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Voos Furniture / Storage / Fractal-23
"$19,000 28"h x 28"w x 28"d Oil Painted Plywood A playful modular drawer system which can be opened from four sides. Each compartment requires a consideration of 'what to store.'" consider that your playful box just cost more than many people earn in whole year. think about how to store that.
I.hate.art  architectural  class  connoisseurship  containerization  containers  control  delicious-export  delight  furniture  knowledge  ludic.delusions  objects  play  power  price  prices  storage  things  wealth 
june 2010 by jannon
Best critique of late-capitalism I’ve read in a while « Magical Nihilism (2005)
whole post: "From The Times, on Disney’s purchase and possible squandering of Jim Henson’s Muppet legacy: 'The problem is that Disney—as one must expect from a global business enterprise—tends to think of its intellectual properties in terms of merchandising opportunities, rather than the opportunity for some great chicken-gags.' Yup."
2005  california  characters  chicken  copyright  delicious-export  delight  disney  entertainment  exploitation  gags  information  jim.henson  jokes  late.capitalism  merchandising  money  muppets  nytimes  purpose  quotes  reuse  spectacle  value 
february 2010 by jannon

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