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330 | Нельзя много чего. Но мир рухнул, когда в нем случился Вэй У Сянь.
fanfiction  fandom:mdzs  pairing:lanzhan/weiwuxian  rating:r  wordcount:0-2  genre:drabble  русский  author:шати 
9 weeks ago by jana_nox
Teasing the Flower
1,840 | “My hands are stuck,” said Laurent, tugging at the fabric that had gathered around his wrists.
fanfiction  fandom:captiveprince  author:josselin  wordcount:0-2  rating:r  genre:pwp  pairing:damen/laurent 
11 weeks ago by jana_nox
love me lights out
9,679 | Мин Юнги — ассистент преподавателя по техническим приёмам цифрового микса 201, ака пары Чонгука в 8 утра в этом семестре, ака его трижды в неделю напоминание о том, что он, по правде говоря, гей.
Так всё и начинается.
русский  fanfiction  fandom:bts  genre:romance  genre:au  au:college  rating:r  author:marienadine  author:bukude  genre:humor 
may 2019 by jana_nox
Манила меня Манила
8,024 | Парусные корабли бороздят Индийский океан и даже немного дальше. [раннее новое время!ау]
русский  fanfiction  fandom:got7  pairing:jingyoum  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:au  au:history  wordcount:5-10  author:hitamyu 
may 2019 by jana_nox
4,718 | Сегодня в модном клубе Китайского квартала “TeamWang” ночь свободного микрофона
русский  fanfiction  fandom:got7  author:bazarova  pairing:jackbum  genre:pwp  rating:r  wordcount:2-5 
may 2019 by jana_nox
end, begin (and the spaces in between)
1,782 | a story told in vignettes across the years, in the places you do not see

Amongst the chaos, stands a figure - it’s a different body, a stranger's body but WangJi has not been searching for a body for all these years.
fanfiction  fandom:mdzs  pairing:lanzhan/weiwuxian  wordcount:0-2  author:aureations  rating:r  genre:fluff  genre:angst 
may 2019 by jana_nox
there's no pressure (but if you're down, i'm down)
2,775 | Maybe Jinyoung is overthinking it. Or maybe Jackson wants to kiss him just as badly.
fanfiction  fandom:got7  pairing:jackson/jinyoung  wordcount:2-5  rating:r  author:descending 
may 2019 by jana_nox
you bend, i bend
7,285 | "Park Jinyoung, senior." How'd Jackson miss this guy for three years?
author:friday  fanfiction  fandom:got7  genre:au  au:college  rating:r  genre:romance  pairing:jackson/jinyoung  wordcount:5-10 
may 2019 by jana_nox
fever got me aching
3,779 | But it doesn't solve Kyoutani's sudden problem-- he's not even sure really why he wants people to touch him. He doesn't have any fondness for strangers and, for the most part, he likes looking so scary that people won't sit next to him on the train.

And he certainly doesn't want fucking Yahaba touching him anymore. He just wants and it's driving him insane.
fanfiction  fandom:haikyuu!!  pairing:yahaba/kyotani  wordcount:2-5  genre:romance  rating:r  author:knightswatch 
may 2019 by jana_nox
smudge proof
2,399 | Oikawa puts on red lipstick. That's it. That's the fic.
fanfiction  fandom:haikyuu!!  pairing:iwaoi  rating:r  wordcount:2-5  author:seabear  genre:pwp 
may 2019 by jana_nox
The Sea Has Seen My Like Before
10,474 | Mike has the heart of a predator. He has claws, and teeth like a shark, and slick, sticky toxic skin that fades from white to the color of swamp water at his wrists.

Wallace says, “Wow,” when Mike swims ten fins beyond the shoreline. “Wow, I kind of thought you were a mass hallucination.” Wallace’s mid-legs are covered in water, rolling waves lapping at the knobby parts.

Mike says, “Are you going to swim out to me?” and Wallace laughs and says, “Fuck no.”


Wallace grins at him and says, “Are you going to drown me again?”


