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Naturist Day
RT : In case you've ever wanted to hang out naked in a gallery, next weekend you will have your chance.
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may 2013 by jannon
Kalle Pihlainen—From Embodiedness to Community: Recognition, Alterity and the Existentialist Social Conscience | CEEOL Human Affairs , Issue 2 /2004
"The argument presented in this paper hinges on the abolition or at least rethinking of the public—private distinction as it has already been performed in much of contemporary feminist and 'postist' theories. The strong separation of the public from the private sphere has led to the marginalization of various issues—[incl.] the general neglect of an embodied understanding of the world ...'existential phenomenology'...the term conveys a shared prioritizing of lived experience....Jean-Paul Sartre...intersubjective relations and their grounding ...Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Samuel Todes and Emanuel Levinas...the embodied subject and the ways in which intersubjective or social understanding may be reached...an 'existentialist social conscience'—and...a distinctive approach to the thinking of 'community.'...the outlining of a way in which communal understanding could be—and on occasion has been—grounded in an existentially-oriented phenomenology or 'existentialist' social theory."
2004  alterity  bodies  community  conscience  delicious-export  embodiment  ethics  existence  existentialism  existentialist  experience  feminism  feminist  intersubjective  intersubjectivity  knowledge  levinas  living  living.together  marginalization  meaning  merleau-ponty  morality  neglect  orientation  phenomenology  philosophy  private  public  recognition  sartre  separation  sharing  social  spheres  subjectivity  subjects  theory  todes  understanding  unification  world  worlding 
november 2010 by jannon
HAUTE POP | open data doesn't empower communities | internet.artizans
"I’m inspired by the idea that nuggets of opened data could seed guerilla public services, plugging gaps left by government, but i don’t see any of that in the data.gov.uk apps list. The reasons aren’t technical but psychosocial - the people and communities who could use this data to help tackle their own disadvantage and marginalisation don’t have the self-confident sense of entitlement that makes for successful civic hacktivism. So why the big push behind open data and the lack of interest in enabling communities? i think the crude answer is ‘bread and circuses’. And anyway, opening up data is a technocrat friendly activity whereas empowering communities is messy and difficult. So we’ll continue to be told that we can improve public services and create future economic growth by linking data rather than tackling power. …The real struggle, as ever, is on the terrain of meanings. Who will write the narrative that we inhabit? And how much does data actually help here?"
cities  citylife  class  community  confidence  data  delicious-export  gov2.0  hacktivism  infrastructure  liberalism  networked.urbanism  open  open.data  openaccess  opencontent  openness  opensource  power  psychology  psychosocial  social.democracy2.0 
june 2010 by jannon
The Gizmodo Warrant: Searching Journalists in the Terabyte Age | Freedom to Tinker
"When the California state courts combine this thirty-year-old statement of the law with the modern realities of terabyte storage devices, they should hold that the Fourth Amendment requires magistrate judges to play an integral and active role in the administration of the search of Jason Chen's computers and other storage devices. At the very least, the courts should forbid the police from looking at any file timestamped before March 18, 2010, and in addition, they should force the police to comply with the Comprehensive Drug Testing rules. In the terabyte age, these rules are necessary at a minimum to prevent the police from interfering with a free press."
1970s  1978  apple  community  computers  control  corporate  crime  criminal  delicious-export  enforcement  first.amendment  fourth.amendment  fourth.estate  freedom.of.speech  gizmodo  journalism  law  legal  news  newspapers  newsroom  police  policing  privacy  react  right.to.silence  search  seizure  shield.laws  storage  technology  warrant  work.product  zurcher.v.stanford 
april 2010 by jannon
Augmented Deliberation | The Place of Social Media
I'm skeptical: "The game board is the existing space of Boston’s Chinatown. Players are tasked with things like finding a job, finding an apartment, or finding a place to socialize.... Once the players have had the opportunity to explore and complete their quest, they are then asked a simple question: 'what does the neighborhood need now?'.... Augmented deliberation is the process. The game is the form that we happen to be investigating. We believe that providing the game scaffolding is going be very useful for getting citizens to deliberate over the complex matters of physical urban transformation. Specifcally, the qualities of immersion and role play. We are spending a good deal of time trying to make the game fun and engaging; this is the incentive for participation. But we remain aware of the potential pitfalls... will it be misinterpreted by the community as frivilous?"
agency  agents  amusement  architecture  augmented.deliberation  augmented.reality  boston  chinatown  cities  citylife  collaboration  community  decision.making  deliberate  deliberation  delicious-export  design  determination  exploration  games  gamespace  immersion  local  localism  locative  ludic  ludic.spaces  media  multi-agent  multiplayer  multitudes  narrative  need  neighborhoods  participation  participatory  places  planning  play  playing.together  politics  polity  social  thought  urban  urbanism  urbanplanning  whim 
april 2010 by jannon
tzedakah can't replace liberatory politics, but as it is so often "in the meantime" afaik, it's still necessary
community  delicious-export  delicious-private  ethics  food  hunger  jewish  kashrut  kosher  masbia  need  nyc  orthodox  politics  poverty  tzedakah 
march 2010 by jannon
Thomas Max Safley | Department of History | University of Pennsylvania
"Thomas Max Safley is Professor of Early Modern European History. He received his Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Wisconsin. A specialist in the economic and social history of early modern Europe, roughly 1450-1750, he has published extensively on the history of marriage and the family, of poverty and charity and of labor and business."
