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Connie Butler Hammer museum new chief curator MoMA - latimes.com
in other l.a. art news, this one is a few days but it's so great: WACK was such a fantastic show and this is deserved
people  art  feminism  women  moca  losangeles  the.hammer  wack  connie.butler  curators  academia  institutions  latimes  2013  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
MOCA architecture show in jeopardy - latimes.com
oh wow jeez: “: Yikes. MOCA's "New Sculpturalism" might be cancelled. Gehry calls it "a trivialization." ”
latimes  moca  jeff.deitch  total.disaster  new.sculpturalism  losangeles  architecture  pst  2013  christopher.hawthorne  getty  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
Arnold Schwarzenegger to call for deep spending cuts, plead for U.S. aid | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
"'As bitter as the words are in my mouth, we face additional cuts,' Schwarzenegger said in his State of the State speech before lawmakers Wednesday. 'We know what that means. We know the pain it entails. I mean, what can we say at this point except the truth, that we have no choice?' . . . The governor will call for $8 billion in aid from Washington. If the funds don't come through, he will propose the wholesale elimination of CalWorks, the state's main welfare program, as well as a program that provides in-home care to the elderly and disabled." <-- god, I hate california sometimes.
2010  california  california.nightmare  calworks  capitalism  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  cutbacks  cuts  delicious-export  depression  education  funding  latimes  meltdown  news  public.transit  safety.net  schwarzenegger  shock.doctrine  spending  stripping.it.all.away  the.governator 
january 2010 by jannon
Modern-day share-cropping -- latimes.com (June 2009)
"Los Angeles County has nearly 3,800 plots in 60 public community gardens, but nearly all have waiting lists. Eight acres in Long Beach accommodate 308 gardeners, but volunteer coordinator Lonnie Brundage says the waiting list has been capped at 85 -- and she still she receives about 30 phone calls a week from residents eager to dig in. . . . With demand outpacing supply, grass-roots efforts are underway to help apartment dwellers and condo owners who have the will to till, but not the land. Some call it share-cropping, though others prefer terms such as garden swapping or yard sharing. The idea is the same: Would-be gardeners get a place to plant and tend, and homeowners lacking the time or interest to garden themselves can share the fruits of someone else's labor." ---or you know, the city could zone a lot more community gardens! and so on
access  agriculture  allotments  citylife  collaboration  community  control  delicious-export  environment  food  gardening  housing  labor  land  latimes  losangeles  ownership  philanthropy  schrebergarten  sharecropping  sharing  wealth 
december 2009 by jannon
Two more L.A. water mains burst overnight, bringing more questions | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
so we have a drought, we have the lowest municipal water usage in 32 years, we just had a major fire, and now ancient pipes are bursting all over the city. mystery = lack of comprehension of patterns of occurrence.
2009  citylife  delicious-export  hydrology  infrastructure  latimes  losangeles  mulholland  news  pipes  water 
september 2009 by jannon
D.A. to retry Lisker in mother's 1983 slaying -- latimes.com
why is the d.a. doing this?guy served 26 years for a conviction that's now been overturned as based on faulty evidence . . . are we so punitive that we have to spend tax dollars trying dig up new evidence after more than a 1/4 century, given that I'm pretty sure that double jeopardy means they can't just try to convince a whole new dozen people to convict on the same evidence that's already been successfully challenged? srsly, what is the damn point?
1980s  1983  conviction  crime  delicious-export  double.jeopardy  false.conviction  imprisonment  latimes  law  legal  losangeles  murder  policing  punishment  sfv  system  valley 
august 2009 by jannon
Villaraigosa says local governments should unite in effort to finish Westside subway [Updated] | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times
now that he's dealing with the idea that he screwed up his chance to run for governor, I guess he's trying to rebuild his local legacy. at least that's something. also, yes, what the hell, subway along wilshire must get past westwood before 2036! (of course, this and other things would be easier if we could draw on the beverly hills taxbase directly and not have to put up with their intransigence or that of other such islands of smugness and wealth . . . always always about where you draw the boundaries of the polity, isn't it?)
