Who I want to work for
@keavy outlines qualities in leaders that matter
28 days ago
Unlearning descriptive statistics
Unlearning descriptive statistics (and learning better ones)
statistics  math  via:debrouwere 
february 2017
MonkeyHook Drywall Picture Hanger – Monkey Hook
The heavy-duty wall hanger that installs instantly without tools
tools  DIY 
november 2016
Steps to heaven | The Economist
Review: How to Listen to Jazz. By Ted Gioia.
theeconomist  jazz 
april 2016
Pricing and the Psychology of Consumption
"When your customers are aware of your product’s cost, they’ll likely use the product—to feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth. And the more they use it, the more likely they’ll buy it again."
from instapaper
april 2016
Autofocus Systems | Sans Mirror
Thom Hogan discussing autofocus systems.
camera  photography  autofocus 
april 2016
One Year Shooting the Panasonic Lumix GH4 Review
Daniel Cox details his settings too. Applicable to most Lumix cameras.
photography  panasonic  gx1  gh4 
april 2016
Technology Quarterly | The Economist
Carl Bass: A bunch of hipsters woke up in 2007 and said we are going to call it the maker movement, as if we are the first people who have ever made anything.
december 2015
PEP 0476 -- Enabling certificate verification by default for stdlib http clients | Python.org
Details on how to opt out. Bad idea but hopefully works around CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED
may 2015
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