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Adam Kurschwell & Drucilla Cornell—"Feminism, Negativity, Intersubjectivity" | PRAXIS International, Issue 4 (1985) | CEEOL
"For Kristeva, feminine negativity is the unrepresentable, non-violent disrupter of all fixed linguistic and social codes, 'grounded' in the originary relationship to the pre-oedipal mother. Kristeva’s 'femininity' is both destructive power and life-enabling source. In it she sees the potential and home of a mode of relating that is captured by neither repressive totality nor hierarchized difference. However, we will suggest that Kristeva’s sole reliance on the negative makes this goal unreachable, and indeed brings her close to the very tendencies that she wants to avoid. Although Kristeva is well aware of the dangers of separatism, absolute rejection, and abstract negation, her entwinement with the Lacanian framework makes escape difficult. Worse yet, her psychoanalytic approach permits the expression of the longing for a relation beyond the dictates of the Oedipal narrative, but cannot completely escape its spell."
1980s  1985  absolute  abstract  codes  delicious-export  destruction  difference  disruption  femininity  feminism  freud  ground  hierarchy  julia.kristeva  kristeva  lacan  lacanian  life  linguistics  m-otherhood  mode  motherhood  negation  negative.capability  negativity  non-violence  oedipus  philosophy  potential  power  production  psychoanalysis  psychology  rejection  relations  representation  repression  reproduction  semiotics  separatism  totality  turbulence  unrepresentable  women 
september 2010 by jannon
HAUTE POP | open data doesn't empower communities | internet.artizans
"I’m inspired by the idea that nuggets of opened data could seed guerilla public services, plugging gaps left by government, but i don’t see any of that in the data.gov.uk apps list. The reasons aren’t technical but psychosocial - the people and communities who could use this data to help tackle their own disadvantage and marginalisation don’t have the self-confident sense of entitlement that makes for successful civic hacktivism. So why the big push behind open data and the lack of interest in enabling communities? i think the crude answer is ‘bread and circuses’. And anyway, opening up data is a technocrat friendly activity whereas empowering communities is messy and difficult. So we’ll continue to be told that we can improve public services and create future economic growth by linking data rather than tackling power. …The real struggle, as ever, is on the terrain of meanings. Who will write the narrative that we inhabit? And how much does data actually help here?"
cities  citylife  class  community  confidence  data  delicious-export  gov2.0  hacktivism  infrastructure  liberalism  networked.urbanism  open  open.data  openaccess  opencontent  openness  opensource  power  psychology  psychosocial  social.democracy2.0 
june 2010 by jannon
Cosma Shalizi — Review of James R. Flynn, What Is Intelligence? Beyond the Flynn Effect
"The Flynn effect seems to imply at least one of two things: either our ancestors of a century ago were astonishingly stupid, or IQ tests measure intelligence badly. Flynn contends that our ancestors were no dumber than we are, but that most of them used their minds in different ways than we do, to which IQ tests are more or less insensitive; we have become increasingly skilled at the uses of intelligence IQ tests do catch. Though he doesn't put it this way, he thinks that IQ tests are massively culturally biased, and that the culture they favor has been imposed on the populations of the developed countries (and, increasingly, the rest of the world) through a far-reaching, sustained and successful campaign of cultural imperialism and social engineering."
20th.century  abstract  academic  books  causation  change  context  cosma  cosma.shalizi  culture  delicious-export  education  flynn  flynn.effect  history  intelligence  iq  math  meritocracy  myths  patterns  psychology  reading  reviews  science  statistics  testing  thought 
april 2010 by jannon
Nobel Prize in Economics 2002 - Information for the Public
"The values at stake on real-world markets are often of a wholly different magnitude than the rewards which can be offered in an experimental setup. In particular, while emphasizing the importance of monetary incentives in experiments, Smith has developed methods where such incentives are not only sufficiently strong, but also designed to enhance the probability that the results would be applicable in real market situations. A major problem is that subjects’ own (and unobserved) preferences can affect their behavior in an experiment. Consequently, a subject who is assigned the role of buyer, with a given demand function for a good, will not simply behave in accordance with this demand curve. Smith introduced a technique, known as the induced-value method, which solves this problem and provides the subject with incentives to behave as the experimenter intended."
