Responding to the Starbucks race incident: does the evidence support unconscious bias training?
"Does UBT (unconscious bias training) actually work, and what will one day of mass training achieve?"
crhesi  radar  ubt 
6 hours ago
Re-criminalizing Pot: More people charged under new law than were charged under the old law
“The federal pot legalization bill currently before the Senate, Bill C45, lays a minefield of criminality best avoided without a platoon of lawyers” says Michael Bryant, CCLA’s Executive Director and General Counsel.
crhesi  radar  cannabis 
6 hours ago
Systematic Review Workshop (May 14-16, Toronto)
"Designed for clinical trainees, clinicians, decision-makers, academics and researchers, this popular workshop teaches you how to plan, conduct and communicate the results of a systematic review."
crhesi  radar  event 
6 hours ago
Public Health Ethics, Ethics Frameworks and Paternalism
"...we turned our attention to the ethics of paternalism in public health using two case studies of potentially paternalistic public health measures."
crhesi  radar  ethics  paternalism  public  health 
6 hours ago
Statistic Canada: National Cannabis Survey
"This release of the National Cannabis Survey is intended to provide a better understanding of the current use of cannabis by Canadians and to monitor changes in behaviour as a result of the planned legalization of cannabis for non-medical use."
crhesi  radar  cannabis 
6 hours ago
Coming soon: Special call for research on artificial intelligence, health and society
"SSHRC has joined the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for the next competition of the Collaborative Health Research Projects initiative. This includes a special call focused on artificial intelligence (AI), health and society."
crhesi  radar  ai  health 
6 hours ago
168% Increase in Hate Crimes in Peel Region is Deeply Concerning
"The 2017 annual Hate/Bias Motivated Crime Report shows hate-motivated crimes in Brampton and Mississauga increased to 158 incidents in 2017 compared to just 59 in 2016. Of these 158 incidents, Muslims faced the largest number of hate crimes with 57 documented cases. This was a 91% increase from the previous year. One in five of these incidents involved the use of violence, including threats, assault, and assault with a weapon."
crhesi  radar  hate  crime 
6 hours ago
Neighbourhood Meetings to be Held Next Week as Partners Consider Sites for Supervised Consumption Facilities — Middlesex-London Health Unit
"The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) and Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) are thrilled to announce new partnerships and support which, pending approval through formal processes, will allow the creation of two permanent Supervised Consumption Facilities (SCF) and one mobile facility in London"
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  scf  ldnont 
6 hours ago
Rights Before We Talk Reconciliation: Reporting on Indigenous Issues in Canada
The 2018 Clissold Lecture, by Tanya Talaga. Recorded on March 20, 2018 at Western University
crhesi  radar  indigneous  talk 
8 hours ago
Program Opportunity: Palliative and End-of-Life Care
"We are inviting applications from teams from across Canada to join the EPAC Collaborative taking place between June 2018 and October 2019. Using quality improvement methodology, and leveraging a train the trainer model, the EPAC Collaborative will support teams to provide a consistent approach to residents who are near the end of life, shifting the culture of care and improving the end-of-life experience for residents and their families, surviving residents and the healthcare team."
crhesi  radar  aging  palliative 
5 days ago
Universities should take stronger leadership on knowledge and how it matters
"Epistemic fluency is the capacity to recognise different kinds of knowledge and to work flexibly with different ways of knowing."
crhesi  radar  academics  epistemology 
9 days ago
Ontario Paving the Way for More Affordable Housing
"Under the new regulations, municipalities will be able to mandate that affordable units for low- and middle-income families are included in new housing developments to create mixed-income communities."
crhesi  radar  affordable  housing 
9 days ago
Statistics Canada: New gender and sex variables
"To obtain more inclusive data on sex and gender, Statistics Canada is releasing new variables and classifications for sex and gender."
