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Williams Residence - Los Angeles - Paul Revere Williams
@Ben_Loeffler @LangeAlexandra @HawthorneLAT @cmonstah @Amanda_L_Spurr ps: no house tour afaik—
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june 2015 by jannon
Hilbserseimer: Mischbebauung Mixed Height Housing Development: Aerial Perspective of... | The Art Institute of Chicago
Ludwig Karl Hilberseimer
American, born Germany, 1885-1967

Mischbebauung Mixed Height Housing Development: Aerial Perspective of L-Shaped Detached Houses and Scattered High-Rise Apartment Buildings, c. 1930

Ink on heavy cream paper
Repaired size: approx. 30.2 x 65.4 cm
Original size: approx. 28.5 x 65 cm
Note on verso, "Hilbersheimer".

Gift of George E. Danforth, 1983.996
hilberseimer  modernism  history  architecture  bauhaus  chicago  aic  collections  drawing  mischbebauung  housing  1930  1930s  cities  urbanism  urbanplanning  urban.planning  20th.century 
april 2014 by jannon
Torfoleum - Google Books
someone love me and buy me a copy of this 12 page pamphlet on TORFOLEUM from 1934:
architecture  history  materials  torfoleum  1930s  modernism  1934  eduard.dyckerhoff  building  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
Frank Gehry's Disney Hall. - Slate Magazine
was happy to read what thought about disney hall when it opened in 2003: "An attraction of going to the symphony is trading in your regular self for a better-dressed, more cultured one. Symphony orchestras these days are looking for ways to attract younger, hipper audiences as their core supporters grow older, while at the same time preserving the sense of refuge that will always be classical music's main drawing card. Gehry's design cleverly explores both sides of that divide: It is a building where the members of a democracy can go to feel refined, to be lifted from the everyday."
christopher.hawthorne  losangeles  slate  frank.gehry  gehry  disney.hall  concert.halls  auditoriums  auditoria  downtown  bunker.hill  architecture  design  buildings  places  history  1980s  1990s  2000s  the.chandler  dorothy.chandler.pavilion  1960s  urban  redevelopment  urban.core.removal  urbanism  power  elites  elitism  culture  fine.arts  music  classical  classical.music  the.philharmonic  laphil  lillian.disney  acoustics  yasuhisa.toyota  nagata.acoustics  bilbao  bilbao.effect  guggenheim  icons  iconic  stars  starchitects  starchitecture  celebrity  fame  reputation  form  cladding  curves  joze.plecnik  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
MOCA architecture show in jeopardy - latimes.com
oh wow jeez: “: Yikes. MOCA's "New Sculpturalism" might be cancelled. Gehry calls it "a trivialization." ”
latimes  moca  jeff.deitch  total.disaster  new.sculpturalism  losangeles  architecture  pst  2013  christopher.hawthorne  getty  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
1947project plays LA Noire | 1947project
"Thus I am a detective, present day, but with retrocognitive disorder. Retrocognition is the concept that one can view a place and see into it its variegated layers of the past. While I may appear flippant on the subject, trust me, it's a difficult state of perception to harbor or describe. The German critic Walter Benjamin described the colportage phenomenon of space, wherein 'we simultaneously perceive all the events which might conceivably have taken place here.' But I don't see Los Angeles, historically, as collapsed space; I see it as an artichoke, where one must peel back layers to reveal its heart. But it's also an onion. Peel away its layers, find nothing inside, end up crying."
review  games  design  history  historiography  gaming  representation  losangeles  1947  1940s  noir  murder  crime  police  play  mapping  architecture  memory  nostalgia  comprehension  bunker.hill  l.a.noire  simulacra  simulacrum  simulation  downtown  ludic.spaces 
july 2012 by jannon
LIFE: 26-story apartment building at 860 Lake ... - Hosted by Google
26-story apartment building at 860 Lake Shore Drive, designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe.
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Date taken: November 1956
Photographer: Frank Scherschel
people  interior  architecture  mies  hilberseimer  chicago  lake.shore.drive  frank.scherschel  1950s  1956  20th.century  modernism 
january 2012 by jannon
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