2002  auctions  behavior  capitalism  delicious-export  economics  evaluation  experimental  kahneman  math  methodology  model  modeling  modelling  models  motivations  nobel  nobel.prize.winners  price  pricing  psychology  science  uncertainty  utility  valuation  value  vernon.smith 
april 2010 by jannon
k-punk: The Spy who never came in from the cold world (June 2009)
"And there are some of us, aren't there, who are ... nothing, who are so labile that we astound ourselves. We're the chameleons. I read a story once about a poet who bathed himself in cold fountains so that he could tell he actually existed from the pain of it. [...] People like that, they can't feel anything inside them: no pleasure or pain, no love or hate. They're ashamed and frightened that they can't feel, and their shame, this shame, [....] drives them to extravagance and colour. They have to feel that cold water. Without it, they're nothing. The world sees them as showmen, fantastists, liars, as sensualists perhaps, not for what they are: the living dead." / "Note the slide, in the quotation above, from first-person identification... to third-person disavowal... Smiley is no dysphoric by (un)natural inclination, but dysphoria is an occupational hazard to which he—so labile, so chameon-like, so at home in the zone where no-one warm and full can be at home—is far from immune."
a.murder.of.quality  aesthetics  affect  anhedonia  animals  books  chameleons  change  class  cold  cold.war  cold.world  criticism  dead  dejection  delicious-export  der.mann.ohne.eigenschaften  devastation  dominic.fox  dysphoria  emptiness  existence  fear  feelings  fountains  hate  inclination  john.le.carré  k-punk  lability  literature  living  living.dead  love  occupation  pain  pleasure  politics  psychology  qualities  quality  shame  spying  subjectivity  tenor  the.man.without.qualities  tone  zombies 
december 2009 by jannon
Philosophe Sans Oeuvre: Protest Too Much? Kettle Logic and the G20 Meltdown
some good points, some straw men, some shit: "Yet on the other hand, I think you’ll be hard pushed to find a contemporary scientist who is more anti-humanist, at least in the literal sense of the term: Lovelock is stoically resigned to the fact that approximately eighty percent of the human population will die out within the next hundred years as a consequence of global heating, and believes there’s very little that we can do about it. His fierce naturalism won’t allow him to take seriously any collective political acts against climate change, comparing such a possibility with the likelihood of convincing a shark to become vegetarian by sheer effort. I find his anti-utopian stance on humanity refreshing in terms of its critique of greenwash ideology, which finds its perfect symbol in the well-intentioned but practically useless wind turbines which litter the landscape like a contemporary version of the crucifix."
anarchism  climate.change  consensus  death  delicious-export  energy  england  environment  g20  gaia  genocide  humans  k-punk  kettling  logic  london  lovelock  media  meltdown  owen.hatherley  people  philosophy  politics  power  protest  psychology  public  socialism  socialist.workers.party  swp  tactics  uk  vestas  windmills 
december 2009 by jannon
The Measures Taken: The Functionalist Deviation (2007)
"Functionalism is a vexed term. Denounced, claimed to be impossible, or a pejorative for the ‘merely functional’. Yet for much of the 20th century functionalism was, almost inadvertently, frequently used to denote the revolutionary socialist currents in architecture. . . . usually used to describe the Central European architecture of the 1920s, and more rarely, certain American and British currents in the 1960s. Yet no architect to my knowledge has ever described himself or herself as a functionalist, and as we will see, no unified movement known as ‘functionalism’ has ever really existed as such. Functionalism, then, has for the most part been a negative term, used to describe certain reductive, utilitarian or positivist strains in modernist architecture. . . . the critique of . . . functionalism has frequently been an attack on the possibility of the intersection of architecture and politics as much as the intersections of form and function."
1920s  1930s  1960s  adolf.behne  archigram  architecture  bauen  bauhaus  bruno.taut  buckminster.fuller  cedric.price  chicago  construction  constructivism  criticism  dankmar.adler  de.stijl  delicious-export  engineering  ernst.may  form  frank.gehry  function  functionalism  hannes.meyer  hans.richter  historiography  history  international.style  keynesianism  louis.sullivan  manfredo.tafuri  mart.stam  marxism  modernism  oppositions  owen.hatherley  patrick.keiller  peter.eisenman  philip.johnson  psychology  social.democracy  soviet  style  walter.gropius  werkbund  zweck  zweckmäßigkeit 
december 2009 by jannon
In a Villanelle Mood « London Review Blog
of course, michael wood teaches at princeton, so honestly what does he expect? that that context will deliver him a crowd of students eager to perceive deep structures of society? seriously?? (via danched)
20th.century  academia  barthes  class  claude.lévi-strauss  colm.tóibín  delicious-export  earnest.hand-wringing  ego  history  humour  id  lrb  michael.wood  myths.of.a.golden.age  nostalgia  poetry  psychoanalysis  psychology  saussure  semiotics  structuralism  students  theory  villanelle 
november 2009 by jannon
k-punk: Adolf Brent
"What you have to think about is how last night looked to those with sympathies towards the BNP: an unctuous liberal smug-in which cast Griffin in the preferred role of the racist, victim. Griffin's claim that 'we are the aboriginals,' his talk of whites as the 'real victims of racism' makes plain the racists' envy of those they hate . . . the fact that there was an evident obscene underside to his discourse last night will only confirm in his sympathisers' mind the impression that he was prevented from telling the 'truth.'" <-- further confirms my sense that really everyone ought to read savran's book on masochism and that really no one has. because honestly, he lays the whole concept of white male 'victimhood' bare and sets it within a devastating critique of 'the authentic' and 'the real' that is not really pomo but rather very smartly freudian & marxist.