crhesi  radar  gender  stats 
9 days ago
Job Posting: Postdoctoral Fellow
"We are currently accepting applications for a post-doc position starting this summer. The project is focused on HIV prevention among street-involved youth, with a scale-up of a peer navigator model that has proven successful in Kenya. Please pass it along to candidates who might be interested. - Abe Oudshoorn"
crhesi  radar  recruitment  position  hiv  homeless  ldnont 
14 days ago
LIHC Volunteer Opportunity: Street Outreach
"The Street Outreach Volunteer will provide outreach, education and support to populations whose health is at risk due to multiple barriers. The volunteer will work with a partner from the Community Health and Harm Reduction Outreach Team. Volunteer activities will include street level engagement with target populations, with a focus on community building and establishment of rapport."
crhesi  radar  volunteer  ldnont 
16 days ago
A gaps analysis to improve health equity knowledge and practices
"This analysis identifies gaps in research on public health systems and practices relating to health equity, weaknesses and inconsistencies in practitioner knowledge and skills, and barriers to accessing and applying knowledge."
crhesi  radar  sdh  health  equity  report 
16 days ago
Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT) for Graduate Students (May 11, Toronto)
"The Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTTTM) course is a professional development opportunity for researchers, clinicians and educators. The course focuses on knowledge translation (KT) practice, research impact, promoting research utilization, and ensuring that research findings reach the appropriate audiences."
crhesi  radar  kt  event 
16 days ago
CYN General Meeting (April 12)
"This meeting will include a community presentation about Insite, updates on the work occurring in each priority area, and updates on network-wide strategies including shared measurement, the CYN online presence, and upcoming capacity building opportunities."
cyn  event  crhesi  radar 
16 days ago
Statistics Canada: Low Income Measure: Comparison of Two Data Sources
"This report sheds lights on the differences between the Low Income Measure calculated by the 2016 Census of Population and the T1 Family File (T1FF; tax filer data)."
crhesi  radar  low  income  lico  data 
17 days ago
Canadian Coalitiion for Global Health Research: Top 5 Essential Global Health Reads
"These global health articles and reports are indispensable, whether you’re just starting out in the field or are a seasoned young professional with global health research experience under your belt. They will help you consider your position, power, and privilege, and inspire you to work towards a more equitable healthy world."
crhesi  radar  health  global 
17 days ago
Call for Proposals: 2018 People’s Forum on Mental Health and Mental Illness (October 13, 2018)
"The Forum hopes to bring together 200+ individuals who share a keen interest for advancing personal and public education and awareness on mental health and mental illness;  a strong passion for improving the status quo in mental healthcare and systems; and want a safe, respectful space to have open, candid discussion and share personal lived experiences with mental illness; new perspectives; creative ideas and disruptive solutions for better quality of life."
crhesi  radar  event  ldnont  mental  health 
18 days ago
City Building By All + Civic Engagement Fair
"Evergreen, London Community Foundation, Pillar Nonprofit Network, UnLondon, the Urban League of London, the City of London and CBC London have all come together to host a conversation about city building."
crhesi  radar  events  ldnont 
19 days ago
Kairos Blanket Exercise Workshop (April 18, 2018)
"Join us as we explore the historical and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Using KAIROS Canada’s most popular experiential teaching tool, the BLANKET EXERCISE, the 3-hour workshop will be led by KAIROS trained indigenous and non-indigenous facilitators. Participants (18 years & older) will journey back some 500 years to rediscover and learn the truth about how indigenous communities were, and still are being treated in Canada. The activity will be immediately followed by a Talking Circle, led by an indigenous person, and facilitated breakout group discussion."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  reconciliation  event 
20 days ago
Key public health resources for anti-racism action: A curated list
"The purpose of this reading list is to offer a starting point for public health practitioners hoping to deepen their understanding of the causes and implications of structural racism."
racism  crhesi  radar  tool 
28 days ago
Application For Local Supervised Consumption Facility Submitted to Health Canada For Consideration
"With evidence to show it will be used and a public consultation process that showed a strong desire to support those addicted to opioid drugs, the Regional HIV / AIDS Connection (RHAC) and the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) have submitted an application to Health Canada to open a supervised consumption facility in the city."
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  ldnont 
28 days ago
Statistic Canada: First Nations People, Métis and Inuit in Canada: Diverse and Growing Populations
"A graphic-rich overview of the First Nations population, Métis and Inuit in Canada based on data from the 2016 Census and other sources. This statistical portrait illustrates the characteristics of these populations, including composition, languages, living arrangements, education, labour, earnings, health and justice."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  infographic 
28 days ago
A day in the life: How do older Canadians spend their time?
