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sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: For art's sake
entire post: "In a famous aside Clement Greenberg observed 'Some day it will have to be told how 'anti-Stalinism', which started out more or less as 'Trotskyism', turned into art for art's sake, and thereby cleared the way, heroically, for what followed.' Actually, it was the other way around. Art for art's sake, chafing under the crude exigencies of proletariat realism and the Popular Front, identified the CP with the bourgeoisie and brilliantly reconstituted itself as Trotskyism.J Hoberman, Vulgar Modernism Nonsense of course outside of a couple of blocks in the Lower East Side, but an intriguing counterfactual could be spun out of this..."
20th.century  abstract.expressionism  abstraction  aesthetics  america  anti-stalinism  art  art.for.art's.sake  art.pour.le.art  avant-garde  bourgeois  clement.greenberg  communism  culture  delicious-export  europe  form  formalism  heroics  history  jewish  latin.america  lower.east.side  modernism  muralism  popular.front  proletarian  proletariat  realism  socialist.realism  style  trotskyism  vanguardism  vulgar 
february 2011 by jannon
From Here To Modernity Buildings Frameset - 3_4
HighPoint OneArchitect: Berthold Lubetkin, (Russia) and TectonConstruction Date: 1933 - 1935Location: London
1930s  1933  1934  1935  20th.century  apartments  berthold.lubetkin  british  corbusier  delicious-export  design  england  high.rise  housing  london  middle.class  modernism  style  tecton  uk 
january 2011 by jannon
From Here To Modernity Buildings Frameset - 3_3
The Lawn Road Flats (Isokon Building)Architect: Wells Coates, (Canada)Construction Date: 1933 - 1934Location: Hampstead, London
1930s  1933  1934  20th.century  agatha.christie  architecture  bauhaus  british  canadian  delicious-export  english  exile  freedom  hampstead  images  isokon  laszlo.moholy-nagy  london  materials  minimalism  modernism  nautical  new.statesman  refugees  shipping  ships  style  travel  uk  walter.gropius  wells.coates 
january 2011 by jannon
Simon of the Desert (1965) - The Criterion Collection
"SYNOPSIS: Simon of the Desert is Luis Buñuel’s wicked and wild take on the life of devoted ascetic Saint Simeon Stylites, who waited atop a pillar surrounded by a barren landscape for six years, six months, and six days, in order to prove his devotion to God. Yet the devil, in the figure of the beautiful Silvia Pinal, huddles below, trying to tempt him down. A skeptic’s vision of human conviction, Buñuel’s short and sweet satire is one of the master filmmaker’s most renowned works of surrealism."
1960s  1965  20th.century  666  a.vast.plane.of.objects  abject  barren  celibacy  christianity  delicious-export  demonology  desert  deserts  deserts.of.the.old.world  devastation  devil  film  geography  gnosis  god  hermetic  hermeticism  history  landscape  luis.buñuel  mediterranean  middle.eastern  monasticism  movies  objects  omphaloskepsis  orientalism  pillars  removal  sadomasochism  self-control  self-denial  self-pity  self-referentiality  self-rule  simeon.stylites  simon  style  stylus  surrealism  symbolism  temptation  time  women 
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