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ahb: Interview with Nick Srnicek (2009)
I haven't read much SR, but I have issues with its marketing campaign. that said, I am interested in what little I've seen of srnicek's elaboration of actor-network theory.
2009  comments  delicious-export  interview  nick.srnicek  philosophy  realism  research  speculative.realism  theory 
may 2011 by jannon
Transnistria (2009)
"In Soviet times, this was a place you could easily leave. Odessa and Chișinău were a short ride away, further afield were Kiev and the Crimea, there was regular service to Moscow and other major cities. Europe was off limits, of course, but the USSR was a big place. Since then, people's horizons have narrowed. My mind wandered back to those happy graduates, and what kind of a future they could reasonably expect in this place, and more than ever I was annoyed with the uniforms, peaked caps, officious titles, stamps, checkpoints and other frippery of modern nationalism. I find it impossible to take the play-acting at countries and borders seriously, whether it's being done by Americans, Transnistrians, Molodvans, or Zemblans, but then I have the luxury of holding the right passports. For these kids, the asinine dispute over what to call this place and what flag to fly here will, unfortunately, have enormous consequences."
2009  black.sea  control  delicious-export  empire  europe  freedom  language  moldova  moldovan  nationalism  photographs  places  politics  post-soviet  poverty  power  romanian  russia  russian  statues  story  symbols  tiraspol  transnistria  travel 
june 2010 by jannon
Free, or really Free? « Squares of Wheat (2009)
"This other kind of free (like the software that runs this blog), the Anderson free, is certainly useful, but to confuse the two is to flatter businessmen and threaten the future of our culture."
2009  business  capitalism  chris.anderson  commons  computers  culture  danny.birchall  delicious-export  free  freedom  infrastructure  labor  open.source  opensource  price  voluntary  volunteer  wikipedia 
june 2010 by jannon
people clouds (tecznotes)
I don't really do this w/ my tagging, bcuz of a variety of reasons, but it's an interesting look at the via: tag practice.
2009  bookmarking  clustering  del.icio.us  delicious  delicious-export  design  diagrams  information  interesting  michal.migurski  networks  people  reputation  search  social  status  tagging  tags  via  via.tag  via:  via:tag  web  whuffie 
may 2010 by jannon
Why Do Schizophrenics Smoke Cigarettes? | Brain Blogger (2009)
summary: primarily because it reduces the likelihood of auditory hallucination, improves certain other brain functions, and can alleviate some of the worst side-effects of anti-psychotic drugs.
2009  anti-psychotics  auditory  biology  brains  chemistry  cigarettes  delicious-export  depression  drug  drugs  function  hallucination  health  hospitalization  hospitals  interaction  medicine  mental  neuroscience  nicotine  processing  research  sanity  schizophrenia  science  self-medication  smoking  social  thinking  tobacco  treatment 
april 2010 by jannon
Spillway: In praise of Beech Street (2009)
"There's also a personal meaning to the place for me. I have very early memories of being driven through Beech Street, and it had a powerful effect on me. For me, it screamed modernity, the first pioneering signs of a new city. It was strangely comforting - the warm orange glow of the sodium light, the rhythm of the coloured panels, the streaming lights, like the Enterprise going into warp speed. It was a snapshot of a city that had passed the period of even partial coexistence with the landscape, and was now a total structure - a cityscape. It still means to me a kind of density watershed, a Change of State in the city fabric like melting or sublimation."
2009  20th.century  2nd.street.tunnel  affect  architecture  barbican  beech.street  brutalism  building  cityscape  delicious-export  england  george.lucas  london  losangeles  memory  metropolis  metropolitan  modernism  modernity  nyc  roads  scifi  star.trek  surface  the.city.below  the.city.in.the.sky  the.high.line  tongues.of.the.city  transit  transport  tunnels  uk  urbandesign  urbanism  urbanplanning  walking  will.wiles 
march 2010 by jannon
k-punk: 'Everything is impossible now ...' (2009)
"In 'The Hay Wain,' English culture and history become a repeating labyrinth where the rebels are always on the run from the forces of power and privilege. Fleeing Peterloo, Jack Frake eventually stumbles into the Suffolk scene Constable is painting; meanwhile, in 1990, a Poll Tax rioter takes refuge in the National Gallery and 'notices what he has never noticed before on biscuit tins or calendars, or plastic trays on the walls of his aunt's flat in Bradford, those tiny figures bending in the field beyond.' Sharp replaces the dominant pastoral image of the English countryside, not with a deflated quotidian realism, but with a different kind of lyricism, one coloured by revolt: fields and ditches become hiding places or battlegrounds; landscapes that on the surface seem tranquil still reverberate with the unavenged spectral rage of murdered working class martyrs. It is not the sunlit English afternoon that is 'timeless,' but the ability of the agents of reaction to escape justice."