"In 2015, 91% of senior women and 83% of senior men engaged in unpaid household work in a typical day, which includes meal preparation or indoor and outdoor cleaning. About three-quarters of senior men and women engaged in "active pursuits," such as exercising or socializing, and almost all senior men and women also engaged in passive leisure activities such as watching television. Senior women and men, however, are not spending the same amount of time in some activities, which suggests that gender differences in the way people spend their time persist, even though seniors have generally transitioned out of employment and parental roles."
crhesi  radar  seniors  aging 
28 days ago
Child & Youth Network report: Literacy And Transition To High School
"The purpose of the Literacy And Transition To High School literature review is to examine the intersection between literacy and preparing youth in Grades 7 and 8 to experience a successful transition to high school."
crhesi  radar  cyn  report  literacy  ldnont 
28 days ago
Storytelling Audit: Request for Proposals (Deadline April 5)
"The Canadian CED Network is seeking proposals from qualified communications specialists for a storytelling audit of external communications, followed by a year-end evaluation."
crhesi  radar  rfp  storytelling 
28 days ago
Distributions of household economic accounts for income, consumption, saving and wealth of Canadian households, 2017
"In 2017, the top 20% of income earners held 49.0% of household wealth, down from 50.3% since 2010. The lowest two quintiles increased their share of household wealth between 2010 and 2017."
crhesi  radar  canada  economy  income  disparity 
28 days ago
Pillar Nonprofit Network's Systems Thinking Exchange - April 26, 2018
"What is the Systems Thinking Exchange? A community of practice, and a place for the community to pool our understanding of systems thinking in a peer-learning environment. We will provide the speaker and general topic and you are asked to come to the table with a willingness to share, learn and be more curious."
crhesi  radar  systems  event 
4 weeks ago
Call it out: racism, racial discrimination and human rights
Ontario Human Rights Commission launches 'Call it out': "A 30-minute interactive eCourse that offers a foundation for learning about race, racial discrimination and human rights protections under Ontario's Human Rights Code."
crhesi  radar  racism  tool 
4 weeks ago
Systems Approaches to Improve Human & Planetary Health (April 25 & 26)
"We are pleased to invite you to a workshop for faculty and trainees, funded by the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI), on enhancing capacity to apply systems approaches to improve human and planetary health. The workshop will take place on the University of Waterloo campus on April 25 and 26, 2018."
crhesi  radar  systems  kt  event 
4 weeks ago
Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity
"Most Ontarians remain comfortable with current levels of immigration and with the province’s growing diversity, and there is increasing support for welcoming those fleeing conflicts. These are some of the main findings in the latest report from Mowat’s Portraits 2017 survey series."
crhesi  radar  immigration  diversity 
5 weeks ago
How knowledge about different cultures is shaking the foundations of psychology
"The academic discipline of psychology was developed largely in North America and Europe..."
crhesi  radar  psychology 
5 weeks ago
Statistics Canada: The income of Canadians
"The infographic looks at income in Canada, including the percentage of persons in low income, government transfers and the median after-tax income by family type."
crhesi  radar  income  canada 
5 weeks ago
MNO citizen appointed to Canadian Senate
"For the first time, a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen has been appointed to the Canadian Senate."
crhesi  radar  metis  senate 
5 weeks ago
Stories of Illness & Heath: Immigrant and Refugee Experiences (March 27, 6:30pm)
"How does the art of storytelling improve health care education and the experience of patient care?"
crhesi  radar  event  immigrant  refugee 
5 weeks ago
Promising KTE evaluation tools | Institute for Work & Health
The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) conducted a systematic review that sought to fill this gap. It asked the question: Are there reliable, valid and/or useful instruments to apply in the assessment of KTE implementation and its impact?