Mike sacrifices everything he knows for the man he loves.
fanfiction  original  author:skoosiepants  rating:r  genre:romance  au:mermen  genre:au  wordcount:10-20 
may 2019 by jana_nox
От перемены мест
44,705 | слагаемых сумма не меняется

//OБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО читать с комментариями после каждой главы.
fanfiction  fandom:yoi  русский  pairing:victor/yuri  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:humor  genre:au  wordcount:20-50  author:thett 
may 2019 by jana_nox
Moment's Silence (Common Tongue)
14,295 | "What exactly does partying look like?"

Shi Qing Xuan groans. "'What does partying look like,' he asks me," she laments. "Partying looks like drinking and dancing and having fun! You were a prince, you should know stuff like this."

"I was a serious cultivator," Xie Lian counters. "You may have heard of me." Hua Cheng laughs. "And anyway I'm not allowed to drink."

"Foolish Prince, Swordsman Poet, no rules, just right!" Shi Qing Xuan insists. "You can go back to being repressed tomorrow. But tonight who cares."


No rules just right! Just for one night, though.
author:etymologyplayground  fandom:tgcf  fanfiction  pairing:hualian  wordcount:10-20  genre:romance  rating:r 
may 2019 by jana_nox
Chrysalis Within a Dream
839 | Fluttering his hazy eyelids, the crown prince saw what had woke him up – lowering itself over his naked torso, was a silver butterfly surrounded with shimmering light. But there wasn’t only one, because soon enough, more butterflies descended upon his body and started to move in languid caresses over his alabaster skin. It felt soft like it was the silk cloth Ruoye sliding over him, but the intent felt completely different – it was a lover’s touch, a whisper of a sensuous and passionate desire. A caress that belonged to Hua Cheng.

The crown prince meets his demon king within his dream.
fandom:tgcf  pairing:hualian  wordcount:0-2  rating:r  author:lapinnoir  fanfiction 
may 2019 by jana_nox
На дворе трава (На траве дрова)
2,500 | Никогда ещё предложение съездить к бабушке в деревню не звучало столь соблазнительно.
русский  wordcount:2-5  author:ji_tera  fandom:haikyuu!!  warning:threesome  rating:r  genre:crack 
may 2019 by jana_nox
keep those eyes wide
15,384 | "If I had to have magic ritual sex with someone," Blue said thoughtfully, "Ronan would be near the top of the list."

"That is less helpful than you seem to think it is," said Adam.
fanfiction  fandom:ravenboys  pairing:lynch/parrish  wordcount:10-20  rating:r  genre:romance  author:fahye 
may 2019 by jana_nox
Следы на песке
2,021 | Маленькими шагами навстречу друг другу.
fanfiction  русский  author:Remira  fandom:bts  genre:fluff  wordcount:2-5  rating:r 
may 2019 by jana_nox
Я тебе нравлюсь, и ты мне тоже
Бокуто собрался отрабатывать пикаперские приёмы и привлёк к этому Широфуку — зрелище обещало быть восхитительным. Или история о том, как важно в нужный момент поднести спичку.
русский  fanfiction  author:omi_the_hutt  fandom:haikyuu!!  pairing:bokuto/shirofuku  rating:r  genre:romance 
april 2018 by jana_nox
Минет с проглотом
Один - бывший демонолог с неловкой тайной, недоступный настолько, что это просто нелепо. Другой - несостоявшийся демонолог, воплощение доступности, ведущий счет своим победам в волшебном инстаграме.
На самом деле это очень легкомысленная история.
Внимание: смерть второстепенных демонов, трэш и укур
author:Крия  русский  original  rating:r 
april 2018 by jana_nox
Deconstructing Me
2,904 | If Kuroo describes sex as something smooth and warm, like sinking into a hot spring, he describes it as a tsunami - something completely overwhelming that wipes out everything in its path. And sometimes, that's exactly what he wants.

