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THE SYDNEY BIRD PAINTER | (The white gallinule)
"THE SYDNEY BIRD PAINTER(The white gallinule) (c.1791-92) watercolour, brush and ink The first white settlers who followed Cook also documented the curious wildlife of their new home. This skilfully rendered drawing of a White Gallinule was probably painted by the Sydney Bird Painter, the name attributed to possibly three different unknown artists, who may have arrived with the First Fleet in 1788.  ‘A peculiar bird, the White Gallinule was one of a multitude of fauna first discovered on Lord Howe Island when Lieutenant Ball landed there in the Supply in March 1788. Like the unfortunate Mount Pitt bird of Norfolk Island that the Sydney Bird Painter also depicted, the White Gallinule was flightless and tragically hunted to extinction. The skin of only one White Gallinule has survived white settlement, enhancing the poignancy of this rare contemporary drawing.’"
1791  1792  18th.century  art  australia  australian  biology  birds  colonialism  delicious-export  discovery  drawing  drawings  extinction  flight  flightless  hunting  illustration  knowledge  lord.howe.island  lost  lost.animals  lost.beings  ornithology  painting  paintings  representation  science  watercolor  zoology 
june 2011 by jannon
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Title: Pedro Menendez de Aviles / Josef Camaron lo dibo. ; Franco. de Paula Marti lo grabo ano 1791.Creator(s): Martí, Francisco de Paula, 1762-1827, engraverDate Created/Published: [1791]Medium: 1 print : engraving.Summary: Half-length portrait, standing, facing right.
16th.century  1791  17th.century  18th.century  LoC  adelantado  colonialism  conquest  conquistador  conquistadores  delicious-export  engravings  florida  history  libraryofcongress  people  portraits  spanish 
june 2011 by jannon
Leo Frobenius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
frobenius was a racist kook, but he was marginally less racist than the majority of mainstream historians of his time, basically.
anthropology  art  black.history  books  cathexis  colonialism  cultural.semiotics  culture  delicious-export  ergriffenheit  ethnography  ethnology  historians  history  kooks  kultur  kulturkreise  leo.frobenius  mythology  people  racism  semiotics  systems.of.knowledge  wiki  wikipedia 
may 2011 by jannon
Map showing subdivision of lands belonging to the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Co. : being the east 1200 acres of the south half of Ranch Ex Mission of San Fernando, Los Angeles County, California
"In 1887, the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company of San Fernando Valley, California purchased a 12,000 acre ranch from J. B. Lankershim aned I. N. Van Nuys. The property, running from Whitsett Avenue on the west, to the Burbank city limits on the East, and from the skyline of the Hollywood Hills on the south"
1880s  1887  burbank  california  cities  citylife  colonialism  delicious-export  history  hollywood.hills  i.n.van.nuys  j.b.lankershim  land  losangeles  planning  power  san.fernando.valley  socal  the.valley  water  whitsett.avenue 
september 2010 by jannon
On the Edge of America | CDLIB
On the Edge of America: California Modernist Art, 1900-1950 Edited by Paul J .Karlstrom UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley · Los Angeles · Oxford © 1996 The Regents of the University of California
1900  1900s  1910s  1920s  1930s  1940s  1950  1950s  1990s  1996  20th.century  aesthetics  america  americana  art  books  california  california.dream  colonialism  delicious-export  ebooks  edge.zones  edges  edges.of.the.city  essays  frontier  marginality  modernism  modernist 
august 2010 by jannon
February 16th: DOROTHY LAMB CRAWFORD @ LAPL Central Library
[ALOUD] at Central Library Tuesday, February 16, 2010 7:00 PM DOROTHY LAMB CRAWFORD A Windfall of Musicians: Hitler’s Emigres and Exiles in Southern California In conversation with conductor/composer William Kraft (need to remember to go to this)
1930s  1940s  1950s  aesthetics  art  blacklist  colonialism  composers  culture  delicious-export  dorothy.lamb.crawford  emigration  events  exil  exile  exilkultur  exilmusik  fascism  fashion  german  history  hitler  jewish  lapl  left  losangeles  modernism  music  musicians  nazis  nazism  schoenberg  socal  william.kraft 
february 2010 by jannon
k-punk: 'Everything is impossible now ...' (2009)
"In 'The Hay Wain,' English culture and history become a repeating labyrinth where the rebels are always on the run from the forces of power and privilege. Fleeing Peterloo, Jack Frake eventually stumbles into the Suffolk scene Constable is painting; meanwhile, in 1990, a Poll Tax rioter takes refuge in the National Gallery and 'notices what he has never noticed before on biscuit tins or calendars, or plastic trays on the walls of his aunt's flat in Bradford, those tiny figures bending in the field beyond.' Sharp replaces the dominant pastoral image of the English countryside, not with a deflated quotidian realism, but with a different kind of lyricism, one coloured by revolt: fields and ditches become hiding places or battlegrounds; landscapes that on the surface seem tranquil still reverberate with the unavenged spectral rage of murdered working class martyrs. It is not the sunlit English afternoon that is 'timeless,' but the ability of the agents of reaction to escape justice."
