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Daft Punk - One More Time [HQ] (by Naf’ Manson)...
RT : Do I have some quick thoughts about and Daft Punk and a certain song? Yes because I'm a goddamn writer.
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may 2013 by jannon
Judith Butler—Uncritical Exuberance? : Indybay (2008)
the first time I read this, I thought "give the man a chance." now I read it and I think: "damn she was optimistic." oy gevalt.
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july 2010 by jannon
k-punk: London after the rave (2006)
historical importance, but I never trust the elegiac. also comments on dub and dubstep here seem dubious. and then there is the nuum stuff.
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july 2010 by jannon
Cahiers du Cinema: Top Ten Lists 1951-2009
the list is the barest and most basic form of criticism, stripping away all the words to reveal canonizing force pur. anyway.
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july 2010 by jannon
Joy Calico—Hanns Eisler, Marxist Polygot | Perfect Sound Forever (2002)
"If your criteria for great music are 'timelessness' and 'passive emotion,' many of these songs are not for you."
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june 2010 by jannon
Tony Judt—Toni | The New York Review of Books
much of this hits home, but god I know my history a bit deeper than just the holocaust, I know my family history and the history of reform judaism back for centuries and my current desperate wish that I could just be indifferent has nothing to do with ignorance but everything to do with difficulty in asserting my politics within a community or being able to forge a new one.
2010  auschwitz  criticism  delicious-export  diaspora  holocaust  identity  israel  jewishness  jews  nyrb  politics  tony.judt 
may 2010 by jannon
Film and Photo League Program | ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES (2007?)
"The Film and Photo League was begun in New York in 1930 by a dedicated group of leftist and left-liberal photographers, filmmakers, and critics (including Leo Hurwitz). Branches opened in other cities as the Depression lengthened, with participants documenting the breadlines and Hoovervilles, hunger and unemployment marches, restless protests and labor disputes. Their films were shown directly to workers’ groups, in union halls or strike headquarters, or even outdoors at night. Workers often knew little of similar struggles occurring around the country or abroad, nor of the widespread results of economic crisis and class conflicts. The Film and Photo League films thus became solidifying agents in political education, aiming to inform, to build morale, to agitate. These programs present a selection of the League’s films."
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may 2010 by jannon
Susan Sontag—Simone Weil | The New York Review of Books 1, no. 1 (1963)
someone recently compared me to simone weil, who I hadn't heard of in my little bubble. I don't think the comparison is entirely fair, though it's not entirely inapt, either. that sucks for me, I guess. will have to change my life, then.
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april 2010 by jannon
The Big Lie About the 'Life of the Mind' - Advice - The Chronicle of Higher Education
he says this as if there are so many other jobs, as if academia were the only trap. the trap is much much much bigger than that. try adding the non-profit trap, the culture-work trap, the art-work trap, et cetera et cetera et cetera
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march 2010 by jannon
The Quietus | Features | Thom Yorke: My Autobiography. By Steven Wells
"But this video — way more than the song or the album it comes from — speaks great echoing volumes about Radiohead's massive popularity with white Western middle class 21st Century males, aka the most privileged and pampered group in human society. It features a rich white male lying down on the pavement. As a rich white male pop band look down form a nearby building, rich white people approach the geezer and ask why he's just lying there and not running around going 'whoopee!' and spending cash and generally enjoying being the one of most privileged bunch of cunts in human history and that. ... No-one says: ‘Look our grandparents used to make regular visits to the doctors to have tapeworms wound out of their fucking arseholes on sticks (true story, hence the American Medical Association logo) so think on you sad cunt, stop just fucking lying there blocking the pavement and go do something useful, you pathetic, self-pitying piece of shit.'"
