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Victory City: The City of the Future
"Our present-day cities are already obsolete and are threatening to engulf the entire countryside, permanently destroying vast areas of our best food-producing land. Victory City™ is the wave of the future. It's an entire city all under one roof, to be built and operated by private enterprise alone. There will not be just one, but many such cities throughout the entire world. Boasting no crime, no pollution, and no over-crowding, Victory City is a veritable utopia for those who've grown weary of trying to find solutions to today's urban problems."
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november 2009 by jannon
Against Situationism | varnelis.net
see discussion in the footnotes. apparently some of my personally current reading is coming out of a larger societal contestation with situationism in particular? (and this probably embedded in an even larger project of intense reading and re-reading of political thought & history that's going on now?) also, would seem like the arguments here get stuck in another case of being-essence versus instrumental use/symbolic deployment. seems like it is necessary to see what parts of situationism got us here and how and why, in a more complete way . . .
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august 2009 by jannon
Cyborgs and Architects 1 | Quiet Babylon
well, duh, obviously both are always co-occurrent: we shape society and the environment and it shapes us. this happens on every level: socially, technologically, biologically. come on people.
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july 2009 by jannon

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