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Israel's never-ending Holocaust - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
"That's the way it is with traumas. Because of our human limitations, a trauma that is not dealt with make us constantly see yet another trauma approaching - even when whatever is coming has no connection to the previous trauma and may even be a good thing. Trauma leads to belligerence and a strong tendency to wreak havoc on one's surroundings, but first and foremost on oneself."
holocaust  identity  israel  jewish  haaretz  20th.century  politics  religion  nationalism  nations  trauma  genocide  extermination  survival  fear  aggression 
january 2012 by jannon
raum(zeit)kleider | gabi schillig
"an ongoing investigation in geometrical organization and textile materiality, mapping social relations of and in space. The aim was to develop a spatial system that is open to changes and that can adapt to different functions and situations through the participation of its user. The garment itself becomes an interface between its users and the (built) environment, and participation becomes an important active instrument in controlling (public) space. The project merges insights from architecture, fashion design and body performance. The development and outcome of these hybrid, geometrical structures will occupy both the digital and the tactile, material realms, although the result is clearly a tactile structure that becomes a vehicle for a bodily experience, intended to be handled, worn, felt and played with. Individuals are required to participate, eliminating both the role of the spectator and that of the author – a passive spectator becomes an active participant."
adaptation  architecture  art  audience  bodies  change  clothing  control  delicious-export  elemental  environment  ephemeral  experience  experimental  fashion  felt  function  geometry  grey  identity  instrumentality  materiality  materials  modernism  movement  objecthood  objects  organization  participation  performance  play  public  red  relational.aesthetics  sculpture  shape  situations  social  softness  space  spatial  temporal  textile  textiles  time  touch  use  zippers 
june 2010 by jannon
Tony Judt—Toni | The New York Review of Books
much of this hits home, but god I know my history a bit deeper than just the holocaust, I know my family history and the history of reform judaism back for centuries and my current desperate wish that I could just be indifferent has nothing to do with ignorance but everything to do with difficulty in asserting my politics within a community or being able to forge a new one.
2010  auschwitz  criticism  delicious-export  diaspora  holocaust  identity  israel  jewishness  jews  nyrb  politics  tony.judt 
may 2010 by jannon
Amos Bitzan | Council for European Studies
amos has always been a better human than I: "My doctoral dissertation, 'Eastern European Jewry under Occupation, 1915-1918: Practice and Experience' examines the impact of the German and Austrian occupations on eastern European Jewish cultures and societies, and attempts to provide a new understanding of these administrative regimes through the practices and experiences of the region’s Jewish populations. The goal of my research is to understand both the states doing the occupying and the societies contesting, exploiting, or ignoring the former’s newly-elaborated mechanisms of control. To this end, I am trying to recover the imaginative and social worlds of ordinary people – men, women, and children, rabbis, workers, and soldiers – and their refractions in the discursive and governmental practices of the state."
20th.century  amos.bitzan  central.europe  class  crisis  delicious-export  eastern.europe  ethnicity  european  exploitation  german  historians  history  identity  jewish  mitteleuropa  people  power  religion  scholars  the.state  war  ww1 
march 2010 by jannon
Refusing to Wait: Anarchism and Intersectionality - Anarkismo
"Proponents of intersectionality, then, argue that all struggles against domination are necessary components for the creation of a liberatory society. It is unnecessary to create a totem pole of importance out of social struggles and suggest that some are 'primary' while others are 'secondary' or 'peripheral' because of the complete ways that they intersect and inform one another. Further, history has shown us that this method of ranking oppressions is divisive and unnecessary--and worse, it undermines solidarity." (still not an anarchist, btw, but like this very much, even though I think intersectionality, kyriarchy, and a 'classic' interpretation of class not as working class but as the entire principle of a hierarchical society based on labor exploitation are probably different words for the same idea)
anarchism  anti-colonialism  anti-racism  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  class  delicious-export  feminism  freedom  history  identity  intersectionality  kyriarchy  liberation  politics  solidarity  struggle  theory 
march 2010 by jannon
Pushed by the violence of our desires «
"This is a conversation about tactics, one with important ramifications for 'oppressed identities' most affected by capitalism and ineffective action against it – but it has been framed as though the privileged want action, while the oppressed want peace. We oppose this dichotomy wholesale: we assert that it is in fact the most privileged who have the luxury not to contemplate these issues in terms of effectiveness and totality."