1990s  class  criticism  delicious-export  just  melancholy  music  obstruction  progress  radiohead  sadness  self-pity  steven.wells  the.quietus  thom.yorke  video  videos 
march 2010 by jannon
BLDGBLOG: Nakatomi Space (January 2010)
very interesting and not a little problematic. on a side note, quoting enrique ramirez from the comments: "Fox Plaza in Century City … the building was designed by William Pereira" (via danched)
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march 2010 by jannon
From the Voice Archives: Greg Tate on Michael Jackson in 1987 - New York Music - Sound of the City
"Slavery, minstrelsy, and black bourgeoisie aspirations are responsible for three of the more pejorative notions about blacks in this country--blacks as property, as ethnographic commodities, and as imitation rich white people. Given this history, there's a fine line between a black entertainer who appeals to white people and one who sells out the race in pursuit of white appeal. Berry Gordy, burghermeister of crossover's Bauhaus, walked that line with such finesse that some black folk were shocked to discover via The Big Chill that many whites considered Motown their music. Needless to say, Michael Jackson has crossed so way far over the line that there ain't no coming back--assuming through surgical transmutation of his face a singular infamy in the annals of tomming."
1987  20th.century  androids  bad  bauhaus  beauty  berry.gordy  betrayal  black  bodies  bourgeois  class  criticism  cyberpunk  delicious-export  desire  faces  fandom  fans  greg.tate  identification  identity  intersectionality  madness  michael.jackson  minstrelsy  mirror  modernism  motown  mutation  mutilation  pop  race  racism  selling.out  slavery  the.king's.body  thriller  trans  uncle.tom  usa  village.voice  whiteness  william.gibson  writing 
february 2010 by jannon
Getting down just for the funk of it | uTopianTurtleTop (2006)
"When Marcus criticizes an African American musical act for presenting a genteel and effete vision of African American experience, when he dismisses such a presentation as ridiculous simply for existing -- I can't think of another way to describe it other than racist. OK, it's nuts too, off the wall, bonkers, bizarre -- but for a middle-class (or upper-class, I don't know) white guy to diss a black artist for acting middle class or upper class -- that's racist. (Even granting that Baker’s music is effete, which I don’t.) . . . For a critic, there’s nothing to lose by dissing Stephin Merritt. But Greil Marcus has powerful friends among editors and critical-award-jury-members; who knows what the repercussions of subjecting his statements to Merritt-orious scrutiny might be? The repercussions of holding Eric Weisbard to those standards might even be more accute. Eric runs the annual EMP Pop Conference ... he used to edit “Spin” magazine and could well end up as an editor somewhere again."
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february 2010 by jannon
k-punk: "They killed their mother": Avatar as ideological symptom
doesn't get at any of the other ways that Avatar is bullshit, but still: "'There's nothing we have that they want,' concludes Sam Worthington's Jake Sully of the Na'vi. Yet the Na'vi predictably seduce Sully, who quickly 'forgets everything' about his former life on earth (about which we learn almost nothing, beyond the fact that he is a marine who got injured in the course of battle) and embraces the wholeness of the Na'vi way of life. Sully attains wholeness through his avatar Na'vi body in a double sense: first, because the avatar is able-bodied, and, secondly, because the Na'vi are intrinsically more 'whole' than the (self-)destructive humans. Sully, the marine who is 'really' a tree-hugging primitive, is a paradigm of that late capitalist subjectivity which disavows its modernity. There's something wonderfully ironic about the fact that Sully's—and our—identification with the Na'vi depends upon the very advanced technology that the Na'vi's way of life makes impossible."