5 weeks ago
Webinar: Examining early childhood indicators: Launch of a new data module and partnership tool (March 20, 1pm)
"The experiences, care and environments that children are exposed to between birth and age 5 will shape their health and well-being for years to come. Given how critical this period is for child development, all sectors of society have a role to play in creating the best possible environments for children to develop and grow."
crhesi  radar  webinar  childhood  sdh 
6 weeks ago
London Vies for Smart Cities Funding
"At the heart of the challenge is the ability for Canadian cities to use technology to solve a community challenge in one of the following categories: economic opportunity, empowerment and inclusion, environmental quality, healthy living and recreation, mobility, and safety and security."
crhesi  radar  inclusion  health  ldnont 
6 weeks ago
Why the web has challenged scientists’ authority – and why they need to adapt
"The Catholic Church argued that the written word was reserved for “God’s chosen priests” and not for regular people and sought to put the genie back in the bottle by shutting down printing presses, labeling the purveyors of alternative views as heretical and publishing their own pamphlets...In the coming decades, it would be reasonable to expect the same fate for today’s notions of science..."
crhesi  radar  science  culture  future 
6 weeks ago
Ontario Marking Ten Years of Collaboration on Indigenous Education
"Ontario is recognizing a decade of collaboration with Indigenous and education partners to support the well-being and achievement of First Nation, Métis and Inuit students, with new investments in the revitalization of Indigenous languages."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  language  ontario 
6 weeks ago
Faculty of Health Sciences: Child Health Symposium (Thursday, May 17, 2018)
"Bringing together clinicians, service leaders, researchers, educators and students from all disciplines to share knowledge, ideas, research and best practices for service delivery and child health."
crhesi  radar  event  child  health  conference 
6 weeks ago
Canadian Science Policy Conference 2018: Building Bridges Between Science, Policy, and Society - Call for Panel Submissions
“CSPC 2018 will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, politicians, journalists, students, and many others from across the country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Science Policy Conference.”
crhesi  radar  event  policy  conference  from iphone
7 weeks ago
Build a Diversity & Inclusion Community of Practice (Thu, 22 March 2018)
In partnership with Cheshire Homes, Pillar is inviting the community to build on previous conversations and help build a Diversity & Inclusion Community of Practice.
crhesi  radar  inclusion  event  diversity  ldnont 
7 weeks ago
Early Response Shows use and Acceptance of London TOPS Continues to Rise
"Based on early indicators, London’s new Temporary Overdose Prevention Site (TOPS) is well accepted by all parties, and beginning to have an impact on the local opioid drug crisis."
crhesi  radar  drug  addiction  ldnont  opioids 
7 weeks ago
Sex, Gender and Health Research
These "policies underscore the importance of integrating gender and sex into health research when appropriate... CIHR expects that all research applicants will integrate gender and sex into their research designs when appropriate."
crhesi  radar  research  grants  gender  sex 
7 weeks ago
Recommended Resource: Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives (edited by Dennis Raphael)
"In this edited collection, Dennis Raphael brings together academics and experts to discuss the socio-economic conditions that shape the health of individuals and communities."
crhesi  radar  resource  book 
7 weeks ago
Save the Date: 10th Annual Life as a Refugee Conference (June 20, 8:30am-4pm)
With keynote by Claire Roque (President, Canadian Council for Refugees). Registration information will follow. For more information, please contact Dalia Elbargisy at
crhesi  radar  event  refugee 
7 weeks ago
OpenON (Mar 26, 2018, Toronto)
"Shape Ontario’s Open Government Action Plan by joining in conversations about how opening information, data and decision-making, within a renewed focus on inclusion, accessibility and public engagement, is reshaping Ontario’s civil landscape."
crhesi  radar  event  open  access  government  ontario 
7 weeks ago
The Grand Theatre: Storytelling as Activism (March 12, 6pm)
"A discussion on the complexities of ‘human rights’ versus ‘human wrongs,’ and the significance of sharing under-told stories on the stage to enlighten, humanize, and effect change."
crhesi  radar  event  storytelling 
8 weeks ago
Middlesex-London Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy
"Our goal is to implement and evaluate a comprehensive drug and alcohol strategy to reduce problematic substance use and harm that reflects the needs of the entire community, through the use of a person centred, equity-focused approach based on the pillars of prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement."