//Very self-indulgent for me, but ok.
author:Yrindor  fanfiction  fandom:haikyuu!!  pairing:kuroken  rating:r  genre:pwp  warning:a  wordcount:2-5 
june 2017 by jana_nox
Panties on a Plane (Come On Bilvy)
3,305 | And that’s how William finds himself with his back to Travie’s chest, feet across the middle seat in Gabe’s lap. In a way, it reminds William of sharing a bathtub. Fully dressed. With two grown men.

William is dead. He died, and now he’s somehow landed in heaven. That is literally the only reasonable explanation.


Featuring a lot of hot hot leg, panties, and Lecherous Not Patricularly Old Men Gabe and Travie hitting on Sweet Little Bilvy.
fanfiction  fandom:bandom  rating:r  genre:pwp  warning:threesome  wordcount:2-5  author:nasobem 
may 2017 by jana_nox
Text Spam
1,852 | Kenma pursed his lips, eyes sliding over to his game console. He was undecided. Some part of him wanted to ignore Kuroo to teach him a lesson. But the other part...
fanfiction  fandom:haikyuu!!  genre:pwp  pairing:kuroken  rating:r  author:SuggestiveScribe  wordcount:0-2 
may 2017 by jana_nox
Hands On the Wheel
1,922 | Kenma is a bit of a tease, and Kuroo is more than okay with it.
fanfiction  fandom:haikyuu!!  pairing:kuroken  rating:r  genre:pwp  wordcount:0-2  author:SuggestiveScribe 
may 2017 by jana_nox
like butter
2,838 | Suga tucks his thumbs into one of the socks, rolling it down. Slow. Purposefully slow. Then the other. And Daichi’s not sure, but he’s almost sure, face flushing at the thought, almost sure that--

“You--” Daichi balks. “Did you shave your legs?”
fanfiction  pairing:daisuga  rating:r  genre:pwp  wordcount:2-5  author:seabear  fandom:haikyuu!! 
march 2017 by jana_nox
nevermind (but i mind)
9,939 | “W’as wrong?” Mastukawa asks through a mouthful half chewed sub. Hajime winces.
“Nothing,” he looks down at his own sandwich, the few bites he’d taken out of it before putting on back on the tray. “Just not as hungry as I thought I was.”
“You look like you’ve got a serious case of that, y’know, that thing,” Matsukawa snaps his fingers, trying get out the word. “Yo, what’s the thing I’m thinking of. It’s like a fancy French word for being a sadsack.”
Hanamaki swallows, wiping at his mouth with a napkin. “Ennui. The word you’re thinking of ennui.”
Matsukawa snaps one last time, pointing. “That’s it. Ennui. You seem like you’ve got some serious French sadsackery going on.”
“Arguably the saddest of the sadsackery,” Hanamaki adds.
fanfiction  wordcount:5-10  author:seabear  pairing:iwaoi  rating:r  genre:romance  fandom:haikyuu!! 
march 2017 by jana_nox
Another Think Coming
32,697 | The fake telepathy was Jonny’s idea. Management has been on Patrick’s case about hockey bonds, and this should finally satisfy them. Patrick has never wanted any of it - teammates or soulmates or anyone else in his head. Jonny does want a soulmate, but Patrick isn’t it. Patrick is just the perfect stopgap.

Faking it is going a little too well.

//It's exactly the kind of fic Fuji loves, but the rnd was kinda blotchered for me.
via:sophia_sol  fandom:hockey  wordcount:20-50  fanfiction  pairing:kane/toews  genre:au  warning:soulbond  genre:romance  rating:r  to:hlopa  author:TheDukeofAvon 
december 2014 by jana_nox
it's free (and always will be)
31,681 | Stiles starts looking around, like there's someone who'll rescue him from this painfully awkward situation and Derek can't blame him. All he can think is this is some kind of elaborate prank Laura is playing on him after she'd found his pile of Fangboy back copies last month.