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january 2010 by jannon
What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes? « Popular Demand (2009)
"it is difficult to imagine a female corollary to Nick Cave, an artist 'Well known for her violent, dark, misandrous, man-slaying songs” who is 'broadly considered to be a kind of national treasure.' A female artist who dealt in the same terrain as Cave, with reversed gender positions, would never be allowed to transcend pathology. Why? Because we haven’t moved beyond two patriarchal pillars that Simone de Beauvoir outlined in 1949; firstly, that 'Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female,' secondly, that 'the Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it from their own point of view, which they confuse with the absolute truth.'... [PJ] Harvey’s work has ... been read as a performance of gender; as dramatic, theatrical, and excessive.... the point is that her work never has and never will be universalised, or naturalised, whereas I would argue that Cave’s work is increasingly so, despite the fact that its excess has never dimmed"
anwyn.crawford  australia  class  controversy  criticism  culture  death  debate  delicious-export  feminism  love  lustmord  maleness  masculinity  middlebrow  misogyny  murder  music  national.treasure  nick.cave  p.j.harvey  performance  politics  pop  sex  snobbery  universality  violence  women 
january 2010 by jannon
"robin carmody" "now more than ever" - Google Search
now more than ever, I should read stuff by robin carmody. (more from the via danched file.)
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december 2009 by jannon
k-punk: The Spy who never came in from the cold world (June 2009)
"And there are some of us, aren't there, who are ... nothing, who are so labile that we astound ourselves. We're the chameleons. I read a story once about a poet who bathed himself in cold fountains so that he could tell he actually existed from the pain of it. [...] People like that, they can't feel anything inside them: no pleasure or pain, no love or hate. They're ashamed and frightened that they can't feel, and their shame, this shame, [....] drives them to extravagance and colour. They have to feel that cold water. Without it, they're nothing. The world sees them as showmen, fantastists, liars, as sensualists perhaps, not for what they are: the living dead." / "Note the slide, in the quotation above, from first-person identification... to third-person disavowal... Smiley is no dysphoric by (un)natural inclination, but dysphoria is an occupational hazard to which he—so labile, so chameon-like, so at home in the zone where no-one warm and full can be at home—is far from immune."
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december 2009 by jannon
k-punk: Some clarifications (June 2009)
"Detached from projects, academic skills become pathologies." a post on how to recognize people that drain you of energy, when you are working on a project (similar to the people kit & dave used to called taxmen). some of this is a bit jerkstyle, but it was one of the many things that shook me out of my mental freeze this summer. also, great comments on fans, too.
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december 2009 by jannon
things magazine: more thoughts on ice cream and (May 2009)
"Nostalgia undoubtedly exists, and some sites fuel it more than others. But what's far more interesting - certainly in terms of design - is the reliance of contemporary architecture and design journals - on and off line - on the striking image as a means of snaring eyeballs and gathering clicks. There's nothing retro or nostalgic whatsoever about the churn rate in contemporary design imagery, a cottage industry that demands constant reinvention, novelty, form and drama. . . .More than ever before, contemporary architecture exists to be seen, consumed via a through choice images, rather than actually experienced. . . . encourages the design and construction of miniature icons, houses that can be consumed with a single glance and not understood on anything other than a superficial level. . . . Gestural, theatrical architecture has gained a vast following in just a couple of years, raising expectations about the role of modern residential design."
aesthetics  architecture  art  attention  capitalism  capitalism.and.aesthetics  contemporary  criticism  curation  debate  delicious-export  design  enthusiasm  ephemera  ephemerality  formenschatz.der.geschichte  historiography  history  housing  ice.cream.vans  iconic  image  knowledge  las.vegas  losangeles  meltdown  modernism  mündigkeit  nostalgia  power  residential  reyner.banham  scopophilia  venturi  wealth 
december 2009 by jannon
things magazine: purely indulgent retrospection (May 2009)
"not a 'slow retreat from the future' - far from it. It's actually the chronicling of the creation of the systems and knowledge and structures that will underpin the future on an ever increasing basis. . . . Nonetheless, the point about the web 'becoming a medium for nostalgia' is highly valid, an issue that becomes more and more apparent. The sheer density of ephemera sometimes threatens to overwhelm cultural production, chasing away original thought and turning everything into a visual quotation from something else. . . . All collections, be they real or virtual, convey a message about the collectors and viewers. The hunger for ephemera, in all its forms, is surely indicative of a broader cultural shift."
