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THE SYDNEY BIRD PAINTER | (The white gallinule)
"THE SYDNEY BIRD PAINTER(The white gallinule) (c.1791-92) watercolour, brush and ink The first white settlers who followed Cook also documented the curious wildlife of their new home. This skilfully rendered drawing of a White Gallinule was probably painted by the Sydney Bird Painter, the name attributed to possibly three different unknown artists, who may have arrived with the First Fleet in 1788.  ‘A peculiar bird, the White Gallinule was one of a multitude of fauna first discovered on Lord Howe Island when Lieutenant Ball landed there in the Supply in March 1788. Like the unfortunate Mount Pitt bird of Norfolk Island that the Sydney Bird Painter also depicted, the White Gallinule was flightless and tragically hunted to extinction. The skin of only one White Gallinule has survived white settlement, enhancing the poignancy of this rare contemporary drawing.’"
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