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McMillen: I Was Sent to Fake Prom | News | Advocate.com
this story is such an amazing cartoon of bad that you can basically visualize all the facial gestures in your head
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april 2010 by jannon
k-punk: The Spy who never came in from the cold world (June 2009)
"And there are some of us, aren't there, who are ... nothing, who are so labile that we astound ourselves. We're the chameleons. I read a story once about a poet who bathed himself in cold fountains so that he could tell he actually existed from the pain of it. [...] People like that, they can't feel anything inside them: no pleasure or pain, no love or hate. They're ashamed and frightened that they can't feel, and their shame, this shame, [....] drives them to extravagance and colour. They have to feel that cold water. Without it, they're nothing. The world sees them as showmen, fantastists, liars, as sensualists perhaps, not for what they are: the living dead." / "Note the slide, in the quotation above, from first-person identification... to third-person disavowal... Smiley is no dysphoric by (un)natural inclination, but dysphoria is an occupational hazard to which he—so labile, so chameon-like, so at home in the zone where no-one warm and full can be at home—is far from immune."
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december 2009 by jannon
splintering bone ashes: Why I will never be clean again... (June 2009)
"It is precisely... corruption, pestilence and terror that must be investigated as the political ecosystem of our times, instead of seeking to flee to a purified realm, somewhere apart from the rot of the flesh... somewhere intact from the force of abstract decay… somewhere safe with the reassuring word of the father, the master, the priest..., where there will always be a clean year zero, a subject free of contamination etc... a subject, moreover who can be redeemed (even baptised at his co-terminous birth within truth). There is something prissy here, pathological in the desire to remove all stains from the hands... impossible. What must be delineated is a kind of schizoanalysis..., but one divested of crypto-morality, of positivity, reintegrated as a kind of metaterrorism of conspiratorial management, infection, contagion, and pestilence, a weaponised non-dialectical negativity wielded in the name of the highest value our times will admit to: Betrayal." (but beware of hipsterzombie)
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december 2009 by jannon
k-punk: Fans, vampires, trolls, Masters (June 2009)
"It's always other people who are 'fans'.... There's a peculiar shame involved in admitting that one is a fan, perhaps because it involves being caught out in a fantasy-identification. 'Maturity' insists that we remember with hostile distaste, gentle embarrassment or sympathetic condescenscion when we were first swept up by something—when, in the first flushes of devotion, we tried to copy the style, the tone; when, that is, we are drawn into the impossible quest of trying to become what the Other is it to us. This is the only kind of 'love' that has real philosophical implications, the passion capable of shaking us out of sensus communis.... Betrayal is just as important a cultural engine as fidelity; hate is just as important as love. But only the fan can betray, only the lover can hate.... this is what it was to fall in love... but, now what?... start again from nothing." (really effing valuable to me at the time, but sort of gross now what with the whole vampire thing and context)
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december 2009 by jannon
Zone Styx Travelcard: Bosch Bosch Bosch Bosch (June 2009)
"Reign Fucking Evil Gates of Hell Apocalypse Astral Demons Last Dawn Burning Universe Slaves Dark Forces Inferno Spheres of Light Symphonies of Steel Living Death Doomed Immortal Skeletons Witch Trial Legion———Party time. . . . looks like a cut-up of a random selection of black metal or doom metal but it's in fact all taken from various techno 12s from the late-90s doomcore / terrorcore scenes. . . . there's such a weird tension between its maximalized nihilative death-drive, right up in your face, while in the background are its roots in Acid culture and its ecstatic spaces, shared utopia. . . . Bacchic frenzy . . . Plus . . . good old Gothic sublime, the pain-pleasure nub/rub, from the Summer of Love to the God of Hellfire . . . The Dance of Death, four-to-the-floor conceived as Hieronymous Bosch-Bosch-Bosch-Bosch. . . . Doomcore faces forwards into dystopia, to death-by-machine. . . . the music . . . for ten thousand stripped-steel Terminators on R&R to get off their CPUs to."
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december 2009 by jannon
Architecture - Tear Down These Walls - One Architecture Critic’s Candidates for Demolition in New York City - NYTimes.com (2008)
companion piece to the slideshow, involving a bunch of ranty (and somewhat nasty) prose against a couple buildings I mostly have no problems with . . . okay, madison square garden does suck, granted. plus the whole thing is full of the "we can't waste this valuable land on the crap that's already there" mentality, which is just bluhhhhhhh. and the whole passage on the annenberg building is incoherent. some of the rest is worthwhile, though.
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september 2009 by jannon
Tear Down These Walls - The New York Times > Arts > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 10 (2008)
nicolai ouroussoff hates on a bunch of buildings, some which are genuinely blah or historically bad, some which don't appear to deserve such vitriol, and some that I quite like (the met life building and the javits center in particular). the specter of the old penn station is raised, of course, but apparently I missed out on the entire debate over 2 columbus circle, which was stunning in its oddness. in general, arguing in favor of demolition during an economic downturn is a bit too much revelry in destruction for me. moments of real estate devaluation could be times to come up with plans for creative takeovers and repurposing rather than just calls to tear things down. the right to the city and whatnot, rather than just another endless boom & bust cycle.
2.columbus.circle  architecture  arquitetura  bubble.trouble  buildings  criticism  delicious-export  demolition  hate  javits.center  mckim.mead.and.white  meltdown  met.life.building  newyork  nicolai.ouroussoff  nyc  nyt  nytimes  pei.cobb.freed.&.partners  penn.station  rant  slideshow 
september 2009 by jannon

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