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december 2009 by jannon
Fantastic Journal: Criticism: Not What It Used To Be (May 2009)
"Firstly there is the issue of who is a legitimate critic. Abrahams seems keen to establish a proper hierarchy ranging from professional paid critics on respected magazines at the top down . . . As well as the levelling out of this entirely self-serving hierarchy he has a further concern that the internet itself destabilises proper categories of artistic worth. There is, Abraham's states, "no register of what is more important than something else". A certain paranoia . . . a sense that one might not know what it's correct to think anymore. . . . this fear is a pretty constant anxiety historically speaking and the internet is merely the latest in a long line of "worrying" trends towards a democratisation of opinion. . . . Finally . . . criticism . . . for "giving up on the future". . . . perhaps it's . . . the future deployed here that needs revising. . . . Abrahams wants a declamatory THIS IS THE FUTURE . . . Perhaps the future is not over there at all. Perhaps it's over here."
2009  architecture  blogs  charles.holland  compulsory.affirmationism  compulsory.positivity  criticism  delicious-export  futurism  meltdown  modernism  the.future 
december 2009 by jannon
The Measures Taken: The Functionalist Deviation (2007)
"Functionalism is a vexed term. Denounced, claimed to be impossible, or a pejorative for the ‘merely functional’. Yet for much of the 20th century functionalism was, almost inadvertently, frequently used to denote the revolutionary socialist currents in architecture. . . . usually used to describe the Central European architecture of the 1920s, and more rarely, certain American and British currents in the 1960s. Yet no architect to my knowledge has ever described himself or herself as a functionalist, and as we will see, no unified movement known as ‘functionalism’ has ever really existed as such. Functionalism, then, has for the most part been a negative term, used to describe certain reductive, utilitarian or positivist strains in modernist architecture. . . . the critique of . . . functionalism has frequently been an attack on the possibility of the intersection of architecture and politics as much as the intersections of form and function."
1920s  1930s  1960s  adolf.behne  archigram  architecture  bauen  bauhaus  bruno.taut  buckminster.fuller  cedric.price  chicago  construction  constructivism  criticism  dankmar.adler  de.stijl  delicious-export  engineering  ernst.may  form  frank.gehry  function  functionalism  hannes.meyer  hans.richter  historiography  history  international.style  keynesianism  louis.sullivan  manfredo.tafuri  mart.stam  marxism  modernism  oppositions  owen.hatherley  patrick.keiller  peter.eisenman  philip.johnson  psychology  social.democracy  soviet  style  walter.gropius  werkbund  zweck  zweckmäßigkeit 
december 2009 by jannon
Manchester: Heaven knows it’s miserable now - Building Design (June, 2009)
hatherley's take on manchester's regen. being me, I wonder what the city got in terms of parks, schools, hospitals, transit . . . esp. in those areas where housing density was increased/returned.
1990s  2000s  architecture  bubble.trouble  building.design  buildings  cities  citylife  criticism  delicious-export  gentrification  hazel.blears  housing  manchester  museums  owen.hatherley  places  post.industrialism  regeneration  salford  stadtschaft  style  uk  urban.design 
november 2009 by jannon
sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: Austerity Nostalgia (February 2009)
owen hatherley's first extended take on the topic (later extended, see other owen.hatherley items). good stuff in the comments, including mr. hatherley's final words: "it's not Modernism in the sense of El Lissitzky or Herbert Bayer but it is clearly informed by a modernism."
