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sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: Paperbacks and Pictures as Portals (2008)
from comments: "'Vengeful self-construction,' lovely. That was the thing with the Manics, wasn't it? They were always accused by the press of being 'nothing more' than the sum total of the books they'd read, as if their learning was a wobbly scaffold they'd erected to disguise a more fundamental lack of 'self.' But that was rather the point, was it not? There was no intact, whole, 'authentic' self to fall back upon. Which is...another reason why their appeal to teenage girls...was so direct and powerful: young women are trained more rigorously than young men in the capitalist notion of being what you consume. The ideal woman is indeed a (self-)construct of brands, photographically self-aware gestures, magazine talk, advertising-led aspiration...To turn that dynamic on its head and instead to make consumption...a way out of capital's training is a deeply appealing, satisfyingly aggressive option, particularly if you can't or won't take your aggression out elsewhere."
1980s  1990s  20th.century  amulets  autodidactic  autodidacts  autopoeisis  books  british  commodity.fetishism  construction  consumerism  creativity  delicious-export  emmy.hennings  fragments  function  gender  manic.street.preachers  music  owen.hatherley  paperbacks  penguin  pieces  pop  portals  power  references  self  selfhood  smiths  things  tools  uk  use  weapons  writing 
july 2010 by jannon
k-punk: '... and when the groove is dead and gone...' (2009)
"And when the groove is dead and gone/ you know that love survives/"——in my project of re-reading things later, I'm struck here by parallel between jackson's body as our "the king's body" vs chaplin's body in the 1920s (as explicated by the hath)
1980s  2009  academic  african.american  article  billie.jean  blog  blogs  body  capitalism  celebrity  class  commodity  consumer  consumerism  creativity  culture  cyborgs  dancing  death  delicious-export  disco  fantastic  greil.marcus  history  identification  k-punk  logic  marketing  mechanization  michael.jackson  music  off.the.wall  pepsi  performance  pleasure  pop  puppets  race  rule  sex.pistols  situationist  soul  spectacle  the.beatles  theory  undead  utopia  vampires  work  zombies 
january 2010 by jannon
Musical Tourism, Ethical Consumption and other blog resonances pinging through my mind « UNFASHIONABLY LATE (2008)
"Calling Diplo a 'neocolonialist' is missing the point. . . . That he got big off a bunch of music made in the favelas is a symptom of neocolonialism, not a cause, and becoming ethical consumers isn’t going to change it (I’m actually more skeptical of the NGO angle). . . . The case could be made that they help provide a small part of an ideological screen to an influential class of Westerners which allows Western governments and corporations to continue to exploit the places where this music is made. But I wonder if castigating the middle class appropriators is rooted more in a desire to fashion ethical identities for ourselves than in correcting inequality. The increasing appropriation of the third world in music of all levels of popularity reflects our neoimperialist economic situation, in which Western (musical) economies are propped up by the exploited (creative) labor of the Global South, but I’m not sure to what extent it causes or creates it."
anonymity  blogging  class  colonialism  commodification  commodity  consumerism  context  control  creativity  critique  culture  dance  delicious-export  distribution  economics  economy  erasure  ethics  exchange  favelas  ghettotech  global  global.culture  global.south  knowledge  middle.class  music  neocolonialism  neoliberalism  places  postcolonialism  power  productivity  products  rio  selves  signifiers  subjectivity  tourism 
october 2009 by jannon
Do Anything 012 by Warren Ellis | Bleeding Cool Comic News & Rumors
"Looking back from the 21st Century, he might now consider Lichtenstein as nothing but the Damien Hirst of newsprint, sawing pages in half to no revelation whatsoever."
1960s  alan.moore  anything  art  comics  creativity  dc  delicious-export  doctor.who  doing  drawing  fantastic.four  hirst  history  illustration  jack.kirby  lichtenstein  marvel  narrative  ocarina  pop.art  publishing  pulp  sentences  stan.lee  structure  timing  warhol  warren.ellis  warrenellis  writing 
august 2009 by jannon
Revolutionary choreographer Merce Cunningham dies at 90 - Los Angeles Times
mentions a film made w/ Charles Atlas--the same person as directed "Hail the New Puritan" and "Because We Must" featuring Michael Clark & Leigh Bowery (and w/ music by The Fall for the former)??--imdb says yes. now want to convince someone to do a full-on atlas retrospective, except must keep repeating to self: keiller first, keiller first, keiller first.
aaron.copland  art  artist  capture  chance  change  charles.atlas  choreographer  choreography  collaboration  computers  couple  creativity  dance  dancing  delicious-export  design  film  gay  goodbye.20th.century  john.cage  lewis.segal  martha.graham  merce.cunningham  mills  motion  movement  music  nyc  obituary  people  projection  queer  scenery  seattle  stage  thinking  washington 
july 2009 by jannon
Lebbeus Woods | Dumb Boxes
dumb boxes, "The extraordinary can only be measured against the ordinary" & "superlatives have no future"
architecture  art  blog  citylife  creativity  culture  delicious-export  dumb.boxes  ideas  ordinariness  progress  society  the.extraordinary  the.ordinary  the.superlative  theory  thoughts  transcendence 
april 2008 by jannon
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