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Frank Gehry's Disney Hall. - Slate Magazine
was happy to read what thought about disney hall when it opened in 2003: "An attraction of going to the symphony is trading in your regular self for a better-dressed, more cultured one. Symphony orchestras these days are looking for ways to attract younger, hipper audiences as their core supporters grow older, while at the same time preserving the sense of refuge that will always be classical music's main drawing card. Gehry's design cleverly explores both sides of that divide: It is a building where the members of a democracy can go to feel refined, to be lifted from the everyday."
christopher.hawthorne  losangeles  slate  frank.gehry  gehry  disney.hall  concert.halls  auditoriums  auditoria  downtown  bunker.hill  architecture  design  buildings  places  history  1980s  1990s  2000s  the.chandler  dorothy.chandler.pavilion  1960s  urban  redevelopment  urban.core.removal  urbanism  power  elites  elitism  culture  fine.arts  music  classical  classical.music  the.philharmonic  laphil  lillian.disney  acoustics  yasuhisa.toyota  nagata.acoustics  bilbao  bilbao.effect  guggenheim  icons  iconic  stars  starchitects  starchitecture  celebrity  fame  reputation  form  cladding  curves  joze.plecnik  from twitter
may 2013 by jannon
Blair’s Thatcher, Thatcher’s Blair « LRB blog
RT : Blair’s Thatcher, Thatcher’s Blair:
Don't miss the burn in the last line.
lrb  tony.blair  margaret.thatcher  2013  1980s  1990s  2000s  20th.century  21st.century  uk  from twitter
april 2013 by jannon
Adam Kurschwell & Drucilla Cornell—"Feminism, Negativity, Intersubjectivity" | PRAXIS International, Issue 4 (1985) | CEEOL
"For Kristeva, feminine negativity is the unrepresentable, non-violent disrupter of all fixed linguistic and social codes, 'grounded' in the originary relationship to the pre-oedipal mother. Kristeva’s 'femininity' is both destructive power and life-enabling source. In it she sees the potential and home of a mode of relating that is captured by neither repressive totality nor hierarchized difference. However, we will suggest that Kristeva’s sole reliance on the negative makes this goal unreachable, and indeed brings her close to the very tendencies that she wants to avoid. Although Kristeva is well aware of the dangers of separatism, absolute rejection, and abstract negation, her entwinement with the Lacanian framework makes escape difficult. Worse yet, her psychoanalytic approach permits the expression of the longing for a relation beyond the dictates of the Oedipal narrative, but cannot completely escape its spell."
1980s  1985  absolute  abstract  codes  delicious-export  destruction  difference  disruption  femininity  feminism  freud  ground  hierarchy  julia.kristeva  kristeva  lacan  lacanian  life  linguistics  m-otherhood  mode  motherhood  negation  negative.capability  negativity  non-violence  oedipus  philosophy  potential  power  production  psychoanalysis  psychology  rejection  relations  representation  repression  reproduction  semiotics  separatism  totality  turbulence  unrepresentable  women 
september 2010 by jannon
sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy: Paperbacks and Pictures as Portals (2008)
from comments: "'Vengeful self-construction,' lovely. That was the thing with the Manics, wasn't it? They were always accused by the press of being 'nothing more' than the sum total of the books they'd read, as if their learning was a wobbly scaffold they'd erected to disguise a more fundamental lack of 'self.' But that was rather the point, was it not? There was no intact, whole, 'authentic' self to fall back upon. Which is...another reason why their appeal to teenage girls...was so direct and powerful: young women are trained more rigorously than young men in the capitalist notion of being what you consume. The ideal woman is indeed a (self-)construct of brands, photographically self-aware gestures, magazine talk, advertising-led aspiration...To turn that dynamic on its head and instead to make consumption...a way out of capital's training is a deeply appealing, satisfyingly aggressive option, particularly if you can't or won't take your aggression out elsewhere."