Or, the one where Derek has to marry a human to save Clawbook and it turns out to be Stiles. He's completely doomed.
author:kellifer_fic  fandom:teenwolf  author:maichan  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:r  genre:romance  wordcount:20-50 
december 2014 by jana_nox
taps reversed
3,987 | Johnny doesn't implode publicly with a bunch of drunken college students after they get dung out of the playoffs for another year. He does it in the privacy of Patrick's house, instead.
fandom:hockey  author:liketheroad  fanfiction  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:hurt-comfort  wordcount:2-5 
december 2014 by jana_nox
Strung Out on Heaven's High (hitting an all-time low)
29,419 | When Patrick Kane gets a summer internship at the Chicago Tribune, he's determined not to screw up another career. But instead of covering fashion shows for animals or becoming an agony uncle, he finds himself charged with writing an expose of the Blackhawks' new captain.

Or, the au in which Kaner is Chris Kuc.
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  author:jezziejay  wordcount:20-50  genre:romance 
december 2014 by jana_nox
How Far You've Come
I leaned my arm against the bar, right next to the stool he was perched on, and said, "Well, hey there, slick, how about you tell me what it takes to get bought a drink around here and I'll tell you what the first two I want are."

He leaned back a little, unhunching his broad shoulders from where he was sort of curled in towards his drink, and gave me a long up and down. "You prove you can fit two shot glasses in that mouth and I'll buy you whatever you want, sweetheart," he said. We both lasted about two straight-faced beats before he turned on his stool and held out an arm. "C'mere and give me a hug, you little fucker.

// 'Broing' & 'kidfic'.
original  rating:r  wordcount:20-50  genre:romance  genre:fluff  warning:kidfic 
september 2014 by jana_nox
Imaginary Stargazing as Competitive Sport
4,741 | Patrick is drunk and homesick and, according to Jonny, cannot be left to his own devices for the night. It's a legitimate problem and absolutely not contrived at all. If it were, Patrick would probably be way less annoying about it.
author:floss  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  rating:r  genre:schmoop  pairing:kane/toews  wordcount:2-5 
september 2014 by jana_nox
Learning As We Go
30,207 | Five minutes later, he sits back on his bed, pillow clutched triumphantly in his hands. Patrick is splayed out across his own bed, breathing hard with his hair curling out in five different directions. Jonny smugly clicks the television off with the remote, and then tosses the pillow next to him so he can climb under the sheets. Patrick sits up after a minute, tucks his hand under his chin and abruptly swipes his hand out into a point, straight at Jonny, with a glare.

Jonny blinks, and then Patrick translates. It figures the first thing Jonny’d learn in sign language is 'fuck you'.
author:aohatsu  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  wordcount:20-50  genre:romance 
september 2014 by jana_nox
In quiet, a favor
12,619 | “I feel pretty terrible, sort of—a lot,” Stiles admits, voice low. “I don’t know how to—” it’s a question, but he won’t ask it.

“Usually sex works,” Derek says.

The first year, he hadn’t—they’d been running and running, Derek terrified and ashamed and sad every moment he was awake—and by the time he’d taken notice of much of anything, they’d been in a long, narrow linoleum-floored walk-up in a Brooklyn. Laura was working nights; Derek was seventeen, but it was safer for him to be nineteen or twenty. People wanted to fuck him. He did, said yes every time.

Stiles laughs, a wry little chuckle. “For you, I bet,” he says. Then, “I wouldn’t know.”

“Wanna find out?”

“Jeez, do I ever,” Stiles says, almost absently, and then, “wait, was that—uh. Really?”

Derek shrugs. “It’s quiet now, like you said.”

“But. I’m not going to be eighteen until spring?” Stiles says.

“Happy Birthday,” Derek says, staring at the snowflakes sifting through the headlights.
author:helenish  fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  wordcount:10-20  rating:r  genre:romance 
august 2014 by jana_nox
bona fides
8,624 | “I’m gay, Patrick,” Jonathan interrupts, voice somehow still even and steady when Patrick feels ready to bolt. “I’m gay, and I played hockey. I thought about going pro. I have friends in the league, so—” he shrugs. “Like I said, I’m not crying in any gay bars over this, but I get why you might.”
author:demotu  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  genre:au  wordcount:5-10  rating:r  warning:comingout 
april 2014 by jana_nox
Derek Hale's Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer
37,622 | “I’m going to kill you,” Derek says to his brother sourly.

