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Hans Bayer (Soziologe) – Wikipedia
"Bayer wurde 1924 an der Universität Innsbruck in Wirtschaftswissenschaften und 1925 ebendort in Rechtswissenschaften promoviert. Anschließend war er wissenschaftlicher Assistent, danach Privatdozent und seit 1929 außerplanmäßiger Professor an der Universität Wien. Seit 1933 war er außerplanmäßiger Professor an der Universität Innsbruck. In diese Position wurde er nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg wieder eingesetzt und wurde in Innsbruck 1947 ordentlicher Professor. Von 1956 bis zu seinem Tode lehrte an der Sozialakademie Dortmund.
Bayer arbeitete an einer Synthese aus reiner Wirtschaftstheorie und Soziologie. Damit wollte er die Zusammenhänge der gesellschaftlichen Wirtschaft erfassen."
= almost the whole article
people  history  academics  sociology  austria  germany  german  c20  economics  law  legal.theory 
june 2015 by jannon
About This Artwork | The Art Institute of Chicago
Lucas Cranach the ElderGerman, 1472 (?)-1553 Portrait of Magdalena of Saxony, Wife of Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg, c. 1529 Oil on panel23 9/16 x 16 3/8 in. (59.8 x 41.6 cm)Painted surface: 23 9/16 x 16 in. (59.8 x 40.6 cm)Gift of Kate S. Buckingham, 1938.310
1520s  1529  1530s  16th.century  art  artwork  clothing  cranach  delicious-export  fabric  fashion  german  history  painting  saxony  women 
july 2011 by jannon
YouTube - From disco to disco
been thinking a lot about this song/video lately. and the 20th century and labor/art/pleasure/politics/racism/modernism/disco/love.
1990s  1997  20th.century  art  dance  delicious-export  disco  drugs  gender  german  germanness  germany  internationalism  labor  love  minimalism  modernism  music  performance  pleasure  politics  post-rave  queer  race  racism  sex  sexuality  techno  viva  youtube 
march 2011 by jannon
Joy Calico—Hanns Eisler, Marxist Polygot | Perfect Sound Forever (2002)
"If your criteria for great music are 'timelessness' and 'passive emotion,' many of these songs are not for you."
1930s  1940s  20th.century  atonal  blacklist  composer  composers  criticism  ddr  delicious-export  exile  exilkultur  exilmusik  german  germany  hanns.eisler  hollywood  marxism  marxist  music  schoenberg  tonality  tone  writing 
june 2010 by jannon
Martin Iddon | School of Music, University of Leeds
"In between my various academic lives I have also spent several years being complained at by disgruntled British Gas customers, opening accountants’ letters, and headhunting managers for Britain’s leading biscuit and cake companies. I continue to bore anyone who will listen regarding the precise distinctions that can be made between class 2 and decorative gas fires or why a Jaffa cake cannot accurately be described as a biscuit. Outside the worlds of music, gas appliances, envelopes, and confectionery, my interests lie predominantly in French philosophy, Italian coffee, and American zombie movies.’"
20th.century  academics  aesthetics  america  art  brd  cold.war  composers  darmstadt  david.tudor  delicious-export  details  german  germany  historians  historiography  history  instruments  leeds  martin.iddon  music  musicians  musicologist  new.media  new.music  people  politics  pure.delight  stockhausen  work 
april 2010 by jannon
CEEOL—Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai - Historia, Issue 1-2 /2008
"Since the year 1980, the concept of 'confessionalization' has been one of the main interpretative categories for the historiography on early modern Germany. ...formulated by Wolfgang Reinhard and Heinz Schilling in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s. [The] second part [of this essay] is devoted to the objections to the concept, divided into four categories: macro-historic criticism, the discussion on the stages in the confessionalization process, the controversy surrounding the issue of theological truth within the process of confessionalization, and finally the critique of the so-called 'etatistic narrowing,' namely, the top-to-bottom approach to the concept of confessionalization." (abstract of an article by Ute Lotz-Heumann in Romanian)
16th.century  17th.century  1970s  1980s  20th.century  baroque  catholicism  confessionalization  counter-reformation  delicious-export  early.modern  german  germany  heinz.schilling  historiography  history  paradigms  periodization  periods  power  reformation  religion  states  ute.lotz-heumann  vorsattelzeit  war  wolfgang.reinhard 
april 2010 by jannon
Amos Bitzan | Council for European Studies
amos has always been a better human than I: "My doctoral dissertation, 'Eastern European Jewry under Occupation, 1915-1918: Practice and Experience' examines the impact of the German and Austrian occupations on eastern European Jewish cultures and societies, and attempts to provide a new understanding of these administrative regimes through the practices and experiences of the region’s Jewish populations. The goal of my research is to understand both the states doing the occupying and the societies contesting, exploiting, or ignoring the former’s newly-elaborated mechanisms of control. To this end, I am trying to recover the imaginative and social worlds of ordinary people – men, women, and children, rabbis, workers, and soldiers – and their refractions in the discursive and governmental practices of the state."
20th.century  amos.bitzan  central.europe  class  crisis  delicious-export  eastern.europe  ethnicity  european  exploitation  german  historians  history  identity  jewish  mitteleuropa  people  power  religion  scholars  the.state  war  ww1 
march 2010 by jannon
Thomas Max Safley | Department of History | University of Pennsylvania
"Thomas Max Safley is Professor of Early Modern European History. He received his Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Wisconsin. A specialist in the economic and social history of early modern Europe, roughly 1450-1750, he has published extensively on the history of marriage and the family, of poverty and charity and of labor and business."