50s  60s  advertising  austerity  authority  catastrophe  consumerism  critical  criticism  culture  delicious-export  england  essay  fall  graphics  history  keep.calm.and.carry.on  legislated.nostalgia  meltdown  memory  modernism  music  nostalgia  posters  recession  retro  the.state  theory  thrift  uk 
november 2009 by jannon
Taking it like a man : suffering, sexuality, and the war poets : Brooke, Sassoon, Owen, Graves (Book, 1993) [WorldCat.org]
need to read this and compare it to Savran (1998, same initial title, different half-title, focused on postwar America, rather than WW1 England). I can't recall whether or not Savran references it explicitly, though it seems like he ought to have done.
book  books  britain  criticism  delicious-export  england  gender  heroics  masculinity  masochism  pain  poetry  queerness  sexuality  suffering  uk  voyeurism  war  writing 
october 2009 by jannon
k-punk: Be negative
not mentioned but related: employees as deputized "brand-managers" in social media as another form of economically enforced compulsory positivity and enclosure of affect & its expressions. also the conservatism of youth is something I feel like I could write for ages on, if I could ever write . . .
affect  affirmationism  blahblahblah  boosterism  capitalism  cheer  cheerleading  compulsory  compulsory.affirmationism  compulsory.positivity  conservatism  consumption  criticism  delicious-export  depression  energy  everything.is.cool  flatness  get.excited.and.make.things  k-punk  liking.anything  music  negativity  nostalgia  pop  positivity  psychology  punk  radical  youth 
september 2009 by jannon
Frieze Magazine | Archive | Archive | Martin Beck, 'Panel 2: "Nothing better than a touch of ecology and catastrophe to unite the social classes..."' (2008)
"What are the specific claims and abilities of art in this polarized context? Part of Beck’s answer seems to be a position of self-conscious weakness. Open stainless-steel cubes, polished almost to a mirror, function as an image of sculpture, as historical reference to art of the time without any burden of conviction or affirmation. They are not produced from or tied to the research by any necessity. . . . The overall impression is of décor and lightness, of polite but arbitrary style choices. . . . Beck self-consciously offers art objects as arbitrary footnotes to a subject, as obstacles to direct documentary transmission. He defers to viewers, letting them draw their own conclusions. Frustratingly, at a time of generally agreed ecological crisis, this precludes a more robust sense of what might also be shared."
1970  1970s  aesthetics  american  art  artist  artists  aspen  baudrillard  conferences  crisis  criticism  culture  debate  delicious-export  design  distraction  ecology  environment  french  frieze  historiography  history  idca  jean.baudrillard  land  land.art  landscape  martin.beck  meltdown  minimalism  panels  politesse  review  reyner.banham  sculpture  society 
september 2009 by jannon
Socialism and/or barbarism
might need to start reading this regularly. (yeah, another one of that crew, this time resident in santa cruz.)
apocalypse  blog  blogs  california  criticism  culture  delicious-export  evan.calder.williams  fantastic  film  future  marxism  philosophy  political  politics  salvagepunk  socialism  sociology  theory  usa 
september 2009 by jannon
Architecture - Tear Down These Walls - One Architecture Critic’s Candidates for Demolition in New York City - NYTimes.com (2008)
companion piece to the slideshow, involving a bunch of ranty (and somewhat nasty) prose against a couple buildings I mostly have no problems with . . . okay, madison square garden does suck, granted. plus the whole thing is full of the "we can't waste this valuable land on the crap that's already there" mentality, which is just bluhhhhhhh. and the whole passage on the annenberg building is incoherent. some of the rest is worthwhile, though.
2.columbus.circle  annenberg.building  architecture  arquitetura  bubble.trouble  buildings  criticism  delicious-export  demolition  hate  javits.center  madison.square.garden  meltdown  newyork  nicolai.ouroussoff  nyc  nyt  nytimes  pei.cobb.freed.&.partners  rant  verizon.building 
september 2009 by jannon
Tear Down These Walls - The New York Times > Arts > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 10 (2008)
nicolai ouroussoff hates on a bunch of buildings, some which are genuinely blah or historically bad, some which don't appear to deserve such vitriol, and some that I quite like (the met life building and the javits center in particular). the specter of the old penn station is raised, of course, but apparently I missed out on the entire debate over 2 columbus circle, which was stunning in its oddness. in general, arguing in favor of demolition during an economic downturn is a bit too much revelry in destruction for me. moments of real estate devaluation could be times to come up with plans for creative takeovers and repurposing rather than just calls to tear things down. the right to the city and whatnot, rather than just another endless boom & bust cycle.
