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set your flag on fire
35,840 | "Things have been getting progressively weirder since you two left," Stiles told Cora and Derek. "Like, weird even for Beacon Hills."
author:siria  fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:plot  wordcount:20-50  pairing:derek/stiles 
december 2014 by jana_nox
Lock All The Doors Behind You
25,929 | He has no idea what you're supposed to say when you find one of your...werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they're about to see what your insides taste like. There's no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:plot  wordcount:20-50  author:entangled_now 
august 2014 by jana_nox
Everything's Made to be Broken
7,200 | Everybody gets a name, inscribed in a color over the left side of their chest. It seems like a good system, guaranteeing that there will be someone who loves you, who you will get to love in return for years to come. The only problem is that that's not actually how it always works out.

A broken soulmates fic. I'd prefer not to read the last ("emotional sex") bit, but ugh. Also the main pairing is Derek/Stiles, no matter what the header says.
fandom:teenwolf  via:jerakeen  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:au  au:modern  warning:soulbond  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:5-10  to:hlopa 
march 2014 by jana_nox
A Blossoming Romance
7,533 | Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  rating:pg-13  genre:fluff  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:5-10  genre:au  author:trelkez 
march 2014 by jana_nox
From the Cradle to the Grave
4,198 | It’s not that the sheriff doesn’t like Derek. It’s just that he thinks Stiles could do better.

 But Stiles has been an adult for over two years now, so he can make his own choices. Even if they are terrible.

 Also, the sheriff doesn’t like Derek.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  warning:POV  author:jezziejay  wordcount:2-5  genre:romance 
march 2014 by jana_nox
Heart's Desire
3,099 | Stiles was way past old enough to pick someone and commit. He just wasn't committing to Derek.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:schmoop  pairing:derek/stiles  author:dsudis  wordcount:2-5 
january 2014 by jana_nox
Soul Strong
6,890 words | "To put it simply," Deaton said, "you have a soulmate."

Derek wanted to slam his head against the wall and just black out.

// Perfectly cracktastic and awesome. Lovely interpretation of the soulmate mark trope.
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  via:jerakeen  fanfiction  author:macabreflorence  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:romance  warning:soulbond 
september 2013 by jana_nox
Trust In This (Even If You're Scared Stiff)
10,460 | Stiles' kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn't sure yet, but he's pretty sure the other kid's dad is too hot to be human.
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:10-20  author:otter  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  genre:au  au:modern  genre:kidfic  rating:pg-13  genre:schmoop 
august 2013 by jana_nox
Line In The Sand
9,670 | He’s going to die.

Derek is certain of it. He'd used the last of his proverbial lives even though that’s only supposed to apply to cats, and he’s now going to die. He’s completely, one hundred percent resigned to it even, until he hears the familiar thump-ump of Stiles' heart approaching.

Suddenly, it’s Stiles that’s going to die and that’s unacceptable.
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  via:isweedan  author:kellifer_fic  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:action  genre:romance 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Like a Song in the Night
4,140 words | In which Stiles is a freelance but much in demand wizard who’s sick of airports and Derek is the independently wealthy werewolf who just wants to provide for him.

A love-story in time. Surprisingly sweet.♥♥
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:2-5  via:jerakeen  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:romance  warning:futurefic  rating:pg-13  author:LLitchi 
july 2013 by jana_nox
oh what a shame
11,815 | He never expected it would be easy, trying to be human, but he never expected it would be this goddamn difficult either.

Another try on the 'Stiles really is a demon' topic.
author:omelet  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:au  fanfiction  wordcount:10-20 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves
35,197 | “At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.” 

“There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly. 

Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there’s a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding: 

'DON’T FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him'
author:owlpostagain  fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:20-50 
july 2013 by jana_nox
will to follow through
42,411 | “It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”

“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”

“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”

“There are worse ways to die.”

[The one where Stiles got over Lydia and then befriended her and Danny. Totally OOC for Stiles, but I like.]
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  author:owlpostagain  wordcount:20-50  pairing:derek/stiles 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Remember Me
3,801 | When Stiles wakes up he sees a pair of eyebrows knitted together. He blinks and a blurry face comes into view. The face looks angry, no, furious.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  warning:amnesia  author:stilinskisparkles  wordcount:2-5  genre:schmoop  genre:hurt-comfort  pairing:derek/stiles  to:elza_kun 
july 2013 by jana_nox
It Started With a Spark
5,584 | For the record, Derek never thought a firefighter with a penchant for lying suggestively on the hoods of cars would be his type. He was starting to think he didn't even have a type.

Prologue to Put Out the Fire (but not the one in my heart)
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:schmoop  genre:au  wordcount:5-10  author:omelet 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Derek Hale's Seduction Techniques
6,613 | It doesn't sit well with Stiles, the thing at the police station and with Erica. It niggles at him from the back of his mind, screaming PAY ATTENTION TO ME. Because Derek's apparently familiar enough with flirting to do it successfully, like it's something that comes naturally to him, but what kind of broody misanthropic guy flirts?
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  author:omelet  genre:schmoop  wordcount:5-10 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Friends in High Places
3,513 | "What could you possibly say to me," Derek asks, "that would be regretful?"