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  strategy  ldnont 
8 weeks ago
2018 CCGHR Forum: Research to Reality (March 10, 2018, McMaster)
"This year’s theme is ‘Research to Reality‘ focusing on how to move towards meaningful change by leveraging research, advocacy, policy and education to tackle global health issue."
crhesi  radar  event  conference  global  health 
8 weeks ago
When A Criminal Record Becomes a Life Sentence
"A police record is ruinous for far too many who don’t deserve to be unemployable for life."
crhesi  radar  crime  employment 
8 weeks ago
Analysis of trends in the prevalence of cannabis use in Canada, 1985 to 2015
"A new study released today in Health Reports examines the long-term trends in the use of cannabis in Canada for the first time by comparing nine national surveys of the household population that collected information about cannabis use from 1985 to 2015."
crhesi  radar  cannabis  drugs 
8 weeks ago
Ontario Making Progress to Ensure Inclusive Education System
"Since announcing its first-ever Education Equity Action Plan, Ontario has been making important strides to ensure equity across all aspects of publicly funded education."
crhesi  radar  education 
8 weeks ago
OHESI releases new report on cascade trends by sex, age and health region
“HIV care cascade in Ontario by sex, age and health region: Linkage to care, in care, on antiretroviral treatment and virally suppressed.”
crhesi  radar  hiv 
8 weeks ago
Partners Invite Community to Share Thoughts, Learn and Make a Difference
"London and Middlesex County residents will soon have the opportunity to comment on the draft recommendations that will form the foundation of a long-term, comprehensive strategy to address local substance use."
crhesi  radar  drugs  addiction  ldnont 
8 weeks ago
Education Indicators in Canada: Fact Sheet
"This fact sheet explores the education and labour market situation of young Canadians aged 15 to 19."
crhesi  radar  employment  adolescents  education 
8 weeks ago
SWRCC Event: Learning from Life: The Constructive Analysis of the Murder of Natalie Novak
"The workshop will engage participants in a system look at events that led up to the murder of Natalie Novak in 2006 at Ryerson University in Toronto. Dawn and Ed Novak, Natalie’s parents, are leaders for system change. They have done their own comprehensive analysis of the events surrounding Natalie’s murder. Their system view provides opportunity to examine a range of challenges so that we learn from Natalie’s death. The Novaks inspire us to push harder and dig deeper to think outside our current state."
crhesi  radar  tvic  event 
9 weeks ago
Developing a comprehensive school program to prevent substance misuse and build resilience
"Many of the existing programs that are offered to students do not address both substance-use and mental health literacy. Research shows that the underlying success factors behind mental health, alcohol, and other substance misuse prevention programs are very similar. The most effective programs build personal and social skills, such as decision-making, and address social norms around mental health, alcohol, and substance use."
crhesi  radar  school  mental  health  education  addiction  drugs 
9 weeks ago
Symposium on Gender, Family, and Marital Relationships among Arab Refugee Families in Canada
"The program will include the launch of the research report, “Pre and Post Migration Stressors and Marital Relations among Arab Refugee Families in Canada,” and three panel discussions on gender-roles, parent-child and marital relationships, service needs, and policy implications."
crhesi  radar  events  immigration  trauma  refugees 
9 weeks ago
StatsCan: Canada's population estimates
"On July 1, 2017, 7 in 10 Canadians (70.5%), or 25,893,686 people, were living in a census metropolitan area (CMA). Canada's three largest CMAs—Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver—were home to more than 1 in 3 Canadians (35.6%)."
crhesi  radar  stats  population  urban 
9 weeks ago
Handing out naloxone doesn’t fix opioid crisis
"Buchman and co-authors explore the history of take-home naloxone, showing that the intervention was developed to sidestep the stigma of opioid addiction and overdose. They argue that sidestepping stigma and marginalization doesn’t always overcome those problems."
crhesi  radar  addiction  opioids  naloxone 
9 weeks ago
Indigenous Women’s Stories and Experiences in Canada (Mar 4)
"Join Indigenous scholar, Candace Brunette (Mushkego Cree) as she leads a panel of local Indigenous women in the discussion of Indigenous women’s stories and experiences in Canada."
