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The $2 a day challenge
"Take a stand against poverty on your own doorstep. Poverty is bad. Poverty is racist. Poverty is sexist. Poverty leads to sickness. Poverty leads to illiteracy. Poverty leads to homelessness. Poverty leads to malnourishment. Poverty leads to prostitution. Poverty leads to AIDS. Poverty leads to more poverty. What can I do? The easiest thing a single person can do is to buy stuff."
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december 2009 by jannon
sevensixfive: Soft Sites: Masonville Cove (2008)
"It is heavily vegetated, but walking the site, feeling the mossy bricks, ceramic powerline insulators and huge concrete blocks underfoot, one sees that this is really just a big pile, a ground made of stuff. The plants . . . are only the most recent (now the second most recent) system to infiltrate, overlay, and, however incompletely, organize this space. . . . In this newest process, existing landscapes are reengineered into constructed domains in a kind of habitat gentrification process - the accidentally artificial is scraped away to create a new intentionally artificial overlay. . . . Shipping, development, erosion, wakes, and dredging are then caught in a feedback loop, each link in the circle generating more of the next. If the Head is growing with increased erosion and shipping, this is the local effect of a global cycle that also began here. The first purpose built container ships . . . were built in 1960 at the Shipyard portion of the Masonville Cove site."
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november 2009 by jannon
Frieze Magazine | Archive | Archive | Patrick Keiller —The City of the Future (2007)
"It was the subtle moments that intrigued: a small boy walks across the camera on a Glasgow street with a paper and string parcel; a couple push an elegant lace-lined pram through Sheffield while a smartly attired, stern-faced conductor swings by on the rear of his double-decker tram. . . . Perhaps most striking of all was an extended shot that trails over snow-covered fields on the edge of Halifax. The technically impressive film lingers over the town- and countryscape, smoking chimneys abutting the sky like an animated version of a painting by L.S. Lowry. The visual sister to this film was a similarly haunting panning shot across snow-strewn wreckage following a Canadian fire; black trees and gnarled house frames against clean white, appearing as though both a kind of early news footage and the landscape from Pieter Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow (1565)."
20th.century  actuality  archives  bfi  british  bruegel  delicious-export  documentary  documents  empire  film  filmic  glasgow  globalization  goodbye.20th.century  halifax  history  l.s.lowry  lace  landscape  moments  movement  paper  patrick.keiller  sheffield  the.city.of.the.future  the.filmic  transit 
september 2009 by jannon
R.A. Forum > GRAEBER, David. "The Shock of Victory" (2007)
some anarchist historiography: "there are no clean breaks in history. The flip-side of the . . . clean break . . . is that anything short of that is not really a victory at all. If capitalism is left standing, if it begins to market your once-subversive ideas, it shows that . . . You’ve lost; you’ve been coopted. To me this is absurd. Can we say that feminism lost . . . just because . . . capitalist firms began marketing feminist . . . products? Of course not: unless you’ve managed to destroy capitalism and patriarchy in one fell blow, this is one of the clearest signs that you’ve gotten somewhere. Presumably any effective road to revolution will involve endless moments of cooptation, endless victorious campaigns, endless little insurrectionary moments or moments of flight and covert autonomy. . . . recently, we’ve been winning quite a lot. The question is how to break the cycle of exaltation and despair and . . . create a cumulative movement towards a new society."
1937  1970s  IMF  action  activism  anarchism  anti-globalism  anti-marxism  anti-nuclear  anti-statism  anti-war  antiwar  argentina  autonomy  clamshell  david.graeber  debate  defeat  defeats  delicious-export  democracy  diablo.canyon  direct  globalization  historiography  left  marxism  midrange.goals  neoliberalism  networks  nuclear  public  revolution  sentiment  society  sociology  spain  strategy  tactics  the.state  victories  victory  world.bank 
september 2009 by jannon
NYT | Palin's Kind of Patriotism
I don't really like Thomas Friedman, but at least he shreds Palin's mindnumbing assertion that paying taxes isn't patriotic.
2008  Iraq  US  article  delicious-export  economics  economy  election  globalization  mccain  op.ed  palin  patriotism  politics  republicans  tax  taxes 
october 2008 by jannon

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