2036  authority  beverly.hills  can.we.have.a.city.now.please?  citylife  delicious-export  infrastructure  justice  latimes  losangeles  politics  polities  public  public.good  red.line  red.lines  subway  subway.to.the.sea  transit  transportation  urban.planning  villaraigosa  westside  westwood  wilshire 
august 2009 by jannon
Maguire Properties to default on 7 prime office buildings - Los Angeles Times
article is mostly about orange county, but "Maguire Properties is downtown L.A.'s largest office landlord and considers the city's financial district its primary market. Other holdings there include U.S. Bank Tower, the tallest building in the West." also one of the ugliest, maybe. at least, I'm not fond of it.
commercial  commercial.space  delicious-export  downtown  latimes  losangeles  maguire  meltdown  orange.county  real.estate 
august 2009 by jannon
William Bratton: A top cop - Los Angeles Times
I missed out on kpfk coverage yesterday, but kpcc was practically falling all over itself with praise. he's an important person for sure, from boston's broken windows to new york's aggressive compstat revival, to the more quiet but almost relentless sense of rising middle class safety in los angeles lately. on the whole, he did a lot better here than I expected. one reason why is roughly this bit: "The difference is that under Bratton the tensions dissipated, in large part because the chief made it clear that he took anger and outrage seriously, that while he backed his officers, he was willing to question their actions, training and command, and that he was intent on making sure the same mistakes never happened again." can't speak to whether is really true, but at least he gave off this appearance in los angeles (unlike in new york).
2000s  2002  2009  bill.bratton  boston  broken.windows  communities  community  compstat  control  crime  delicious-export  gentrification  jim.hahn  latimes  losangeles  may.day  nyc  police  policing  quality.of.life  safety  tension  villaraigosa  violence 
august 2009 by jannon
Water demand in Los Angeles reaches a 32-year low, DWP says - Los Angeles Times
fails to mention any connection with the amount of current rental vacancy--not everything is about virtuously not watering your lawn--my guess is that at least part of this statistic is related to what I perceive to be a concurrent drop in actual population. my perception is entirely anecdotal, but I'd be curious to see what the real stats show.
citylife  cutbacks  delicious-export  drought  hydrology  infrastructure  latimes  losangeles  meltdown  policy  politics  regulation  resources  use  water 
july 2009 by jannon
Cal State trustees approve 20% fee hike, faculty and staff furloughs [Corrected] | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times
the california system, once a serious commitment to a nearly complete, almost universally accessible network of higher education with transfer-potential between community colleges, cal states, and the uc's: getting gutted right and left and up and down.
academia  betrayal  budget  budget.cuts  cal.state  california  crisis  cutbacks  delicious-export  education  fees  government  higher.ed  highered  latimes  meltdown  public  service 
july 2009 by jannon
Julius Shulman's photos promoted the allure of Southern California living - Los Angeles Times
"all the ways his work helped pry modern architecture loose from the demands of the city and from the sense of social mission that inspired its European pioneers in the early years of the 20th century" maybe I don't have to write the little thing on shulman as propagandist for the co-opting of modernism by suburbia that I was thinking I might have to get off my ass and write...cuz I could just have christopher hawthorne do it for me, and then nitpick the details. why not.
GRI  architecture  art  autotopia  boosterism  bunker.hill  california  century.city  christopher.hawthorne  christopher.james.alexander  citylife  culture  delicious-export  housing  julius.shulman  latimes  modernism  photography  propaganda  suburbia  urban.planning  wim.de.wit 
july 2009 by jannon
LAX parking lot is home away from home for airline workers
"For several years, clusters of RVs were scattered around the airport's parking lots until LAX officials decided to consolidate them in Lot B. Now operating as an organized camp overseen by the airport, it has an unofficial mayor, a code of conduct and residency requirements, including background checks, regular vehicle inspections and proof of employment at an air carrier. . . . About 10 people are on a waiting list." --I had no idea the people of Lot B were so tightly regulated. I had just figured that they had sussed a system exploit--at $9 a day to park, I think it's cheaper than any other place to put an RV except for streets where the cops will harass you if you don't move every 72 hours.
LAT  airlines  airports  aviation  cities  communities  delicious-export  economy  flight  housing  la  labor  latimes  lax  liminal  los.angeles  lot.b  the.people.of.lot.b  travel  unemployment  urbanism  work 
july 2009 by jannon
Santa Monica rail yard idea stirs alarm at arts complex - Los Angeles Times
it's like people enjoy killing good rail development in this town. making bergamot station a yard again is beyond retarded--it should be a destination-station. there's already an attraction people want to reach, it's already along the existing right of way. ugh, why even bring it up?
2009  art  bergamot.station  delicious-export  environment  environmental  expo.line  justice  latimes  light.rail  losangeles  museums  news  planning  rail  santa.monica  transit  urbanplanning 
march 2009 by jannon
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