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Thomas Max Safley | Department of History | University of Pennsylvania
"Thomas Max Safley is Professor of Early Modern European History. He received his Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Wisconsin. A specialist in the economic and social history of early modern Europe, roughly 1450-1750, he has published extensively on the history of marriage and the family, of poverty and charity and of labor and business."
15th.century  16th.century  17th.century  18th.century  academia  academics  augsburg  business  capitalism  charity  commerce  community  delicious-export  early.capitalism  early.modern  economics  europe  european  family  german  germany  historians  historiography  history  labor  law  marriage  people  poor.laws  poverty  responsibility  social.reproduction  social.services  society  upenn 
march 2010 by jannon
Ehe m.b.H. / Ehe mit beschränkter Haftung | filmportal.de
"Zwei Rechtsanwälte versuchen schon seit Jahren, die Haupterbin eines Vermögens zu finden, die den Namen Irene Kaiser tragen muss. Kurz bevor die Erbschaft an den Staat fällt, finden sie auch die Richtige, nur heißt sie Irene Santa-Fé. Sie lebt zwar mit einem Mann namens Georg Kaiser zusammen, nur konnten die Beiden niemals heiraten, da Kaiser noch nicht geschieden ist und den Aufenthaltsort seiner Frau nicht kennt. Nun wird die Idee ausgetüftelt, dass Irene, um den Bedingungen des Testaments zu genügen, einen anderen Mann namens Kaiser heiraten müsse. So finden sie einen misslaunigen Bürovorsteher, der ebenfalls den Namen Georg Kaiser trägt. Doch dieser hat sich seine Ehe mit der jungen attraktiven Irene ganz anders vorgestellt."
1930s  1931  business  comedy  commerce  delicious-export  deutsch  ehe  film  gender  german  geschäft  gmbh  lawyers  marriage  sex  trade 
january 2010 by jannon
Alfred Messel—Visionary of the City | Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - What's on
"Alfred Messel was the designer of seminal buildings which formed a bridge between historicism and modernism. He built museums, palatial financial buildings, administrative buildings, lavish villas and cooperative apartment blocks – each a Gesamtkunstwerk in its own right for its harmony of external and interior design. His designs for department stores for the Wertheim corporation were unique and are still firmly anchored in the public’s consciousness in Berlin. At the start of the 20th century, the luxurious branch at Leipziger Platz was the largest department store in Europe. In its functionality, size and elegance, it conveyed the metropolitan feeling of a new age like no other building before it. With his plans for the Pergamonmuseum, Alfred Messel also added the important final touches to the ‘city of museums’, as Wilhelm von Bode described the Museum Island at the time. The Museum Island has been declared a piece of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 1999."
19th.century  alfred.messel  apartments  berlin  bode  bourgeois  citylife  commerce  consumerism  converts  delicious-export  department.stores  exhibition  fin.de.siècle  history  houses  housing  jewish  leipziger.platz  lifestyle  middle.class  museuminsel  museums  people  pergamon  shopping  unesco  upper.class  urbanity  villas  wertheim  world.heritage.sites 
november 2009 by jannon
Recession Lessons Road Trip Part IV: Cairo Illinois | Unemploymentality
pretty perfect encapsulation of the post-industrial picturesque aesthetic: "I’m just like every other guy he’s seen roll through town to take a picture of what has come to symbolize the pain that is his town’s history. To him and everyone else in the rust belt, there’s nothing beautiful about empty buildings and the jobs that were abandoned along with them. But the guys like me . . . keep driving in from nearby St. Louis or Chicago because we’re looking for something historic and romantic on our cross-country road trips . . . People who hear about these ghost towns from the internet and come to see for themselves that which is strangely beautiful so they too can have their own pictures to post . . . But [they] never spend a dollar . . . [n]ot a dollar at the car wash or the thrift store, or even at the lemonade stand run by the industrious little girls and their mangy dog. Instead they just get out to snap a quick pic of something ugly and drive on to greener pastures."
1960s  1970s  2009  action  aesthetics  boycott  cairo.illinois  commerce  delicious-export  economics  ethics  history  illinois  image  jobs  labor  picturesque  places  poverty  race  recession  refusal  romanticism  small.towns  social.exclusion  tourism  towns  usa  value 
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