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Ethnology, Masks of the Cordry Collection - Collections - Arizona State Museum
Dates: 1950-1970In 1979, the University of Arizona Foundation and the Arizona State Museum purchased over five hundred Mexican masks, part of the folk art collection of Donald and Dorothy Cordry. Donald Cordry recorded information provided by dealers about the masks he acquired for his collection. Mexican mask scholars now question the reliability of this information about the makers, dances and proveniences. Nonetheless, researchers continue to use Cordry's collection and notes at the Arizona State Museum to help them learn more about mask making in Mexico.
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september 2011 by jannon
What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes? « Popular Demand (2009)
"it is difficult to imagine a female corollary to Nick Cave, an artist 'Well known for her violent, dark, misandrous, man-slaying songs” who is 'broadly considered to be a kind of national treasure.' A female artist who dealt in the same terrain as Cave, with reversed gender positions, would never be allowed to transcend pathology. Why? Because we haven’t moved beyond two patriarchal pillars that Simone de Beauvoir outlined in 1949; firstly, that 'Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female,' secondly, that 'the Representation of the world, like the world itself, is the work of men; they describe it from their own point of view, which they confuse with the absolute truth.'... [PJ] Harvey’s work has ... been read as a performance of gender; as dramatic, theatrical, and excessive.... the point is that her work never has and never will be universalised, or naturalised, whereas I would argue that Cave’s work is increasingly so, despite the fact that its excess has never dimmed"
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january 2010 by jannon
Luxury on a Budget ..., Recommended, Jul 15, 2006, apartment review of Lincoln Place Apartments in Venice, CA
these websites often have pretty interesting and revealing comments: "That was the slogan for these beautiful apartments that were made for WWII Veterans after the war. The standards were so much higher in the 50's that even luxury apartments, condos and homes today do not measure up to the experience of living at Lincoln Place. It has 3 times been confirmed a state historic resource but the owner continues on its 4th lawsuit against the State of California for the designation wich would only benefit the owner with tax breaks etc. AIMCO is the largest APARTMENT management company in the US and they want to tear Lincoln Place down to build condos in an affordable housing crisis. Just 3% of tenants who are dislocated from an apartment to make way for a condo can actually buy their home."
1940s  1950s  2000s  2006  affordable.housing  aimco  apartments  bubble.trouble  controversy  delicious-export  evictions  fight.back  historic.preservationism  housing  landlords  lincoln.place  lincoln.place.apartents  losangeles  modernism  politics  rent  rental  resistance  save.lincoln.place  socal  venice.california 
november 2009 by jannon
The GOOD 100: Bulldozing Cities | GOOD
dan kildee of flint makes the city shrinkage argument again, this time to the hipsters at good magazine. note the response in the comments: "'So why is . . . [the idea that] Flint should shrink…creating such a stir?' Well, I’d say that it’s because you never took the idea to the citizens. It wasn’t the Land Bank’s fault that the ‘cat was let out of the bag,’ but it is the Land Bank’s fault for stoking the resulting hysteria. . . . You were inviting Rush Limbaugh to come to Flint to talk about the idea before you even bothered to ask the actual citizens living there. . . . because of the way this subject has been handled–a “process” that I’ve been completely dumbfounded by since the very beginning–it looks a lot like we’re now faced with a level of work that’s going to be on par with the sort of political pandering and lowest-common-denominator type thinking that’s put Flint in this position in the first place! I want better, and this city deserves better." (via danched)
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october 2009 by jannon
LA Story: Backlash of the Boosters
for katja, some background radiation in discussions of los angeles
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june 2007 by jannon

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