1989  1990  2009  a.span.of.twenty.years  another.world  another.world.is.necessary  another.world.is.possible  avatar  blood  change  colonialism  constable  country  countryside  delicious-export  eclipse  enclosure  escape  foreclosure  hauntology  historiography  history  images  imaginary  imagination  jameson  k-punk  martyrs  massacre  national.gallery.of.art  other  painting  paintings  pastoral  peterloo  picturesque  places  police  politics  poll.tax  poll.tax.riot  rurality  space  suffolk  the.hay.wain  the.picturesque  theory  time  times  utopia  violence 
february 2010 by jannon
State Capitalism in Britain | Mute magazine (2009)
of course the idea that such involvement of the state in the structure of capitalist profit is any exception is kind of silly.
2009  blairism  britain  capital  capitalism  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  cities  corporatism  culture  delicious-export  economics  economy  marxism  neoliberalism  pfi  politics  recession  state  uk 
january 2010 by jannon
k-punk: Capitalist Realism after the crash
"All that hot air about the threat of 'talent' leaving the bank if they are not paid bonuses.... Such rhetoric played a crucial role in the ludicrous overinflation of business and managerialism over the last thirty years which served as an ideological cover for capital accumulation. (That the adjective 'talent' should ever be applied to bankers is condemnation enough of neoliberal culture.) Such puffery ought to have been exploded by the events of the last two years, yet the bankers are being allowed to persist in their fantasies, which are now being sustained at taxpayers' expense. The fantasy that they were 'talented' was already exorbitant during the boom—now, when they are exposed as not even competent by any standards that would apply to mere mortals, it is a sick joke."———I don't care much about competence, but I do care about accountability, or as they used to call it: justice.
2009  accountability  blog  blogs  capitalism  capitalist.realism  competence  contemporary  culture  delicious-export  demand  economics  education  injustice  justice  k-punk  markets  meltdown  ontology  pedagogy  politics  supply  systems  value 
january 2010 by jannon
E-Books – The Bigger Problem, Part One of Three. | Dangerous Precedent
"So a real design challenge for e-books isn’t to design the user experience (which is dependent at the end of the day on the device capabilities anyway, which are pretty much unknown) but rather on designing a system that would allow existing publishers to transition their operations from ramshackle print to All Knowing Digital. We already know much of this: you can take the lessons from blogging CMSs, add in photography handling from places like Photoshelter, combine metadata collection from sources like Google Maps and OpenCalais, and version control from Git, and you’re halfway there. Combine it with process changes, where you require writers to file direct to a system that forces them to add in metadata for example, and you’re closer still. Of course, in two sentences I’ve described a process that really encompasses the whole old-media crisis, but I do think it’s a challenge that can be met."
2009  berg  books  cms  content  delicious-export  design  digital  digital.libraries  digitalculture  digitalhumanities  e-book  ebook  ebooks  editorial  ereader  experience  interface  mag+  magazine  magazines  media  media-oriented  process  production  publishing  tablet  the.process.of.production  thinking  ui  ux  workflow 
january 2010 by jannon
k-punk: '... and when the groove is dead and gone...' (2009)
"And when the groove is dead and gone/ you know that love survives/"——in my project of re-reading things later, I'm struck here by parallel between jackson's body as our "the king's body" vs chaplin's body in the 1920s (as explicated by the hath)
1980s  2009  academic  african.american  article  billie.jean  blog  blogs  body  capitalism  celebrity  class  commodity  consumer  consumerism  creativity  culture  cyborgs  dancing  death  delicious-export  disco  fantastic  greil.marcus  history  identification  k-punk  logic  marketing  mechanization  michael.jackson  music  off.the.wall  pepsi  performance  pleasure  pop  puppets  race  rule  sex.pistols  situationist  soul  spectacle  the.beatles  theory  undead  utopia  vampires  work  zombies 
january 2010 by jannon
Deadly Style - Bauhaus’s Nazi Connection - NYTimes.com (2009)
you have to ask yourself a bit about why these people seem so shocked that some of the ca. 1,300 students would have become collaborators, etc etc etc etc. because honestly, really? to expect that none of them would have been is silly. people had to eat, people had skills, and plenty of people in all circumstances find it easier to collaborate than resist.