1980s  1990s  20th.century  amulets  autodidactic  autodidacts  autopoeisis  books  british  commodity.fetishism  construction  consumerism  creativity  delicious-export  emmy.hennings  fragments  function  gender  manic.street.preachers  music  owen.hatherley  paperbacks  penguin  pieces  pop  portals  power  references  self  selfhood  smiths  things  tools  uk  use  weapons  writing 
july 2010 by jannon
Cahiers du Cinema: Top Ten Lists 1951-2009
the list is the barest and most basic form of criticism, stripping away all the words to reveal canonizing force pur. anyway.
1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  bestof  cahiers  cahiers.du.cinema  cahiersducinema  cine  cinema  criticism  delicious-export  film  films  french  history  kritik  list  lists  movie  movies  reference  review  tops 
july 2010 by jannon
"Find enclosed one Batmans..." — I love Watchman, but hated the movie - that aside,...
I pretty much only liked the opening credits (and the fact that all the accessories were correctly dated). the movie said everything and nothing about the transformation of new york city in the past twenty years.
1980s  2000s  aesthetics  art  batman  bruce.wayne  citylife  comics  culture  delicious-export  details  film  goodbye.20th.century  goodbye.to.all.that  gotham  gotham.city  movies  nyc  popculture  popular  watchmen 
may 2010 by jannon
BBC News - Wealth gap grows between black and white Americans
as I've said forever, income equality (which we're nowhere close to) is only the tip of the iceberg—wealth inequality is much much vaster.
1980s  1990s  2000s  african.american  assets  bbc  black  bush  clinton  control  delicious-export  discrimination  disparity  economy  equity  home.equity  housing  income  inequality  markets  news  obama  policy  power  property  race  racism  reagan  real.estate  society  usa  value  wealth  white 
may 2010 by jannon
CEEOL—Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai - Historia, Issue 1-2 /2008
"Since the year 1980, the concept of 'confessionalization' has been one of the main interpretative categories for the historiography on early modern Germany. ...formulated by Wolfgang Reinhard and Heinz Schilling in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s. [The] second part [of this essay] is devoted to the objections to the concept, divided into four categories: macro-historic criticism, the discussion on the stages in the confessionalization process, the controversy surrounding the issue of theological truth within the process of confessionalization, and finally the critique of the so-called 'etatistic narrowing,' namely, the top-to-bottom approach to the concept of confessionalization." (abstract of an article by Ute Lotz-Heumann in Romanian)
16th.century  17th.century  1970s  1980s  20th.century  baroque  catholicism  confessionalization  counter-reformation  delicious-export  early.modern  german  germany  heinz.schilling  historiography  history  paradigms  periodization  periods  power  reformation  religion  states  ute.lotz-heumann  vorsattelzeit  war  wolfgang.reinhard 
april 2010 by jannon
Steven Wells—Manic on the Streets of London, NME, March 1991 | Richey Edwards's MySpace Blog
"Pop music has many functions, one of which is to articulate and reflect the breathless, cynical, clenched-fist optimism of arrogant teenage naifs who seriously think they can change the world by screaming over a back-feeding guitar. The Manic Street Preachers - operating in a vacuum - want to make that pop music." (via danched)
1980s  1990s  1991  20th.century  anger  anti-capitalism  cardiff  class  culture  delicious-export  gender  manic.street.preachers  miners  music  nme  performance  pop  rebellion  steven.wells  uk  wales  working.class 
april 2010 by jannon
k-punk: '... and when the groove is dead and gone...' (2009)
"And when the groove is dead and gone/ you know that love survives/"——in my project of re-reading things later, I'm struck here by parallel between jackson's body as our "the king's body" vs chaplin's body in the 1920s (as explicated by the hath)
1980s  2009  academic  african.american  article  billie.jean  blog  blogs  body  capitalism  celebrity  class  commodity  consumer  consumerism  creativity  culture  cyborgs  dancing  death  delicious-export  disco  fantastic  greil.marcus  history  identification  k-punk  logic  marketing  mechanization  michael.jackson  music  off.the.wall  pepsi  performance  pleasure  pop  puppets  race  rule  sex.pistols  situationist  soul  spectacle  the.beatles  theory  undead  utopia  vampires  work  zombies 