capitalism  delicious-export  hunter  identity  occupation  occupations  oppression  resistance  solidarity  statements  tactics 
march 2010 by jannon
From the Voice Archives: Greg Tate on Michael Jackson in 1987 - New York Music - Sound of the City
"Slavery, minstrelsy, and black bourgeoisie aspirations are responsible for three of the more pejorative notions about blacks in this country--blacks as property, as ethnographic commodities, and as imitation rich white people. Given this history, there's a fine line between a black entertainer who appeals to white people and one who sells out the race in pursuit of white appeal. Berry Gordy, burghermeister of crossover's Bauhaus, walked that line with such finesse that some black folk were shocked to discover via The Big Chill that many whites considered Motown their music. Needless to say, Michael Jackson has crossed so way far over the line that there ain't no coming back--assuming through surgical transmutation of his face a singular infamy in the annals of tomming."
1987  20th.century  androids  bad  bauhaus  beauty  berry.gordy  betrayal  black  bodies  bourgeois  class  criticism  cyberpunk  delicious-export  desire  faces  fandom  fans  greg.tate  identification  identity  intersectionality  madness  michael.jackson  minstrelsy  mirror  modernism  motown  mutation  mutilation  pop  race  racism  selling.out  slavery  the.king's.body  thriller  trans  uncle.tom  usa  village.voice  whiteness  william.gibson  writing 
february 2010 by jannon
LRB · Walter Benn Michaels · What Matters (Review of Kjartan Páll Sveinsson's 'Who Cares about the White Working Class?')
walter benn michaels makes what seem at first glance to be very important points about the role of the rhetoric of diversity and the focus on various liberation movements based around "identities"--but as so many others do, he misses crucial points that any good intersectional critique would make and moreover ignores some obvious economic conditions: a) to argue that america is less racist is to ignore the mass incarceration of black men; b) to argue that america is less sexist is to ignore how domestic labor continues to be gendered and undervalued and what this means for women's lives. so yes, neoliberalism loves diversity and hates to think about class. but this doesn't make everyone who has fought against the -isms into a deluded jerk either. and anyone who wants to be taken seriously about economic exploitation in america should be able to address a) & b) rather than ignore them. (via danched)
anti-racism  anti-sexism  article  class  delicious-export  deprivation  discrimination  equality  exploitation  feelings  identity  inequality  lrb  politics  queerness  race  sexism  uk  walter.benn.michaels  wealth 
november 2009 by jannon
Blackdown: The man who cycles through glass walls part 2 (2008)
"I think the view, the popular one, that dictates that estates should be pulled down, that's highly politicised. Some of these estates that are going really have failed, an entrenched rot that can't be shaken off, but sometimes I think the authorities are too quick to come to that decision to demolish, and that falls back to ideologies and agendas on their part. I think basically speaking they work – and I like the extra layer of identity that coming from a certain estate has over, say, living in a terraced house in a street in a grid of streets. But in a way the perception of that identity comes from the same sort of misty thought that says estates have failed, estates need to be pulled down, flamed in some sort of witch-hunt ritual. If you strip that layer of thought away, on the basis of it, people could (and can) live quite ordinary, happy lives within the estate—many do, and for them there's no reason why an estate isn't working for them." (via danched)
architecture  art  beautiful  blackdown  blog  council.housing  delicious-export  estates  fantastic  housing  identity  interview  london  narrative  photo  photos  places  politics  social.housing  urban  via:danched 
november 2009 by jannon
Blackdown: The man who cycles through glass walls (2008)
"When the people with money to burn arrived in areas like Whitechapel and Bethnal Green they were force-fed words like 'vibrant' and 'diverse', a showcase model of how London came to be the melting pot that it is, but it's these suburban areas that are seeing the process being repeated now: Walthamstow, Woolwich, Barking, Thornton Heath, Edmonton, and it's like nobody is noticing. And it's worth doing so, because sometimes it isn't a pretty sight – friction between old and new communities, sometimes within the new communities, issues of the sort that the BNP jumps on in Barking & Dagenham, does its scaremongering and gets council seats out of it. But there's something worth celebrating in there too – above all, the fact that the diversity of these areas hasn't had a price tag slapped on it yet by estate agents. Yet. And that's why I like to go and see these places as they are now before it happens, because I think eventually it will." (via danched; discussion of tourism in comments)
architecture  art  beautiful  belonging  blackdown  blog  cities  class  community  council.housing  culture  delicious-export  diversity  documentary  documents  economy  emptiness  fantastic  flickr  gaze  gentrification  housing  identity  journalism  london  membership  music  nico.hogg  participation  photography  photos  picturesque  places  race  representation  social.housing  society  space  suburbs  the.picturesque  urban  zone.3  zone.4 
october 2009 by jannon
k-punk: False discussion in this institution
"What is evaded here is the way that racism is not some naturally-occurring tendency but, necessarily, a displacement of the class antagonisms which the neoliberal consensus . . . has a vested interest in covering up. . . . The neoliberal tactic has been to ignore resentment and aggrievement altogether - to maintain that such feelings are a moral, educational or pyschiatric failure of those who have not accepted metropolitan, "modernising" values . . . the right wing media . . . relentlessly sends the same message: it isn't the poor provision of services and resources that is the issue, but the monopolisation of these . . . by whatever racial Other is being demonised that week. . . . Only when working class grievances and resentments can be re-narrativised by a new politial agent can this frame be broken." <-- solid, but incomplete, as critiques of intersectionality etc. are not about neoliberal 'diversity' but rather understanding how exploitation functions unevenly.
