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june 2010 by jannon
sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: Austerity Nostalgia (February 2009)
owen hatherley's first extended take on the topic (later extended, see other owen.hatherley items). good stuff in the comments, including mr. hatherley's final words: "it's not Modernism in the sense of El Lissitzky or Herbert Bayer but it is clearly informed by a modernism."
50s  60s  advertising  austerity  authority  catastrophe  consumerism  critical  criticism  culture  delicious-export  england  essay  fall  graphics  history  keep.calm.and.carry.on  legislated.nostalgia  meltdown  memory  modernism  music  nostalgia  posters  recession  retro  the.state  theory  thrift  uk 
november 2009 by jannon
The Geography of Jobs (U.S.; 2004–2009)
note run up in jobs in socal and florida in 2004, 2005, impact of katrina in 2005, first crashes in michigan in 2006, job bubbles around d.c. and nyc (especially ca. 2007 in the latter), massive massive massive job losses in 2008 and 2009, particularly in los angeles (and then everywhere). also recall the whole thing about l.a. having the lowest water usage in 30 years in july--probably more because of having lost ca. 250,000 jobs in the prior 12 months, rather than because the city council passed conservation measures.
2009  arizona  bubble.trouble  business  california  capital  capitalism  change  cities  data  database  dc  delicious-export  dynamics  economics  economy  employment  flash  flux  geography  graphics  infographics  instability  jobs  katrina  labor  losangeles  map  mapping  maps  media  meltdown  migration  money  movement  new.orleans  new.york  people  places  politics  polity  population  precarity  recession  statistics  timeline  unemployment  usa  visualization  work 
october 2009 by jannon
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