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Third Class on a One-Class Train: Fairy Jobmother deconstructed.
"On another note, it’s revealing that Taylor’s partially-successful methods required the production company to shell out on bereavement counselling sessions, gym membership, new clothes and an expensive makeover before even one of the family could enter work. The average jobseeker could not afford any of these things. . . . The obvious point to conclude from this is that the family were too poor to find work. Without some source of disposable cash, they were incapable (even if they were willing) of improving themselves to the standard required." (via danched)
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july 2010 by jannon
Review: Framing Modernism | ICON MAGAZINE ONLINE (May? or June? 2009)
"Modernism was the first form of architecture to be decisively shaped by the camera, to the point where, in the 1930s, architectural critics complained that buildings were being designed with the specific purpose of looking good in photogravure. And 'classical' inter-war modernism, a Mediterranean world of white walls and blue skies, still has a grip on architectural photography: it is a permanently optimistic place where the sun is always shining and road signs, lamp-posts, adverts and, for the most part, people, are an irrelevant encumbrance standing in the way of the pure, Platonic forms. It's rather apt, then, that this exhibition of photography should be centred on the architectural output of one of the 20th century's most spectacularly unreal and deceitful regimes - Mussolini's Italy. . . . This exhibition shows how adroit the regime was at deploying modernism to put an elegant gloss on its brutality."
1920s  1930s  20th.century  abyssinia  architecture  athletics  collection  collector.scum  collectors  delicious-export  eric.estorick  estorick  ethiopia  exhibition  exhibitions  fascism  history  international.style  italy  modernism  owen.hatherley  photography  politics  propaganda  sport  sports  stadia  war 
november 2009 by jannon
Brooklyn Museum: Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present
via cassettemythos; quoting mts: "In Buckland's attempt to elevate the visual culture of rock music, she glosses over a lot of important stuff for the sake of history. Case in point: the Stones concert photo. It's an interesting photo, but the access for that show was restricted to *one* photographer. I don't believe that photographs are truthful, but I do care about who and what has a stake in determining the final outcome of an image -- and restricting media access certainly calls that into question. Concert photographs are typically published as 'news,' which grapples with its own issues of objectivity. Yes, this is like any other sort of photojournalism, but in the realm of music coverage, it has a variety of issues. . . . Overall, I find the exhibit to be a fascinating memory product. The music industry is a sinking ship, and here we have an exhibit that packages it as edgy and attractive."
20th.century  access  brooklyn  control  culture  delicious-export  documentary  exhibit  exhibition  history  imagery  images  industry  marketing  museum  music  news  packaging  photography  photojournalism  pop  popular  production  propaganda 
november 2009 by jannon
k-punk: False discussion in this institution
"What is evaded here is the way that racism is not some naturally-occurring tendency but, necessarily, a displacement of the class antagonisms which the neoliberal consensus . . . has a vested interest in covering up. . . . The neoliberal tactic has been to ignore resentment and aggrievement altogether - to maintain that such feelings are a moral, educational or pyschiatric failure of those who have not accepted metropolitan, "modernising" values . . . the right wing media . . . relentlessly sends the same message: it isn't the poor provision of services and resources that is the issue, but the monopolisation of these . . . by whatever racial Other is being demonised that week. . . . Only when working class grievances and resentments can be re-narrativised by a new politial agent can this frame be broken." <-- solid, but incomplete, as critiques of intersectionality etc. are not about neoliberal 'diversity' but rather understanding how exploitation functions unevenly.
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october 2009 by jannon
Tabloid Watch: Giving the far-right a platform (September)
let's consider the power dynamics behind the insidious spread of terrible ideas, rather than the fear mongering around the spread and movement of 'other' people.
anxiety  bnp  delicious-export  economics  emotions  england  fear  fear.of.sharing  headlines  ideas  island.prison  isolationism  journalism  migration  panic  platforms  politics  propaganda  public.sphere  quarantine  resources  slogans  soundbites  spread  tabloids  the.daily.express  uk  words  xenophobia 
october 2009 by jannon
sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: Finsbury: the final insult
read this one awhile ago, but forgot to save it. also, title still appropriate given news from past week or so. and as far as propaganda roughly along the rhetorical lines of "this is what we fight the wars for--to save this," it's a hell of a lot more appealing as a vision than oxford, academia, museums, "culture," et effing cet. I mean, a better life for everyone, via totes nice infrastructure accessible to everyone: um yes please.
architecture  delicious-export  finsbury  gentrification  health  healthcare  infrastructure  inspiration  london  lubetkin  nhs  nothing.is.too.good.for.the.ordinary.people  owen.hatherley  politics  privatization  propaganda 
october 2009 by jannon
Cowabunga Cuts « An und für sich
selling cuts to services not even as austerity but as local empowerment, "radical" and "progressive." (via danched)
barnet  budget  budget.cuts  conservative  cutbacks  delicious-export  empowerment  government  language  local  localism  politics  propaganda  services  teenage.mutant.ninja.turtles  uk  via:danched 
september 2009 by jannon
Julius Shulman's photos promoted the allure of Southern California living - Los Angeles Times
"all the ways his work helped pry modern architecture loose from the demands of the city and from the sense of social mission that inspired its European pioneers in the early years of the 20th century" maybe I don't have to write the little thing on shulman as propagandist for the co-opting of modernism by suburbia that I was thinking I might have to get off my ass and write...cuz I could just have christopher hawthorne do it for me, and then nitpick the details. why not.
GRI  architecture  art  autotopia  boosterism  bunker.hill  california  century.city  christopher.hawthorne  christopher.james.alexander  citylife  culture  delicious-export  housing  julius.shulman  latimes  modernism  photography  propaganda  suburbia  urban.planning  wim.de.wit 
july 2009 by jannon

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