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Bruno Taut, ed.—Die Stadtkrone (1919) | GRI Library Record
Contents: Scheerbart, P. / Das neue Leben, architektonische Apokalypse -- Taut,B. / Die Stadtkrone -- Baron, E. / Aufbau -- Behne, A. / Wiedergeburt der Baukunst.
1910s  1919  1920s  adolf.behne  apocalypse  architecture  architektonische.apokalypse  architektur  baron  bauen  bruno.taut  building  citylife  delicious-export  gri  leben  library  library.record  modernism  scheerbart  stadtleben  urbanplanning 
november 2009 by jannon
Julius Shulman's photos promoted the allure of Southern California living - Los Angeles Times
"all the ways his work helped pry modern architecture loose from the demands of the city and from the sense of social mission that inspired its European pioneers in the early years of the 20th century" maybe I don't have to write the little thing on shulman as propagandist for the co-opting of modernism by suburbia that I was thinking I might have to get off my ass and write...cuz I could just have christopher hawthorne do it for me, and then nitpick the details. why not.
GRI  architecture  art  autotopia  boosterism  bunker.hill  california  century.city  christopher.hawthorne  christopher.james.alexander  citylife  culture  delicious-export  housing  julius.shulman  latimes  modernism  photography  propaganda  suburbia  urban.planning  wim.de.wit 
july 2009 by jannon
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