access  bnp  britain  class  colonialism  control  delicious-export  difference  distribution  england  exploitation  fascism  fear  fear.of.sharing  identity  justice  k-punk  kyriarchy  media  nick.griffin  politics  propaganda  race  racism  resources  services  subjectivity  the.other  uk  xenophobia 
october 2009 by jannon
New Left Review - Alain Badiou: The Communist Hypothesis (2008)
"The single world is precisely the place where an unlimited set of differences exist. . . . Defined . . . by invariants, identity is doubly related to difference: on the one hand, identity is that which is different from the rest; on the other, it is that which does not become different, which is invariant. The affirmation of identity has two further aspects. The first form is negative. It consists of desperately maintaining that I am not the other. This is often indispensable, in the face of authoritarian demands for integration, for example. . . . The second involves the immanent development of identity within a new situation . . . Nietzsche’s famous maxim, ‘become what you are’. [One] does not abandon that which constitutes . . . individual identity . . . but he will gradually adapt all this, in a creative fashion, to the place in which he finds himself. He will thus invent what he is . . . not through any internal rupture, but by an expansion of identity."
1968  19th.century  20th.century  althusser  article  badiou  begin.again  capitalism  communism  defeat  delicious-export  depression  elections  fear  france  future  history  identity  marxism  neoliberalism  nietzsche  political  politics  praxis  pétain  radical  rebooting  sarkozy  ségolène.royal  the.meaning.of.sarkozy  theory  there.is.only.one.world 
october 2009 by jannon
the Impostume - The constitution of the addressee
"these films gratify . . . the viewers’ desire to be a complete subject, a subject who is capable of everything, who knows everything, who has experienced everything. On the one hand grounded, responsible, 'realistic', capable of making the right 'choices', on the other hand secretly exultant at having achieved apotheosis, that they are the culmination of history. There is no realm of experience . . . in which they are not potential adepts, the fantasy of polyvalent, omniscient, final and culminatory subject of the end of history is what is spoken to . . . A reasonable definition of Hipsterism . . . is the assumption that there is no position which the middle class subject can not occupy. . . The middle class assumes a kind of transcendent, post-historical emptiness into which all cultures can be incorporated. . . it’s also a metaphysical claim . . . to superiority . . . while others are bounded . . . limited, objects, with a finite set of facets and characteristics. . ."
aesthetics  all.things  apotheosis  audience  blairism  bourgeois  capitalist.realism  choice  choices  choose.life  cinema  class  complete.subjects  consciousness  consumerism  cool.britannia  danny.boyle  definite.objects  delicious-export  détournement  england  ethics  experience  film  gender  hipsterism  hipsters  identity  infinite  infinity  judaism  junkies  lability  life  meaning  metaphysics  middle.class  neoliberal.aesthetics  neoliberalism  nitzavim.vayelech  politics  polyvalence  poverty  really.bad.movies  religion  subjectivity  text  the.end.of.history  trainspotting  via:danched 
september 2009 by jannon
BLDGBLOG: Minor Landscapes and the Geography of American Political Campaigns
"It's as if presidential campaigns and their pursuing tagcloud of media pundits are actually a kind of landscape detection society – a rival Center for Land Use Interpretation – seeking out obsolete spatial versions of the United States, outdated geographies most of us no longer live within or encounter."
2008  america  architecture  bldgblog  cartography  cities  delicious-export  democracy  demographics  demography  election  elections  environment  essay  geography  identity  landscape  mapping  media  philosophy  politics  rural  ruralism  spatial.experience  spatial.practice  spatiality  urban  urbanism  us  usa 
december 2008 by jannon
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