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You Are Being Tracked, Evaluated and Sold: an analysis of digital inequalities
"If our personal data is traded in milliseconds up to 70k times per day, what does this mean? ... If we want to know how inequalities are being shaped in the present and future we need to understand the opaque mechanisms that operate through stealth and experiment with our personal disclosures."
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october 2017 by jamesshelley
"Bill C-59 introduces serious new problems that compound historical threats to civil liberties."
"Bill C-59 seeks to legitimize troubling conduct—from mass surveillance to state-sponsored hacking, impersonating journalists, and extensive data-mining—developed by these agencies in secret and without the public approval or extensive debate required by a democratic system."
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september 2017 by jamesshelley
London School of Economics: Surveillance and the Public Sphere: confronting a democratic dilemma
The basic question seems to boil down to this: if an algorithm can figure out information about you that you would not otherwise consent to giving if asked directly, does it infringe on your privacy rights?
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may 2016 by jamesshelley

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