Sequel to 'come on stranger'.
author:moirariordan  fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:sga  rating:pg-13  genre:au  au:space  genre:crossover  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:2-5 
july 2013 by jana_nox
Hard Times For Dreamers
24,463 | Derek Hale's just been hired to perform an extraction. He probably isn't qualified for this
author:wldnst  fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:inception  rating:pg-13  genre:crossover  pairing:derek/stiles  wordcount:20-50  genre:angst 
july 2013 by jana_nox
2,113 | Stiles kind of loves Derek's car, in a weird way, because he's not even a car guy, okay, but the Camaro is kind of awesome, and so is Derek. He's got Derek's hand on his thigh, and leather seats, and the gears shifting, and a whole hour they can make out in the driver's seat with the radio on low. And really, it could be luck, or life, or whatever, but it's kind of great too.

"And all my friends say"
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  warning:POV  author:Lapin  wordcount:2-5 
january 2013 by jana_nox
Tall Tales by moirariordan
6,000 | "We've got a whole month of time, your highness. And there's only so many places you can go on a starship."

:: It's a Star Wars AU, and Derek is Leia. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:au  au:space  via:jerakeen 
january 2013 by jana_nox
All This Has Happened
10,769 | The thing is, most of it's been done before. People competing for money, or love, or fame - it's all boring, it's all been done, has-been, seen before, who cares? Until some motherfucker finally realized - you know what's really interesting?


Dystopian AU where fame is the name of the game. Sometimes revenge is the quickest way to the top, and Derek Hale has plenty to avenge - Stiles is just along for the ride.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  au:dystopia  rating:pg-13  author:1001cranes  wordcount:10-20  to:elza_kun 
december 2012 by jana_nox
To Have Outlived the Night
23,448 | Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  rating:pg-13  genre:plot  genre:action  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  author:stillane  wordcount:20-50  to:elza_kun  to:hlopa 
december 2012 by jana_nox
Help Wanted
15,593 | Nice things begin to happen to Derek Hale and it kind of freaks him out.
fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:10-20  fanfiction  author:jebiwonkenobi  rating:pg-13  genre:fluff  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles 
november 2012 by jana_nox
The Sound As They Broke, It Was Fearsome
5,413 | Stiles is not intimidated by the gruesome past of the Hales, mainly because most Wizarding families can claim a gruesome past, these days. He is, however, not looking forward to dealing with Peter.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:hp  genre:fusion  rating:pg-13  genre:plot  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:derek/kate  author:skoosiepants  wordcount:5-10 
october 2012 by jana_nox
This Is How We Go
5,416 | Scott and Stiles go on the Warped Tour with Allison’s band.

“I think we need to bring more joy to the children,” Stiles says. “I think we need to dress as pirates and do the Scott is a Terrible Pirate skit, because *you are a terrible pirate*,” and when Stiles says pirate, Stiles means friend. Scott is a terrible, horrible friend, and Stiles hates him.
author:skoosiepants  fandom:teenwolf  wordcount:5-10  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:au  au:band  warning:kidfic 
september 2012 by jana_nox
We Should Become More Adventurous
8,702 | Werewolves are the kind of horror you only find in books and movies and gay porn, so forgive him for being a little slow on the uptake.
fanfiction  wordcount:5-10  author:skoosiepants  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:romance  genre:au 
august 2012 by jana_nox
CSI: Beacon Hills
8,243 | Back when Stiles was in high school Beacon Hills didn't have a crime lab, because they simply didn't need one. Those were the days.
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  author:jerakeen  wordcount:5-10  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  au:crime  rating:pg-13 
august 2012 by jana_nox
We Need To Talk About Sparkly Pens
0 | Sequel to Needs More Sparkly Pens. Stiles finds his notebook in his bedroom and oh holy god.

In pictures. OMG, ADORABLE.
fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  genre:humor  genre:fluff  author:mm_coconut 
august 2012 by jana_nox
~4,000 | On Monday a storm rolls in. Driving to school Stiles has to creep along, peering through the windscreen and shivering because the heat is broken and his dad hasn't had time to fix it. All day he can feel the cold teething at his fingertips as he goes from one gloomy classroom to another, where the teacher's drone goes over his head and his leg jitters in syncopation with the water on the roof.
pairing:derek/stiles  fandom:teenwolf  fanfiction  wordcount:2-5  genre:romance  rating:pg-13  author:spiny 
july 2012 by jana_nox
Differential Equations
5,170 | Stiles has all the variables, but he doesn't even know that there needs to be an equation yet.

It's simple math, really. Twenty-one minus six is fifteen, and fifteen-year-old boys are easily swayed.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:derek/kate  rating:pg-13  genre:angst  wordcount:5-10  author:hedgerose  fanfiction 
june 2012 by jana_nox
795 | Stiles probably shouldn't wear red hoodies. Just saying.

Red Riding Hood!AU. A cool and creepy one.♥
fanfiction  fandom:teenwolf  rating:pg-13  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:au  au:fairy-tale  author:saucery  wordcount:0-2  genre:drabble 
may 2012 by jana_nox
The Thickening of Your Scent
1,226 | And everywhere he goes, he can feel the kid's eyes on him, the smell of his arousal fogging up his brain. It makes him pant.

...the one where Derek is a teenage werewolf who wants to bang the freshman with a crush on him.
fandom:teenwolf  au:high-school  via:mklutz  fanfiction  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:romance  rating:pg-13  author:ladylade  genre:au  wordcount:0-2  guilty-pleasure 
may 2012 by jana_nox

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