2.columbus.circle  architecture  arquitetura  bubble.trouble  buildings  criticism  delicious-export  demolition  hate  javits.center  mckim.mead.and.white  meltdown  met.life.building  newyork  nicolai.ouroussoff  nyc  nyt  nytimes  pei.cobb.freed.&.partners  penn.station  rant  slideshow 
september 2009 by jannon
T.J. Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith | Why Art Can't Kill the Situationist International (1997)
"Sooner or later the history of the SI is bound to serve in the construction of a new project of resistance. The sooner the better; there is no reason to think the moment will be long coming. What that project will be like is still guesswork. Certainly it will have to struggle to reconceive the tentacular unity of its enemy and articulate the grounds of a unity capable of contesting it. The word "totality" will not put [the project] at panic stations. It will want to know the past. And inevitably it will find itself retelling the stories of those moments of refusal and reorganization -- the SI being only one of them -- that the dreamwork of the Left at present excludes from consciousness." also, much here that I don't fully comprehend & that shows I need to read more deeply. edit: also, thinking about who is ensconced where is a constant issue--and histories & contexts of origin never suffice to command allegiance to problematic manifestations now or prblmatic accruals over time, rite?
1960s  1968  action  althusser  anti-colonialism  anti-representation  anti-stalinism  art  authenticity  autonomy  british  capitalism  criticism  debord  debray  delicious-export  donald.nicholson-smith  french  hegel  hegelianism  history  international  jean.hyppolite  media  mediation  politics  representation  resistance  semiotics  situationist  situationist.international  situationists  spectacle  stalin  stalinism  t.j.clark  tactics  the.left  theory 
august 2009 by jannon
Ter­ri­fying and tedious depths › Voyou Desoeuvre
(via joe) on a quote from harman: "In addition to being charmed by objects, we ourselves want to emulate them, and wish to charm the world. It is simply not the case that our fundamental wish is to be viewed as dignified free subjects with a chance to speak at the microphone of the universal assembly…. The kind of recognition we would prefer is always far more specific, since we often feel ourselves to be so painfully mutable that any specific role will do…. [We have a] wish to be something definite, a desire at least as great as our desire to be free. There is a profound need to escape the apparently infinite flexible subjectivity within, which feels far more amorphous to us than to anyone else. Contrary to the usual view, what we really want is to be objects." this is basically why I should write for realz.
being  cognition  criticism  definitions  delicious-export  desire  experience  harman  lability  mutability  nature  needs  objecthood  objects  philosophy  sense  subjects 
august 2009 by jannon
What Sorts of Intellectuals Should There Be? — Crooked Timber
alt.title: "What Sorts of Intellectuals Should There Be? In What Social Mixes and Ecological Proportions? When? And How Can You Tell?" (via danched)
I'll.show.you.the.life.of.the.mind  berlin  by.inches  criticism  delicious-export  distress  ecology  identification  intellectuals  kafka  necessity  persuasion  plato  scialabba  surely.another.world.is.possible  the.cave  utopia  value  walzer 
august 2009 by jannon
Gabion: The dark knights return: four profoundly unfashionable buildings in London.
I actually like the new british library (well from photographs), though I have certain ideas about the interior shots I've seen. and I can also see the fascination & interest in the mi6 building and the one with the chimneys. no.1.poultry, however, is one of the vilest buildings I've seen. provokes a very similar disgust in me as venturi's buildings do.
1980s  1990s  architecture  chimneys  criticism  delicious-export  design  fashion  funny  history  hugh.pearman  libraries  london  mi6  no.1.poultry  portcullis.house  postmodernism  stirling  style  terry.farrell  uk  venturi 
july 2009 by jannon
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