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sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: For art's sake
entire post: "In a famous aside Clement Greenberg observed 'Some day it will have to be told how 'anti-Stalinism', which started out more or less as 'Trotskyism', turned into art for art's sake, and thereby cleared the way, heroically, for what followed.' Actually, it was the other way around. Art for art's sake, chafing under the crude exigencies of proletariat realism and the Popular Front, identified the CP with the bourgeoisie and brilliantly reconstituted itself as Trotskyism.J Hoberman, Vulgar Modernism Nonsense of course outside of a couple of blocks in the Lower East Side, but an intriguing counterfactual could be spun out of this..."
20th.century  abstract.expressionism  abstraction  aesthetics  america  anti-stalinism  art  art.for.art's.sake  art.pour.le.art  avant-garde  bourgeois  clement.greenberg  communism  culture  delicious-export  europe  form  formalism  heroics  history  jewish  latin.america  lower.east.side  modernism  muralism  popular.front  proletarian  proletariat  realism  socialist.realism  style  trotskyism  vanguardism  vulgar 
february 2011 by jannon
Historic Hotels of America
as the criteria is that the hotel be +50 yrs old, notable modernist hotels ought to start showing up on the list.
accommodation  america  architecture  competition  continuous.use  delicious-export  historic  historiography  history  hotel  hotels  hotsprings  lodging  luxury  preservation  preservationism  reisen  restaurant  tourism  travel  usa  vacation 
september 2010 by jannon
On the Edge of America | CDLIB
On the Edge of America: California Modernist Art, 1900-1950 Edited by Paul J .Karlstrom UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley · Los Angeles · Oxford © 1996 The Regents of the University of California
1900  1900s  1910s  1920s  1930s  1940s  1950  1950s  1990s  1996  20th.century  aesthetics  america  americana  art  books  california  california.dream  colonialism  delicious-export  ebooks  edge.zones  edges  edges.of.the.city  essays  frontier  marginality  modernism  modernist 
august 2010 by jannon
Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal JOEL SALATIN / Acres v.33, n.9, Sept2003 1sep03
this sort of thing makes me hunch that the rural/urban divide has a lot to do with whether you feel the worst of the state aspect of capitalism or the corporate work aspect of capitalism. maybe also whether your desire for autonomous power is greater than your desire for equality.
activism  agriculture  america  americana  anarchism  article  articles  autonomy  blog  control  culture  delicious-export  diy  economics  economy  education  environment  escape  essay  farm  farming  food  freedom  government  green  health  illegality  interesting  law  law.violation  libertarian  libertarianism  liberty  organic  politics  power  rant  regulation  rule  rules  secession  society  sustainability  usa  zoning 
august 2010 by jannon
Judith Butler—Uncritical Exuberance? : Indybay (2008)
the first time I read this, I thought "give the man a chance." now I read it and I think: "damn she was optimistic." oy gevalt.
activism  affect  america  article  articles  butler  charisma  criticism  critique  culture  delicious-export  democracy  desire  disavowal  economics  elections  essays  exuberance  gender  identification  judith.butler  judithbutler  obama  politics  power  race  racism  sociology  theory  us  usa  weber 
july 2010 by jannon
Twenty-five Year Award - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
baldwin hills village and lakeshore drive apartments as the only examples of large-scale housing?
20th.century  25.year.award  aia  america  architecture  awards  buildings  delicious-export  quality  test.of.time  usa  wiki  wikipedia 
june 2010 by jannon
Martin Iddon | School of Music, University of Leeds
"In between my various academic lives I have also spent several years being complained at by disgruntled British Gas customers, opening accountants’ letters, and headhunting managers for Britain’s leading biscuit and cake companies. I continue to bore anyone who will listen regarding the precise distinctions that can be made between class 2 and decorative gas fires or why a Jaffa cake cannot accurately be described as a biscuit. Outside the worlds of music, gas appliances, envelopes, and confectionery, my interests lie predominantly in French philosophy, Italian coffee, and American zombie movies.’"
20th.century  academics  aesthetics  america  art  brd  cold.war  composers  darmstadt  david.tudor  delicious-export  details  german  germany  historians  historiography  history  instruments  leeds  martin.iddon  music  musicians  musicologist  new.media  new.music  people  politics  pure.delight  stockhausen  work 
april 2010 by jannon
McMillen: I Was Sent to Fake Prom | News | Advocate.com
this story is such an amazing cartoon of bad that you can basically visualize all the facial gestures in your head
aclu  america  delicious-export  disability  education  hate  homophobia  homosexuality  lesbian  lgbt  mississippi  news  organizing  power  sex  sexism  sexuality  usa  wtf  youth 
april 2010 by jannon
ASTR - Grants for Researchers at Teaching-Intensive Institutions
I've looking at academic prizes for days and days now and this is one of the best that I've seen so far in terms of built-in structural mechanisms to address class disparities within a given field. impressed. (especially since in general the prize & grant model of philanthropy is fairly corrosively inclined toward the opposite effect.)
academia  academic.prizes  america  class  delicious-export  distribution  ethics  funding  grants  history  knowledge  labor  philanthropy  prizes  production  research  resources  theatre 
march 2010 by jannon
Op-Ed Contributor - Warren Buffett - Buy American. I Am. - NYTimes.com (2008)
Speculator Warren Buffet on how to profit from the misery of others: "A simple rule dictates my buying: Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. . . . A little history here: During the Depression, the Dow hit its low, 41, on July 8, 1932. Economic conditions, though, kept deteriorating until Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in March 1933. By that time, the market had already advanced 30 percent. Or think back to the early days of World War II, when things were going badly for the United States in Europe and the Pacific. The market hit bottom in April 1942, well before Allied fortunes turned. Again, in the early 1980s, the time to buy stocks was when inflation raged and the economy was in the tank. In short, bad news is an investor’s best friend. It lets you buy a slice of America’s future at a marked-down price."
america  article  birkshire.hathaway  business  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  delicious-export  economics  economy  finance  investing  investment  misery  money  news  nyt  nytimes  omaha  opinion  oracle  profit  quotations  quotes  speculation  stock  stocks  warren.buffet 
february 2010 by jannon
▱ BROADACRE CITY   Frank Lloyd Wright and his vision for the urban future
now this is starting to look familiar again. must have run across it in some retrofuturist blogging or that taschen book "future perfect" years ago and dismissed it as boring. which it is. just boring because important, ugh.
1930s  america  broadacre.city  cars  colonialism  delicious-export  fantasy  flying  frank.lloyd.wright  futurism  garden.cities  grid.city  history  modernism  planning  privacy  private  private.gardens  private.space  privatization  spatial.imaginary  spatial.practice  suburbia  suburbs  transit  ufos  urbanplanning  utopia  vehicles 
november 2009 by jannon
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