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k-punk: The Spy who never came in from the cold world (June 2009)
"And there are some of us, aren't there, who are ... nothing, who are so labile that we astound ourselves. We're the chameleons. I read a story once about a poet who bathed himself in cold fountains so that he could tell he actually existed from the pain of it. [...] People like that, they can't feel anything inside them: no pleasure or pain, no love or hate. They're ashamed and frightened that they can't feel, and their shame, this shame, [....] drives them to extravagance and colour. They have to feel that cold water. Without it, they're nothing. The world sees them as showmen, fantastists, liars, as sensualists perhaps, not for what they are: the living dead." / "Note the slide, in the quotation above, from first-person identification... to third-person disavowal... Smiley is no dysphoric by (un)natural inclination, but dysphoria is an occupational hazard to which he—so labile, so chameon-like, so at home in the zone where no-one warm and full can be at home—is far from immune."
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