“Darling, please, no death threats when you’re off to camp.”

“At camp?”

Talia smirks, “Keep them quiet, at least.”
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:20-50  fanfiction  author:stilinskisparkles  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  rating:r  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au 
april 2014 by jana_nox
10, 15, 18
2,602 | In which Stephanie Rogers is a good girl, not an obedient one, so nobody's surprised she gets mixed up with that no-good Barnes kid. More a series of vignettes than a full story.
author:rageprufrock  wordcount:2-5  author:waldorph  fandom:marvel  fanfiction  pairing:steve/bucky  warning:gender  rating:r 
april 2014 by jana_nox
Exceeds Expectations
1,923 | Lupinus wrote a Tumblr post asking where all the subby Derek topping to Stiles's exact specifications fic is. An excellent question to which I had no answer, until now.

OR, Stiles figures out Derek's holding back in bed, and fixes it with his dirty mouth.
author:uraneia  fandom:teenwolf  genre:pwp  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  wordcount:0-2  rating:r 
april 2014 by jana_nox
10,549 | Parallax: noun. The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions, e.g., through the viewfinder and the lens of a camera.

With the pack (and Stiles) starting college, Derek is bored. He needs a hobby--or a job. Which is how he comes to model for Alpha Studios.

He just never thought Stiles would end up working there too.
author:uraneia  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:fluff  genre:pwp  genre:romance 
april 2014 by jana_nox
You Fit Me Better
5,149 | It's only been eight months since he started having the dreams, but he's already cracking. He's heard of people living thirty, forty years with them, unable to find the one, complete the bond.... He doesn't know if he could do it. The euphoric, in-love feeling that used to carry into his day now hurts. It feels like someone's ripping it out of his chest every morning and he's bleeding, all day, until he's asleep again and he is there.
pairing:derek/stiles  fandom:teenwolf  author:jerakeen  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:au  warning:soulbond  genre:schmoop 
march 2014 by jana_nox
what you deserve
3,323 | Shaw was asked if he gave Kane a kiss there: "No, I was just screaming in his ear. He probably deserved a kiss, but I didn't give him one."
author:carolion  fandom:hockey  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:pwp  pairing:kane/toews  wordcount:2-5 
february 2014 by jana_nox
You're the second thing I ever loved
2,996 | Patrick has always been gifted at hockey. He's also pretty naturally gifted at Jonny.
author:carolion  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:pwp  wordcount:2-5 
february 2014 by jana_nox
88 Dates
11,250 words | Bachelor AU, where film star Patrick Kane is going on 88 Dates and Jonny goes on more than a few of them.
fandom:hockey  wordcount:10-20  via:jerakeen  fanfiction  author:troubles  pairing:kane/toews  genre:au  au:actors  rating:r 
january 2014 by jana_nox
Dial It Up
1,886 | don't
seriously, fuck off
give it back Eames
uesday 2 p.m. Schirmer
author:toomuchplor  wordcount:0-2  fandom:inception  fanfiction  rating:r  pairing:arthur/eames  to:elza_kun  genre:pwp 
december 2013 by jana_nox
I'll Be Your First, If You Be My Last
3,782 | To be fair, Patrick really falls in love in a shitty playground, but he supposes it starts in a 7-eleven parking lot.

author:dark_reaction  fandom:hockey  wordcount:2-5  fanfiction  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:romance 
december 2013 by jana_nox
The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down
31,653 | It’s like this dog has walked out of all of Stiles’ childhood dreams and into the real world just because Stiles wanted it hard enough. He is the most awesome dog ever, and Stiles and his new dog totally have a bond. A deep, unbreakable bond because this dog is his spirit animal, obviously. Now he just has to convince the dog of that.
author:otter  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:r  fanfiction  genre:romance  wordcount:20-50 
august 2013 by jana_nox
Five Times Stiles Doesn’t Actually Need A Condom (And One Time He Does)
14,481 | Stiles doesn't actually mean to become Beacon Hills High's go-to guy for free condoms and sex advice. It just happens.