1930s  2009  bauhaus  collaboration  delicious-export  germany  modernism  nazis  nytimes 
january 2010 by jannon
Stanford University Libraries Cut 15%, Lose Staff, Hours, Materials Budget - 6/18/2009 - Library Journal
just for the record keeping. also: " At the University of Michigan, the budget hasn’t been finalized, but some 90 of 420 staffers have been encouraged to retire. If they do so by August, they’ll get nine months of salary."
2009  academia  capitalism  capitalism.is.crisis  class  delicious-export  higher.ed  knowledge  layoffs  librarians  libraries  lj  meltdown  nonprofit  stanford  workers 
december 2009 by jannon
Readers' Forum: California deserves better than Yudof's failed leadership - ContraCostaTimes.com
"Earlier this year, Yudof slashed the salaries of UC's lowest-paid employees. Now workers struggling against poverty risk losing everything. Yet Yudof's plan underestimates the pay of UC's top-paid staff and shields high-level bonuses of the highest earners from being reduced. Replacing Yudof's blunt furloughs with payroll reductions on the top 2 percent of UC's payroll — roughly 3,600 individuals who earn more than $200,000 annually — would free more than $220 million for critical needs."
2009  academia  access  activism  budget  california  capitalism.is.crisis  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  class  commentary  crisis  cutbacks  delicious-export  education  equality  fee.hikes  fees  funding  higher.ed  kapitalismus.ist.krieg.und.krise  mark.yudof  meltdown  neoliberalism  pedagogy  politics  protest  public  regents  school  schools  solidarity  student  student.movement  students  tuition  uc  unibrennt  university  unsereuni  wages 
december 2009 by jannon
Fantastic Journal: Criticism: Not What It Used To Be (May 2009)
"Firstly there is the issue of who is a legitimate critic. Abrahams seems keen to establish a proper hierarchy ranging from professional paid critics on respected magazines at the top down . . . As well as the levelling out of this entirely self-serving hierarchy he has a further concern that the internet itself destabilises proper categories of artistic worth. There is, Abraham's states, "no register of what is more important than something else". A certain paranoia . . . a sense that one might not know what it's correct to think anymore. . . . this fear is a pretty constant anxiety historically speaking and the internet is merely the latest in a long line of "worrying" trends towards a democratisation of opinion. . . . Finally . . . criticism . . . for "giving up on the future". . . . perhaps it's . . . the future deployed here that needs revising. . . . Abrahams wants a declamatory THIS IS THE FUTURE . . . Perhaps the future is not over there at all. Perhaps it's over here."
2009  architecture  blogs  charles.holland  compulsory.affirmationism  compulsory.positivity  criticism  delicious-export  futurism  meltdown  modernism  the.future 
december 2009 by jannon
Reclaim UC: Statement from ASUC/UCPD "Forum"
"The ASUC/UCPD "Police Forum" was crashed earlier tonight. As soon as the first cop began to speak everyone in the room stood up and he was interrupted with the following statement. Then everyone walked out." --- hell yeah
2009  academia  access  activism  berkeley  budget  california  capitalism.is.crisis  capitalism.is.war.and.crisis  class  commentary  cops  crisis  cutbacks  delicious-export  education  equality  fee.hikes  fees  funding  higher.ed  kapitalismus.ist.krieg.und.krise  meltdown  neoliberalism  pedagogy  police  politics  privatization  professors  protest  public  regents  school  schools  solidarity  student  student.movement  students  tenure  tuition  uc  ucla  unibrennt  university  unsereuni  violence  wages 
december 2009 by jannon
Bildungspolitik: Die Bologna-Blase ist geplatzt - Der Kommentar - Politik - FAZ.NET
primarily dumb liberal/conservative attempt to make sense of the bildungsstreik and redirect its anger towards stupid ideological truisms about research for its own sake. yeah, let's denounce bologna, but if you don't get that this is a broad attempt to question what the point of education is and who it serves and who has access and what is taught, you aren't getting enough of what's crucial. also, dude could stand to lose the tone of patronizing insult. you know.
2009  academia  besetzung  bildungsstreik  bologna  class  delicious-export  faz  fight.back  meltdown  nein  occupation  politik  protest  resistance  society  sozialklasse  struggle  unibrennt  unsereuni 
november 2009 by jannon
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