15th.century  16th.century  17th.century  18th.century  academia  academics  augsburg  business  capitalism  charity  commerce  community  delicious-export  early.capitalism  early.modern  economics  europe  european  family  german  germany  historians  historiography  history  labor  law  marriage  people  poor.laws  poverty  responsibility  social.reproduction  social.services  society  upenn 
march 2010 by jannon
February 16th: DOROTHY LAMB CRAWFORD @ LAPL Central Library
[ALOUD] at Central Library Tuesday, February 16, 2010 7:00 PM DOROTHY LAMB CRAWFORD A Windfall of Musicians: Hitler’s Emigres and Exiles in Southern California In conversation with conductor/composer William Kraft (need to remember to go to this)
1930s  1940s  1950s  aesthetics  art  blacklist  colonialism  composers  culture  delicious-export  dorothy.lamb.crawford  emigration  events  exil  exile  exilkultur  exilmusik  fascism  fashion  german  history  hitler  jewish  lapl  left  losangeles  modernism  music  musicians  nazis  nazism  schoenberg  socal  william.kraft 
february 2010 by jannon
Ehe m.b.H. / Ehe mit beschränkter Haftung | filmportal.de
"Zwei Rechtsanwälte versuchen schon seit Jahren, die Haupterbin eines Vermögens zu finden, die den Namen Irene Kaiser tragen muss. Kurz bevor die Erbschaft an den Staat fällt, finden sie auch die Richtige, nur heißt sie Irene Santa-Fé. Sie lebt zwar mit einem Mann namens Georg Kaiser zusammen, nur konnten die Beiden niemals heiraten, da Kaiser noch nicht geschieden ist und den Aufenthaltsort seiner Frau nicht kennt. Nun wird die Idee ausgetüftelt, dass Irene, um den Bedingungen des Testaments zu genügen, einen anderen Mann namens Kaiser heiraten müsse. So finden sie einen misslaunigen Bürovorsteher, der ebenfalls den Namen Georg Kaiser trägt. Doch dieser hat sich seine Ehe mit der jungen attraktiven Irene ganz anders vorgestellt."
1930s  1931  business  comedy  commerce  delicious-export  deutsch  ehe  film  gender  german  geschäft  gmbh  lawyers  marriage  sex  trade 
january 2010 by jannon
Westfront 1918 | filmportal.de
"The war brings a gruesome end for all four men. The student is killed in no man's land. The Bavarian is badly injured during a reconnaissance mission. The man from Berlin dies in a field hospital with the accusation 'we are all to blame!' on his lips. The lieutenant, whose upright bearing made him appear invulnerable, loses his countenance and his sanity and is sent to a field hospital as a mental wreck."
1910s  1918  1920s  1930  1930s  delicious-export  film  g.w.pabst  german  germany  war  ww1 
january 2010 by jannon
Peter Blake Papers, 1950-1998 | Columbia, Avery Library
another important figure in "what happened" maybe: "Born Peter Jost Blach in Berlin in 1920, Blake was educated as an architect at the University of Pennsylania under Louis Kahn. Blake worked professionally as curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1948 to 1950, served on the editorial staff of Architectural Forum, House & Home, and Magazine of Building, founded Architecture Plus magazine, and wrote numerous monographs and critical articles on contemporary architecture. Although he practiced architecture intermittently, Blake taught architecture at several universities and was chairman of the Boston Architectural Center and of Catholic University’s department of architecture and planning. Blake also maintained close friendships with many prominent architects and artists, publishing his memoir No Place Like Utopia: Modern Architecture and the Company We Kept in 1993. Blake died near Branford, Connecticut, in 2006."
20th.century  architect  architects  architecture  archives  avery.library  boston  columbia  delicious-export  emigration  finding.aids  frank.lloyd.wright  german  history  libraries  library  magazines  modernism  nyc  pedagogy  people  peter.blake  style  teaching 
november 2009 by jannon
LRB · Fredric Jameson: Then You Are Them
"'It doesn’t matter what country they’re from, my head said, they’re still Americans, they’re what’s in store for us, what we are turning into. They spread themselves like a virus, they get into the brain and take over the cells and the cells change from inside and the ones that have the disease can’t tell the difference. . . . If you look like them and talk like them and think like them then you are them.' . . . ‘The trouble some people have being German, I thought, I have being human . . . then I realised it wasn’t the men I hated, it was the Americans, the human beings, men and women both.’ . . . ‘The machine is gradual, it takes a little of you at a time, it leaves the shell. It was all right as long as they stuck to dead things, the dead can defend themselves, to be half dead is worse. They did it to each other also, without knowing.’ . . . 'The debris left . . . like that left by any receding flood, is not attractive.'"
2009  american  antihuman  atwood  author  book  books  canadian  culture  debris  delicious-export  disassociation  dysphoria  dystopia  fiction  future  german  half.dead  infection  jameson  lit  literatura  literature  men  not.dying  posthuman  review  salvagepunk  science  science.fiction  shame  subjectivity  undead  utopia  women 
september 2009 by jannon
Stadtplandienst.de – Stadtpläne und Karten für Deutschland
<3 it. so much better than googlemaps. also makes me miss german urban planning, munich & berlin in particular.
auskunft  berlin  cartography  delicious-export  deutsch  deutschland  dienste  fantastic  geography  german  germany  hamburg  info  karte  karten  map  mapping  maps  munich  reference  reise  reisen  routenplaner  search  service  stadtplan  tools  travel  verkehr 
december 2008 by jannon
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