january 2010 by jannon
Inside Pulp
"The summer of '89: CentreForce FM; Santa Pod, Sunrise 5000, 'Ecstasy Airport', ride the white horse, the strings of life, dancing at motorway service stations, falling asleep at the wheel on the way home. There's so many people- it's got to mean something, it needs to mean something, surely it must mean someting. IT DIDN'T MEAN NOTHING." <--- old school pulp fandom = yes (via danched)
1980s  1989  1990s  angst  class  delicious-export  england  gender  hardcore  meadowhall  music  politics  pop  pulp  rave  sex  sexual.tension  sexuality  sheffield  suburbs  uk 
december 2009 by jannon
Fall - The Nwra Lyrics
"Come, come hear my story How we set out to corrupt and destroy This future Rising The business friend came round today With teeth clenched, he grabbed my neck I threw him to the ground His blue shirt stained red The north will rise again. I said you are mistaken, friend . . . Said Totale, go back to bed The North has rose again today And you can't stop your age And you can't stop your age"
1980  1980s  delicious-export  economics  england  gentrification  grotesque  lyrics  manchester  mark.e.smith  nwra  politics  post.industrialism  the.fall  the.north.will.rise.again  uk  zeitgeist 
december 2009 by jannon
In the Bronx, Blight Gave Way to Renewal - New York Times (2007)
Charlotte St. 1977–2007 in the eyes of nytimes: "[F]ew streets have illustrated the city’s capacity for destruction and rejuvenation like Charlotte Street. On the desolate land that Mr. Carter walked 30 years ago are houses like the Mitchells’, now worth $500,000. Early one recent evening, you could hear the sounds of a water sprinkler, birds chirping, the low rattle of the elevated train in the distance and little else. . . . Thousands of residences were developed using public subsidies, city-donated land and tax abatements. . . .Now primarily a mix of Asian, African-American and Latino families, it is a sleepy three-blocks lined with clean sidewalks and white-painted wrought iron fences. There are worn welcome mats at the front doors and . . . chipmunk ornaments in the yards. . . .The Mitchells bought their house for $52,600 and paid off their mortgage in 11 years. 'We have the suburb in the city . . . ,' [he] said. 'And it’s been that way from day one.'
1977  1980s  2007  arson  assets  blight  boom  boom.and.bust  bronx  carter  clinton  delicious-export  depopulation  funding  government  home.ownership  housing  landlords  nytimes  poverty  reagan  real.estate  regeneration  renewal  single.family.home  south.bronx  subsidies  suburbia  urban.development  wealth 
august 2009 by jannon
D.A. to retry Lisker in mother's 1983 slaying -- latimes.com
why is the d.a. doing this?guy served 26 years for a conviction that's now been overturned as based on faulty evidence . . . are we so punitive that we have to spend tax dollars trying dig up new evidence after more than a 1/4 century, given that I'm pretty sure that double jeopardy means they can't just try to convince a whole new dozen people to convict on the same evidence that's already been successfully challenged? srsly, what is the damn point?
1980s  1983  conviction  crime  delicious-export  double.jeopardy  false.conviction  imprisonment  latimes  law  legal  losangeles  murder  policing  punishment  sfv  system  valley 
august 2009 by jannon
Gabion: The dark knights return: four profoundly unfashionable buildings in London.
I actually like the new british library (well from photographs), though I have certain ideas about the interior shots I've seen. and I can also see the fascination & interest in the mi6 building and the one with the chimneys. no.1.poultry, however, is one of the vilest buildings I've seen. provokes a very similar disgust in me as venturi's buildings do.
1980s  1990s  architecture  chimneys  criticism  delicious-export  design  fashion  funny  history  hugh.pearman  libraries  london  mi6  no.1.poultry  portcullis.house  postmodernism  stirling  style  terry.farrell  uk  venturi 
july 2009 by jannon
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