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Terry Eagleton: Rebuking obnoxious views is not just a personality kink | Comment is free | The Guardian (2007)
the thing that bugs me the most about accusations of racism by leftists and marxists is when these fail to directly acknowledge racism as a structural system of oppression rather than primarily a matter of moral failure by individuals. rebuking public figures is fun and frequently necessary, but generally insufficient. (indirectly via danched)
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may 2010 by jannon
State Capitalism in Britain | Mute magazine (2009)
of course the idea that such involvement of the state in the structure of capitalist profit is any exception is kind of silly.
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january 2010 by jannon
Review: Estates by Lynsey Hanley | Books | The Guardian (2007)
"By 1979, nearly half the British population lived in local authority housing; then came Thatcherism and the Right to Buy, and now only 12 per cent of us do. Hanley is no rabid opponent of home ownership (she'd be a hypocrite if she was, since she recently joined the club). But she does regret some of its consequences: the dearth of state accommodation for those who need it (there's currently a waiting list of 1.5 million); the widening gap between the mortgage-paying haves and the low-rent have-nots; the loss of the Utopian impulse towards social integration. As she says, 'this is no longer a society in which you can be proud, still less be seen to be proud, that your home has been provided by the state.'"
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november 2009 by jannon
Taking it like a man : suffering, sexuality, and the war poets : Brooke, Sassoon, Owen, Graves (Book, 1993) [WorldCat.org]
need to read this and compare it to Savran (1998, same initial title, different half-title, focused on postwar America, rather than WW1 England). I can't recall whether or not Savran references it explicitly, though it seems like he ought to have done.
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october 2009 by jannon
k-punk: False discussion in this institution
"What is evaded here is the way that racism is not some naturally-occurring tendency but, necessarily, a displacement of the class antagonisms which the neoliberal consensus . . . has a vested interest in covering up. . . . The neoliberal tactic has been to ignore resentment and aggrievement altogether - to maintain that such feelings are a moral, educational or pyschiatric failure of those who have not accepted metropolitan, "modernising" values . . . the right wing media . . . relentlessly sends the same message: it isn't the poor provision of services and resources that is the issue, but the monopolisation of these . . . by whatever racial Other is being demonised that week. . . . Only when working class grievances and resentments can be re-narrativised by a new politial agent can this frame be broken." <-- solid, but incomplete, as critiques of intersectionality etc. are not about neoliberal 'diversity' but rather understanding how exploitation functions unevenly.
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october 2009 by jannon
LRB · Roy Mayall: Diary
royal mail employee under a pseudonym tells of how management is putting the screws to the worker and the regular customer/citizen. (via danched)
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october 2009 by jannon
Guardian gagged from reporting parliament | Media | The Guardian
as is frequent (and built-in), democratic ideal of governance dependent on the informed consent of the true holders of sovereignty crashes against privileges granted to structurally empowered private persons and corporations. (via danched) edit: but then twitter revenge.
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october 2009 by jannon
The Future of Landscape and the Moving Image
patrick keiller's got a brand new film (sung to the tune of "papa's got a brand new bag" of course). or it will be brand new, when it is finished. crossing fingers, et cetera behaviors, in hopes of a los angeles screening. (via danched)
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