1989  1990  2009  a.span.of.twenty.years  another.world  another.world.is.necessary  another.world.is.possible  avatar  blood  change  colonialism  constable  country  countryside  delicious-export  eclipse  enclosure  escape  foreclosure  hauntology  historiography  history  images  imaginary  imagination  jameson  k-punk  martyrs  massacre  national.gallery.of.art  other  painting  paintings  pastoral  peterloo  picturesque  places  police  politics  poll.tax  poll.tax.riot  rurality  space  suffolk  the.hay.wain  the.picturesque  theory  time  times  utopia  violence 
february 2010 by jannon
k-punk: "They killed their mother": Avatar as ideological symptom
doesn't get at any of the other ways that Avatar is bullshit, but still: "'There's nothing we have that they want,' concludes Sam Worthington's Jake Sully of the Na'vi. Yet the Na'vi predictably seduce Sully, who quickly 'forgets everything' about his former life on earth (about which we learn almost nothing, beyond the fact that he is a marine who got injured in the course of battle) and embraces the wholeness of the Na'vi way of life. Sully attains wholeness through his avatar Na'vi body in a double sense: first, because the avatar is able-bodied, and, secondly, because the Na'vi are intrinsically more 'whole' than the (self-)destructive humans. Sully, the marine who is 'really' a tree-hugging primitive, is a paradigm of that late capitalist subjectivity which disavows its modernity. There's something wonderfully ironic about the fact that Sully's—and our—identification with the Na'vi depends upon the very advanced technology that the Na'vi's way of life makes impossible."
anarchism  anticapitalism  avatar  capitalism  cinema  colonialism  community  criticism  culture  deleuze  delicious-export  environmentalism  film  green  history  ideology  immersion  info  james.cameron  k-punk  knowledge  media  meta  modernity  mother.earth  movies  philosophy  politics  power  primitivism  reading  reviews  rimbaud  settler.logic  sf  spinoza  subjectivity  technology  theory 
january 2010 by jannon
Oil, Water, and the Sacred: Super/Natural Resources in Francophone Postcolonial Fiction « Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
probably can't make to santa barbara on a wednesday, but: "Focusing on Nan Bessora’s 2004 novel Petroleum... this paper argues that the ubiquitous deployment of 'natural resources' in francophone postcolonial fiction has always served as a means of figuring the properly political relationship between France and its former colonies and highlighting the resource-extractive politics of colonialism and neo-colonialism, but that it has recently come to signify broader cultural and eco-philosophical differences between metropole and postcolony. ... Political economy and symbolic economies are therefore overlaid in a text that productively troubles the divide between the environmental social sciences and the ostensibly “soft” eco-humanities."
colonialism  delicious-export  events  fiction  france  francophone  holy  lectures  literature  metropole  natural  nature  oil  postcolonialism  postcolony  resources  sacred  sacredness  sanctity  santa.barbara  super  supernatural  the.sacred  ucsb  upcoming  water 
january 2010 by jannon
Daily Kos: On Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon" (July 2009)
most of this is a bunch of sensitive-dancing, but: "I had a libertarian friend in college . . . who was convinced that humanity would sooner or later destroy the planet and that our only hope was to colonize other places to live, which struck me as, at a minimum, going about ensuring species survival the hard way. I don't recall whether we ever discussed it—I think so, but I don't want to level a charge I can't support—but I strongly suspect that in his mind the sorts of people who would be sent to outer space were not the likes of the narrator's Sister Nell. This was due to class, not race; Sister Nell was unlikely to get the education she would need to be of the class that my libertarian friend would consider useful. What I think eluded him is that Sister Nell therefore had no stake in his plans—and, in fact, had some stake in opposing them, or at least opposing public spending on them." (also error in this paragraph about the intersectionality of class and race)
1969  capitalism  capitalism.is.crisis  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  class  colonialism  control  delicious-export  domination  education  fantasy  future  gil.scott.heron  health  healthcare  nerds  opposition  power  racism  resources  science  science.fiction  scifi  space  space.race  space.the.final.frontier 
december 2009 by jannon
Whitey on the Moon - Lyrics
1969—40 years after the riots in watts, newark, detroit, baltimore, etc and 40 years after the moon landing: we're spending more on prison in california than on education, we're in a state of mass incarceration, and we don't have flying cars and vacations on the moon, either.
1969  20th.century  capitalism  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  class  cold.war  colonialism  delicious-export  future  futurism  gil.scott.heron  history  modernism  music  poetry  politics  priorities  race  racism  resources  science  science.fiction  scifi  space  space.race  the.actual.past  wealth 
december 2009 by jannon
cowboy-museum-ext.jpg 957×761 pixels
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum—Oklahoma City, OK.———pretty sure that this photograph is by Julius Shulman———file: things I've talked with danched about
20th.century  americana  architecture  colonialism  cowboys  delicious-export  expansion  filetype:jpg  history  images  julius.shulman  media:image  modernism  museums  oklahoma.city  photography  power  western  westernalia 
december 2009 by jannon
▱ BROADACRE CITY   Frank Lloyd Wright and his vision for the urban future
now this is starting to look familiar again. must have run across it in some retrofuturist blogging or that taschen book "future perfect" years ago and dismissed it as boring. which it is. just boring because important, ugh.
