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The bad old days will end
the wonderful world of professional wrestling, psychogeography, allotments and the class struggle.
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july 2010 by jannon
k-punk: London after the rave (2006)
historical importance, but I never trust the elegiac. also comments on dub and dubstep here seem dubious. and then there is the nuum stuff.
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july 2010 by jannon
Against Situationism | varnelis.net
see discussion in the footnotes. apparently some of my personally current reading is coming out of a larger societal contestation with situationism in particular? (and this probably embedded in an even larger project of intense reading and re-reading of political thought & history that's going on now?) also, would seem like the arguments here get stuck in another case of being-essence versus instrumental use/symbolic deployment. seems like it is necessary to see what parts of situationism got us here and how and why, in a more complete way . . .
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august 2009 by jannon

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