crhesi  radar  events  indigenous  women  canada 
9 weeks ago
The Good Neighbourhood Conference (Mar 3)
"The Good Neighbourhood Conference is your opportunity to get involved in London’s strategy to make all our neighbourhoods the best they can be."
crhesi  radar  neighbourhood  event 
9 weeks ago
All Are Welcome Here: United in Diversity (Mar 21, 11:45 AM)
"On March 21, 2018, as we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, join us to 1) learn about the different forms and settings in which discrimination occurs; 2) discuss how we can combat racial, ethnic and religious discrimination personally and in our community; and 3) celebrate our efforts to create a more welcoming community."
event  crhesi  radar  inclusion  diversity  ldnont 
9 weeks ago
Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health seeks Project Lead
"Strong knowledge of the Indigenous health research landscape in Canada, project management expertise, and experience in Indigenous stakeholder engagement are integral components of the Project Lead, Indigenous Health Research role."
crhesi  radar  indigenous  cihr 
9 weeks ago
All Are Welcome Here: United in Diversity (March 21)
"On March 21, 2018, the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership and its partners will be hosting a free learning and informative session from 12-4:30 pm."
crhesi  radar  event  inclusion  diversity  ldnont 
9 weeks ago
Cannabis in health products
"The CMA wants to see regulations to deal with misleading claims on health products containing cannabis, and made this case to the federal government, as part of its recent consultations on how cannabis will be regulated in Canada."
crhesi  radar  cannabis  health  regulation 
10 weeks ago
Thinking beyond Black History Month
Nelson explains that the costs of forgetting slavery in Canada are huge—especially when it comes to racial profiling and policing. “For me as a scholar, I see this as a legacy of slavery,” she says, “a manifestation of things we had in the past, in the way that our bodies are marked and deemed to be suspicious.”
crhesi  radar  slavery  racism  canada 
10 weeks ago
Webinar: Practical Approaches to Wicked Problems: What Works? (March 6, 2pm)
"This webinar...will seek to equip participants with new tools and approaches to better approach wicked problems in their practice."
crhesi  radar  wicked  problems  complexity  webinar  event 
10 weeks ago
Ontario Introduces New Easy-to-Understand Standard Lease
"Ontario is introducing a new, simple standard lease that will be mandatory for private residential leases signed on or after April 30, 2018, including tenancies in single and semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, rented condominiums and secondary units (such as basement apartments)."
crhesi  radar  rental  housing 
10 weeks ago
The Key Role of Work in Population Health Inequities
"[W]ork is essential to understanding population-level health, why concepts and measures of work have been neglected in health inequities research, and how incorporating them into existing surveillance systems could expand opportunities to improve health inequity research and prevention."
crhesi  radar  work  public  health  equity 
10 weeks ago
Research for All
"Research for All is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on research that involves universities and communities, services or industries working together. Contributors and readers are from both inside and outside of higher education."
crhesi  radar  journal  reading  collaboration  education 
10 weeks ago
Survey: Islamophobia in Canada (2018)
"CJPME is delighted to release the results of a Canada-wide survey it has co-sponsored with the Canadian Muslim Forum. Conducted by a professional polling firm, EKOS Research Associates, the poll provides many important insights on Islamophobia and multiculturalism in Canada."
crhesi  radar  survey  results  islam  islamophobia 
10 weeks ago
King's School of Social Work: Ignite London event on Social Work (March 7, 6:30pm)
"At Ignite Social Work, ten presenters will talk about issues that matter to our community. Presentations will be delivered in the increasingly popular Ignite style: each will be five minutes - no more, no less."
crhesi  radar  event  ignite  ldnont 
11 weeks ago
Oxfam: Reward Work, Not Wealth
"82% of all of the growth in global wealth in the last year went to the top 1%, whereas the bottom 50% saw no increase at all."
crhesi  radar  inequality  wealth 
11 weeks ago
The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership's #1000ActsofWelcome campaign
"The campaign encourages residents of London to engage in acts of welcome and share those acts through the campaign social media."
crhesi  radar  immigration  refugee  welcome 
11 weeks ago
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