blogs  bnp  class  debate  delicious-export  discourse  discussion  england  fascism  immigration  liberalism  libido  masochism  media  migration  nick.griffin  no.platform  perception  platforms  politics  psychology  public  public.sphere  speech  uk  victimhood  xenophobia  öffentlichkeit 
october 2009 by jannon
k-punk: How the Other Half Doesn't Live
"Surfacing can be situated as part of another fin-de-Sixties/ early 70s moment: the post-psychedelic oceanic. Atwood's lake, viscous with blood and other bodily fluids, has something in common with the "bitches brew" that Miles plunges into in 69, emerging, catatonic, only six years later; it approaches the deep sea terrains John Martyn sounds out on Solid Air and One World. "Pale green, then darkness, layer after layer, deeper than before, seabottom: the water seemed to have thickened, in it pinprick lights flicked and darted, red and blue, yellow and white, and I saw that they were fish, the chasm-dwellers, fins lined with phosphorescent sparks, teeth neon. It was wonderful that I was down so far..." But these spaces of dissolved identity are not approached from the angle of a now tortured, now lulled male on a vacation from the Symbolic, but from the perspective of someone who was never fully integrated into the Symbolic in the first place."
1960s  1970s  antihuman  aphasia  atwood  blogs  cold.world  culture  deleuze  delicious-export  dissolution  dysphoria  euphoria  freud  integration  jameson  k-punk  language  literature  living.death  miles.davis  militance  music  not.dying  oceanic  politics  psyche  psychedelic  psychology  refusal  the.symbolic  undead 
september 2009 by jannon
k-punk: Be negative
not mentioned but related: employees as deputized "brand-managers" in social media as another form of economically enforced compulsory positivity and enclosure of affect & its expressions. also the conservatism of youth is something I feel like I could write for ages on, if I could ever write . . .
affect  affirmationism  blahblahblah  boosterism  capitalism  cheer  cheerleading  compulsory  compulsory.affirmationism  compulsory.positivity  conservatism  consumption  criticism  delicious-export  depression  energy  everything.is.cool  flatness  get.excited.and.make.things  k-punk  liking.anything  music  negativity  nostalgia  pop  positivity  psychology  punk  radical  youth 
september 2009 by jannon
Mind Hacks: The myth of the concentration oasis
ignores the whole history of the university and learned culture prior to thomas edison (and the effects of divisions of labor in hierarchically constructed societies), but still somewhat of a valid argument.
argument  attention  brain  children  cognitive.development  delicious-export  digital  focus  great.transformation  historiography  history  internet  leisure  parenting  pedagogy  productivity  psychology  science  society  technology  twitter 
february 2009 by jannon
BLDGBLOG: Greater Los Angeles
love. best thing I've read since the last time I wrote "best thing I've read" as a comment here.<---looking at this again in 2009, I guess when I am stuck in mild depression I am basically feeling cynically like: hell, there is no fighting and winning anyway, so you may as well build it into the most incomprehensible extreme, where escape and nothingness absorbs every ephemeral moment.
apocalypse  architecture  blog  california  cities  city  citylife  concrete  culture  delicious-export  design  driving  dystopia  embarassment  essay  freedom  fun  home  human  humanity  identity  importance  life  local  losangeles  love  meaning  narcissism  nostalgia  parking  perspective  philosophy  psychology  quotes  social.pressure  society  spaces  spatiality  travel  urbanism  urbanplanning  writing 
october 2007 by jannon
Did Chess Make Him Crazy? - TIME
wilhelm steinitz may have been a distant relative... (or it is may be? I cannot figure out the grammar of genealogical relationships with the dead)
chess  delicious-export  games  insanity  mental.illness  monomania  paranoia  possible.cousins.from.the.past  psychology  specious.reasoning  speculation 
july 2007 by jannon

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