This is a story that is romantically devoted to safer sex.
author:otter  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:humor  wordcount:10-20 
august 2013 by jana_nox
Flying Changes
10,807 | Derek's a dressage rider with a reputation for frowning and making people cry. Stiles is an acrobatic stunt rider whose resume includes medieval-themed dinner shows and the actual circus. Derek's an Olympian, he doesn't need this shit.
author:otter  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  rating:r  genre:au  wordcount:10-20 
august 2013 by jana_nox
Hungry Like The...
1,143 | Stiles is trembling with poorly suppressed laughter. “Can I entice the wolf out?” he asks. “Does the wolf want to come and play? Is the wolf hungry? Can I - oh, am I angering the alpha?” He rubs his thumb over the dark red head of Derek’s cock and grins.

Derek fixes Stiles with his best glare. “Your dirty talk is terrible.”
author:listedheart  fandom:teenwolf  genre:humor  genre:schmoop  rating:r  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:0-2 
august 2013 by jana_nox
Whispers in the Dark
6,943 | Stiles Stilinski would call himself a starving artist except for the simple facts that he is neither starving, nor does he know anything about art (unless you consider a novelist an artist, which Stiles only does sometimes). So when his best friend insists he accompany him to a show in the city, Stiles thinks it will probably be the most boring evening of his life.

Enter Derek.


“Or, you know, you could come by my place. It’s probably closer to where you are right now, actually.”
Derek chuckles. “Stiles.”
“You’re not really as subtle as you think you are.”
“Oh, you thought I was trying to be subtle? Let me try again.” He clears his throat dramatically and cleans over the counter, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Allison and the others aren’t listening. “I would very, very much enjoy your company again. Preferably naked.”
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  via:sophia_sol  author:weathervaanes  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:r  genre:au  au:artists 
july 2013 by jana_nox
roll with it
13,968 | The one where a bunch of Blackhawks inexplicably go to boarding school, Tazer is the world's meanest DM, and Pat doesn't know why anyone would think cutting the head off a hydra was good idea.
fandom:hockey  author:hazel  via:isweedan  fanfiction  pairing:kane/toews  pairing:seabrook/keith  genre:au  au:high-school  wordcount:10-20  rating:r 
july 2013 by jana_nox
How far do I have to go to get to you
5,189 | Stiles never knows if it's worse when Derek Hale steps out of the shadows or when he slinks back into them; either way, Stiles never expected to have this many feelings about his stupid old yellow owl shirt.

Or the one they had a slumber party and everyone was a teenager at heart.
author:toomuchplor  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:r  wordcount:5-10  genre:pwp 
july 2013 by jana_nox
anything, anything
5,242 | “How did we get here?” Stiles said, voice verging on hysterical. “What’s going on? Derek, pay attention. Were we drugged? Why aren’t you freaking out? Did you do this? Did you kidnap me?”

“Yes,” Derek said. “I kidnapped you as part of my nefarious plan to murder you by letting you drool on me.” He should be freaking out, he knew it, but this bed was pretty comfortable, and Stiles seemed to be doing well for both of them.

'Woke up married' trope.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:r  warning:futurefic  author:drunktuesdays  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  wordcount:5-10 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Burish And Sharpie Make A Porno
3,493 | As road roommates and partners in crime, Burish and Sharpie consider it their god-given responsibility to torment the young stars on their team. One night, they get more then they bargained for.
fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  wordcount:2-5  author:antumbral  rating:r  genre:humor  fanfiction 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Chaos Theory
1,838 | It starts with a butterfly. I mean, probably. That’s Stiles’ best theory.

