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The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project.
@misschazmatazz @codawaits oh also, might be good stuff avail here/via these people:
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may 2011 by jannon
Simon of the Desert (1965) - The Criterion Collection
"SYNOPSIS: Simon of the Desert is Luis Buñuel’s wicked and wild take on the life of devoted ascetic Saint Simeon Stylites, who waited atop a pillar surrounded by a barren landscape for six years, six months, and six days, in order to prove his devotion to God. Yet the devil, in the figure of the beautiful Silvia Pinal, huddles below, trying to tempt him down. A skeptic’s vision of human conviction, Buñuel’s short and sweet satire is one of the master filmmaker’s most renowned works of surrealism."
1960s  1965  20th.century  666  a.vast.plane.of.objects  abject  barren  celibacy  christianity  delicious-export  demonology  desert  deserts  deserts.of.the.old.world  devastation  devil  film  geography  gnosis  god  hermetic  hermeticism  history  landscape  luis.buñuel  mediterranean  middle.eastern  monasticism  movies  objects  omphaloskepsis  orientalism  pillars  removal  sadomasochism  self-control  self-denial  self-pity  self-referentiality  self-rule  simeon.stylites  simon  style  stylus  surrealism  symbolism  temptation  time  women 
october 2010 by jannon
Cahiers du Cinema: Top Ten Lists 1951-2009
the list is the barest and most basic form of criticism, stripping away all the words to reveal canonizing force pur. anyway.
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july 2010 by jannon
"Find enclosed one Batmans..." — I love Watchman, but hated the movie - that aside,...
I pretty much only liked the opening credits (and the fact that all the accessories were correctly dated). the movie said everything and nothing about the transformation of new york city in the past twenty years.
1980s  2000s  aesthetics  art  batman  bruce.wayne  citylife  comics  culture  delicious-export  details  film  goodbye.20th.century  goodbye.to.all.that  gotham  gotham.city  movies  nyc  popculture  popular  watchmen 
may 2010 by jannon
The 400 Blow Jobs
major spoilers for Tsai Ming-liang’s The Wayward Cloud (Tian bian yi duo yun [2005]).
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april 2010 by jannon
BLDGBLOG: Nakatomi Space (January 2010)
very interesting and not a little problematic. on a side note, quoting enrique ramirez from the comments: "Fox Plaza in Century City … the building was designed by William Pereira" (via danched)
2000s  architecture  article  bldgblog  blog  borders  building  buildings  century.city  cinema  cities  city  control  criticism  deleuze  delicious-export  die.hard  essay  eyal.weizman  film  fox  gamespace  geography  geometry  history  holes  holey.space  idf  israel  japan  japanese  losangeles  military  movement  movies  nablus  navigation  palestine  parkour  power  smooth.space  space  striated.space  urban  urbanism  walls  war  warfare  west.bank  william.pereira 
march 2010 by jannon
k-punk: "They killed their mother": Avatar as ideological symptom
doesn't get at any of the other ways that Avatar is bullshit, but still: "'There's nothing we have that they want,' concludes Sam Worthington's Jake Sully of the Na'vi. Yet the Na'vi predictably seduce Sully, who quickly 'forgets everything' about his former life on earth (about which we learn almost nothing, beyond the fact that he is a marine who got injured in the course of battle) and embraces the wholeness of the Na'vi way of life. Sully attains wholeness through his avatar Na'vi body in a double sense: first, because the avatar is able-bodied, and, secondly, because the Na'vi are intrinsically more 'whole' than the (self-)destructive humans. Sully, the marine who is 'really' a tree-hugging primitive, is a paradigm of that late capitalist subjectivity which disavows its modernity. There's something wonderfully ironic about the fact that Sully's—and our—identification with the Na'vi depends upon the very advanced technology that the Na'vi's way of life makes impossible."
anarchism  anticapitalism  avatar  capitalism  cinema  colonialism  community  criticism  culture  deleuze  delicious-export  environmentalism  film  green  history  ideology  immersion  info  james.cameron  k-punk  knowledge  media  meta  modernity  mother.earth  movies  philosophy  politics  power  primitivism  reading  reviews  rimbaud  settler.logic  sf  spinoza  subjectivity  technology  theory 
january 2010 by jannon
k-punk: Post-Apocalypse Now
this would make more sense if I had read any lacan ever: "Capitalist realism keeps attention on the ephemeral plenitude of wealth and social status, containing the nullity of ecological catastrophe as an anamorphic blot at the edge of vision. It has the advantage that such an operation is already routinely at the level of individual psychology in respect of death, whose repression no doubt one of the ‘falsities’ that, according to Nietzsche, is necessary for life. So one tactic is to stop imagining eco-catastrophe and Realise it – which is not to say bring it about, but to act as if it has already happened. . . . The only way to prevent the catastrophe . . . is to project ourselves into the post-apocalyptic situation and think what we would have done to have avoided it. In other words, we must act as if what is in fact the case—the inevitability of catastrophe—is the case. The simulation, the as-if, is necessary in part because the Real . . . can only emerge in the form of a fiction."
acceleration  anticapitalism  apocalypse  art  as.if  capitalism  capitalist.realism  catastrophe  causality  change  culture  death  deleuze  delicious-export  drive  environment  environmentalism  fiction  film  future.perfect  gattungswesen  grammar  holbein  imagination  k-punk  lacan  machines  marxism  meltdown  movies  narrative  nick.land  philosophy  project  projection  projects  realization  retroactive.causation  retrofuturism  singularity  species-being  terminator  the.Real  theory  time  verwirklichung  vision  what.will.have.become  what.will.have.been.done  what.will.have.come.into.being 
december 2009 by jannon
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