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Jewish Review of Books
so, nu, the nyrb wasn't jewish enough? whatev, another journal that might write about stuff I care about.
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march 2011 by jannon
this is wrong. useful, but wrong. it's a really really really bad reading of "before the law" in particular. (via danched)
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january 2011 by jannon
Wisdom of Solomon 17:3
entire bit: "For while they supposed to lie hid in their secret sins, they were scattered under a dark veil of forgetfulness, being horribly astonished, and troubled with [strange] apparitions."
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may 2010 by jannon
Terry Eagleton: Rebuking obnoxious views is not just a personality kink | Comment is free | The Guardian (2007)
the thing that bugs me the most about accusations of racism by leftists and marxists is when these fail to directly acknowledge racism as a structural system of oppression rather than primarily a matter of moral failure by individuals. rebuking public figures is fun and frequently necessary, but generally insufficient. (indirectly via danched)
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may 2010 by jannon
Susan Sontag—Simone Weil | The New York Review of Books 1, no. 1 (1963)
someone recently compared me to simone weil, who I hadn't heard of in my little bubble. I don't think the comparison is entirely fair, though it's not entirely inapt, either. that sucks for me, I guess. will have to change my life, then.
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april 2010 by jannon
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