1930s  america  broadacre.city  cars  colonialism  delicious-export  fantasy  flying  frank.lloyd.wright  futurism  garden.cities  grid.city  history  modernism  planning  privacy  private  private.gardens  private.space  privatization  spatial.imaginary  spatial.practice  suburbia  suburbs  transit  ufos  urbanplanning  utopia  vehicles 
november 2009 by jannon
k-punk: False discussion in this institution
"What is evaded here is the way that racism is not some naturally-occurring tendency but, necessarily, a displacement of the class antagonisms which the neoliberal consensus . . . has a vested interest in covering up. . . . The neoliberal tactic has been to ignore resentment and aggrievement altogether - to maintain that such feelings are a moral, educational or pyschiatric failure of those who have not accepted metropolitan, "modernising" values . . . the right wing media . . . relentlessly sends the same message: it isn't the poor provision of services and resources that is the issue, but the monopolisation of these . . . by whatever racial Other is being demonised that week. . . . Only when working class grievances and resentments can be re-narrativised by a new politial agent can this frame be broken." <-- solid, but incomplete, as critiques of intersectionality etc. are not about neoliberal 'diversity' but rather understanding how exploitation functions unevenly.
access  bnp  britain  class  colonialism  control  delicious-export  difference  distribution  england  exploitation  fascism  fear  fear.of.sharing  identity  justice  k-punk  kyriarchy  media  nick.griffin  politics  propaganda  race  racism  resources  services  subjectivity  the.other  uk  xenophobia 
october 2009 by jannon
Musical Tourism, Ethical Consumption and other blog resonances pinging through my mind « UNFASHIONABLY LATE (2008)
"Calling Diplo a 'neocolonialist' is missing the point. . . . That he got big off a bunch of music made in the favelas is a symptom of neocolonialism, not a cause, and becoming ethical consumers isn’t going to change it (I’m actually more skeptical of the NGO angle). . . . The case could be made that they help provide a small part of an ideological screen to an influential class of Westerners which allows Western governments and corporations to continue to exploit the places where this music is made. But I wonder if castigating the middle class appropriators is rooted more in a desire to fashion ethical identities for ourselves than in correcting inequality. The increasing appropriation of the third world in music of all levels of popularity reflects our neoimperialist economic situation, in which Western (musical) economies are propped up by the exploited (creative) labor of the Global South, but I’m not sure to what extent it causes or creates it."
anonymity  blogging  class  colonialism  commodification  commodity  consumerism  context  control  creativity  critique  culture  dance  delicious-export  distribution  economics  economy  erasure  ethics  exchange  favelas  ghettotech  global  global.culture  global.south  knowledge  middle.class  music  neocolonialism  neoliberalism  places  postcolonialism  power  productivity  products  rio  selves  signifiers  subjectivity  tourism 
october 2009 by jannon
Tate Modern | Film | Projected Cities — Patrick Keiller (2007)
"For this screening and lecture, Keiller will present material from 'Londres, Bombay' (2006), his ambitious multi-screen video reconstruction of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) in Mumbai, one of the largest gothic-revival railway stations in the world."
architecture  bombay  buildings  chhatrapati.shivaji.terminus  cities  citylife  colonial.history  colonialism  culture  delicious-export  film  form  gothic  gothic-revival  india  london  londres  mumbai  patrick.keiller  places  rail  railway  revivalism  shape  stations  structure  tate  tate.modern  terminal  terminus  trains  transit  victoria  victoria.terminus 
september 2009 by jannon
Mike Davis on Obama and the unlikelihood of a new new deal (Radical Perspectives on the Crisis) (October 2008)
"Obama won't inherit Roosevelt's ultimate situational advantage -- having emergent tools of state intervention and demand management (later to be called "Keynesianism") empowered by an epochal uprising of industrial workers in the world's most productive factories. . . . the New Deal did not arise spontaneously from the goodwill or imagination of the White House. On the contrary, the social contract for the post-1935 Second New Deal was a complex, adaptive response to the greatest working-class movement in our history, in a period when powerful third parties still roamed the political landscape and Marxism exercised extraordinary influence on American intellectual life." Also: "war production . . . became a huge engine for the reemployment of the American work force, the real cure for the depressed job markets of the 1930s. Subsequently, American world power and full employment would align in a way that won the loyalty of several generations of working-class voters." (via danched)
capitalism  chasm  citizenship  colonialism  crisis  deindustrialization  delicious-export  economics  economy  epistemology  grand.canyon  history  imagination  keynes  leverage  marx  masses  mike.davis  military.industrial.complex  obama  politics  power  recession  roosevelt  socialism  strategy  they.don&#39;t.need.us  via:danched  void  war 
august 2009 by jannon
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