fanfiction  wordcount:0-2  fandom:teenwolf  rating:r  genre:pwp  author:the_deep_magic  pairing:derek/stiles 
july 2013 by jana_nox
First Times
11,07 | Just like Derek doesn’t plan on falling for the gawky kid with the motor-mouth and the moles, he doesn’t expect the first time he sees Stiles in the supermarket to make his heart flutter; he doesn’t know at all what to expect the first time Stiles gets cursed by a male witch in a grimy coat; and he didn’t expect that brick dust would go so very nicely with a first kiss.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  author:hayesgeneration  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  wordcount:10-20  pairing:derek/stiles 
july 2013 by jana_nox
copywritten (so don't copy me)
12,986 | "Oh, shit," Stiles says, and flops as far backward as their mysterious body-swap connection will let him.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:pwp  warning:bodyswitch  author:etben  wordcount:10-20  pairing:derek/stiles 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Running Out Of Air
5,793 | He tells himself that nothing about this is weird. Patrick always goes out and Jonny’s always a bitch about it and maybe Jonny doesn’t always come get him, but if Pat’s puking up his stomach, Jonny will totally hold back his hair—or whatever. Jonny’s his best friend.

Prequel to the big Chelsea fic. Hurts a lot.
rating:r  warning:douchebag  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  author:empathathique  wordcount:5-10 
june 2013 by jana_nox
a contraption, armed to the teeth
6,086 | “Just once,” Eames says, “I wish you’d let me come round when I’m not in mortal peril.”
pairing:arthur/eames  fandom:inception  fanfiction  genre:romance  rating:r  wordcount:5-10  author:gunsandbutter 
april 2013 by jana_nox
when you flex like that
3,634 | Johnny isn’t drunk, but he does let Sharpy and a couple of frat-looking guys he doesn’t even know talk him into a contest of shots. It’s Sharpy’s fault — he appeals to the competitive side he knows Johnny can’t let go of at the best of times, and one of the guys, blonde curls, a lazy smirk of a grin, picks up on it pretty fast too.
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  author:listedheart  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:au  au:college  wordcount:2-5  genre:pwp 
april 2013 by jana_nox
shaking like an earthquake
2,812 | Jeff starts growing his hair out a little bit; not a lot — his hair gets kind of...fluffy when it’s too long, he’s well aware of this — but just enough that you could twist your fingers in it and pull, if you wanted to.
author:grim_lupine  rating:r  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:carter/richards  genre:pwp  wordcount:2-5  warning:d/s 
april 2013 by jana_nox
Twist in my Sobriety
13,236 | “We should have sober sex,” Patrick says, rolling his neck until it pops loudly. He really should be thinking about getting up off of the floor.

“Why would we do that?” Jonny asks, twisting to look down at Patrick like he just suggested that they throw puppies into traffic.
wordcount:10-20  fandom:hockey  via:sophia_sol  fanfiction  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:humor  genre:schmoop  author:jezziejay 
march 2013 by jana_nox
Pause Here
9,609 | Gay. Homosexual. Really, really into dick.

A great fic about coming out and feels. Great.
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  warning:omc  rating:r  genre:romance  genre:angst  pairing:carter/omc  wordcount:5-10  author:ionthesparrow  to:hlopa  warning:comingout 
february 2013 by jana_nox
what i did on my summer vacation
8,971 | Patrick meets Johnny on his third day working at Greg’s Emporium, the summer after his freshman year of college.

(A "take your fandom to the shitty job you had when you were 20" AU.)
genre:au  author:hazel  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:kane/toews  rating:r  genre:romance  au:college  wordcount:5-10 
february 2013 by jana_nox
I Don't Want To Be Saved
3,132 | And everyone, everyone has their own ideas about this relationship, they all say the same things, they all do. "He's not good for you," "It's Derek," "This is the fourth night in a row," "What kind of asshole dates a high schooler?" "I'm not okay with this."

