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Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record
"Harbor Hills Housing Project, Two Story Walk-Up Type, 26607 Western Avenue, Lomita, Los Angeles, CA" --- I vote not good enough: dangerous staircases, otherwise boring design.
architecture  archives  buildings  delicious-export  fha  harbor.hills  housing  lewis.e.wilson  libraries  loc  lomita  losangeles 
june 2010 by jannon
Activist Librarian/Library Activist
"Mark C Rosenzweig was Director and Chief Librarian/Archivist at the Reference Center for Marxist Studies in NYC. He is presently teaching in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, Peoples Republic of China at Jiansu University of Science and Technology. He is the co-editor of the journal 'Progressive Librarian' and co-founder of the Progressive Librarians Guild. He is presently a Councilor at Large of the American Library Association (ALA) and an elected member of the 'Action Council' of the Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) of the ALA. An activist librarian and library activist, finding more and more of them everywhere, ready to make common cause."
activism  activist  ala  china  delicious-export  jiangsu  jiansu  librarian  librarians  libraries  mark.c.rosenzweig  marxism  marxist  nyc  people  progessive  progressive.librarians.guild  reference  ssrrt  zhenjiang 
may 2010 by jannon
Pink Slips—and Rumors—Fly in L.A. | American Libraries Magazine
so perhaps not all the certified school librarians will be laid off, they haven't yet, but the situation is still dire and remains unclear
2010  crisis  delicious-export  education  libraries  losangeles  meltdown  school  schools 
march 2010 by jannon
Forgetting, to live « Squares of Wheat
"If the tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living, is the physical form of the nightmare, the tumour itself, the archive?... As the Copenhagen summit approaches, Brian Kelly suggests that stored data might have a serious carbon footprint, and is encouraging scientists to save polar bears by deleting surplus data. Kelly’s talking about the large datasets that researchers create and back up, but he might equally be talking about ‘cultural’ resources too. The digitisation neurosis of the early twenty-first century, the drive to create endlessly duplicable and available electronic copies of literary and artistic works ... requires the constant whirring of hard drives, the persistent presence of electrically live bandwidth, and the consequent carbon on-costs.... So Marx’s psychic nightmare of history becomes a physical threat, our embodied memories a menace to our very existence..."
18th.brumaire  anonymity  archives  cancer  carbon  climate.change  copenhagen  danny.birchall  delicious-export  digital  digital.collections  digitization  erasure  escape.the.archive  forgetting  forgiveness  freedom.from.information  history  libraries  life  marx  memory  museums  nightmare  politics  priorities  reinvention  second.chances  technology  tumor 
january 2010 by jannon
Stanford University Libraries Cut 15%, Lose Staff, Hours, Materials Budget - 6/18/2009 - Library Journal
just for the record keeping. also: " At the University of Michigan, the budget hasn’t been finalized, but some 90 of 420 staffers have been encouraged to retire. If they do so by August, they’ll get nine months of salary."
2009  academia  capitalism  capitalism.is.crisis  class  delicious-export  higher.ed  knowledge  layoffs  librarians  libraries  lj  meltdown  nonprofit  stanford  workers 
december 2009 by jannon
Peter Blake Papers, 1950-1998 | Columbia, Avery Library
another important figure in "what happened" maybe: "Born Peter Jost Blach in Berlin in 1920, Blake was educated as an architect at the University of Pennsylania under Louis Kahn. Blake worked professionally as curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1948 to 1950, served on the editorial staff of Architectural Forum, House & Home, and Magazine of Building, founded Architecture Plus magazine, and wrote numerous monographs and critical articles on contemporary architecture. Although he practiced architecture intermittently, Blake taught architecture at several universities and was chairman of the Boston Architectural Center and of Catholic University’s department of architecture and planning. Blake also maintained close friendships with many prominent architects and artists, publishing his memoir No Place Like Utopia: Modern Architecture and the Company We Kept in 1993. Blake died near Branford, Connecticut, in 2006."
20th.century  architect  architects  architecture  archives  avery.library  boston  columbia  delicious-export  emigration  finding.aids  frank.lloyd.wright  german  history  libraries  library  magazines  modernism  nyc  pedagogy  people  peter.blake  style  teaching 
november 2009 by jannon
Charles Luckman Papers | LMU
"This collection consists of the personal papers of the architect and business leader Charles Luckman (1909-1999). Luckman was president of Pepsodent and Lever Brothers in the 1940s. In the 1950s, with William Pereira, he resumed his architectural career and eventually developed a nationally-known firm responsible for such buildings as the Boston Prudential Center, the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles, and New York's Madison Square Garden."
1930s  1940s  1950s  20th.century  LMU  architect  architects  architecture  archives  boston  buildings  business  charles.luckman  delicious-export  finding.aids  lever.brothers  lever.house  libraries  losangeles  madison.square.garden  modernism  nyc  papers  penn.station  pepsodent  socal  the.pru  unilever  william.pereira 
november 2009 by jannon
Guide to the Elsa Gidlow Papers, 1898-1986 (bulk dates 1920-1986)
magical history of california file: "'We always joked that Elsa was born avant garde: North American's first published writer of a lesbian poetry volume (1923); radical feminist of the "first wave;" protest-poet attacked by McCarthyites; member of San Francisco's bohemian, psychedelic, then New Age and women's spirituality circles. Elsa fought life-long against class privilege, organized religion, and sexism, while fighting for all varieties of love and beauty.' Gidlow led the precarious career of a freelance journalist. She created a rich vein of protest and love poetry, while supporting her family and others. She also created, in the fifties, one of the renown garden-retreats of the coast redwoods [Druid Heights]."
1920s  20th.century  alan.watts  archives  california  class  delicious-export  druid.heights  feminism  feminist  finding.aids  lesbians  libraries  montreal  new.age  new.york  orientalism  people  philosophy  poet  poetry  queer  religion  sanfrancisco  spirituality  tetreauville  women  yorkshire 
october 2009 by jannon
Rapid Research Notes
"The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at NIH, . . . developed an archival service to support research shared through new venues for rapid communication enabled by the internet. Introduced in August 2009, the archive, called Rapid Research Notes (RRN), allows users to access and cite research that is provided through participating publisher programs designed for immediate communication. The RRN archive was prompted in part by the spring 2009 worldwide outbreak of H1N1 influenza and the call for a means to quickly share research information about this critical and emergent public health threat. To address the influenza information sharing need, the Public Library of Science developed PLoS Currents Influenza, the first collection being archived in RRN. NCBI expects the RRN archive to expand over time to include additional collections in other biomedical fields and other critical topics."
biotech  collaboration  communication  delicious-export  flu  forums  h1n1  health  influenza  information  knowledge  libraries  medical  medicina  medicine  ncbi  news  nih  nlm  noticias  publishing  pubmed  rapid  research  scholarly.communication  science  sharing  sources  speed 
october 2009 by jannon
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