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Nanny/PA, PT, Live-in
there are many more like this. stipend amounts to $4.00 a hour, not sure how they factor in housing & food so as to make this more or less legal vis a vis minimum wage etc.
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july 2010 by jannon
Third Class on a One-Class Train: Fairy Jobmother deconstructed.
"On another note, it’s revealing that Taylor’s partially-successful methods required the production company to shell out on bereavement counselling sessions, gym membership, new clothes and an expensive makeover before even one of the family could enter work. The average jobseeker could not afford any of these things. . . . The obvious point to conclude from this is that the family were too poor to find work. Without some source of disposable cash, they were incapable (even if they were willing) of improving themselves to the standard required." (via danched)
2010  behavior  british  choice  class  delicious-export  england  evaluation  fairy.jobmother  jobs  jobsearch  meltdown  propaganda  resources  service  services  television  uk  unemployment  via:danched  wealth 
july 2010 by jannon
The bad old days will end
the wonderful world of professional wrestling, psychogeography, allotments and the class struggle.
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july 2010 by jannon
HAUTE POP | open data doesn't empower communities | internet.artizans
"I’m inspired by the idea that nuggets of opened data could seed guerilla public services, plugging gaps left by government, but i don’t see any of that in the data.gov.uk apps list. The reasons aren’t technical but psychosocial - the people and communities who could use this data to help tackle their own disadvantage and marginalisation don’t have the self-confident sense of entitlement that makes for successful civic hacktivism. So why the big push behind open data and the lack of interest in enabling communities? i think the crude answer is ‘bread and circuses’. And anyway, opening up data is a technocrat friendly activity whereas empowering communities is messy and difficult. So we’ll continue to be told that we can improve public services and create future economic growth by linking data rather than tackling power. …The real struggle, as ever, is on the terrain of meanings. Who will write the narrative that we inhabit? And how much does data actually help here?"
cities  citylife  class  community  confidence  data  delicious-export  gov2.0  hacktivism  infrastructure  liberalism  networked.urbanism  open  open.data  openaccess  opencontent  openness  opensource  power  psychology  psychosocial  social.democracy2.0 
june 2010 by jannon
Voos Furniture / Storage / Fractal-23
"$19,000 28"h x 28"w x 28"d Oil Painted Plywood A playful modular drawer system which can be opened from four sides. Each compartment requires a consideration of 'what to store.'" consider that your playful box just cost more than many people earn in whole year. think about how to store that.
I.hate.art  architectural  class  connoisseurship  containerization  containers  control  delicious-export  delight  furniture  knowledge  ludic.delusions  objects  play  power  price  prices  storage  things  wealth 
june 2010 by jannon
Books: The Sun Also Rises (Contd.)—Review of Harold Loeb, The Way it Was - TIME (1959)
"It is perhaps typical of Loeb that a decade later he was a devotee of technocracy. His generation could never escape the Gatsby Syndrome, the belief in "the green light" ever beckoning toward an elusively perfect tomorrow."
1920s  1930s  1940s  1950s  1959  20th.century  adventure  antisemitism  chaos  characters  class  control  delicious-export  destruction  fantasy  fitzgerald  gatsby  gatsby.syndrome  harold.loeb  hemingway  history  jewish  order  patronage  people  princeton  technocracy  the.sun.also.rises 
june 2010 by jannon
New Statesman - Should Labour become the "anti-immigration party"? Absolutely not
article makes tons of good arguments, but moreover, if you make legal immigration much more difficult, but don't even begin to address the wage/wealth disparities between nations, then you do two terrible things: 1) you've just targeted immigrants who already live in your communities for exclusion and violence, having just coded them as an existential threat, 2) you increase the incentives for employers to exploit a class of workers who by definition would have little to no recourse to the law. these are both incredibly awful outcomes that any party that supports decent jobs and workers' rights should oppose.
2010  a.better.life.for.all  asylum  bigotry  class  daniel.trilling  delicious-export  escape  exploitation  fear  fear.mongering  fear.of.sharing  flight  immigration  jobs  justice  labor  migration  new.statesman  politics  push.and.pull  racism  refugees  rhetorical.violence  social.exclusion  xenophobia 
may 2010 by jannon
Grassley: Tax Arbitrage by Colleges and Universities Raises Questions
“This report finds that the majority of tax-exempt bonds are held by schools that have large investment assets. These schools are using their tax exemption to amass investments, receive tax-deductible donations, and float tax-exempt bonds. These benefits are unique to tax-exempt entities. The federal government forgoes the revenue from tax-exempt entities in exchange for the social benefit from these institutions. This report raises questions for parents, students, and taxpayers about universities’ issuing bonds and going into debt when they have money in the bank. Issuing bonds costs money on interest and management fees. Does the expense of debt service take money away from student aid or academic service? Do bond issuances occur even as universities raise tuition and build investment assets? These are further questions to explore.” (not to mention the issue of whether per-year student costs approaching $50,000, requiring combination of grants, loans, wages, etc, serve public)
academia  academy  arbitrage  assets  benefit  bonds  capital  chuck.grassley  class  debt.service  delicious-export  donations  interest  investment  iowa  nonprofit  nonprofits  organizations  power  private  republicans  schools  service.of.wealth  social  student.loans  students  tax-exempt  taxation  taxes 
may 2010 by jannon
LENIN'S TOMB: On ruling class anti-racism (February 2010)
"Occasionally, if you open the Economist or the FT, you'll read an argument that runs something like this: people shouldn't be bigoted toward immigrants, because by they do jobs that British workers won't do for pay that British workers won't accept. In a similar way, you often hear members of the Institute of Directors or the CBI explain that 'globalisation' and international outsourcing is an excellent thing because it gives jobs to hard-working people in Third World countries who work much harder, and are much less demanding, than spoilt, recalcitrant Western workers. This is the zenith of ruling class anti-racism, and it's just another argument for exploitation. And it is, of course, deeply racist toward the recipients of its supposed benediction."
2010  bbc  class  delicious-export  dynamics  economics  employment  exploitation  immigration  inequality  jobs  labor  labour  lenin  marxism  migration  movement  national.origin  nationality  politics  population  racism  richard.seymour  social.reproduction  status  unemployment  wages 
may 2010 by jannon
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