But Stiles pulls the red hood up, wanders from the path, and he's picking flowers, and he's breathing, "My, what big teeth you have," and Derek bares his fangs, and yeah. Fuck them.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:r  genre:angst  warning:POV  wordcount:2-5  author:Lapin 
january 2013 by jana_nox
A Look of Wild Living
1,612 | Since the whole mess with Gerard, Stiles has been running on a drunk-dizzy burst of fear adrenaline. Like he’s courting death.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  author:orbiting_saturn  fanfiction  rating:r  genre:pwp  warning:spanking  wordcount:0-2 
january 2013 by jana_nox
By A String of Blue Lights
6,835 | In which they keep falling into bed with each other, and Stiles keeps saying it's just adrenaline, just a lack of Adderall, just a lack of good judgment. Faeries and their drugs, mermaids and their creepiness, and covens and their sacrificing, and they just keep falling into bed with each other. They just do.

And Derek says, "No more games."

:: Angsty. Lots of details I liked. And this bit is just lovely:
Derek needs somebody to hold him together and love him and make him think, and fuck that responsibility, Stiles is already looking after his dad and Scott, he doesn't have time for Derek. Derek's a full-time job and Stiles is only looking for part-time, or, and here's a crazy thought, maybe he wants someone to take care of him for once, maybe he's tired of constantly being everyone's support system.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  via:jerakeen  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:r  genre:angst  warning:POV  author:Lapin 
december 2012 by jana_nox
Something that Finds You
9,062 | Stiles always smelled like sulfur. After Derek finds out the truth, he and Stiles get closer than they'd ever planned.

2nd part of 'Hell is Other People'.
pairing:derek/stiles  author:tsukinofaerii  fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:spn  genre:crossover  genre:au  rating:r  wordcount:5-10 
december 2012 by jana_nox
(you make me) stutter
1,234 | "Jeff's starting to think that Eric, underneath it all, has a sadistic streak in him."
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  author:mardia  genre:pwp  rating:r  pairing:staal/skinner  wordcount:0-2  to:elza_kun 
december 2012 by jana_nox
in a shower of
1,389 | jonny washes patrick's hair; patrick doesn't hate it.

surprisingly, I didn't hate it too.
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  wordcount:0-2  genre:pwp  warning:BDSM  pairing:kane/toews  author:thisissirius  rating:r  to:elza_kun 
november 2012 by jana_nox
that blessed wood whose motion sounds
2,142 | Written fo a prompt: "The first time they get high together. Bonus if they're rookies."

author:forochel  rating:r  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  genre:pwp  pairing:kane/toews  wordcount:2-5 
november 2012 by jana_nox
Seven Minutes in Hell
2,355 | Non-powered college AU. During a game of drunken truth or dare, Janos dares Charles and Erik to stay in close quarters without touching each other. Charles takes that as a challenge, but not in the way Janos intended.
au:college  author:pocky_slash  fanfiction  fandom:marvel  pairing:charles/erik  wordcount:2-5  rating:r  genre:au  genre:pwp 
november 2012 by jana_nox
5,016 | In which Stiles "accidentally" chains himself to a wall, and Derek has to use his words.

[Umm. It's very OOC, but good? Like comes-with-chains kind of good?]
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  rating:r  genre:pwp  warning:BDSM  pairing:derek/stiles  author:fleete  wordcount:2-5  to:elza_kun 
october 2012 by jana_nox
2,399 | Johnny knows what Patrick used to do when he felt like this, before they got together: he’d find a bar, drink until the too-sharp edge under his skin sanded away; take a girl home, come back the next morning looking a little better but still unsatisfied, because he isn’t looking to be calmed.

He’s looking to be caught.
fanfiction  fandom:hockey  wordcount:2-5  rating:r  warning:d/s  pairing:kane/toews  author:grim_lupine  genre:pwp 
october 2012 by jana_nox
sugar dumpling muffin baby
15,783 | Because seriously, what’s next? Hand holding? Kissing when they’re not even going to have sex? In which pet names lead to feelings, or possibly the other way around.
author:liketheroad  pairing:kane/toews  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  wordcount:10-20  genre:fluff  rating:r 
october 2012 by jana_nox
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