society were and how daily life was supported. Finding out all of this can be deeply illuminating, and can lead to our feeling much more connected to the place we are developing our Transition Town projects."
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