15th.century  16th.century  17th.century  18th.century  academia  academics  augsburg  business  capitalism  charity  commerce  community  delicious-export  early.capitalism  early.modern  economics  europe  european  family  german  germany  historians  historiography  history  labor  law  marriage  people  poor.laws  poverty  responsibility  social.reproduction  social.services  society  upenn 
march 2010 by jannon
it's a beginning in one place of things that have been continuing in others. limited. but things have to start not just somewhere but everywhere.
art  artists  artwork  awesome  class  collaboration  community  delicious-export  discussion  economics  education  elitism  exhibition  fantastic  gallery  money  nyc  pedagogy  performance 
march 2010 by jannon
California - HackerspaceWiki
some are fairly autonomous, others aren't, at least one is sponsored by microsoft and google
community  control  delicious-export  doing  drop.in  hacking  hacks  infopol  information  infotech  learning  maker  places  praxis  sharing  shop  technology 
march 2010 by jannon
k-punk: "They killed their mother": Avatar as ideological symptom
doesn't get at any of the other ways that Avatar is bullshit, but still: "'There's nothing we have that they want,' concludes Sam Worthington's Jake Sully of the Na'vi. Yet the Na'vi predictably seduce Sully, who quickly 'forgets everything' about his former life on earth (about which we learn almost nothing, beyond the fact that he is a marine who got injured in the course of battle) and embraces the wholeness of the Na'vi way of life. Sully attains wholeness through his avatar Na'vi body in a double sense: first, because the avatar is able-bodied, and, secondly, because the Na'vi are intrinsically more 'whole' than the (self-)destructive humans. Sully, the marine who is 'really' a tree-hugging primitive, is a paradigm of that late capitalist subjectivity which disavows its modernity. There's something wonderfully ironic about the fact that Sully's—and our—identification with the Na'vi depends upon the very advanced technology that the Na'vi's way of life makes impossible."
anarchism  anticapitalism  avatar  capitalism  cinema  colonialism  community  criticism  culture  deleuze  delicious-export  environmentalism  film  green  history  ideology  immersion  info  james.cameron  k-punk  knowledge  media  meta  modernity  mother.earth  movies  philosophy  politics  power  primitivism  reading  reviews  rimbaud  settler.logic  sf  spinoza  subjectivity  technology  theory 
january 2010 by jannon
Modern-day share-cropping -- latimes.com (June 2009)
"Los Angeles County has nearly 3,800 plots in 60 public community gardens, but nearly all have waiting lists. Eight acres in Long Beach accommodate 308 gardeners, but volunteer coordinator Lonnie Brundage says the waiting list has been capped at 85 -- and she still she receives about 30 phone calls a week from residents eager to dig in. . . . With demand outpacing supply, grass-roots efforts are underway to help apartment dwellers and condo owners who have the will to till, but not the land. Some call it share-cropping, though others prefer terms such as garden swapping or yard sharing. The idea is the same: Would-be gardeners get a place to plant and tend, and homeowners lacking the time or interest to garden themselves can share the fruits of someone else's labor." ---or you know, the city could zone a lot more community gardens! and so on
access  agriculture  allotments  citylife  collaboration  community  control  delicious-export  environment  food  gardening  housing  labor  land  latimes  losangeles  ownership  philanthropy  schrebergarten  sharecropping  sharing  wealth 
december 2009 by jannon
Blackdown: The man who cycles through glass walls (2008)
"When the people with money to burn arrived in areas like Whitechapel and Bethnal Green they were force-fed words like 'vibrant' and 'diverse', a showcase model of how London came to be the melting pot that it is, but it's these suburban areas that are seeing the process being repeated now: Walthamstow, Woolwich, Barking, Thornton Heath, Edmonton, and it's like nobody is noticing. And it's worth doing so, because sometimes it isn't a pretty sight – friction between old and new communities, sometimes within the new communities, issues of the sort that the BNP jumps on in Barking & Dagenham, does its scaremongering and gets council seats out of it. But there's something worth celebrating in there too – above all, the fact that the diversity of these areas hasn't had a price tag slapped on it yet by estate agents. Yet. And that's why I like to go and see these places as they are now before it happens, because I think eventually it will." (via danched; discussion of tourism in comments)
architecture  art  beautiful  belonging  blackdown  blog  cities  class  community  council.housing  culture  delicious-export  diversity  documentary  documents  economy  emptiness  fantastic  flickr  gaze  gentrification  housing  identity  journalism  london  membership  music  nico.hogg  participation  photography  photos  picturesque  places  race  representation  social.housing  society  space  suburbs  the.picturesque  urban  zone.3  zone.4 
october 2009 by jannon
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